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Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan: Shidou-hen
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Grand Blue
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Melody Feb 17, 5:01 AM
I was a bit too late this time haha.
Thanks, I ended up doing surprisingly well on the exam, got a 9/10 score, which is a quite higher than what I was aiming for haha.

The chapter with the cat was very cute, especially because we saw that Kaguya only tries to hate them because they hurt Hayasaka when they were kids. But she actually enjoyed playing with the cat too much. XD
Chapter 215 was a new darkness chapter after a long time. There was also an announcement about the previous ones being adapted as an OVA.
I don't even know where to start from with this one. XD But it's obvious that some of the guys were a bit too passionate about their odd fetishes. XD The good thing that came out of it, is that Miyuki, Mikado and Tsubasa became closer friends, since two of them finally admitted that they are actually virgins. XD After that, Miyuki revealed some of his intentions regarding Kaguya... only for her to eavesdrop on the whole conversation.
The next chapter showed some interesting things about Mikado and the relationship between Kaguya's and Maki's families. Mikado was obviously brought near Kaguya for a reason by the higher ups. But to the one who organized the gathering of the 4 girls, Kaguya, none of this information was important. She only cared about discussing what she heard on the previous chapter. XD The reactions were hilarious, but I felt bad for Maki for various reasons. XD At least the girls managed to give her some useful advice, with some weird information thrown in as well. XD

It'd be nice if the Akari and Hina managed to make their dream shop become real, with or without Rei's financial support. I'd like to see them succeed on their own, but with Rei being supportive in other ways, too.
And that's what Akari, her aunt and grandfather pretty much agreed on in the next chapter for various reasons, although the latter two almost ended up adopting Rei. XD

I left many Re:zero episodes pass without discussion, and now it's hard for me to remember what exactly happened on which specific episode. XD So I'll just write all of my thoughts combined.
I loved how they executed Otto's backstory, they added a lot of nice effects, as they did with Garfiel's later. I had forgotten about the cat he had a crush on and I felt so weird when I watched that. XD
The whole part with Emilia and Subaru in the tomb was also done greatly, and the details with their eyes and the song were indeed pretty nice. I also loved how salty Echidna was after that and Emilia just ignoring the insults and copying Subaru's pose.
I think it was mentioned in the anime a while ago that Garfiel and Frederica have different fathers, for the sake of explaining how Frederica got out of the Sanctuary, but not during this episode. But it's hard for anime-only viewers to remember when details like that are just briefly mentioned, like the explanation about Subaru's gate. Last time Felix or Puck mentioned that was at the beginning of season 2 part 1.
The fight between Ram, Otto and Garfiel was pretty nice, but I wish they kept in the part where Otto actually uses high level magic while borrowing the forest's mana, instead of replacing it with the bombs he threw. The Garfiel vs Subaru was also great, Subaru just fearlessly took the punch of a man who can break trees with it and spat his tooth out like it was nothing. XD To be honest, the scene where the Unseen Hand came out looked weirdly funny to me for some reason. XD
After that, we start seeing Emilia's past. I think they skipped a few parts of their everyday life and some bits with Arch, but it was still a solid adaptation of the trial. And little Emilia as just too adorable, seeing her patting Geuse before he went mad was pretty surreal and wholesome.
The next part is where the tragedy begins, with Regulus and Pandora arriving. I loved how they adapted this part and especially Pandora herself. She gave me Shaft vibes at some parts, I don't know why haha. Seeing Geuse descending into madness after killing Fortuna was heartbreaking. Pandora is way too powerful but there are also limits to how she can use her magic, I really wonder how it works exactly. She couldn't stop Emilia's rampage while freezing the whole forest, but she erased her memory of meeting her.
Fortuna's and Emilia's relationship was really touching, I hope I could see even more of the old Geuse and Arch's sacrifice was quite sad. Only thing I'm really looking forward to that was teased a lot, is Emilia's parents and, of course, the seal's contents.
In the end, Emilia managed to pass her trial, and Echidna was still salty about the way she resolved it. XD
While Emilia was facing her trial, we saw the three guys becoming friends and Garfiel revealing that he saw the "love letters" of Subaru during his trial. The reactions to that and the fact that Garfiel is only 14 years old were pretty funny. XD
They all had a discussion with the Ryuzus and we saw the past of the original. Seeing the young Roswaal, Beatrice and Ryuzu with Echidna was pretty nice. After that, the three guys visited Roswaal to advice him to surrender and reveal the real reason for the Sanctuary's existence. The fact that Otto as so insignificant that he wasn't even included in the Gospel's prophecy, but ended up being the key for progress in this loop was pretty funny and sad at the same time. XD
We also saw the opening after so many episodes. It was pretty similar to previous ones and included a few spoilers, of course. Quite nice, but I think it's the weakest compared to the old ones.
These are my thoughts up to episode 6. What did you think about them?

Seems like an understandable reason for not liking Oregairu that much anymore haha.
I'm a bit more reluctant after what you said, but I guess I can still give it a try someday. XD
Melody Jan 10, 8:37 AM
Congrats for passing the exams! Since you're satisfied with your GPA, there shouldn't be much of a problem.
My exam is on the 28th (if they don't change the schedule), so I still have some free time until I have to study for it.

Mikado stopped being as suspicious as I thought, he just wanted friends in the end. XD And yeah, he's quite a bit like Maki haha. It was nice to see him and Shirogane becoming friends. I doubt Mikado will approach Kaguya in a romantic way so, hopefully, we won't see any love triangles of this kind here, too. But I believe he'll have a special role in the future.
Chapter 213 was indeed, a very funny one with the whole misunderstanding of Chika and Kaguya. Kaguya did have a very scary look, but Iino's jokes tend to be pretty scary, too, haha. The chemistry between Iino and the president keeps getting better every time.

Shimada was pretty funny on the latest chapter, it's weird how all of the guys from his study group ended up competing against each other.

There was a lot of content covered on the first episode of Re:zero, but I think they managed to adapt it pretty well.
It started with Otto proving that he deserves the title of "best boy and friend", he really is the one who helped Subaru the most throughout this arc (along with best girl Patrasche). The conversation with Roswaal was also nicely done, but that part you mentioned felt a bit weird to me, too haha.
My favorite part was definitely the one with Emilia, she has become too vulnerable, especially now that Puck "abandoned" her, and even Subaru wasn't next to her when she woke up, despite his promise.
As for the conversation between Subaru and Puck, they should definitely show it later.
If I remember corectly, the next episode will include the final conversation between Subaru and Emilia that strengthens her resolve to finally face her trial, which I'm very excited about. There's a lot of interesting things to see adapted about her past.
Tannhauser Dec 31, 2020 2:43 PM
Happy new year! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Melody Dec 15, 2020 5:41 AM
Oh, so whether you pass or not depends on what the others got on their exam, too? I doubt all of them got excellent results so, since you did alright, you are probably safe.
Actually, my exams will also start in about 1 month, and I hadn't realized until now. XD At least we get quite a bit of free time till then.

Yeah, AR 45 is when you have to farm for so many things, but you never have enough resin. You're quite lucky that you managed to get sets for Qiqi and Sucrose so fast, this domain hates me. Out of the ~20 times i've finished it in the past couple of weeks, it has only once dropped Maiden Beloved 5* artifact, and not even many 4*. It always drops Venerer with horrible stats. XD So I just gave up and I'm currently farming blue Ley Lines, since I realized I'm out of exp materials, which I'll need for at least 1-2 characters when I hit 50.
The Noblesse and Pyro artifacts domains are the ones that gave me the hardest time, too. But I'm currently able to handle them quite well, so I'll be able to help you whenever you need it. There's a trick about the Noblesse domain actually: If you rush to the Pyro mage and stay as much as you can on the right side of the domain, the Hydro mage won't attack you. So, if you can handle just the Pyro and Cryo mages together and leave the Hydro one for last, it'll make things a lot easier. Give it a try, if you haven't already.
Considering your current builds, I think you did quite well on the Abyss.
Having to explore on two accounts is probably pretty boring, but all the new content seems pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to the new weapons and artifacts, as well, but I'm mostly happy about the free wishes haha. Bennett is very likely to be on one of the upcoming banners, and I'm considering getting him to at least C1.

Kaguya's reactions on chapter 211 were pretty funny and cute, and I'm glad she ended up in a class full of people she knows. It seems that the principal is behind this and he actually wants to support Kaguya through this.
I was also happy to see how differently the other students treated Ishigami now. As for the new girl, I also expect a new love triangle to form around Ishigami, which will not be my favorite development. I have a feeling that this girl might start liking Ishigami after hanging out with him a lot, and he might like her a bit too, but she'll get rejected by him in favor of Iino. But I hope it won't be as cliche as that sounds.
There were a lot of new characters introduced, which I didn't expect, but has made me pretty excited. I'm mostly curious about Mikado and the cat guy.
The manga has finally entered its endgame, but there are a lot of things to cover, so it'll be a long "final arc".

I really loved Hina and Rei's interactions, they have a much deeper understanding of each other now and have become really close. And Akari is, as always, a very gentle older sister. I loved the fluff of these last few chapters, but I'm looking forward to the shogi ones, too.

Fortunately, the first two seasons of SnK don't cover as much important content as the next ones, so it'll be quite fast to go through them again. The most annoying part are the spoilers, like you said.
I remember you liked Non Non Biyori and you mentioning Mushoku Tensei before. I'm very surprised that the novel evolved in such a way, that it even managed to move you. I'll definitely stay away from the anime, but I believe I wouldn't stand how awful the protagonist was during the first few volumes either haha.
Melody Dec 4, 2020 3:30 PM
I was a bit late, too, this time. How did the latest exams go?
That thing with the unexpected results has happened to me before, too, haha.

These adjustments made a huge difference, you can use your phone when you're playing much loger now.
Did you do any summons on Zhongli's banner? I decided to try and get him, but the thing I thought was not going to happen to me actually happened: I pulled Keqing on Zhongli's banner, that 50% chance is more important than I wanted to believe haha. At least she helped me get all the stars I had been missing on floors 7 & 8. But I decided to level up Xinyan and make her a main dps, too, since I got her to C3. Now I'm almost out of all kinds of materials. XD
As for the voice of Paimon, I also found out a while ago and I've been thinking the exact same thing. XD It's exactly like listening to chibi Kaguya.

I was happy to see Shirogane papa appear at the beginning of chapter 208 and his conversation with Kaguya revealed a few interesting things about Shirogane's family. Miyuki was basically abandoned by his mother, because he wasn't perfect in her eyes. It makes sense that he's grown up in a way that he'll try to maintain a perfect image in order to achieve what he wants.
I'd like to see more about the family and how Kaguya helped Kei take that decision.
We got a very cute moment between Kaguya and Shirogane, but we could already feel that something is wrong, before chapter 209.
Following the previous arc with Hayasaka, we continue to see what the Shinomiya family is like. Now it's her other brother that uses Hayasaka to control his sister, and even has plans for controlling her for the rest of her life. But no matter how tough things look, Kaguya is determined to fight for the life she wants, even if she has to be separated from Miyuki for a while.
As for Shirogane papa, fortunately, he is a man that recognizes Kaguya herself has nothing to do with the Shinomiyas ruining his company, and welcomes her regardless.
I also think that we have already gone through 2/3 of the story and we'll slowly head to the final arcs. Kaguya and Miyuki will probably have to go through many difficulties, but I'm looking forward to see how they'll face them.
I expected the latest chapter to be a continuation of all that, but was instead another chapter of Chika eating ramen. It was kind of anticlimactic, but fun nonetheless. We got to see another one of the four ramen emperors. Her backstory was pretty weird, but so was the shop owner's, that guy looked pretty scary to me, too, haha. But in the end, everything seems to have ended well, and Chika even became kind of famous along with the shop for some reason (even though she threw up that huge portion later). XD

Yeah, unfortunately the author couldn't handle every part of Hachimitsu to Clover well. It even looked like she got tired of it near the end or just didn't know how to wrap things up. I ended up dropping my score by 1 because of this, but I still really like the good parts of the manga. But yeah, 3-gatsu is a major improvement of this.

I haven't been watching many of the new seasonals either lately. At least, the 2nd cour of Re:zero will come out in about a month. I'd say the current season passed faster than I thought it would, probably because I was busy playing Genshin Impact the whole time haha. The new season of Attack on Titan will also come out in a couple of days. Will you watch this one (along with some of the the previous seasons you haven't watched yet)?
Melody Nov 10, 2020 10:17 AM
It's a pretty common phenomenon here for some professors to take too long to announce exam results, but I didn't think you'd have the same issue. Don't worry about the replies, I hope work and preparation for the finals are going well!

It'd be a shame if it wasn't customizable in that way haha. But even though it is, it looks like it can't be used like that often due to the battery. XD
The battery going down to 15-20% for 30 minutes of playing Genshin Impact is even worse than I thought.

Fujiwara was insulted quite a bit by Ishigami but, fortunately, she let him off the hook for once. XD It must have been very sad for Iino to hear Ishigami rejecting the idea of them being a couple immediately, although it doesn't look like he said it because he hates the idea (like in Fujiwara's case), but just because he has never considered the idea and currently sees her as something like a friend, and probably believes Iino would be against it, since she always shows him a cold side of hers. But it makes sense that Iino would still be sad about it. It was surprising to see her tease the president like that, but I like the senpai-kouhai chemistry between them. And they are kind of similar, since they both have some creepy coping mechanisms. XD
Chapter 207 was great, although I'd love it if daddy Shirogane was there, too. Kei and Kaguya had a pretty nice conversation, but the ending was hilarious. XD Kei turned her brother's room into quite the atrocious sight while "cleaning up". XD
Yeah, getting anime adaptations at least up to the Culture Festival arc is perfect.

I guess no arc has managed to be as long as the 4th yet, but it's quite sad that the latest one ended up taking a lot longer to be completed, despite being much shorter. It's good news that he'll continue the LN, but at this point the story will take many years to be completed.
Arc 5 sounds like a weird one haha. I'll probably go back to reading the LN, too, if there is not an announcement for a 3rd season after the second one ends.

I just finished Hachimitsu to Clover and I have so mixed feelings about it. I don't want to write too many things about it, I'll try to make it as short as I can, since my thoughts aren't exactly clear yet, either. In the beginning it was an alright and pleasant story, not very gripping, but it was enjoyable and looked like it would go somewhere soon. Around the middle, it started to pick up and reached its peak from Takemoto's journey up until a couple chapters before the ending. I really liked how well some characters were fleshed out in the second half of the manga, each with their one personal issues. I could clearly see that the author could create realistic characters with understandable and relatable issues since back then. Takemoto's arc was probably my favorite, and I could probably consider him the main character.
On the other hand, some characters got a bit less focus, especially Morita. Even though he got his own arc towards the end, as I expected, his brother got more of the focus there than he did. There wasn't even enough focus on him before that, like how he fell in love with Hagu and how she fell in love with him. But the worst part was Shuuji's revelation at the end, that he was actually in love with Hagu. I have a lot of issues with this, since he is actually a relative of hers (her mother's cousin), he has always been a father figure for her and knew each other since she was a kid, and there was no other point in the story where this is implied or obvious in Shuuji's actions. It just came out of nowhere, and in the crossover chapters I saw Nomiya referred to Rika and Hagu as Mayama's and Shuuji's girlfriends. So I guess that in the end, even Hagu accepted this kind of relationship with him.
Overall, I really liked the parts that dealt with interesting issues and developed some characters and the love triangles between Nomiya, Ayu, Mayama and Rika were handled quite well. But Morita got quite neglected, just like Shuuji apparently. I don't know what's with Josei manga turning father/daughter relationships into romantic ones. But, despite the issues, I got some really nice things from this manga and I actually appreciated the kind of bittersweet ending. I wouldn't mind a bit more closure for some issues, though.
I ended up writing quite a bit. XD Tell me your opinion, if you still remember the story clearly enough.

As for the second season of Rakugo, the short answer is that I found it to be an insult to the first one (although I wouldn't consider the first one a masterpiece, either). The first season had some pretty nice atmosphere, the story's progression was engaging enough and had some interesting characters. I'd say it handled everything quite well, but I'd like a bit more fleshing out and some events also left me with a few questions. But that was fine, there's a second season and that should answer them, right? Well, in a way yes, but it managed to raise even more questions for some issues. The second season pretty much consisted of many time skips, Yakumo almost dying and regretting the past, and unnecessary drama around Konatsu's first kid. All of Yakumo's issues with his past were resolved in very lacking ways and weak writing in my opinion. The most outrageous thing is that the author threw the whole issue with Konatsu's first child on the table, only for her to never reveal the truth and have another character make disturbing speculations, probably just to please her BL fans.
The only thing that was worth in this season apart from a couple of touching moments, was the fact that we got to learn something more about Sukeroku and Miyokichi, but was also left incomplete.
Just like you, I didn't enjoy the first season much, but I could still recognize some of its good points, so I continued, only to be disappointed. So, since you didn't even like the first season much either, I'd recomend staying away from the second one, it'll make you hate the whole thing even more haha.
HelProcks Nov 9, 2020 9:49 PM
HelProcks Nov 8, 2020 9:49 PM
BTW, is the Railgun series good?
HelProcks Nov 8, 2020 9:48 PM
That's understandable lol. I couldn't really get into it before, it does take a pretty long while until you get to the 'good stuff'.
HelProcks Nov 8, 2020 6:47 AM
I understand why you gave Gintama a 6 since you're only at the sixth episode X-X
Melody Oct 25, 2020 8:43 AM
Having 3/4 exams gone well is still quite good. Fortunately, you'll have a chance to fix the atrocious one during finals. I hope you'll be able to get some time off work for the finals, too.
And yeah, exams with open books are quite often a trap.

It's the first time I see a phone like that, it reminds me of a Nintendo DS haha. The offer sounds insanely good, I'd probably consider buying it for such a price, too. Genshin Impact looks a bit harder to me on phone, mainly the combat. But it's probably good enough to have it on more than one devices, too, even if it's just for other tasks and a limited amount of time (I can't imagine the battery not dropping almost instantly with Genshin Impact on XD).

No, I still haven't heard back from them and I have to admit that it has started to get kinda annoying. I even applied for another job while waiting, but I haven't got any news from there either.

Yeah, this chapter, and the arc in general, really showed how much Ishigami has grown as a person. Of course, I feel sad for him getting rejected, but at least Koyasu really cared about him, even if she couldn't develop romantic feelings for him.
Chapter 205 was, indeed, about the student council trying to cheer Ishigami up and trying to make him come back to his usual self. No matter how hard they all tried, he still seemed a bit lost. But it only took Fujiwara being her usual self to make him snap out of it. XD
From around the middle of it, I wasn't a big fan of this arc and wuite a few things about it disappointed me a bit, like Koyasu's plan for example. It's not like it was terrible, but it didn't really live up to my expectations. The good thing we got out of this arc is focus and development on Ishigami and even Iino. But some time should pass for further developments between them, I'd rather the focus to be Kaguya and Shirogane on the next chapters.
By the way, I just saw the announcement about the third season coming out in 2021 on MAL. I can't say I expected an announcement about it, and so soon, too.

If Emilia fans are salty because of that, I don't want to imagine how Rem fans feel. XD
So arc 6 isn't completed yet? How long is it so far compared to arc 4? Also, it'd be sad if the WN doesn't continue, since there might be problems with the online translation then. The author tends to include more details in the WN, which are sometimes nice additions, too.

Yeah, Jojo tends to exaggerate pretty much everything haha. Cringing doesn't sound like a very odd reaction to the dialogue that's used sometimes. This thing is mostly noticeable on part 1 (because of Speedwagon), but it's still there on the next ones, too.

I had forgotten that you've mentioned the problematic ending before, and now I got slightly disappointed again haha. But i actually remembered the crossover chapters and was planning to read them again when I finish it. I really don't remember what happened, but I hope it will make the manga's ending a bit better.
Melody Oct 7, 2020 5:41 PM
This is probably the longest it has taken me to reply, and you might have thought that it was because I started working. But the truth is I just got addicted to a game. XD I hadn't played any games for a really long time, so I got quite excited and I've been playing Genshin Impact every day for hours since it came out.

You were pretty unlucky with your latest replies, so the word file might be necessary.
Have your exams already finished? If so, how did you do?
I'm the kind of person that can be fine without going out of the neighbourhood (or even the house) or seeing my friends for a couple of months, but 6 months sound like a LOT even to me. XD

I got a call from the diagnostic center for a second interview about 10 days ago. I don't think I did as well as the first time, but I'm still waiting for their answer.

One trick I forgot to mention about Mangadex is using Google to search for the manga title along with "mangadex" and it will directly lead you to the manga's page without having to search it on the site and making you sign in. But this might be useless info now. XD

In the end, Koyasu's plan was for the sake of Ishigami's reputation and not about her answer to him. It's a good thing for Ishigami and their idea of not revealing the actual truth wasn't too bad, since it didn't make what he did back then for that girl meaningless, but I was expecting something different. This chapter made me quite sure that Koyasu planned to reject his romantic feelings and only cared about him as his senpai.
Which was confirmed in chapter 203. Despite that, he insisted a lot and even Iino's friend took his side. I still don't believe she'll accept, but I'm still looking forward to how their discussion will go on.
The graduation ceremony has arrived, and the first part of chapter 202 with the girl from Fujiwara's club and Ishigami's reactions was pretty funny. There was also a touching moment with the captain. I also liked the gathering of the old student council and I'm still waiting to see more stories about it.
What did you think about the latest chapters?

The whole conversation between Subaru and Beatrice in episode 11, as well as the fight afterwards, were quite intense, and they really made me feel sad about Beatrice, who even in her dying state tried to save Subaru.
The scene with the Emilia was... insane, literally. I loved the horror-ish effects and the voice actress did a great job.
But this episode's amazing moments didn't stop there, with Roswaal finally revealing to Subaru that he knows about RbD and trying to make him go back in time by brutally killing Ram and Garfiel. I have to admit though, even though he seems too obsessed with achieving his goal and has become an obstacle to Subaru in various ways, he has managed to steel his resolve enough to let himself get eaten alive without batting an eye, and that's kinda amazing in a way.
The final scene with Emilia's kiss was definitely a great way to end this awesome episode, which might have been the best of this season.
Episode 12 started with Subaru's 2nd trial, which he couldn't handle. While it'd be easy for someone else, he knows that he probably let all this stuff actually happen. Carmilla's first appearance arrived as Rem trying to calm Subaru down. The third tea party finally begins and Echidna shows her true colors. She never really cared that deeply about Subaru, or even Beatrice when compared to just her greed and curiosity. Her showing compassion or any other emotion was just an act she had already planned. Of course, it was thanks to the other witches intervention that he realized all these and didn't accept the contract. I remember Echidna's speech being much longer in the WN, but it still got her points across in the anime. The episode ended with Satella's appearance, whose design was very nice. I think they mentioned it around here in the WN that the Witch of Envy and Satella are like two different personalities that share the same body, but it wasn't mentioned in this episode, so they either skipped it (for now), or I'm wrong. Fortunatelly, the one who came was Satella, who, not only showed Subaru she loved him, but even told him to love himself more and explained to him the reason she gave him RbD and her final goal: for him to kill her. I remember you saying that it's implied later in the story that the "I'll save you" a few episodes ago was actually meant for Satella, but it was pretty straightforward here, too. All this has already started making me want to create theories in my head about the whole mystery behind her and Subaru, but I know I won't even come close to the truth, since the author manages to surprise us quite often and I've still got a lot to read to have a more complete picture haha.
After having regained his confidence at the tea party, thanks to the witches' actually caring about him, each in her own way, he realizes that Echidna actually made him pay for not cooperating with her, by not letting him take a trial again. Then, he goes to someone who's going to ruin all the good that happened again. The scene where Roswaal gets serious and disappointed in Subaru for not wanting to follow his way of achieving things and removes his make-up and stops talking in his usual playful tone was pretty well done. He managed to make Subaru feel lost again now that he confirmed he is the one behind Elsa's attack and doesn't intend to stop it, until Otto comes and gives him a nice, wholesome punch to make him snap out of it. He has shined enough this season, and even Patrasche had a nice scene with Subaru in this episode. I remember a lot more dialogue between Otto and Subaru and some more focus on Patrasche in the WN, but the anime hasn't done a bad job adapting them.
It was a kinda weird scene to end the first half of the season, but I like that they actually ended it on a positive tone. I really liked this season and apart from a few skipped things here and there, it was a very faithful adaptation. I'm really looking forward to the second half, which we know will be just as amazing. What are your thoughts about it?

Rei's and Hina's kiss scene was quite lovely even if it was shown as something ordinary. I'm also pretty sure it wasn't their first kiss and a few things happened between them after Rei's confession. I hope we'll get to see at least some of them, since I'm also curious about Hina's initial reaction haha. I liked how close they are and talking about personal things so comfortably.

I could write a lot about the Jojo series and each part seperately, but I'll make it short. I didn't expect to like it much, but I actually found the first 3 parts quite entertaining. Some parts are better than others due to various reasons and, although they all have pretty similar vibe, they also have quite a few differences. It's certainly a series that has problems with some plot points and character focus, but if you turn off your brain and find yourself at least a bit attracted to the anime's style, you'll probably enjoy it. So, overall, far from a masterpiece, but still a pretty fun watch if it's your cup of tea. Since you've put it on hold during the first part, you can ask me, if you have more questions about it.

As for Honey and Clover, I'm liking it so far, but as you've said before, it's obvious that it's an older work of the author and it's not as polished as 3-gatsu no Lion. I expect even better things from it as I continue reading, but I don't think I'll like it as much as I like 3-gatsu.
Melody Sep 12, 2020 2:25 PM
A 4-day weekend sounds great, it'd be nice if you got days off like this often.
Yeah, assignments and quizzes will steal even more of your time sadly. I hope they won't be too hard at least.
I didn't do anything too unique for my birthday, just went out for drinks with a couple of friends, but we had fun. As for presents, I got pretty much the usual stuff haha.

I doubt the economic condition will have improved much by the time I finish the extra year, but a better degree is a good thing to have anyway.
I sent my resume to a couple of places during the previous week, but I had no luck with nutritionists' offices. I got invited for an interview for a secretary job at a diagnostic center, though. I was a bit nervous since it was my first job interview (without counting the ones for my internship), but I think I did good enough.

Yeah, of course I know Skyrim. I also think that 6 euros is quite cheap haha. Spending 11 hours for what you did sounds a bit too much, but at least I can see the game looks very nice haha.

I mostly use mangakakalot and mangadex now, you can give those a try if you want. But, sadly, I haven't found any sites with as wide variety as that of kissmanga. The updates were pretty fast, too.

I agree that it would be a bit annoying if the misunderstanding on chapter 199 went on for longer, but it ended soon and in a nice way. Of course, Iino had to walk in the room at the most inappropriate moment and misinterpret the situation again. XD
Chapter 200 was about the celebration of Fujiwara's and Ishigami's birthday. Of course, Fujiwara wasn't happy to share her birthday with Ishigami for various reasons and let her corrupted nature run wild once again. XD The ending was quite interesting but confused me even more. If Kaguya and Tsubame are talking about Ishigami with so many people present, I guess they are going to be involved in her plan. I hope the next couple of chapter will be about Tsubame and Ishigami.

Garfiel murdering all the villagers in episode 8 was very brutal, especially when he cut Otto in half, after he just had this heartwarming conversation with Subaru and helped him feel a lot better and gain confidence. Patrache threw Subaru away to save him and probably died soon after, as well. When he got out of the ruins, he found himself in a pure white Sanctuary and encountered the cute white bunny for the first time. As novel readers we already knew what was going to follow this, but it was still quite horrifying to watch, definitely the most horrible way he has died so far. They managed to adapt the scene perfectly and, fortunately, there wasn't any weird-looking CGI.
The scene with Echidna after his terrifying experience was very emotional as you said, and many felt happy for Subaru, since having someone he's able to talk about RbD has helped him feel relieved, more confident and made him realize how he should use his power.
The rest of the witches were also pretty adapted nicely but, as you said, Minerva seems to have the most fans right now haha. I'm kinda sad that the scene Daphne drove him insane from extreme hunger and he started eating his own fingers without realizing wasn't included in the LN. I'm pretty sure he meets Camilla at the third tea party, but I actually remembered we were going to see Sekhmet now, just talking with Echidna like after Subaru's first trial or talking with Subaru like the other witches (I don't remember really well).
After the meeting with Echidna and feeling relieved thanks to talking about RbD to her, Satella made her appearance. The scene was adapted very nicely, the background music and the ASMR "I love you" made the atmosphere really disturbing in a great way.
I really liked the last scene of the episode with Roswaal as well.
Garfiel saved Subaru and we saw the Ryuzu clones for the first time on episode 10, attacking Satella. In the end though, nothing had an effect on her and she ended up englulfing Subaru in her shadows. It was pretty creepy again when Subaru denied her and started saying "love me". Subaru knew this would go on forever if he didn't die and that's when he found out that Echidna, who obviously knew this would happen, had cast a spell on Petra's memento to turn it into a weapon. As he kills himself with it, her pained expression really reminded him of Emilia's.
On the next loop, the one who breaks is Subaru and Emilia is the one who supports him. She really is very kind and cares about Subaru, even though she was extremely terrified after waking up from her trial every time, she was able to snap out of it in order to support Subaru. The conversation with him afterwords was also done beautifully.
The most important part of the episode was the truth behind the multiple Ryuzus and the Sanctuary's purpose. They kind of skipped the part about Echidna's first experiment failing because her soul was too "big" to fit into Ryuzu, but when she was about to try again, she got killed by Satella.
Subaru will now head to the mansion again to find a way to defeat Elsa and get Beatrice to help him. Even though he's going there planning to die in exchange for information, he leaves a letter for Emilia, as he doesn't want her to be worried, or anyone else suffering in general. It's nice to see how his conversation with Echidna helped him develop even more and use his power to the fullest. Even though this might take quite the toll on him, it's obvious that he's now much braver than he used to.
Garfiel tried to stop him, but Subaru has already figured out why he's acting the way he is and can even shut him up with his words now. In the anime he just left with Patrasche, but I remember Garfiel insisting on stopping him in the novel and Subaru stopping him with the Ryuzu's (since he can now control them as an Apostle of Greed), resulting in Garfiel feeling betrayed.
Although some stuff were cut out, I still think the adaptation is amazing so far. What did you think about the latest episode?
It'd be nice if we got an adaptation for arc 5, too, in the future, but I'm pretty sure it will only be arc 4. There's no way they could adapt Emilia's trial, the third tea party, Betrice's and Roswaal's pasts, the battles in the mansion and the Sanctuary and many more in just 3 episodes.

Yeah, I started seeing the Bakamitai meme everywhere a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to mention it. XD The memes aren't always funny, but I liked the song and it has managed to get stuck in my head haha.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the latest 3-gatsu chapter, 171, had an amazing moment in it. It came a bit abruptly, but it was a very happy moment anyway. If you haven't read it yet, you should go check it out.
Melody Aug 23, 2020 5:54 PM
Ouch that hurts. I've refreshed the page by mistake quite a few times, too, so I can tell haha.
Congratulations for starting your masters degree! :D It's great that you have the chance to attend the program of one of your country's top institutes, especially with it being sponsored by your company.
On the other hand, studying and working have ended up taking a lot of the free time you were happy about a while back. At least most of it is time invented on an even better future when it comes to your job.

Fortunately, changes in eyesight tend to become minor as years go by haha (at least that's what I've noticed on me and some other people I know).
The extra year is actually what I'll be doing for the improved degree. There's a 70% chance that I'll be able to join this program, but my college tends to take important decisions like that on the last minute.
No matter what, happens with the extra year, I don't think I'll go for a masters degree immediately, but I'll probably start looking for a job next month. It won't be an easy task, especially finding something related to my degree.
Damn, the difference in population is vast between India and Greece, but 60k daily is too much.

Playing a PS1 game will take you way back haha. But since you like the series it'll probably be worth it.

Actually, chapters 197 & 198 are already out.
Chapter 197 focused on the Shirogane family again and I'm quite glad, it's always fun to see Daddy Shirogane. Since he's started having some fans with stalking tendencies, he has decided that it might be a good chance to move to a bigger house. He let Miyuki look for a place and is quite generous about the price, I wonder how he managed to become so successful on Youtube. XD
Although Fujiwara tried to convince him not to, Miyuki decided to move to a place in Kaguya's neighborhood, which is quite nice for their relationship. Fujiwara turned out to be quite discriminative, it seems like she becomes a worse person as more chapters go by. XD
Daddy Shirogane still uses questionable terms in a wrong way, Sugar Daddy DILF cracked me up. XD
Chapter 198 was about Ishigami's exams. Even though he failed last time, he still couldn't get himself to study and played games instead. Honestly, I can understand his situation haha. But he was still honest to Kaguya and she helped him find some will to study. He finally made it to the top 50 and Kaguya was quite moved that his hard work bore fruit.

Yes, unfortunately Kissanime is down, and it probably won't end there. If there was a platform where I could legally watch and read all anime and manga I'd be willing to pay. But there is no such platform and having subscriptions to 4-5 different ones and still not having access to everything, doesn't seem worthy.
I read about this recently and I hope it evolves into something big that takes non-Japanese audiences into consideration, too.

It's a shame that the nice conversation and moments between Subaru and Emilia where she opens up to him are gone and in episode 6 she believes he doesn't trust her because of his offer to complete the trial instead of her.
I agree that Frederica's transformation wasn't that great. What was really cool was the first person view of Subaru being thrown around with Petra, or whatever was left of her.
The next episode had one of the most interesting parts about Beatrice, as we are already starting to get many hints about her. Her expressions, feelings and the tension between her and Subaru were portrayed really well. Of course, Elsa managed to walk in the library but none of them even got enough time to be surprised about it.
Garfiel finally said why he disliked Subaru during the last couple of loops, because he could smell the witch on him. He took him to Lewis (a different one apparently) and locked him in a place away from the village. We got to see the weakness of his power, since Garfiel wouldn't even let him commit suicide (although he could have died if he kept hitting his head on the ground, but it seems like a harder thing to do than biting his tongue). The one who came to his rescue was Otto and his confession of friendship to Subaru was pretty heartwarming and kinda funny. It was nice to see Subaru laughing and gaining some confidence after everything he's been through.
They won't adapt all of arc 4 in one cour, the second season will have split cours and I think the second one will air in winter.
What did you think about the latest episode?
Melody Aug 8, 2020 6:57 AM
I'm also late because I couldn't watch the latest two Re:zero episodes until yesterday.
I think I bought my previous pair 2 years ago, but it'll probably take much longer until I buy the next one. I'll just change the lenses, too, if my eyesight changes. The weirdest thing is that my eyesight actually improved a bit since last time. XD
The vacation was nice, I'd have liked to stay more, but other relatives wanted to go there, too.
Also, I can finally announce that I passed the last exam, as well! If I'm not eligible for the extra year I wanted to get a better degree, I'm officially done haha. But as you said, the scary part will have actually just begun.
I can understand the situation over there, since it's pretty much the same here, but on a smaller scale. We are actually in a worse situation now than we used to be, since people stopped taking the measures seriously.

Yeah, if all the games of the Yakuza series it makes sense that you'd need breaks between them. But it's good that they're all fun despite being similar.
Are you going to play the rest of the games of the Metal Gear series after this one? Also, since you started with V, I guess they are pretty much unrelated to each other?

It was nice to see Hayasaka making friends and having fun with them in chapter 196. Ishigami, Shirogane, Maki and Hayasaka had some pretty nice chemistry.

Episode 4 was really emotional and, although there were some nice details missing about the family and mostly his father, I think it adapted everything quite well. The moment he cried and the conversations with his parents hit pretty hard. The last part with Echidna was also done really well, especially when she was trying to make him doubt his parents accepting him, as if it was just a part of him hoping they would. But his answer to that was good enough for him to pass the trial. And as I said when I was reading the WN, I'd like to believe that this is how they would reply in real life, too.
I don't know if it's true, since I've only read this in a youtube comment, but it said that the author has confirmed that Subaru's parents are actually worried sick and looking everywhere for him. But I can't actually find this confirmed anywhere else, so it might not be true. But if it is, it makes this whole thing even sadder.
The 5th episode was mostly about Emilia failing her first trial. The emotions were portrayed really well, it was obvious how terrified she was. We also got to see how weak and insecure she feels, despite trying to hide it most of the time. And we'll only get to see her breaking more and more later.
And of course, it was time for Subaru to get killed for the first time this season (not counting the suicide on episode 1). Elsa is back to take her revenge while killing everyone in the mansion. This scene really took me back and made me hyped for the rest of the "mansion part".
Also, about Subaru's teleportation in episode 2, it was actually because of the crystal, and I saw in a video that it was something added in the LN to make the plot progression faster. This explains why the meeting with Garfiel happened later, as well.

As for the movie, I agree, it was pretty much a biased 7 for me, too haha.
What did you think about the latest episode?