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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero and KonoSuba take the same 'NEET transported to a medieval-fantasy' premise and go in differing directions... yet still somehow end up with their respective leads in mental anguish of varying extremes due to harem-related woe. Re:Zero has its lead die over and over and over and over and over again trying to save the girls he encounters in his new world. KonoSuba also has its lead die from time to time... due to his moronic (yet lovable) band of misfit female party members that make him want to punch himself/them in the face. One is a drama. The other is a comedy. But both   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
In each of these series they have a very similar premise and atmosphere. The main protagonist is taken to an alternate RPG-style fantasy world and are left there with a bare minimum skill set and the track suits on their back. They each meet a female who helps guide them in the new world. KonoSuba takes a harem/comedy route and in ReZero it has a much more serious tone with more of a dramatic story.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
The main character from both anime are sent to another world. Both are Hikikimori and have knowledge of RPG mechanics. He may seemed weak and ordinary but have a special power unlike any other. They meet people who will help him go back to his world. The main female has the same voice actors. If you loved Megumin from Konosuba then you will love Emilo too. Both anime deals with adventure and comedy.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
KonoSuba and Re:zero have the similar plot/concept of starting from scratch. Aside from the similar plot/concept, they also have a beautiful female protagonist that will guide the character, and the tracksuit as well. Consider Re:zero as the darker version of KonoSuba since Re:zero has the dark drama feels in it.
report Recommended by UltraKenchie
Similar premises of being teleported to another fantasy world (due to death (?)), overly self conscious 4th-wall breaking main characters, and just pleasures to watch :)
report Recommended by Sekaiou
Similar hikkikomori-gets-sent-to-a-fantasy world setting. Re:Zero is a lot darker and more captivating.
report Recommended by DarthBob
Both series feature a shut-in NEET being teleported to a fantasy parallel world. Re:Zero is significantly darker and dramatic whereas KonoSuba is essentially all comedy. Though Re: Zero does have some light comedy.
report Recommended by OmegaOtaku
Both shows are very similar in terms of the environment being a parallel world. The main character starts from nothing except for a track suit. They both have a female ally who helps them throughout the show. KonoSuba is more comedy oriented while Re:Zero is more dark and dramatic. Both are amazing series to watch and if you like one you'll definitely like the other.
report Recommended by kyle8998
They're very different but they both have the same premise. A tracksuit wearing gamer protagonist ends up being in a new world, they expect to be an overpowered bad-ass who goes on awesome adventures with his perfect girlfriend and harem but instead, life in the fantasy world is cruel to him. Also, minor spoilers, he dies in the first episode. Both series also have good comedy (especially KonoSuba, which is heavily focused on comedy). If you enjoy one, you'll likely enjoy the other, both bring out the best of the isekai genre.
report Recommended by Wiziliz
After living in the normal world you are suddenly sent to a parallel world against your will. This is what Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! and Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu have in common. Both main characters have to start from scratch, as in they have no money to begin with to purchase anything, as if they are put in a game with no set items given to you "level 0".
report Recommended by fillyy
Both characters are thrown into a similar situation in that they're thrown into a fantasy world and have adventures. I would say that the adventures in re:zero are a lot more depressing though and the protagonist is a lot less fortunate although having a lot of the same quirks as Kazuma from Konosuba.
report Recommended by Shakib_
Both animes happens in a ''videogame world'', both anime have hilarous drama and both main characters are ''nerds'' and a little weirds
report Recommended by aicontepig
Both contain a harem. The main girls (Emilia and Aqua) look very similar. The main guys are similar (at least at the beginning). Both have a well-developed fantasy world.
report Recommended by PatViBrittania
Both take the main character and make him die in some way in the real world, and are brought to a fantasy world by some sort of supernatural force, and the fantasy world is very similar a MMORPG. Kono suba takes a light and comedic (and fan service) route, where as Re:zero is more mature, story ridden, complex, and has more romance. I recommend both.
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
-Well Both of the Main Characters Goes to a Game-Like World only that Kazuma Dies and then gets Reborn While the Main Character from Re:Zero get sent on a Game-Like World for Supernatural Reasons. -Both of the Main Character are with a Girl. But Aqua is a Goddess while the Main Female Protagonist from Re:Zero is a Witch. -Both Of the Anime have Extremely Similar Concept as well. -Both are Light Novels Adaptation. -And both of The Fights are Like 5-6 Minutes Long as well tho. 🚫The Only Different is that The Konosuba is More of a Shounen While Re:Zero Is Trying to a Seinen Anime tho. But I Still do   read more
report Recommended by AdrielAnimeBro
Anime these two very similar, as both Fantasy,Adventure and comedy. And both we find that the two champions of the two Anime has moved to another world, and this world meet it with a beautiful girl, and become these circumstances the girl to accompany them in their adventure.
report Recommended by Amiiiiine
These anime are basically the same thing. Shut in NEETs get sent to fantasy RPG world in a track suit and are aided by magical chicks. Both also die multiple times. Difference is Konosuba is more of a comedy, while Re:Zero has a more serious tone. Both are great. It all comes down to preference.
report Recommended by ghostpastries
In both animes the protagonists are taken to other worlds to start a life from scratch
report Recommended by RokkerMomo
Two Shut-in who found themselves, in a alternate RPG game world, where the reality sets in that they both have to used their wits to survive, while Konosuba is more of a harem based genre, I can't say for sure if Re: Zero would be the same, I just based the recommendation on the story plot.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
They're both really, really, really similar to each other. Both are about a protagonist being sent to a fantasy world. Where the protagonist finds themselves surrounded by the opposite gender. Konosuba differs with a comedy focus to it while Re:Zero focuses on darker tones and psychological aspects.
report Recommended by Akoram
Let me first say, I wanted to recommend konosuba from re:zero, but as I found out you cant recommend older shows. But these two are similar in so many ways (story,setting, style) it doesnt really matter. So maybe you're thinking: "why watch another one thats basically the same?" Well here's your answer: The side characters and battles. While re:zero has mainly more "serious" side characters, the characters in konosuba are just hilarious. Also, the battles in re:zero are more epic (more gore), but konosuba has that funny aspect in every fight. So it also depends a bit on your own taste.
report Recommended by Y_TZ
The World Setting - In both stories theres a boy from our world being sent into a different world. They are both set in a fantasy world, but the difference between them, is that Kono Suba is a short, funny and a happy show. Re:Zero is long, dark and cruel, but still they are really similar. Voice Actor - Eyooo I heard that Emilia and Megumin have the same voice actress, ey ey eyo 10/10 Overall these 2 shows just feel really similar and theyre both 10/10 from me. Im just depressed as shit that theyre over...
report Recommended by noxymus1
Both animes are about a boy who is teletransported to a FANTASY WORLD. The two of them will try to live their new life in the best way they can, but it wouldn't be easy. The difference between them is that KONOSUBA is comedy and RE:ZERO is more bloody and psychological.
report Recommended by Devil_Daxter31
Both of these anime have the same type of the main character. A shut-in who think of the alternate world they get transported to as an RPG. Also, both characters have people who help them out once they make it to said world. However, Konosuba revolves a little more around magic than Re: Zero does yet there is magic in both. Also, the ideas of an RPG are more enforced in Konosuba accompanied with more conedy and lightheartedness than Re: Zero.
report Recommended by DeathShinigami27
Its basically has a same foundation but Konosuba has a much more comical and light plot. So if u like Re:Zero but wud hv made it less serious then konosuba is the thing for u.
report Recommended by Kaiek
First of all both anime is based on a setting which where the mc get summoned/goes to a 異世界 (isekai). It is funny how both the mc have a tracksuits. Also Megumin from Konosuba and Emilia from Re:Zero have the same voice actress: (Rie Takahashi). Re:Zero shows the complex and difficult part of being summoned into a 異世界 (isekai). On the other-hand, Konosuba offers a fun and beautiful part of 異世界 (isekai).
report Recommended by GuashZ
These two works are adapted from Light novel. Another similar feature is the protagonist who is transported to a world medieval-fantasy, in addition the two protagonists will have to work, the protagonist will also encounter his harem. Fights are about 5-6 minutes long as well. Both in re: zero as in konosuba the protagonist has to save his girls, but this in turn is saved by the girls, these girls accompany the protagonist in their adventure. A difference is that in Re: Zero I found a lot of drama and lots of screams, instead in konosuba is pure comedy refreshing and a fantastic mood
report Recommended by iamrure
Both are "from another world" anime and both very enjoyable. KonoSuba can be thought of as a lighter, funner version of Re:Zero. My favorite discription KonoSuba and Re:Zero is,"In Re:Zero, the characters struggle because the world is terrible, while in KonoSuba, the characters struggle because they are terrible in a wonderful world".
report Recommended by NoPuddin
- Both animes focus on young NEETs who are invoked in medieval fantasy worlds, both protagonists stay excited, but soon see that their adventure is not exactly what they expected. - KonoSuba is a more comedy anime, while Re: Zero is more dramatic.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
Some dudes transported to another world to do heroic stuff! The difference is that the other series takes a rather darker theme.
report Recommended by metalrain_15
Realistically they are nearly identical just slightly different genres. Konosuba is a comedy while Re Zero is a drama. Both are set in fantasy worlds that they are transported to after they die on Earth. Both have fairly normal and powerless main protagonists. Both main protagonists die a lot. Both have cute girls. Konosuba just makes you laugh while Re Zero makes you contemplate life and it's inherent meaning.
report Recommended by godhimself
In both, a young boy is transported to a video game rpg like world, both are very well known, and enjoyable. I think someone who likes one, will enjoy the other later, but should expect a change in tone. sao focuses on drama, and konosuba focuses on comedy. its fun to watch konosuba after, because it makes fun of the common tropes shown in sao In rezero, theres an interesting addition to this series where he has the ability to return to previous times after his death as a form of retry. and only he can remember what happened. This leads to him going through many   read more
report Recommended by SolidWoIf
Like Re:Zero, Konosuba features a flawed, NEET protagonist who is transported to another world. Konosuba focuses on comedy, nevertheless the interesting characters, unique world building, and entertaining action are reminiscent of Re:Zero. Konosuba is perfect for lightening the mood after the dark and oppressive atmosphere of Re:Zero.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte
Share similar settings; Fantasy-RPG alternative dimensions. Great balance of action, comedy, and storytelling.
report Recommended by reanukeeves
Stuck in another world for absolutely no reason at all, the protagonists try to save the world with one special gift they're given. Re:Zero is darker while Konosuba is a parody of the isekai genre with, ironically, better characters.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Starting in another world. The one thing these two share in common is this fact. Konosuba has more lighthearted themes of comedy. Whereas Re:Zero is a much more dark take on the Isekai. The fantasy genre seen in the two shows is very similar in feel and i recommend watching both.
report Recommended by EntenteX
If you like RPG-styled anime, this anime is almost practically the same as Re: Zero. Both the main male character's are NEET's (Known as Not in Education, Employment, or Training), and there are similar personalities in characters from both animes. Take Megumin for example, she is those types of people who want to protect their allies, or friends, even strangers. Same goes for "Satella". A another thing, is that for all "Fan-boys", they'll be a lot of Waifu Material, Example, "Satella", Rem from Re: Zero. And maybe Wiz, Eris and Megumin from Konosuba. Totally fits the RPG style anime, though both are different subjects.
report Recommended by CodeAnim3
Both are similar main characters. Well Subaru summoned to another world and meet Emilia and other characters. Kazuma died, because of tractor and going to another world and meet 3 main characters and do some quest. Both main characters are actually similar to going to another world.
report Recommended by DexerLuck
The main character is transported into a fantasy world, although Konosuba is comedy, they are both fantasy and feel very similar. The protagonist is the center of the action, surrounded by mainly girl characters. Both have great waifu material ^^
report Recommended by FinNote
Both of the MC is transported to another world. In Konosuba, it is pure comedy and light themed anime while in Re:Zero, the story is dark and serious themed. Both are worth to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
A darker version with a plot similar to this, but more unique than your typical "Trapped in a fantasy world" anime.
report Recommended by b4rbaric
Both series are phenomenal takes on the Isekai (mc is put into another world) genre. I would go as far as saying they're the two greatest within the genre and even stand out as being among the best of all fantasy anime. KonoSuba performs a lighthearted, comedic take on the genre combining hilarious comedy with a surprisingly well crafted world considering what the anime's goal appears to be and it's compelling cast of lovable idiots. Then there's the plot driven Re:Zero. Re:zero has an equally well thought out world and cast of characters but rather than a satirical outlook, Re:Zero takes the classic "re-spawning" mechanic   read more
report Recommended by Scuff
Re:Zero is similar to Konosuba in many elements. A male character is transported from his normal life in Japan to team up with a group of girls in a fantasy world where they go on adventures together and try to get by with their new lives. The main difference is that Konosuba is a parody and much more comedic where Re:Zero is much more serious in its storytelling. Overall their shared ideas were something I enjoyed a lot and therefore recommend highly.
report Recommended by theballsiestcat
Both focus on the main character being transported to another world with magic. the difference is that KonoSuba mostly focuses on comedy, while Re:Zero focuses on having the main character return to life by dying.
report Recommended by RealDealSeal
A brand new world like the kingdom of Lugunica, or at least, almost
report Recommended by Gioog_M
They're both an isekai show with a neet an the main character
report Recommended by akwa69