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DarthBob Sep 16, 4:52 AM
Eh... If that's the case, then I think I'll just keep it on the bottom of my priority list. I still have Dies Irae to complete, and Fata Morgana to start, so I'll be doing that first. While my patience levels are usually quite good, having to read for 30-35 hours just to get to the good parts.... Yeah, I'm no masochist.

I read F/HA a couple of years after F/SN (because I assumed it was untranslated, for some reason), but I still found it relatively enjoyable. Kagetsu Tohya follows a very similar pattern, but for the life of me, I can't seem to finish that one. Still, one can never have enough of F/SN (not that Extra or Apocrypha crap though).

If you're talking about hating characters, then that's really easy. You just have to read 3-Gatsu no Lion to about chapter 120 or so and you'll see what I'm talking about. Kinda funny how such a nice and fluffy manga like that can produce such a hate-worthy character. That's just how good a writer Umino Chika is, I guess.
Hating Subaru is understandable, but well, once you start understanding his character, it becomes a little difficult to do.
Shinji is grade A trash, much like the piece of human garbage with the same name from Fate. Not sure about the Evangelion manga, but the anime was almost physically painful to watch. Hell, I even wrote a review (rant) for it, which you could check out if you want a laugh.
I didn't mind the protagonist of Zero no Tsukaima all that much, but that Louise female made my blood boil. These modern (punch-you-in-the-face-because-she's-embarrassed type) tsunderes are extremely annoying. I didn't know that the author died midway, but I guess that explains the weird ending.

Eh, I disliked Sakura even before I found out about her past, and that didn't really help either. Then again, anything I say about her past would just sound like victim blaming, so it's better if I don't go there. Well, all said and done, Shinji deserves all he gets and more.

Oi oi... Don't go around reading Arc 4 side stories and spoiling things for yourself. That particular side story branches off from chapter 74 of Arc 4, which is about 90 chapters ahead of where you currently are. So far, all the side stories are WN exclusive, and there are a whole bunch of them. Most of them are actually quite nice, especially the ones about Rem. Just make sure that you're reading side stories that happen in a time frame that you know of though.

Well, I just reached volume 8.5, and I'm actually quite impressed with it. Then again, Volumes 7.5 and 8.5 were better than all the other volumes put together.
The fights themselves are pretty drab, as you said, but it's not like the aftermath is anything strange either. Each fight pretty much leads to a heroine being 'captured' (In Keima's terms) in one way or another, and Koutarou's harem increases by at least one member per fight.
As for the fluff, this kinda reminds me of Death March (which has a shit ton more characters though).
Still, one thing that this LN fails to do is foreshadowing. I mean, the moment Koutarou and Clan ended up in Forthorthe 200 years in the past with Kou in the blue armor, it was obvious that he was the actual Blue Knight. But of course, they spend an entire volume to come to that conclusion, and Kou himself never even realizes that... Go figure.
Frostbytes Sep 14, 12:39 PM
It's a unique piece of work for sure, blending fantasy and mystery to create something new. In my opinion the manga did the right thing by providing the answers, since it actually meant hilarious theories like Rostarice stopped and people could enjoy the journey for what it is by realizing the heart of the story, so many interesting themes to explore like like meta dynamics, themes of redemption and forgiveness, perspective of truth, trust in others, and so on. Same reason I consider fata morgana highly, lots of similarities with umineko especially in one of its themes.
I am actually reading the entire vn right now, it's a wonderful experience to look back at those subtle clues sprinkled thoughout the VN. Just from first episode which I am reading, so many interesting things to note, Kanon differentiating between "people" and "furniture" actively at the start, Hideyoshi's theatrics, battler remembering small details like shape of the cliff but forgetting about the characters and the "promise", and so on. And the soundtrack of course, really worth it. Hopefully I will be able to complete the reread within this year though since I want to write an extensive analysis comparing the manga and the vn, and its narratives.

Well KnS2 has a heartbreaking ending too so just in case you may want to know that. It fixes a lot of things from its prequel, like better usage of foreshadowings, more prominent side characters, or a much better true route., etc. Still had some issues with its mystery but its atmosphere is pretty amazing to say the least, the art is just fantastic.
Quite true, some KnS endings are indeed scary.
Frostbytes Sep 13, 12:13 PM
Nice review of umineko episode 8, I was looking for a review which would compare the manga and vn but came across your review and liked it, especially the last part of "enjoyment" section since that's one of the main reasons I consider ep 8 manga to be the better version. Should definitely try out Kara no shoujo 2 btw, lots of improvement compared to its prequel(and maybe cartagra before that because of some story elements).
DarthBob Sep 11, 1:16 PM
That description of Ever17 matches pretty closely to what I remember of it. While the opening sequence was quite interesting, it quickly became more about how tasty those sandwiches are, rather than about escaping the sinking park. I'm pretty sure the emo girl's route was the one that I read, but it didn't really impress me, from what I remember. Things may be a little different now, since my patience has increased quite a bit, tempered by the fire of the flaming pile of garbage that the first few volumes of Mushoku Tensei was. I'm quite confident that I'll be able to read the whole of Ever17 if I tried now, but I'm just not sure if it's really worth the effort.
That's... quite the comparison you've made there XD

My experience with Doujins so far is rather lacking, to say the least. As it is, it's pretty difficult to find non-hentai doujins with good artwork, especially those that are about the characters I actually like. For example, I hate Sakura, but I keep finding a shit-ton of doujins that focus on her. Meanwhile, finding a decent one that's about Illya is near impossible, unless I were willing to settle for that Prisma Illya crap, which I'm not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I hadn't actually known about Nero's live-stream, so that was a treat to watch haha.
As for Shiki being able to keep up with a Servant... That's just nonsense. From the Tsukihime universe, only Arcueid, and perhaps Nrvnqsr could hope to challenge a servant (unless you're talking about say, Avenger, in which case even Shiki would be more than sufficient).

Hmm... In that case, I guess I'll be watching Carnival Phantasm a lot sooner than I thought.

Re:Zero's anime did a rather good job with what they had, and it never really felt rushed at all. Then again, I'm sure that someone who has read the LN before watching it may say differently.
Yeah, Anon's translations were rough at best, and borderline-unreadable at worst. As you mentioned, it's a little better than a machine translation... But at times, you might even prefer the machine translation, since Anon has a habit of summarizing some of the parts that he finds uninteresting. Sure, it's quite rare (8-10 times in over 140 chapters), but it's still quite annoying when it happens.
As for the captions, you have to remember that Chicken is translating the WN, which is for the most part, an unedited mess. When WNs are converted to LNs, the most common change is to switch the dialogue to a more readable format, usually by cutting conversations into bite sized pieces. From what I remember, Chicken clarified his use of captions somewhere (not entirely sure if it was on Reddit or in the comments section of one of the chapters), by saying something quite similar, which seems pretty solid to me. In essence, it's rather unfair to compare Yenpress' Translation of the LN to Chicken's WN translation, given the vast difference in quality of the material they translated.

I was also expecting (or more accurately hoping that) Subaru would die in his 'duel' against Julius, but well, he just got the crap beaten out of him, no matter what dirty tricks he used. On top of that, he got dumped my Emilia after that. Worst thing is that it turned out that his 'save point' was set after those events, leading to them being permanent. I guess suicide was a valid option right after the 'duel', but you can't exactly blame him for not thinking straight at that time... Besides, it being permanent was far better for his growth haha.
Not entirely sure what the EX volumes have to do with this, since they deal with Crusch, Ferris/Felix and Wilhelm, as far as I know. Then again, I haven't read them myself, so I wouldn't know either way.

Again, when I say that I found the humiliation nastier, I was referring to the anime, where the internal workings of Subaru's mind isn't as clearly shown. I guess it might have been worse in the LN, but I'll have to read it to find out... Which is something I'll eventually do, of course.

I'm nearly done with Volume 6 of Rokujouma no Shinryakusha, and I'm starting to see what you were talking about. The characters have mellowed down for the most part, and are slowly becoming more likable. Still, it looks like you may have given me a minor spoiler - I just got to the part where Koutarou takes Kiriha to that amusement park and she explains the details of her first love... Well, harem logic says that her first love cannot be anyone other than the main character, and the guy was a high-schooler when she met him as a kid... and you mentioned time travel. So yeah, two and two equals four. Well, it's nothing major anyway, and I would be rather surprised if it went any other way. Back to reading, I suppose.
DarthBob Sep 9, 9:08 AM
Reply ended up a little late... sorry about that. Got a little too absorbed with Dark Souls Remastered haha.

Yeah, the repetition is a major annoyance in VNs, especially unskippable scenes, which is 99% the same as what you've already read. I usually don't bother to even read those scenes, especially if I'm on the third or iteration or greater. Easier just to change the skip settings to 'all text' and forcefully skip past it. I guess I'd miss some small hints that way, but it's better than the boredom of rereading all that text haha.
Funny thing is, I could never really bring myself to read Ever 17 all that much. I kept dropping it, and the furthest I ever got was the end of one route, which still bored the hell out of me. No matter how much praise I keep hearing about it, it's just stuck in my head as a boring VN. Worst thing is that if I have to pick it up again now, I'd have to read it from scratch - the last time I read it was probably 4-5 years ago, and I've already forgotten most of the details.

As strange as it is, I haven't watched Carnival Phantasm yet, despite being a big fan of the Fate series. I guess the main reason is that I've been trying to finish up Kagetsu Tohya before it, since it includes characters from Tsukihime. In fact, I never really managed to finish the Kara no Kyokai movies either (the lack of logic in most of it made it really difficult to watch), which just served as another reason to put off Carnival Phantasm.

As for F/HA, I actually found the main story with Bazett and Avenger to be rather boring. In fact, even Caren was utterly boring as a character and as a plot device. The main reason I even read it was for those SoL scenes with Rin, Lancer and Illya. Those three made it a fun read haha.

Aah, I made a mistake. It looks like the anime covered up till volume 9, while the official translations have only got to volume 7. The fan translations start from where the anime left off, so I'd suggest that you watch at least episodes 22-25, which cover the two volumes that you can't get to otherwise. I can assure you that the anime is well adapted, so you won't miss all that much by watching it.
The only issue with the anime is that they couldn't complete arc 3 with the 25 episodes that they had, so they went and finished up the meat of the story, while leaving out the three interludes. Those interludes are where the fan translations start, so the anime is essentially the only way you can continue with the story.
Honestly, I'm not sure what you're complaining about, regarding the translation quality. Translation Chicken's TL quality is better than some of the official TLs I've seen. The guy doesn't do literal translations - he reads the Japanese text and rewrites it in English in a way that makes the most sense, which is a lot better than what your average translator pumps out. Either way, don't start the fan translations until you've finished those episodes I've mentioned, unless you really want to spoil it for yourself.
Now that I think about it, you may have been reading Anon's translations, which are, as you mentioned, rather low quality. I read them myself, after I ran out of Chicken's stuff, since Anon had the whole of arc 4 (140+ chapters) translated at that point. I'd suggest that you read as much of Chicken's translations as possible before switching over to Anon.
Chicken's TLs can be found here, and Anon's TLs can be found here. Just note that Anon (and Zero) only got as far as Arc 5 chapter 38, after which you'll have to go back to Chicken, who continued from where they left off.

The structure of the LN and WN aren't all that different. The WN is classified into arcs, with no volumes. Since the LN has to be printed, the arcs were divided among these volumes (Arc 1 = Vol 1, Arc 2 = Vol 2-3, Arc 3 = Vol 4-9 and so on). The WN itself isn't all that different from the LN until Arc 4, which is a lot shorter in the LN (6 volumes in LN, 143 chapters in WN). I'm not really sure how the shrinking works, but I can confidently say that Arc 4 in the WN is the best arc in the series so far.

As for Subaru, your reaction is pretty much on point. A lot of people tend to hate him for breaking under all that pressure, or even for picking Emilia over Rem. But well, if you think about it, can you really blame him for any of that? Considering all the crap he was going through, his actions are quite understandable (though not particularly acceptable, especially the crap in the capital). As for the whole Rem/Emilia thing... Well, the very first anchor he had in that world was Emilia, and he was ready to dedicate himself to her. The very fact that he was sticking to that resolution (even if it meant rejecting Rem, which kinda sucks), shows strength of character. If he was just any wishy-washy kid, he'd have gone for Rem in a heartbeat, simply because she was the easiest (and arguably the best, according to literally everyone) choice.

I found the events of volume 4 way worse than that of the following two, since the former involved him making a fool of himself in front of a huge audience (literally everyone that matters), while the latter was more about his psychological breakdown. Then again, I'm not all that surprised that you found volumes 5 and 6 harder to stomach, since the LN probably gives a lot more details about the internal working of Subaru's mind (and its degradation). The anime couldn't go that far into that aspect, so I didn't mind that part all that much.

Subaru's 'faked' insanity was one of the best bits of character development in the show imo, but that's the one thing that people love flinging shit at the show for. Sure, he wasn't actually insane, but he wasn't exactly all there either. His actions were more along the lines of escapism rather than insanity, but in either case, the cause was him being pushed beyond his limits by the crazy situations he kept finding himself in.

Yeah, I had that trouble with losing messages a bunch of times before I made it a habit of copying every message that exceeds 3 lines haha. I would've copied this message at least 5-6 times by now.
DarthBob Sep 5, 5:40 AM
I guess we see the time aspect in completely opposite ways. In my case, I actually prefer longer stuff, and seeing a 50+ hour tag on a VN or seeing 300+ chapters in a WN/LN actually gives me more of a reason to read it haha. As long as the story is engaging and the characters are interesting, I actually prefer it if it can keep me entertained for as long as possible. Even when it comes to games, I usually prefer RPGs with 100+ hours of content (Witcher, Persona, etc). Even in the case of Rokujouma no Shinryakusha, the fact that it has 22 translated volumes was a factor that made me more inclined towards reading it.

While I do agree that VNs like F/HA and Kagetsu Tohya have a lot of wasted scenes/elements, I don't really mind reading through them, as long as they're not thoroughly uninteresting. While they may not be particularly important to the story and may even bloat it, I usually just enjoy it all the same, since I actually enjoy reading about the characters and their interactions. In fact, when it comes to F/HA, I actually enjoyed the SoL skits more than the main story, which was average at best. Getting more of Illya (outside that worthless Mahou Shojo thing) and Lancer made it worthwhile to me.

Well, I just started volume 3, and it has slowly started improving. The girls are certainly a lot less obnoxious now (although Theia is still pretty annoying), and the main guy's actions are starting to make a bit more sense. Even then, it doesn't mean that I like any of the characters just yet - just that I'm a little less repulsed by them haha.

As for the claim to the room, the only one who even has a decent claim is Kiriha, but the only reason her claim is even relevant is because the MC decides to sorta accept it. When he heard that she wanted to invade the Earth, he should've just driven her out of the room and/or stonewalled her. Basically, the issue is with how the MC is so wishy-washy about everything. What you said about him being more lenient than Touma was on point - he really needs to learn to toughen up a little, mentally speaking. I guess I'll be waiting for the time travel then haha.

Well, I can understand the hype factor. Normally, an overly hyped anime would leave you with some expectations for the show, no matter how much you try not to. Well, there are hyped shows which fail these expectations (SAO, Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, etc) and those that manage to meet or even surpass them (FMAB, Re:Zero, Steins;Gate, etc). Well, as long as you can keep an open mind, it should go okay.
As for the main character making bad choices, it's actually not that difficult to stomach. There's just this one moment in volume 4 where he fucks up big time, which is sure to make you cringe real hard. That bit is the lowest that the MC goes, after which he steadily improves. The author uses volume 4 (or episodes 12 and 13 in the anime) to show that the MC isn't perfect, or anything close. Then again, after that low point, he gets a lot better (and a lot less obnoxious). You might not like the protagonist at first, but if you sat through Mushoku Tensei, then this will be a breeze for you.
Do tell me your first impressions, once you manage to read some. I haven't read the LNs myself, so a fresh perspective would be pretty nice to know.
DarthBob Sep 3, 1:18 PM
I agree with what you said about the characters' thoughts. In my case, I generally consider the priority to be something like VN > LN = WN > Manga > Anime, although anime may be superior to manga in certain genres, such as sports or music. VNs combine the best aspects of Anime and LNs, which makes it superior to the two, in my opinion. Anime in general tends to be low quality, lazy adaptations, which often skip/skim over important material from the source. A great example of this would be Steins;Gate 0.

I actually managed to get past that particular scene, mainly because it was essentially the very first one. The first time I dropped it was when the main guy started lusting after his mother. The second time I dropped it was when Paul went and screwed the maid. The third time was when Rudeus almost screwed a pre-pubescent Eris. Not exactly sure when the fourth and fifth times were, but I read it almost continuously after the 5th drop.
I was quite satisfied with the ending as well, although in my case, it's mainly because I'm a sucker for those 'dying after living a fulfilling life, while surrounded by your descendants' types of endings. The characters I found most interesting in the series were Orsted and Hitagami.

So basically, you avoided Re:Zero because of the fanbase... Not that I'd blame you, given how toxic they are in general. Kinda funny how the waifu wars aren't even a thing in the LN/WN. On top of that, the MC's decisions actually make sense for the most part, as long as you accept that the guy isn't perfect. He makes mistakes like anyone else, and in arc 3, he makes some major ones, which is what people keep flinging shit at him for.
As for the 'broke a finger' type drama... well, Re:Zero has that, as long as you replace 'finger' with 'neck'. The series is pretty brutal, and most of the nasty shit happens to the main character.
Rather than having a character flaw that prevents him from being overpowered... He has absolutely nothing that allows him to be even decently powerful. He's actually so weak that even back alley thugs can easily kill him. The only way the guy can survive is by suffering through death over and over again until he has enough information to bypass or resolve the situation.
On top of that, the MC isn't generic at all. He has a pretty strong personality (which many consider hard to like), but it's a lot deeper than it originally appears. The author has put a good deal of effort into developing the characters, and none of them are as they initially seem, including the protagonist. I really do believe that you would come to like the series if you actually gave it a chance haha.

Well, I read a full volume of Rokujouma, and so far... well, I expected nothing, and I still find myself disappointed. The characters were introduced in rapid succession, and by the time you sort of start getting used to one character, another one pops up, leading to all the females sort of blending together. On top of that, logic seems next to absent in the novel. Sure, there are some parts which can be explained properly later (such as that whole trip to the underground ruin), but a good deal of it is downright stupid.
For example, I fail to understand why the MC would let that magical girl stay in his house. Sure, she started making a ruckus when he threw her out, but he could've just thrown her out further or just called the cops on her. They explain the inability to call the cops as a risk since he'd have to explain their circumstances, but all he has to do is tell them that some delusional girl has trespassed into his house and refuses to leave.
In fact, the girls (other than maybe the ghost) are all trespassing, and there's absolutely no way that their claim can be considered equal to that of the MC, who is legally permitted to live there. The MC thinking so is one thing, but even the landlord girl acts as if it's perfectly natural for all these girls to have equal claim to the room. The major lapse in logic here was rather ridiculous.
Well, I'm not going to drop it just yet, since you said that it improves a lot later. Still, this is exhibiting a lot of the elements which caused me to drop Maison Ikkoku, which was pretty similar to this one (Just without the supernatural elements). Could you tell me how long it takes for that improvement to show up though?
DarthBob Sep 1, 1:42 PM
Yeah, that's just about it. Not only was the entire thing rushed as hell, there was no real interconnection between the actions of the characters/events in the show and the 'feelings' that were arbitrarily developed. In fact, the romance simply felt forced and overly dramatic for no real reason. Of course, all these could simply be due to a catastrophically bad adaptation (which it probably was), so I won't completely disregard the LN. I made that mistake with F/SN after watching the Deen anime, which I won't be repeating.
I'll take a look at the LN once I'm done with the other stuff on my list, such as Ame no Hi no Iris and Rokujouma no Shinryakusha. Of course, I'm currently reading Falling In Love With The Villainess, and I love it so far. It's quite similar to Death Flags in a lot of aspects, and is roughly at the same level too.

In my opinion, the main issues with Mushoku Tensei were the main character (who started out as the very definition of human trash), and the general belief in that world that it's totally acceptable to rape anyone. Honestly, I felt as if the author himself was extremely depraved when I read the first few volumes. While neither of these issues really disappeared over time, the former did lessen in intensity. Low grade writing is something that I can put up with as long as there's something in it that captivates my interest, but with Mushoku Tensei, it was a real struggle. While I still hold that, as isekai stories, Saihate no Paladin and Re:Zero are superior in almost every way, I will still admit that Mushoku Tensei was a great read in its own right.

I can understand where you're coming from regarding the dryness, even though I myself didn't think the same when reading it. The storytelling style certainly wasn't the most engaging, but I do believe that the content more than makes up for it. I guess what I just mentioned about Mushoku Tensei holds true here as well - I ended up ignoring the low quality writing simply because I thought that the content made up for it. Well, it does get more engaging as it goes along, so maybe you should try reading a little further next time.

The only real issue with Sevens is the amount of time it takes to pick up. At first, it seems like your typical game-like world harem story, with a dense protagonist and all the usual females of set archetypes. After you read a little further though, you start to realize that the author really knows what he's doing, and has a great sense of maintaining an overarching plot. In fact, I'd say that the author's greatest strength lies in how he gives small hints at some point that come back in a big way later (or plugging plot holes - call it what you want).
I've actually written a spoiler-free review for Sevens, so you could check that out if you want to.

The thing with Re:Zero is that the fanbase is kinda cancerous, mainly filled with teenage edgelords (kinda similar to the Evangelion fanbase, which is filled with middle-aged edgelords). As for the appearance of the characters.... I don't really see how that affects the quality of the story...?
Well, if you're not interested in watching the anime, I guess it can't be helped. The main issue is that the translators picked up the WN from where the anime left off, so there are no good translations available for the first three arcs of the WN. I did manage to find the official LN translations here, but that only covers the first 7 volumes so far, which is as far as the anime went. I guess it should be possible to switch to the WN from there, since the changes from WN to LN aren't all that significant in those arcs.
If you like time loops and such, then maybe you should read Cross Channel. That is the main theme of the VN, after all.

Well, fantasy is my favorite genre, so most of my recommendations will be geared towards that haha.

Funny thing is that my guinea pig tried out both Kenkyo Kenjitsu and Destruction Flag Otome, and he actually liked them. Well, there's that at least XD
DarthBob Aug 29, 6:42 AM
Yeah, Cartagra isn't anywhere near as bad a Muv Luv Extra haha.

Visual Novels having low budget, messed up adaptations are so common that it's actually easier to find VNs that have good adaptations (Steins;Gate and possibly Clannad are the only ones I know of).

I actually dropped Fata Morgana a bunch of times initially, due to the theme being weird and the whole thing not making much sense in general. After reading a bit, it picked up considerably.

As for the Tsukihime remake... I waited for a year or two, but decided that I might as well read the original. Even now, the remake is still a work in progress (Probably won't be released anytime soon), so you might as well read what's available. While the artwork sucks big time, the story is still told quite well. As long as you care more for content rather than how it's presented, you'll enjoy Tsukihime.

I enjoyed G Senjou no Maou quite a lot when I first read it, but when I reread it recently, I noticed a ton of flaws. Hence, I'm not all that sure about Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo, since I read it a couple of years ago. Even then, I remember that it pulled off one of the best reveals I've seen in a VN, sometime around chapter 4. It has a rather interesting concept on the whole, but the execution may not be the best. Well, that one is up to you.

I caught up with Death Flags a few days ago, and I really enjoyed it. Kinda sad that the updates are so infrequent though.
As for Falling in Love with the Villainess, I gave it to my brother (who is my usual guinea pig for such situations), and he liked it quite a bit. I guess I'll be reading this one next.

Kenkyo Kenjitsu and Destruction Flag Otome both seem to be shoujo, which is a genre I prefer to avoid. I find it really difficult to relate to female protagonists, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion though.

As for SukaSuka, I watched around 8-9 episodes of the anime before I dropped it. I found it to be overly pretentious and melodramatic, kinda like Clannad crossed with the first arc of Promised Neverland. Is the LN really that good? Considering the quality of the anime, I kinda have my doubts haha.
As for Re:Zero, you really should give it a try. It's currently impossible to read all of it in LN/WN format, so I'd suggest watching the anime first (which is a great adaptation), and then reading the WN translations off Translation Chicken's page. If you want any more info regarding Re:Zero and its translations (which can be a little confusing), feel free to ask.

Ame no Hi no Iris looks quite interesting, and it's quite short too, so I'll be reading it soon.

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha looks pretty cliched at first glance, but I guess I'll give it a try. Patience is something that I have a good deal of - I managed to cross the first few volumes of Mushoku Tensei, even though it was almost physically painful to read. I was quite happy with the content from volume 4-5 onward though.

Honestly, I've got a little tired of Kazuma Kamachi's writing, which is why I've kept New Testament on hold for now. On top of that, I've heard almost nothing positive about Heavy Object so far haha. I don't think I'll be reading that one.
I've watched the anime (or OVA) of Zaregoto, and I guess I would call it mildly interesting. Not exactly Monogatari level in any way though. I never really liked Kara no Kyoukai either (I've only watched the movies), so I'll be skipping this one too.

I checked your list and I found that you're missing two great novels:
Sevens - This one has a harem, but it's probably one of the most realistic harems you'll see. On top of that, it has a great fantasy setting with a lot of war and politics. Characters are rather well developed and the story is great after the initial few chapters. Best thing is, it's completed with a rather satisfying ending (and a somewhat depressing epilogue).
Saihate no Paladin - This one is actually kinda strange, since it doesn't feel like a Japanese LN at all. It's a well written (and translated) fantasy novel, which is semi-issekai. It doesn't follow any of the usual tropes, and has a really good cast of characters.

Also, I do suggest that you continue Rakuin no Monshou when you get the time. While the beginning wasn't exactly that great, it shapes up to be something quite impressive over time.
DarthBob Aug 24, 10:39 AM
Well, just a warning in advance - don't expect Cartagra to be even half as good as KnS. It's a decent mystery VN, but nothing that really stands out. I myself read it after KnS and before KnS2, and I don't think much was missed in KnS because of that. Sure, the amputation had a little less impact, but that's alright haha.

Yeah, I get what you mean. I prefer VNs over anime/manga/novels, but I do agree on the time aspect. Then again, I often find that novels suck up more of my time, since I can read them on my phone as well.

When it comes to VNs, I usually prefer stuff with a good storyline and characters. Romance is secondary, if unnecessary in most cases. With that in mind, I'll get to the recommendations:

- Danganronpa (1 and 2, avoid 3) - It had anime adaptations, but really shitty ones, so just hit up the VNs/games. It's actually more of a game with VN elements though. Danganronpa 2 in particular, is a really good one.
- Grisaia trilogy - Again, good VNs with shitty anime. While this one has quite a bit of romance (maybe even excess), it still manages to keep up a decent, dark storyline with well developed characters.
- Rewrite - Same as above when it comes to anime. I generally find VNs by Key to be utter trash (melodrama galore), but Rewrite was a refreshing change. Not all routes are good, but some are great reads.
- Science adventure series - S;G and S;G 0 have decent anime, but the VNs are better in almost every aspect. As for Chaos;Head, you're better off reading a summary and directly getting to Chaos;Child, which is far better.
- Cross + Channel (no anime) - well, this one is a denpa novel, so don't expect everything to make sense all at once. It's a confusing, yet somewhat satisfying ride.
- Tsukihime (TSUKIHIME HAS NO ANIME) - You'll enjoy this if you liked F/SN.
- Fata morgana no Yakata - Never managed to finish this one, but it's quite intriguing. Need to get back to it soon.
- Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo - from the creators of G Senjou no Maou. It's certainly a lot more dramatic than its successor, but it has quite a few good moments.
- Majikoi (low grade anime) - This one is a hit or miss, but I found it to be comedy gold. It's got quite a few VNs too, so I got pretty attached to the characters after a while.

Those are all that I can think of for now.
Got any LN/WN recommendations? I'm currently reading My death flags show no sign of ending, and I'm loving it so far.
DarthBob Aug 18, 1:06 AM
Hey there. I just noticed your VN commentary, and I thought I'd just add something. You should consider reading Cartagra before hitting Kara no Shoujo 2. Cartagra was the first VN in that setting, which follows Shugo. A lot of characters from it turn up in KnS 2, so reading it beforehand is recommended.
Also, are those VNs mentioned in your history the only ones you've read? If that's the case, I can provide some recommendations haha.
Mizu_v_Akari Aug 16, 11:28 PM
Ahahaha okay, i get it
Mizu_v_Akari Aug 14, 10:43 AM
"Let's see if this can get me into Death Note."

No! Don't!
Just straight up read death note instead ;_;
Dayne_SUU Aug 23, 2016 2:20 AM
I'd honestly give you 2 nickels. ^^
I've been replaying some songs like crazy lately. The Tumeneco ones and Hatsune miku love is war (instrumental).
Some joy in the pile of misery that is exams. :|
Dayne_SUU Aug 22, 2016 5:50 AM
You've got a great music playlist!