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The hero/heroine expects to join up with an adventure guild and end up with "the party", only to end up with the craziest party ever. The hero finds himself doubting the power of his own group because there are skills such as a goddess who only learns party tricks, whereas the heroine of the other series thinks her partners are simply crazy in the head, to the point hilarity is sure to ensue.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you like Fairy Tail you'll love KonoSuba, the anime very much so displays the aspects that appeal to most FT fans and make them love the show. If you enjoyed KonoSuba you will at the very least like the beginning of FT. Both these anime attract the viewers interest early on so don't worry about getting into them because you're going to know that this will be an anime you're going to relish within the first ep. Some factual similarities: - Fantasy - The settings are also pretty similar - Magic - A Guild - Not focused on in KonoSuba - Fun Characters - Good Comedy - KonoSuba does   read more
report Recommended by Trap_Traps_Traps
Guilds.Magic.Friendship.Bond Fairy Tail and KonoSuba are similar in terms of the atmosphere of the show. Both anime exhibit a humorous ambiance because the protagonists of the two anime exert comedy appeal to the audience. These animes included the concept of having a guild in order to complete some quests to gain money. Asides from this, the characters are displaying magical power as an instrument to complete their respective tasks.
report Recommended by salamander02
- Best Comedy - Fantasy - Action - Magic
report Recommended by Chamot
Though I'm not the biggest fan of Fairy Tail, these two anime are extremely similar in world building, character interactions and overall adventure. Fairy Tail is a decent show, it's just not in my top 10.
report Recommended by Yato-gamii
both fantasy shows with focus on comedy
report Recommended by korpoa
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