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Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen
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Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
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Tiger-ani to Dragon
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Nemunoki no Geshukusou
Nemunoki no Geshukusou
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One Piece
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DarthBob Today, 9:11 AM
Sure thing. Well, more like one of my 'hardcore otaku' friends got a couple of my normie friends to read it haha. DDLC has become to VNs what Naruto is to anime XD

Yeah, it's a marginal improvement, I guess.

Hmmm... I think you might change your mind after reading this chapter. It's basically what the anime covered, but with some really funny stuff that they skipped. The chapters are a little on the long side, but it should be a quick read, since there isn't all that much text.

That... was a little more complicated than I expected haha
Wait, what? Who's the lolicon? *sweats bullets* XD
The second episode of S;G 0 was done quite well. The software version of Maho was pretty interesting, and they asked her a lot of weird questions haha. Okabe stood up for Kurisu at the conference, and Leskinen gave him a weird nickname. I liked the interaction between Maho and Okabe at the party, especially when they were talking about Kurisu. Of course, the real meat of the episode was the latter half, where they finally introduced Amadeus Kurisu. Okabe's pain was quite apparent, but it was also clear that he was glad to have to opportunity to talk to her again. It was really fun to see the whole Christina routine again haha. The whole episode had a lot of sad and emotional moments, and I'm quite happy with how they're doing it so far.
One thing I found a little weird was Kurisu's hair... In both anime versions, they gave her bright red hair, when it's supposed to be more brown-ish, like this, or like in your profile picture. Other than that, most of the character designs are on point. The artwork seems pretty cheap on the whole though, but the same can be said about the original S;G, I guess.
Also, I guess I'm the only one out there who didn't like either the OP or the ED... What did you think of them?

The latest BnHA was a pretty good episode, and they managed to drag out quite a bit of stuff from the manga, without it feeling too forced.
As is always the case with UA, the field trip started out with a bang. The Pussycats (the pronunciation in Japanese was hilarious) were a little weird, but the age thing is funny as always. The 'crossing the forest' scene couldn't have been more than 3-4 pages in the manga, but they managed to stretch it pretty well. The kid, Kouta, was pretty annoying, but I guess that's understandable, given his background. The obligatory bath (+peeping) scene was funny as usual, as anyone would expect of Mineta.
I liked how they demonstrated how the students' quirks haven't developed much. The quirk training will be quite entertaining to watch, although the next episode will focus on Kouta. You can easily predict how that's going to go XD
I didn't particularly like the OP (felt all over the place), but the ED was nice.

The latest chapter of Kaguya was funny and everything, but I really have to admit that Ishigami has really bad taste in women XD
They basically just gave a face to the mob character from Ishigami's arc and made her his romantic interest haha. Still, it's pretty obvious that it's not going to go well (one way or another), and Ishigami will be left heartbroken (cue Iino).
The Laser Death Beam (no death involved) was certainly hilarious XD
This was a little creepy, but it was pretty funny when Kaguya tried to get Ishigami to do what she had been failing at for a year haha.
Kaguya's reaction when Ishigami mentioned a method with a high probability of success was cute, but it quickly deteriorated when he went on about all that creepy stuff XD
Her reaction when Ishigami accidentally hit the bulls-eye was seriously cute.
After that, Kaguya did to Ishigami what Fujiwara always does to Shirogane. I can almost feel the extreme failure coming XD

What are your thoughts on Megalo Box? I've heard some good stuff about it so far, and people are calling it the dark horse of this season. Is it really that good?
Bunnyama Today, 7:33 AM

OtakuKing35 Yesterday, 9:57 AM
Yeah, the mangaka seems to be really good at drawing "exaggerated" facial expressions which is pretty hilarious XD I hope they reflect the mangaka's work well in the anime adaptation
bloodfire00 Apr 18, 3:35 PM
I hate that you have to wait so long in between seasons. It was like that for me with Attack on Titan, it was such a long wait but I refused to read the manga and god forbid if anyone even came close to any spoilers Lol

They showed all the same ones you talked about here as well and most of them are still on. But we also have the cartoon network that every Saturday plays more adult anime. That's where I first saw Bleach which really pushed me into watching a lot of anime.
Btw, how is Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai so far? I haven't decided if I want to watch it yet, so I was wondering if you are liking it.
OtakuKing35 Apr 17, 7:09 PM
I hope so... as long as they don't ruin it and hopefully, they get the faces down right cuz those are hilarious. As long as they adapt this well enough, I'll be happy. But as you said, we'll have to wait and see...
OtakuKing35 Apr 17, 3:17 PM
Same, this summer should be gud... hopefully the studio adapts it right.
Hirugiku Apr 17, 2:08 PM
eh, now im late again :v at least i dont feel bad since it seems like you have a lot of people you talk to.Being popular from writing all those reviews and being top 1-3 sure helps heh.
one sec, you have to listen to this song.... the best thing about the anime

Funny thing i was going home today and thought to myself that i definiteyl gonna reply to melody today and then i was thinking what i'd say and one thing was to ask you how do you make such a good anime list. Now that im writing to you as i checked your anime list and.... LOL. Lets jsut say thats what ahppened to my expectations :D

Also i just really really wanted to use that image heh.

Btw some update on shounen maid... i do like it :D I always knew it was a good anime, i just didnt like it. It was a bit frustrating i guess, i see that its a good anime but somehow its jsut not for me , well that ep 10 really changed everything :D
I have a question for you tho, are you an emotional person? do you like to cry? to animes i mean, i ofcourse dont refer to crying to your life :D unless you are that type of person *wink*
Wait dont reply, i'll take a guess...

I agree that madoka and chihiro relationships were a really good part. pretty heartwarming. But the thing i liked the most(after Tamari yukari's voice :D) was the concept of tragedy happening followed up by moving on, living through all that,becoming stronger... And now if we remember how heartwarming and "home" it feels with Madoka makes everything even better. Im glad they found each other, in last 3 episodes it was revealed that Madoka is just as lonely without his sister and his mother not giving him enough love, i feel that he became so kind because his mother wasnt... and usually what kids feel is that they dont want to be the same as their mother or father(if they dont like them)

lol at least you liked those songs :D did you like shounen maid's one too? that kind-hearted voice where at 0:27... There
btw i always wanted to watch the anime because of 0:59-1:00. Those hands movement are jsut great :D Oh right, i think i didnt tell you, the reason why i wanted to watch it for 2 years now is because of the OP.
Honestly Openings is the main reason why i love so many animes lol. Im pretty sure without them my mean score would be even lower than yours..... heh :D

Oh and i jsut gotta ask you, what's your opinion on darling in franxx being such a hot topic? I mean, ep 14 on reddit had 4000 comments, thats the highst i've ever seen. I even see it on regular mal discussions, how they talk about.... well ofcourse waifu wars :D btw since you love re:zero, probably you should jump on darling in franxx train too :D since wow, it just keeps on going. No one just shuts up? its fine, summer is soon, just 8 more episodes...
LOOK its even here ^-^
And here i am in my own corner hoping that all those darling discussions will just disappear :D

that's me right now :D

So we have a similarity here then heh, i also like Myth and roid. Those re:zero songs still give me shivers!!
Nano sang Raising project's ed, that song is just the best just like the anime.
Aimer... i remember her from Koi wa ameagari last season :D that song was so depressing :v
Yanagi Nagi always had feelsy and emotional songs T_T T_T T_T
Konomi Suzuki <3 always the flashiest, super energetic songs <3 my fav song is Days of dash, but i like all her songs.... really... like the one from Akashi records.
Unison square garden, i only recently learned about them, ballroom ofcourse from ballroom. Wow those songs just rock!!!! I think i listened to both of them for 1000+ ? verrrrrrrrrrrry good songs.

Did you watch piano no mori already? if not, whats stopping you? area you wanna watch it in the end? Im definitely not watching something that adapted 11 chapters in 1 episode.

I watched hinamatsuri, very cool. MC is a very kind-hearted character, taking care of her despite losing his collection LOL and stopping her from helping her, thinking that he is a man and he needs to take care of everything himself. Also i love yakuzzas :D On the other hand i dont like Hina since she is too cocky and too insolent.

Any reason as to why you arent watching new SAO?

Relating to our shounen maid discussion, I think you might like this i even left a recommendation heh.
OtakuKing35 Apr 17, 2:04 PM
Started reading Grand Blue and it's a masterpiece ^^
Shuuka Apr 17, 1:58 PM
no problem :)
Shuuka Apr 17, 1:47 PM

DarthBob Apr 16, 12:13 PM
I haven't read Doki Doki Literature Club yet, but it's certainly one of the most popular VNs these days. I guess it's mainly the novelty factor that's making it go around so much - a VN that had weird, grotesque plot twists, and actually messes around with your save files would garner some interest. I went and downloaded it, but I haven't got around to reading it... which is weird, since even a couple of my normie friends have read it XD

I don't think the review system is going to be all that much more fair. It's still a race to submit at the right time, and the only thing that changed is the time for submission. Nothing is really going to change unless they either bring in a random review rotation like in IMDB or give a window of time to submit reviews and then display them simultaneously.

I just watched both episodes of Hinamatsuri today, and I have to say that I don't exactly like the way they're doing things. They're mixing a lot of the events, and skipping a few others. All in all, the manga felt more cohesive. Still, the anime was pretty enjoyable in itself, and the humor felt a little like Gintama. Now, just wait until Anzu becomes your favorite character XD

Seriously, how do you manage to find these pictures? I thought I'd be familiar with most S;G pictures (since I search around for wallpapers a lot), but you managed to find one that I haven't seen before XD
Well, if you're planning in going through S;G again, you might as well read the VN haha. It has a lot of the details that the anime missed and S;G 0 may reference.
Yeah, I was kinda wondering about that myself haha. Okabe should be the deepest and most likable character in the series, but I prefer those three, for some reason. Maho should be the weakest off the lot, but I still like her more than Okabe and Kurisu, for some strange reason... Or maybe anime is making me a lolicon XD
Just a warning though: I'm not sure how well the anime adaptation of S;G 0 will work. S;G went well due to the linear nature of the original story's presentation, but S;G 0 is quite non-linear. Two of the routes are parallel to each other, but they the outcome of one affects the middle segment of the other..... Hard to explain haha. I'm not sure how they'll work around that aspect in the anime.

Yeah, you're better off watching P4 before P5 haha.

Yeah, the only show they made that I know of is Battery, and that's nothing great, as far as I know. Kinda sad that we'll probably get a low grade adaptation for something as good as Grand Blue.
Still, every single chapter of Grand Blue just manages to light up my day.
The way in which each of those idiots went down the cliff, along with their reasons were funny. Iori still has no clue about Otoya, and is still pointlessly close to him haha.
Of course, carrying a lighter with you is necessary to check the authenticity of water XD That one would've been the best joke of the chapter if it hadn't been for the wild whiskey XD
Iori seems to be raising some flags in this one.
It got a little heavy with the 'passing the torch' thing, but it lit back up almost immediately.
Diving off the levee went wrong as expected haha. Then again, the version they imagined was even funnier that what actually happened XD
Busujima seemed to be a little different from usual, but I guess that probably jealousy or something similar.
As one would expect of Kouhei, the master of eroge, he could see the dumb misunderstanding from a mile away XD

What did you think of the first real episode of BnHA?
Hiki- Apr 16, 10:32 AM
Alright then, I look forward to watching it. I think the next episode will really define the kind of story this is trying to be.

I thought Jikken-hin Kazoku was alright. Nothing to write home about but I liked the sort of slice-of-life concept with a genetically modificated family. I like anime with day-by-day events with a different take, even if they aren't particularly outstanding in any way.

How was the 1st episode of Hison Maso-tan? I plan on watching it soon enough but I would like to hear your opinion on it.
Hiki- Apr 14, 3:55 PM
I wasn't sure if you would enjoy it since it's about a sport that mainly appeals to male audiences, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's cool that you are willing to give these kind of shows a chance.

Oh well, from what you described I was certain I wouldn't enjoy it but I gave it a try anyways :).
I can definitely see why you didn't enjoy that 1st episode. The comedy felt way too forced and the main girl protagonist I thought to be just another typical shoujo which was kind of an immediate turnoff.
I am usually quite forgiving for animation quality unless it completely takes you out of the experience like Berserk 2016 & 2017 did so I got past that quite easily.
One thing I found interesting about it is the main protagonist. Since so many otakus are portrayed the same way in every anime, it's kind of refreshing seeing someone more adult-like, however, I feel like what he said at the end of the episode was really out-of-character for the kind of male protagonist they are trying to pull off.
This season seems to have a decent amount of good shows, but there are many side-anime that I expected to be really enjoyable but turned out to be really dissapointing. Like Jikken-hin Kazoku and Cutie Honey Universe (since it was made by the creator of devilman) for instance.

I was personally never a big fan of Steins;Gate. I did find it really enjoyable and can see why so many people like it, but I guess I get more attached to stories that get more creative with their stories or that aren't trying to be too realistic. Maybe I didn't even pay that much attention or I just need to re-watch it since I've watched it so long ago.
The 1st episode of S;G 0 I found to be a little bit more enjoyable than the original. Could be because I like more broken/flawed characters and Okabe really seemed to have been affected by what happened in the previous events. I am genuinely curious as to what happened in the beginning since Kurisu seemed to still be a child, while Mayuri and Suzuha were adults.
Nyctihawk Apr 13, 8:54 AM
Thanks, Melody!

You know what, I was going to tell you to watch Hinamatsuri, but it seems you've watched it already. Oh, man, I laughed the entire episode when I was watching the first episode. The first thing that caught my attention was the animation during the fight scene in the first few minutes. I was watching it completely blind without even read the sypnosis, so my first thought it was going to be a fighting anime. But how wrong I was, when I burst into laugh a few minutes later. I love the unique dynamics between a yakuza and alien girl. One thing that really bugs me was the entire time watching it I was thinking how golden this anime gonna be if the main male character is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki). It's not that the voice actor is bad, actually he's quite good and matches his character, but IF Sugita voiced it, it will be much, much more interesting and funny. The entire time he's on the screen, Sugita's voice keeps playing in my head.
Mind you, though, I'm not saying the anime is perfect or anything, I just think I'm gonna enjoy it a whole lot.

Other anime that I'm watching this season is Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul;re, Tada-kun wa Koi Shinai, and Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii.
I'm watching BnHA and TG;Re because of I love the manga. I'm quite hype for BnHA because this season will adapt my favorite arcs in the manga, and I know they are in good hands of studio Bones. On the other hand though, I just hope studio Pierrot would stop adapting Tokyo Ghoul into anime. There are quite a lot of conflicts and drama that happen recently among fans of TG regarding how the studio adapting it. The recent trigger was when they forgot or don't care to put an important scene in episode 2.
Long story short, the main character of TG has a habit of putting his hand on his chin whenever he lies. And in episode 2 of TG:Re there are a scene where the main character saying that he is happy and content with the life he has now. But supposedly he put his hand on his chin when he's saying that in the manga. In truth, he is feeling miserable with his life and very sad. And in the manga there are plenty of scenes where he putting on a tough and cheerful acts in front of other people, but whenever he's alone he's crying alone in his room.
But in the anime, he IS very happy and always cheerful and very content with his life right now. In which it's completely changed his character.

By the way, believe it or not but one anime that I'm really looking forward to every week is Tada-kun. Even though the 1st episode was not really good. I just love this kind of love story. Not to mention I just recently into romance stuff.

Speaking about love story, I noticed that you recently watched Tamako Love Story, but you haven't watch Tamako Market, yet. Why is that? Tamako Market is tv series and prequel to the movie, you know. The series is not that good, but it builds up the characters and their emotions for the movie. By the way, I really liked Tamako Love Story.

As for Hyouka, I thought you've watched it, so I replied like that. Forgive me.
It's pretty good anime by KyotoAnimation about mystery-solving in school. I love Sherlock Holmes or mystery stories in general, you see, so I really love Hyouka because of it made tons of reference to Sherlock Holmes. You should give it a try some time.

Anyway, what do you think about anime this season? I really want to know your thoughts.

Oh, and I want to ask you something, do you want to simulwatch anime with me some time if we both have free time?