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DarthBob Mar 7, 11:12 AM
Well, the definition of entertainment varies greatly from person to person really. I mean, there are almost 4000 people who rated Shamo with an 8 or above on MAL alone, when I found it to be super pessimistic realism to the point that it was depressing. I mean sure, it had some decent fights, but even those were ruined by the protagonist and his ridiculous actions. A quick example would be when he got a high profile fight (some world champion or something), but his opponent wasn't really interested in fighting him... So this protagonist goes right ahead and brutally rapes his opponent's girlfriend so that the guy would be more motivated for the fight. Yeah, not the kind of stuff that I'd even remotely enjoy reading about. Ridiculous leaps in logic and various brutal sequences litter the series, and the protagonist is human garbage, as you may have heard. Not the sort of thing I'd recommend to anyone (which you may have noticed from the fact that I rated it a 3).

While Kokou no Hito never really went *that* drastic at any point, I found the overall pessimistic vibe similar. Honestly, the only thing that kept me reading as long as I did was the artwork, which was brilliant. In fact, it probably had some of the best landscape artwork I've seen in manga (along with possibly Vagabond).

I'm currently at chapter 230 or so of Kumo, and I have to say that I like how long it took for Kumoko to grow to that extent. I mean... For example, in Tensei shitara Slime, his 'growth' was pretty much completely covered in about 5-10 chapters. Meanwhile, in this one, it took over 100 chapters for Kumoko to be stronger than mini-boss level. Then again, the charm of the story dropped significantly after the 'Ascension' part. Then again, after that, the story divulges into a series of side stories, which are interesting enough in their own right, but it doesn't really feel like the same series anymore. After the Ascension, Kumoko's escapades have become more and more like something straight out of Death March, just without the loli harem.
Tensei shitara Slime was something that I found kinda readable at the start, but it stagnated way too fast and I got bored out of my skull pretty quick. Didn't take long for me to drop that one. As for Tate no Yuusha... It could've been something great, but it just constantly squandered its potential. The WN was more manageable, but in the LN and consequently the anime, they try way too hard to make it seem like your typical dumb harem, just with some added edgyness. Then again, even in the WN and Manga, the edgyness gets quite annoying at times, especially when Naofumi mentions his grudge or gets a flashback about his grudge every few minutes or so.

Honestly, Kumo can't really be compared to Mushoku Tensei, since the latter was far better in most aspects (after Rudeus became less trashy, of course). Re:Zero is even better than Mushoku Tensei imo, so again, not really worth comparing.
I haven't really read Knights and Magic, but it doesn't really seem worth reading either.
Konjiki no Word Master was... Bad. I've read a decent amount of it, and the logic in that one simply doesn't flow most of the time. While the protagonist was unique and likable at first, he slowly became your typical harem protagonist. While it wasn't as fast as Slime, this one was another LN that I lost interest in and dropped over time.

Honestly, Konosuba and Danmachi would be some of the better LNs I've read, especially the latter. Konosuba is the sort of thing that continuously improves over time, even while it stays true to its roots. It never takes itself seriously, and pretty much none of the developments are of any real consequence on the long run. Still, it's the sort of thing that you have to read without expecting too much or being too serious about it, since it's a gag series at its core. I believe it's around volume 6 where it really picks up (some rather amazing events, which are still meaningless on the long run, of course). Either way, it's a novel that I'd recommend giving another chance to. It currently has 15 translated volumes, which is a pretty good amount of content. Even the updates are fairly frequent, even though it's translated by the volume rather than by the chapter.
As for Danmachi, I'd put it right up there with Rakuin no Monshou - it's one of the best fantasy LNs I've read (it's not isekai though). It's another one of those series that starts off like your typical 'harem in an RPG world' thing, but evolves into something completely different over time. The author even explained that - he wrote it that way in the beginning so that it would become popular/get some readership, and slowly started changing it into the story that he actually wanted to tell. If you like stories about slow growth of characters (rapid in that world, but slow in your subjective sense), then you'd love Danmachi. While I wouldn't place it at the same level as Re:Zero, I would still highly recommend that you pick it up. YenPress has 12 volumes out, and the translation is pretty good.

Talk about Re:Zero, it looks like Witch Cult's translations are going fairly well, and they're giving rather frequent releases now. I guess you can consider picking up Arc 5 now.
Samu-tan Mar 5, 10:17 AM
Thank you for your reply and excuse me for this late reply. I've started buying the remaining volumes of the Umineko manga (I bought the question arcs a few years ago), so it's gonna be a pretty big investment before I got them all hehe.

AHHH I didn't even know that there was a new WTC coming out, how am I meant to contain this HYPE? How am I meant to work around my SCHEDULE?

UGH, I know, same. VNs take up way too much time and as a teenager ignoring high school it was still easy to play multiple ones at the same time. As an adult with responsibilities, however, it is definitely harder to dedicate a lot of time to a VN. Thankfully WTC5 is slated to release in the summer, so if you've got summer break, that's the time to binge it! lol

I really liked the remote settings of Higurashi and Umineko, so I might miss that... but in the first place, I grew to like that sort of aesthetic because of those titles. Even though Kikonia seems to be thematically different, as long as it has a strong mystery I'll be hooked.

I hope R07 won't drop the "mysterious murders on a remote location" setting, since it really signifies the concept of WTC's works. After watching the trailer, it looks like it's in a sci-fi setting though. This I totally don't mind; Higurashi and Umineko's settings were also very different and it worked out perfectly. SO hyped for the next entry!
DarthBob Feb 28, 9:49 AM
Well, I can certainly understand where you're coming from with Kokou no Hito, but in my case, I just go by one rule - 'More realistic doesn't necessarily mean better'. I mean sure, Kokou no Hito showed what would most likely happen in a more realistic world, and the characters and their interactions were certainly there as well... But if you were to ask me if I enjoyed reading it, I'd answer with a no.
It basically felt like the sort of thing that an edgelord would love... Shamo was another manga which gave me the exact same feeling - it was certainly good, had some real depth, and was extremely realistic - but I hated every moment of it. At every step of the way, I felt like reaching into the page and throttling the protagonist, so that his antics would stop and the manga would end... Eh, I guess I'm just cribbing at this point.
Well, my point is that I don't really understand what people see in series that are realistic to such a point that all the fun has been sucked out of it. There are plenty of shows such as 3-Gatsu no Lion or Space Brothers which are realistic, but at the same time, aren't draggy/so damn pessimistic all the time lol.

As for Berserk, I just kept hearing different versions of 'the Golden Age arc is the best piece of literature ever written, period.' pretty much all over the place. When I finally took the plunge, I realized that it was... Well, bad. Then I thought... If the Golden Age arc is supposed to be brilliant and it turned out to be like this... How bad would the rest of it be? That's the moment when I decided that I didn't want to suffer through any more of it haha.

When it comes to Falling in Love with the Villainess, I believe that it goes like:
The story generally goes pretty well -> Peaks at a really good moment with major repercussions -> Arc ends -> Next arc starts really slow -> Picks up and gets back to the previous level
That pretty much repeats over each arc. With the first arc, that peak was Vincent's death. After that, it certainly does slow down considerably at the Strategy Part (as the translator calls it). Still, it picks right back up after a couple of chapters. At least according to me, the Strategy Part (post Vincent's Death and pre End of Storyline) was even better than the Academy Part.
As for the release schedule, the translators have been releasing at a weekly or occasionally bi-weekly, which is fairly good for a WN. Besides, they've got almost 100 chapters out already, so you have a fair amount to binge before you catch up. At least in my opinion, it's definitely worth reading ahead.

I recently started reading Kumo Desu ka, Nani ka?, and I've been enjoying it for the most part (except that really slow start). I guess I just have a thing for series that are all about RPG-style character growth. The only issue I have is the side stories, the positioning of which seems to make no sense whatsoever. Have you read this one? I don't remember if we've discussed it before.
DarthBob Feb 17, 9:20 AM
Sorry for the late reply... Been dead sick lately.
Honestly, you couldn't go wrong with any of those three, since they're all top notch novels. Sevens has a bit of a slow start, but it manages to build up in a big way as it goes along. On the other hand, Saihate no Paladin is something of the opposite, in the fact that it has a very strong start, but it slows down a little near the third volume or so. Then again, that story is just beginning, so I'm willing to give it the benefit of doubt. Sevens, on the other hand, is completed, and is ended quite well. As for Re:Zero... Well, I'm sure I don't need to say much on that topic.

Well, I do see where you're coming from, and there certainly is a sort of charisma about characters who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Then again, I generally prefer characters who are hell bent on getting their revenge on those that beat them down. A quick example of that would be Rion from Falling in Love with the Villainess, at least at the start of the series. Sure, he became more of what you described as the series progressed and he gained more and more people to protect. Still, I find that there's something more enigmatic about an avenger, as compared a hero. Then again, as you mentioned, an avenger wouldn't be able to evoke the same kind of emotional reaction from the audience that a hero could, so I'm a little conflicted on the subject.

Vagabond was something that I enjoyed reading while I was going through it, but I put it on hold at some point and never really picked it up again. I'm still not sure of why that's the case.
As for Kokou no Hito, it's much simpler. That one felt like Oyasumi Punpun with mountain climbing. The general tone was dreary and depressing, the protagonist was a loner to a ridiculous extreme, and all the character interactions gave me a rather negative vibe. Sure, there was a kind of beauty in it, but I simply couldn't bring myself to *like* it. I lasted some 50-odd chapters before I finally gave up on that one.
Berserk was yet another such manga that I simply couldn't stand. With that one, I dropped it after I read the Golden Age arc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The funny thing is, I can even think of a slightly different application of what you mentioned. For example, that infamous scene in Arc 3 where Emilia decides to part ways with Subaru. In his mind, Emilia has done so many things for him and just so many commendable things in general that she becomes worthy of his respect... But in truth, at least in that particular timeline, Emilia had done none of those, and hence, she couldn't understand why Subaru was deifying her so much. I guess that would be the flip side of what you mentioned.

I actually read up Falling in Love with the Villainess one more time (mainly because I saw some updates and realized that I had forgotten most of it already), and it was only then that I realized that it actually had a few pacing problems. One quick example... I was pretty sure that Vincent's death was something close to halfway through the story.. And then I found that it was actually in chapter 32, which isn't even a third the way in. On revising, I found that the events seemed to shoot past, one after the other. Sure, it wasn't a detriment to my enjoyment, but I found it strange all the same. I guess there are some things that you'd only notice when rereading.
Samu-tan Feb 15, 11:13 AM
Just read your review of Umineko EP8 and it was really well written. It made me reminiscence back to when I read the novels. A great read, thanks so much.

I finished the Umineko novel years ago, and after recently rewatching Higurashi I'm craving for more When They Cry. I also want to prepare for the upcoming WTC5, but rereading the novels will take too much time. Do you think the manga is a good replacement read?
DarthBob Feb 3, 10:02 AM
Yeah, 20 times is a bit much lol. I've just played through Emerald and Platinum (and My Ass), and the only shiny I found was a crystal Onyx, which ran away. Go figure.
The main reason why I like Mystery Dungeon is due to the fact that it actually has a story (unlike the regular games, which are usually even more devoid of a story than Skyrim). The fact that the other characters (despite them being pokemon) are likable, is another aspect that I quite enjoy. While the difficulty may be lower, I didn't really find that a determent as such. Besides, I never really did much of PVP, breeding, or IV farming in the original games either (Yeah, I was a regular scrub).
Pocket Monsters Special was actually my first taste of a slightly darker Pokemon story, although it was still fairly childish for the most part. I really should get to Festival of Champions.

Well, I guess you would've finished that prelude by now, and have realized that the main point of that mini-arc was elsewhere. Either way, the pace of Arc 5's release is excruciatingly slow, even though Discount Anon (from Zero translations) is back at it, just that he's with Witch Cult translations now.
Saihate no Paladin and Sevens are both brilliant, and are well worth reading/getting back to. I prefer Sevens by a small margin, mainly because it is actually completed, and ended well. Just make sure that you're reading the WN instead of the LN, since the changes in the LN are nothing great, to say the least.

Yeah, that's actually quite true - even if the main character in Isekai stories have gone through some sort of trauma, it's usually (immediately) after coming to that world, rather than before (I'm looking at you, Shield Hero). The way Subaru's character was handled and developed throughout that arc was quite good, and I also liked how they managed to actually give some substance to the 'main' heroine, who might as well have been a cardboard cutout till then. There's also the matter of Beatrice, which was handled quite well (or maybe I just like stubborn lolis).

Honestly, I found L's death to be the high point of the series. Within that one move, Light managed to kill L, get rid of Rem (the not-so-cute one), get himself full control of Misa and another free Death Note. A masterstroke really. After than, it simply took a nose-dive. Near and Mello were just shoddy replacements for L, and as you said, the new dynamic wasn't anywhere near as appealing. Besides, without L to keep him under check, Light just went haywire, and basically became your stereotypical villain. From there, it just plodded along till the inevitable conclusion, which was the only part of the latter half that I remotely enjoyed.

Yeah, both Helck and Yuusha ga Shinda started off as comedy manga, but later went in the battle manga direction. I guess that's a rather common thing for comedy manga (at least according to Bakuman). Still, it was done well, so I'm not really complaining. I guess I'll be finishing up Helck sometime soon (had to keep it on hold for a bit).
DarthBob Jan 29, 2:08 AM
Sorry for the delay... I've been dead busy lately, with job interviews and whatnot. Doesn't look like it'll be easing up anytime soon either.
Well, I'm quite similar to you in that regard - I only acknowledge Pokemon upto gen IV... Anything after that just goes over my head haha. I've played Platinum, so I'm fairly familiar with gen IV... I don't even know about the mechanics and such from later generations. Still, I really did enjoy playing the Mystery Dungeon series. Anyway, Pokemon My Ass is basically a joke game, but it's a particularly well made/balanced one from the gameplay perspective. You could give it a try if you want a good laugh.

I guess I was always more for the cooler looking ones, such as Garchomp and Lucario (which were also pretty useful, so no real loss).

The only sad thing about Arc 5 is how the translations are stalled at chapter 50 or so (some 46-47 is done by chicken, and the rest can be found online). So, what do you think of it so far?

Well, I guess I get what you mean. I don't really like those myself, but there are some that always keep a happy mood, but are quite exceptional (like Space Brothers). Still, if that's the case, then you may as well avoid Yotsubato, which is exactly that. Komi-san is basically your typical school based SoL, so that may be out too. 3-Gatsu no Lion though... That's a whole different beast altogether.
Yeah, apparently the author was a huge fan of Bump of Chicken, and they liked the manga too. You might notice that this came out two years before the actual anime adaptation.

Honestly, Death Note should've just ended with L's death. After that, the entire thing just started unraveling. The cat and mouse game was no longer interesting, and the 'successors' were drab as hell. Light himself started to feel like a 2-bit villain, and every other character was basically just a tool for him to use. The latter half pretty much gave up on character depth/development and made it a rather boring take at the usual good vs evil battle. The shinigami were almost always something of a deus ex machina, so I never really cared much for them.

Aah, I didn't check your list before recommending that one. I started Helck a while back (mainly reading it in transit), and it was indeed quite fun. Sure, it's not at the level of Yuusha ga Shinda on many aspects, but it's still a good read all the same.

EDIT: I found a site which has a few more chapters of Re:Zero Arc 5. Here you go.
DarthBob Jan 19, 8:40 AM
Well, I can at least guarantee that the first two regions worth (~14 volumes) are really good, and are well worth reading. After that, I'm not sure if I can attest to the quality at all, since the new protagonists made me drop it.
Talk about Pokemon games, have you played Pokemon My Ass? It's a rom hack which actually has some good gameplay value, but the main thing is the nasty humor that's all over the place in it. Fully functional Pokemon game, just... Nasty and funny at the same time.

Yeah, Otto was one character who developed quite well in Arc 4. Surprising how far he came from that guy who left Subaru for dead the first time around (or was that the second?). Eh... I'd say the saddest scenario would be Patrache dying outside the save zone. That'd be heartbreaking.
As far as I know, Roswaal's strange speech is nothing more than a verbal tic, which is something that every character has, to a degree (Emilia does something similar, but that's mainly because she's a loli).
I was actually pretty surprised when Betelguese turned up in Emilia's backstory, since I was fairly sure that character was pretty much out of the picture. As for Subaru, he essentially inherited the Authority of Greed, but as for whether that's a good thing or not is rather questionable. You'll come to understand that during the final sequence of this arc.
Yeah, Subaru has no real 'powers' to speak of, besides the obvious Return By Death. Whatever else he has is essentially just useful to stave off an enemy for a short while, as you mentioned (or perhaps make a getaway at best).
Wait... Did you finish up arc 4 then?
You can find the first few chapters of Arc 5 here, though I can't guarantee the quality. Take a look, and if it's unreadable, I can try and directly send you the good version (I always prefer to keep a copy downloaded, so Zero translations going down didn't really affect me).

Well, I'm not sure what you mean by a typical SoL, but if you're talking about the moe crap, then 3-Gatsu no Lion is not that. Basically deep characters and believable interactions. I had actually written a review for the anime, which got taken down for some arbitrary reason. I'll just add it here, in case you're interested:

Well, Komi-san is just a kinda cute and fluffy manga, which I wouldn't call anything brilliant. A quick and effortless read for sure, but there's next to no depth involved.
Yotsubato is basically the same as above, but it's a cut or two above. It's the sort of thing that awakens a feeling of nostalgia, and is quite well written in general. Neither one really compares to 3-Gatsu though, since they fall into a different sub-category of SoL.

Well, Death Note stays pretty fun until it hits that major wall a little past the halfway point. It was quite interesting to see Light getting more and more corrupted by power as the series progresses, and L's deductions were quite amazing too. Still, that'll all end fairly soon, and the manga will become another one of those 'this damn thing should've ended 40 chapters ago!' things. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Another manga you could check out is Yuusha ga Shinda. I haven't had that good a laugh in a while.
DarthBob Jan 14, 11:37 AM
Well, after running for 13 years without shutting down, it's pretty obvious that it would have a lot of content haha. Still, that sounds ridiculously grindy as hell, especially with those tiny drop rates.

I played Pokemon Go for a few months after it came out, before dropping it like anyone else. I actually picked it back up about a month ago, and they've actually improved the game quite a lot. Much less frequent crashes, raid bosses, PVP, four generations, etc. Sure, the battles aren't turn based, so it's still kinda simplistic, but it's still a huge improvement over what it used to be.
I've seen that one around, but I never really paid any attention to it since it's a doujin. I guess I could check it out. Have you read the Pokemon Adventures manga? I found that one pretty good, at least for the first two regions.

Well, since you're on a thriller binge, Re:Zero is still a great option haha. Yeah, Arc 4 takes a bit of time to take off, but once it does, it gets really gripping. There's also the fact that they explore Subaru, Emilia and Beatrice's pasts, and actually substantiate their characters. Honestly, I found Emilia to be a dull and empty character until I got to her arc in Act 4, which actually explained a lot about her. They even managed to give a convincing explanation for Subaru's weird, semi-warped personality. I thought that first trial was the best part of the arc when I just got there, but there were just so many moments after that which managed to outshine it. Just keep going, since the best parts are still waiting for you near the end of the arc.
Roswaal was a rather interesting character, if a little hard to like. Still, you can somewhat understand where he's coming from. Patrasche is the best girl in the series, no contest... Suck it, Rem. My favorite new character from the arc has got to be Garfiel, but he only really shines near the end of the arc and in the next one. Kinda wish we got more of Rem though.

Eh, Death Note is alright, but I'm pretty sure you know all the basic plot points already - spoilers for it are literally everywhere. I'd say you can read till the halfway point and then drop it with no regrets, since it just goes on a downward spiral from there.

3-Gatsu no Lion just got a (1 volume) update, and I haven't felt this warm and fuzzy inside for months. You really should get to that one when you finally get past your thriller phase.
Playcool Jan 12, 2:02 PM
Didnt expect to see my favorite boy Shirogane Takeru on anyone's else list in my entire life, most people that finish MLA fail to give it proper respects, it is due to him that MLA is what it is.
DarthBob Jan 9, 11:09 AM
That's actually the first time I've heard of Pokemon Revolution, but now that I took a look at it, it looks like... Pokemon Emerald which just decided to keep going. I'm surprised that a game that released in 2006 is still online at this point. Still, 2000 hours is ridiculous - I've managed maybe a tenth of that on Platinum. Hell, the only Pokemon game I'm still playing is GO, and that's just to get my scrub ass to exercise more.

I myself have only watched a few episodes of xxxHolic, and never found it interesting enough to pick up the manga. My knowledge of Tsubasa mainly comes from my brother, who took the plunge and saved me the trouble. Apparently, it's absolute garbage... Go figure.
I agree with you about Chobits - it raised quite a few questions, but it didn't really bother exploring any of them. Lots of wasted potential, but with CLAMP style storytelling, I think we may be better off without it.
I don't mind tragedies myself. Generally, ending with with a tragic note gives the work a rather 'beautiful' spin to it, but it's been done wrong *cough*Evangelion*cough*Guilty Crown*cough* so often that I'm not really feeling it anymore. Then again, I generally find that series that start off with tragedy but don't go much further into it as if goes along, to be a lot better.
Whatever I remember of xxxHolic was basically just the mystery-of-the-week bit, and that wasn't interesting in the least bit. I guess it's better that's all I remember, after reading that review haha.

I don't know about that, since I got essentially the same vibe from Kimetsu no Yaiba. I didn't really hate any of those three, but I didn't find much of interest in them either. Then again, I felt the same about Hunter x Hunter, so that could just be me haha.

Well, 3-Gatsu no Lion is about as far as you can get from mind games and such, but it's certainly a lot darker than your average slice of life, especially when you start understanding what some of the characters are going through. It has its lighthearted moments, of course, but the darkness is very much there.
Now that I think about it, what happened to Re:Zero? Did you make any progress with it?
DarthBob Jan 5, 9:45 AM
I generally avoid MMOs, since I get addicted real quick. Haven't touched any of them after a short stint of Dota a few years back. Pokemon is always fun though. I'm assuming you're talking about Let's Go?

Well yeah, Chobits was basically a classic shoujo experience, and didn't feel anywhere near as cryptic or convoluted as other of Clamp's works. The story and characterization was fairly clean, but I guess my main issue with it was the side romance. That's actually one thing that I find annoying in many shoujo manga - the side characters getting together and possibly getting more screen time than the main couple. While the conclusion was alright, the chapters leading up to them weren't exactly my cup of tea. I guess I must've dropped it 4-5 times before finally completing it.
That's actually the first time I'm hearing of SeiKano, and it indeed seemed quite similar to this. Either way, probably too much drama for my taste.

I actually agree with pretty much everything you said about Kimetsu no Yaiba. It's characterization, plot direction, etc are definitely a cut above the rest. I guess the main issue for me was that I simply didn't find it engaging - neither the characters nor storyline felt particularly interesting, and reading it started to feel more and more like a chore. I actually had a similar feeling when reading D Gray Man and Pandora Hearts, both of which had rather similar atmospheres. In the end, I'd say it simply wasn't my kind of thing.
When it comes to shounen manga where the story is actually structured with a final goal in mind, Fullmetal Alchemist is the first thing that comes to mind. It is indeed quite rare for modern shounen to go that way.

Well, you should definitely read further, since it only keeps improving from there. Theia's arc was especially satisfying, and that's in volumes 25-27, if I remember right.
EDIT: Check out this site for downloading LNs. Not sure if I already told you about it or not. They just got volume 30 of Rokujouma.
My brother pretty much hates Chinese WNs (although he keeps reading them for research), but this is pretty much the only one that he has praised so far. He's actually been going on so much about it that even I considered giving it a try... but then I just avoid Korean and Chinese novels like the plague, so nope. Yeah, the number of chapters is always a problem with those WNs, but apparently, this one doesn't have that high an update rate. It *is* updated in bulk though. Still, I've heard that the translation quality is quite good, so that may be a plus.

Have you finished watching 3-Gatsu no Lion season 1? I noticed you adding the second season to your PTW, but I couldn't find the first season on your list (I wanted to check the score lol). Either way, I highly recommend that you give it a go whenever you find the time. Season 2 was an instant 10 from me, and Season 1 was a solid 9.
DarthBob Jan 1, 10:54 AM
Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm going into 2019 with my final exams in full swing, so my brain somewhat resembles a scrambled egg at this point.

Well, gaming way too much isn't anything new, and is probably one of the best ways to pass time. What have you been playing? I recently finished two passes of Dark Souls Remastered, and started Dark Souls 2. That jump from 20 to 60 FPS was really satisfying.
I haven't even heard of most of those series you mentioned, other than Kimetsu no Yaiba and Chobits. Then again, neither one was my kinda thing, I guess. I might check out the others, since I'm pretty much out of things to read. Been going through Haruhi recently, and that's fairly entertaining.

Oh, and I'm completely up to date with Rokujouma now, and I really enjoyed it. I love how the author manages to connect everything in a believable way. The 29th volume really struck home, but I'm surprised that he's actually planning on writing more.

EDIT: Just forgot to mention - my brother found this chinese WN called The Kingdom's Bloodline, and he just won't stop gushing on and on about it. Thought I might let you know about it, since it seems to be your sort of thing.
DarthBob Dec 31, 2018 9:37 AM
Whoa... You're alive? XD
Happy New Year to you too! Still about an hour to go over here, and I have no option but to spend that time studying. Go figure.
Hey, it's 17°C at best over here, which can't really be called cold by any means. Sucks to live in the tropics.
So, what have you been up to recently? Found anything interesting?
DarthBob Sep 24, 2018 12:29 PM
Sure, having a goal like returning to their original world gives the protagonist a sense of purpose, but it often makes the character rather dull if that's his only motivation (which is usually the case). On the other hand, either giving up on returning (like in Death March or Re:Zero) or being happy with the fantasy world and not wanting to go back in the first place (like in Mushoku Tensei) is usually more fun to read about. Of course, in those cases, the protagonist has to have an equally strong goal (Make Emilia queen, complete the game scenario while painting yourself as a villain, etc) to keep them going for it to remain interesting. Generally, if such a prominent goal is missing, the novel tends to digress and meander a lot - one example of an issekai where the protagonist has no strong goal, but still manages to remain very interesting would be Saihate no Paladin. While that one is technically issekai, it has more of a fantasy feeling to it, since the protagonist doesn't exactly rely on the knowledge from his previous world all that much.

That chapter where Rudeus talks to his sister and manages to win her over was probably the turning point for me, as far as my impression of Rudeus was concerned. The fact that he could see his sister as... well, a sister and not something to lech over, and the fact that he was capable of empathy actually made me respect him, for the first time in the series. Him reminiscing about his brother and realizing how he had messed up his past life (as opposed to his complete refusal to face himself in the initial few chapters) was rather good development.
You're right about missing the original world - that's a decent way to add in some depth to the protagonist.... Hell most of these issekai protagonists need some of that.

Episode 15 contained the majority of Subaru's 'madness', and also served to introduce Betelguese. Sure, he may not have been the best (or most coherent) villain, but you got to admit that they did a great job of portraying him in the anime, especially his voice acting. I found it hard to believe that he had the same voice actor as Kirito from Shit Art Online... That's some range right there. Besides, no matter how good that part is in the LN, actually seeing (and hearing) Rem getting twisted out of shape... yeah, that was nasty. And yeah, the animation, direction and cinematography in that episode was top tier, especially how they handled the ending. Subaru just kneeling there, his head rolling off and snow piling on him while the credits roll... That gave me chills haha.
As for Betelguese... Well, I'm not surprised that you don't think much of him at this point. He'll turn up in the most unexpected places in Arc 4, so you can look forward to that haha. (Don't worry... He ded)

The last few episodes certainly held the maximum significance for Subaru and his development. The only part I wasn't really fond of was the very end of episode 25, where Subaru says all that cringe inducing stuff to Emilia. Sure, he needed to make up with her, but the way he did it was.... kinda creepy?

Well, now that you're starting Arc 4, I'll just say that you're in for a treat. In my opinion, at least, Arc 4 was better than the first three arcs put together. It's where you get the backstories of and begin to properly understand four important characters in the series, including Subaru. It also gives Emilia some much-needed development, which she was severely lacking in the first three arcs. Well, read on - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Do feel free to tell me your thoughts on it as you go along.

Volume 15 of Rokujouma, and I'm just wondering is the author is ever going to write a volume without all the excessive fighting. Pretty much every volume has some sort of conflict, most of which isn't done all that well (except the two Blue Knight volumes), so I'm starting to wish for a volume or two without any of that. Other than that, I guess I'm enjoying it so far. While the author is doing a good job of fleshing out characters like Thea and Kiriha, it feels as if characters like Shizuka and Harumi have become all but background characters. Ever relatively entertaining characters like Kenji hardly make appearances anymore. Still, I guess I'll catch up pretty soon, which is one annoying thing about ongoing translations... Gonna be a long wait.