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Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.
Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.
Yesterday, 1:56 PM
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Eve no Jikan
Eve no Jikan
Apr 2, 8:22 PM
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Shika no Ou
Shika no Ou
Feb 2, 3:17 PM
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Mar 28, 12:09 AM
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Mar 28, 12:02 AM
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Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru
Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru
Mar 17, 11:10 AM
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Huge_Gander Mar 28, 9:13 AM
thanks a lot, ^_^ I'll sure give that a try <3
DashArt4Speed Apr 9, 2019 10:12 PM
Well the clan isnt dead per se the last time i played. They, including me, merged the old clan with another clan but i dunno what happened after i stopped playing.
DashArt4Speed Apr 9, 2019 7:42 PM
No, havent played any mobile games recently.
coldberserk May 27, 2018 9:32 AM
I had to have it till 5th grade and then again in 7th or 8th because otherwise i had to to do an artisanal subject and i am fond of that even less tbh

yeah that's a smart choice. If you quit before a year even it doesn't look good on your resume and companies might get the wrong idea.

Living in a city absolutely has it's advantages and can't be sold short. Swimming bath, cinema, all kinds of shops in walking distance is a gift.(And fast inet ofc)
But really peace or quiet ain't a thing there. And to see some untouched nature you have to go far.
If i was going to live in one again it would have to be on the outskirts where there's not that much going on. I don't wanna hear car noises during nighttime again. it's just too obnoxious.

Interesting i never really thought of this as i've not really known anything drastically different.
germany does have some pretty cool architecture, if i may so :P
One of the things i am definitely proud of as a german, besides our beer haha
coldberserk May 21, 2018 9:07 AM
If we have more or less acess here i can not say. Like i think our selection is prob decent but it could still be a lot better. But it's hard to judge.
I do know tho that france is pretty good with that. Then again comics are universally more accepted there. Too bad i hate french as language lol

Ohh yeah definitely being unemployed sucks ass. Once you've transferred from poor student to working man it's impossible to go back
Nahh not exactly in an office but still inside mostly. There is quite a bit of physical work involved actually but it depends on the day and what kind of stuff got ordered. So on some days it might be really chaotic and on others boring as piss. On top of that it involes a lot of standing, which i am not good with it. I am rather more active or just being relaxed. This inbetween drives me insane.

I lived in cities for most of my life but for a few years i've been living more on the countryside now and i totally get you. At least it's quiet, albeit sometimes it stinks like shit lol
I don't think i ever had anyone call my country classy
coldberserk May 20, 2018 2:35 AM
It's not that i buy every manga i come across. Just the ones i either really like or think are worrth supporting.
Just getting them sometimes in the language i want (eng) can be rather difficult since i live in germany.

I've never bought too many special editons of games. I own a few collectors edition of old Assassins Creed and a few steelbooks but that's about it really.

I am currently trying to get through at least through some of them but keeping up with anime/manga, RL and all that other shit it's not easy haha

It's the same for my job. One of the reasons why i plan to quit soon anyway. When i am too tired to play videogames we got a problem.
Lol yeah i feel ya. On some days i just get home, eat maybe a little and fall right into the bed. Like i can't be bothered with anything else then.

Just trying to keep fit. Work doesn't really help with that

Canada is freaking beautiful. I definitely wanna get visit it one day. From what i've seen the landscapes are amazing
coldberserk May 16, 2018 10:51 AM
Ohh okay. Never really had that kind of experience, except maybe Injustice, which i only played tho because i kinda like DC.

Collecting can be fun but these days i am more a mangacollector (^w^)
Especially when they come in beautiful hardcovers. Sucker for those

Stronghold 2 is pretty fun. Some cool options for castlebuilding/defense and a decent depth economically wise. AI could be better admittely

Yeah i heard a lot about the Uncharted series but without a ps4 i would never be able to play them. Considered getting a Pro when i see it for cheap but currently i still got enough to play on PC.

you do any sports ? I sometimes go running. Nothing better than having the wind blow by your face, while you're trying to catch your breath in a chilly forest. makes you feel alive
coldberserk May 15, 2018 6:18 AM
Fair enough. i do that too sometimes. Try to forget about a manga, that a few chapters can pile up.

Really not a fighting game guy. Never got into them. Might play the new Soul Calibur since it has Geralt and i am a HUGE Witchernerd.

Ohh man look at you being oldschool and shit :p
Any specific reason why ? Games not available on newer hardware or just wanting to relive some old memories ?

Uhh i've been putting some hours into Stronghold 2 again. Mostly the campagin. Love me some good RTS campaigns. Might try some other next.
And well Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is just a really solid actionadventure. Really enjoying the TR reboots so i am looking forward to the new one

You ever played Stronghold 2 btw ?
DashArt4Speed May 14, 2018 7:12 PM
I found you through you steam link from discord.
coldberserk May 13, 2018 8:03 AM
Looking forward to it then

Yeahh it really does but i still would recommend you to catch up, if you got the time. There are some cool surprises waiting
Especially one panel with Fushi and his "forms". It looks so good that it's my current background now :P

Ps1 and the ps2 had defi some great games. The pain of regret never having either stings to this day ;_;

Having owned a gamecube you surely heard of Zelda Twilight Princess, it is one of the Gamecube games i've always wanted to try. Just something about the look of that game always fascinated me. Any chance you played it ?
Ohh shit Dolphin is also emulating Wi games ?? That's pretty dope. I should really start emulating more games.. so many classics i missed out on due to them being console exclusive (Yakuza, Zelda, Jak & Dexter, RDR just to name a few )

you playing anything good ?
coldberserk May 12, 2018 8:11 AM
I live in germany so my timezone would CEST. You ?

if anything i told you about Nioh sounded even somewhat intriguing, absolutely. Just beware that it can be rather difficult.

I know that feeling about being addicted to broken games.. Never played Paladins (always looked like an OW rip off tbh) but i used to play a lot of battlefield 4. And "some" dev decisions were just baffling. Game made me really mad sometimes. Still played it for over 1k hours. Couldn't tell you why either haha.

Okay i am caught up with all 65 chapters now and that arc definitely still remains my favorite and i don't see it changing in the future. YES! Seeing Fushi grow up in these 4 years was really cool. Bit sad that he isn't able to keep that form as i dug his more mature look.

yeah after that arc things moved a bit too fast for me as well. I could barely keep up with all these new characters. Didn't help that i expected Fushi to go back at least once more to see Beer Gramps or Rynn again but well.. that isn't happening anymore i guess.

Ohh boy i just realized you aren't caught up completely. Thank god i made sure to check. Was just about to talk about the latest chapters :P
They move in weird directions is all i am gonna say.

Favorite gaming system ?Hmm, i honestly never owned that many. I had an original Xbox (barely used) a DS and a PSP. The PSP had a few fun games like Force Unleashed, MGS Peacewalker (super fun) or Yu Gi Oh GX Tag Force. In the latter i put an unhealthy amount of time haha
But the most amount of time gaming i clearly spent on PC so that's what i would go with.
What about you ? To me you seem like a DS/3ds kinda guy. Definitely Nintendo
coldberserk May 10, 2018 3:49 AM
Guess we're kinda have to figure this out on the fly whether or not the other one is free. As i don't know yet, if i got next time next weekend

Nioh is really good. Can be pretty challenging and has an immensly satisfying combat system. For every weapontype you get 3 stances low, middle and high, which gives you different attacks, with varying speed, dmg and reach. Spear and dual swords are prob my favorite to use in the game. You're also able to unlock a ton of highly unique moves for them. Like being able to vault over an enemy with your spear and get behind them. It's really cool
Bossfights are a bit of a letdown compared to DS but for the most part they're still alright. It even has it's own version of Blighttown haha. Thank god without the framedumps.

I used to be the same but you just can't compete with Steam sales. I only buy very few games still as physical copies. Nier Automata and Overwatch are some of the last i bought. God bless Blizzards high quality retail versions.

Btw started reading Fumetsu few days ago. Enjoying it so far, even when the early 10 chapters about that moe girl weren't exactly mine. The other older girl Parona was pretty cool tho. I liked seeing her in action, like trying to help her little "sister" traditions be damned or escaping out of that prison

The arc with Gugu and the close bond between Fushi and him was definitely the best so far. Loved seeing those two fight together
It's also really depressing how Fushi carries all of the forms of ppl who were close to him and died. A constant painful reminder

coldberserk May 9, 2018 1:44 AM
okay i tried it out and it runs pretty fine for me. You can add me on steam or discord, if you want.
And my schedule is a bit messy due to my work so setting up a regular play-time could be diffcult, but this weekend should be no issue. Tho Friday would be even better for me.

The last game in the series ? Probably not :P
I mean it works as a standalone but you're definitely missing out on a good bit of story context. I'd not recommend it honestly

So you're actually forced to use all of them at points and can't just hug your favorites. As long as each char is properly balanced that can either turn out pretty fun or just backfire immensly.

Nioh is one of the few games i know of that is set in this period. Pretty cool game too. A Samurai Dark Souls of sorts haha

And yeah Japan isn't always that great with localizing some of their best stuff. But i suppose it's at least a lot better than it used to be. Yet i still get really puzzled when i.e. companies like Sega ask whether people would like the newest Fist of the North star game localized..
Like.. Uhmm yeah ofc ???
coldberserk May 8, 2018 10:41 AM
Buy it ? I own it already haha. I would be down for some cooplay as well as i then no longer would have any excuse to prolong playing it.
First gonna test tho how the game runs for me. Nothing worse than choppy gameplay :P

If PoP looks like something that interests you Sands of the Time is the perfect start as it's also a great story on it's own and doesn't have one of those "to be continued in the sequl" endings. It's one of the most satisfying ending i've experienced

Ohhh, it always looked turnbased. It doesn't have too many cutscenes or ? Like Max Payne 3, where they constanly ripped control away from you. Bit annoying.
And i am guessing it's less about customizing your characters like in Xcom or more just choosing their skills ?

Backgroundsetting sounds intriguing enough. Huge fan of games or manga in general that are rooted in old japanese history.
It's why i loved Vagabond by Inoue so much. If you know of any other games, manga or even anime like that please do tell.
Samurai Champloo is on the list already, even when i rly can't stand hip hop.
coldberserk May 6, 2018 11:15 AM
That first statement does apply to me as well, except maybe for 2-3 genres i just loathe.

Strategygames are definitely nice. I am guessing with Crusaders you're talking about the Stronghold games. Huge fan of those.
Just something immensly satisfying about building and expanding your own castle. Recently even bought the 2nd game again

Have to admit that i never played a Warcraft game but i heard a lot of good about it's great campaigns. Arghh Divinity Original Sin. That's been on my list for a long time now. It looks like such a fun rpg.

Seeing your favorites makes me feel a bit uncultured :P as i've maybe played one of those (OoT). Shadows Tactics is one i still hadn't had the chance to try out. Seems like one of the few turnbased games i might really enjoy.

the 3 Prince of Persia games are my absolute favorites Sands of time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones. Perfect mix of parkour, combat, bit of puzzling and some great storytelling.
The last game of that series is prob my favorite, as they polished the movement & combat to utmost perfection. All that in combination with the ability to turn back or slow down time (aka Sands of Time) makes for one gratifying action adventure.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is also really good. hands down the best Stealthgame i've played in my life. Idk how you feel about stealth but if you dig old sneaking titles this one should be right up your alley. Just.. ignore the 2 recent entries in the series