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IzaEpsil Yesterday, 3:17 PM
Oh I'm fine, thanks for asking Melody! :) How are you? And thank you for sending that link to me! I'll be looking into it right now.

Any series you're excited for next season? (That ISN'T monogatari xD)
DarthBob Jun 27, 9:31 AM
From what I hear, the LN has a significantly different plot, as compared to the WN, including some different story arcs and new characters. With the WN, it often feels as if the author left major plot holes, only to come back and fill them up (although he does a great job of that). My guess is that in the LN, he just didn't leave the holes in the first place. As for the sequel, it happens some thousand years after Sevens, so I don't really want to read it... Just thinking about how all the characters I've grown to like, being dead, is just too hard T_T
Honestly, I'd say that 7th is something that'll work much better as a game (more of a RPG rather than a VN) rather than an anime. As for anime, it's far too vast a story to cover in any regular number of episodes, so a manga would be a better idea.

Well, I'm not Muslim, so I did the next best thing and ate at a friend's house XD

Now that pretty much everything from the last season finished airing, what are your thoughts on them? Anything that stood out (in either a good or bad way)? I see that you've given SukaSuka a 6... does that mean it improved?
inuscooter26 Jun 26, 8:47 AM
Yeah, everything is much better now just had to work a lot of hours so it took a lot out of me.

Uh, I'm more or less indifferent to the beach but my friends like going a lot so I just tag along. I'm more of a mountians and forest kind of person because it is much more relaxing in my opinion.

My weekend was good, just needed another day or two off to rest a little more after last week.

For this past weeks episodes... I thought BnHA was an alright episode that fully marked the end of the first cour and an amazing one at that after the whole story and everything. Shame we now have to wait two weeks for the next episode to air. I'm still missing having AoT to watch on the weekend as well.

Re:Creators has finally finished explaining the whole point of the story so it should be interesting to see where it goes from here. Hopefully they will compress some of the story telling because sometimes they tend to be so long winded about moving the story along that I daze out and get tired of reading the subtitles. However, overall it's still been a fun series.

Tsuki ga Kirei was another wonderful episode to me and makes me sad that we are only going to be getting one more episode of them together. I really hope this show isn't going to end with a bittersweet ending because I really hate them and after all they did this season it will make it a complete waste. It has stayed away from many of the usual tropes and makes me wish I had a couple more of these kind of romance stories.

Since this season is winding down, it's going to be a little sad to me because I really enjoyed the shows i followed this season and it was always exciting to watch them over the weekends. Hopefully this season has some gems to but idk from what I've seen so far.

What were your thoughts?
DarthBob Jun 25, 6:45 AM
Ah Pharmacy, huh? It's usually supposed to be a little easier than medicine, but the difficulty level is no joke either.
Hmm... the degree is a little different here. After High School, students take a 5.5 year course in medicine, which includes 1 year of practice. After that, they take the MD, which is the internationally recognized degree. The amount of time spent is pretty much the same though.

Yeah, that's exactly where I'm reading it from. The only thing is that what I'm reading is the web novel, and since MAL doesn't list them, I recorded it in the LN's page instead.
I've been considering using the priority thing as well. Then again, it's a little easier for me, since I just go ahead and download anything that I need to watch soon haha.

Well, brothers will be brothers, and they can be rather irrational at times haha.

Thinking about it one way, Shokugeki no Souma is one of the few shounen series that dish out an equal amount of fanservice for both men and women XD

BnHA was a little calmer this time, since all the energy from the Sports festival has died down.
The Hero name part was rather funny, especially the whole 'I can not stop twinkling' thing XD Even more surprising was how it was actually accepted haha. Many of the names made me cringe a little, mainly due to the bad English pronunciation, but there were a few good ones too, like Froppy and Uravity. Bakugou's naming choices were, of course, ridiculous XD
Tenya's getting massive character development, and things aren't looking good. He seems to be in pursuit of revenge, but his chances against someone who could take down his brother, are rather slim. Still, his determination is impressive, and one can only hope that the situation doesn't get too bad.
Gran Torino finally appears! As someone who can make All Might himself shiver, he's a crazy character, as you would've seen haha. From the next episode, the quirk training begins! Sadly, no BnHA next week, and the second cour starts airing on the 8th T_T

It's rather surprising that you haven't heard of Eid, since it's one of the few major Muslim holidays. Basically, it marks the end of Ramadan/Ramzaan, and all it's fasting. I'm not all that sure about what's done to celebrate it, but I do know that it involves lots of great food haha. It's particularly popular for Mutton Biryani, at least over here. As for me, I'm just glad that it fell on Monday, so that I get an extra holiday :D
Well, I can't blame them, since I'd do the same haha.
inuscooter26 Jun 23, 1:09 PM
Hey, sorry about the delay, it's just been nothing but pure chaos over here with work and all.

That sounds like a great holiday to me. Are you a big fan of the beach??

Not entirely sure yet right now but hopefully sooner rather than later.

How'd the rest of the exams and your week go?
DarthBob Jun 23, 11:53 AM
Yeah, I just looked it up, and it seems to be only the UK and Ireland that offers it in Europe. That's kinda strange though, since I always thought that degrees were more of a international thing. Still, I'm sure there would be an equivalent degree over there, so you could always keep that option open.
Medicine, huh? Even if my mom had told me not to try for it, I wouldn't have gone for it anyway, mostly because it's ridiculously tough haha. Not only is the test ridiculous, but the course itself is incredibly rigorous. Another factor is that if you get into a public college, the fee is only around 500 Euros a year... Meanwhile, if you get into a private college by merit, it'll still cost around 11k Euros per year.... yeah, you read that right. If you want to pay to get in, it can go up as high as 140k Euros as an initial 'donation' XD
So yeah, medicine is pretty much out of the question here. What sort of course do you have over there for medicine? Is it a premedcal and then MD like in the US and Australia, or does it follow a different system?

The maximum 'cooking' I can do is prepare those meal-in-a-box things, which only require exactly following the instructions haha. Then again, I'm way too tired for that on most days, so I usually make do with instant (or even cup) noodles. Some days, I'm so lazy that I just have bread and Nutella haha. Then again, that's only for dinner, since I have all other meals at the office, including an evening snack.
As for going around half-dressed, I've heard it's more of a girl thing XD Still, it's mostly just laziness and comfort, I guess. Besides, it slows down the piling up of laundry XD
Actually, I take the laundry home even when I'm going to college (I stay at a dorm near college instead of commuting every day). The dorm does have a laundry facility, but it's so much easier to just lug it all home haha.

Well, it was just a meme waiting to happen XD

You're welcome :D

Well, Re:Zero's updates are intermittent, while 7th is already completed. Looking at it that way, I'm just reading 7th most of the time, and Re:Zero whenever it's updated, so it doesn't clash at all.
As for 7th, it's one of those series that start off alright, and then build up really well. A lot of what appear to be plot holes, are explained really well, and the characters grow pretty well. While there is a harem, even that is explained to a satisfactory degree. The best part is definitely how the main character is more of the scheming type, rather than the sort that attacks head on (although very little of it is him, and most of it is done with his ancestors' advice). It's a rather enjoyable read, and since I've already had my brother read it beforehand, I'm fairly certain that the ending is good too.

I don't really care if people hate anime and insult it or whatnot, but telling others not to watch it is just annoying. Then again, in your brother's case, I can somewhat understand where he's coming from, even though he appears extremely stubborn.
The main problem, as you said, is how most people who watch anime, end up being those disgusting weebs or ecchi fanatics. Even if they weren't the majority (which, sadly, they are), they'd still be what defines the group, since the stupidest voices are the loudest. After dealing with a bunch like that, I guess it's not surprising that he thought you'd end up like that because of anime haha.
Well, in the end, there's not much of an issue if he hates anime, but there IS a major one if he tries to stop you from doing so. Well, it's not like you really have to listen to him anyway, since he can't force you to stop anime or anything like that.

Yeah, I'm up to date with the manga, and it's fairly good. Whatever was covered in the anime was barely anything, and a lot of good stuff is yet to come. Are you planning on watching it?

BnHA is the main highlight of the weekend haha. I'm fairly tired from all the work (plus a couple of sleepless nights due to the new place), so I' just going to rest a lot, and play as much Borderlands 2 as I can. I guess I'll be reading a lot of 7th too. I have a 3 day weekend (Monday is off due to Eid), so all the more time to relax. I guess I might be having a friend over, since he really wants to meet Amber haha.
DarthBob Jun 20, 4:42 AM
I'll need a few weeks to do a proper raid on Akiba haha. I guess a month would be optimal, all things put together... getting a break that long is the difficult part.
If it's accountancy, then you could try for a CA course (not sure if that exists over there). While it's supposed to be a little tough, there's never any shortage of jobs for them.
As for giving up that class... I can completely understand. It's so often the case that decisions made out of laziness just come back to bite you in the ass XD
Is it that difficult to get into a public college? It's a similar situation here, with private colleges being easier to get into, but trying for a public college can be hell. There are usually over 200k applicants, and the difficulty is pretty high too... And engineering is even worse XD
4000 Euros? Going by the current conversion rate, that's a little less than two years' fees at my college haha. Thing is, that's for students who got in by merit. There are plenty of people who pay their way in as well, and they pay ~8000 Euros per year, with a much bigger initial 'donation'. I really don't see the point of getting into a college that way.
Most of the time, the mother's idea is usually right. For example, my only real aim it to earn a good deal of cash, nothing else. My mom made sure that I don't apply for medicine, since she was sure I'd end up in the organ trade or something similar XD

Honestly, the only real differences I've found in living alone is that I have to get my own food, and that I can go around half dressed all over the house XD As for chores, there isn't all that much, since I'm taking my laundry home on weekends haha. The only thing that counts would be occasionally sweeping the floor, when it gets a bit dusty.
Going by the plan, I should be able to finish it before my classes start in August. Thanks :D

That brushing teeth part was even funnier in the manga haha.

Uraraka's eye popping out kinda freaked me out XD

Strangely enough, I was wishing that they killed Hannes sooner, but it was a little sad when he actually died.
It would've been so funny if Eren said "but I love Emilia" XD
I felt quite sorry for Connie... Your family dying is one thing, but nobody deserves a fate like that.

If it's the Toaru series, I highly recommend the LN. The anime was a bad adaptation, while Railgun was just.... lame. Railgun season 2 was decent though. As for the Index LN, you have to read a couple of volumes before you get to the good bits, where Accelerator, who is one of my favorite characters, gets his narrative.

Yeah, the update for 3-Gatsu no Lion is really late this time around T_T

Hey, I'm at a point where I jump at any straw that Anon throws at me XD
So far, it looks like the timeskip did quite some good. Arc 4 was ended really well, so you don't have to worry haha.
inuscooter26 Jun 19, 11:49 AM
I got ya now. It just feels like AoT is an anime/manga that has no need or place for any kind of romance really. It could just be my own opinion but it feels out of place. Which is a lot for me to say because I love the romance part of a story. Plus what someone told me about Eren after he uses his titan power kind of changes everything too.

It was refreshing to see their relationship but it still wasn't enough yet for me I guess. I wish they would explain why Altair seemed to noticed the MC from the begin and everything. Well from what I can rememebr I felt like she reconginzed him in the first couple episodes. Oh well, hopefully we get more this weekend.

Well you're closing in on it then! Any big plans for the summer vacation?

Yeah I do, just not entirely sure where I'm going yet. There's a chance I might go to New Orleans and one of the tropical islands.

Also, probably going to London in Oct. So hopefully it's going to be a good rest of the year.
inuscooter26 Jun 18, 8:03 PM
It was literaly a very bad movie. Then at the end they cut it off in the middle of scene like it was no big deal.

AoT last episode made me sad that we now have to another year for me anime to come out so I can enjoy it all again. Did you really feel like Eren rejected her when she got closer to him because I felt it was kind of the other way. Especially with the comment about the scarf and everything. Plus, he saw the titan coming and wanted to protect her and all. Wonder what next season holds.

BnHA just can not let me down this season with how awesome this show is from the animation to the story telling. The handling of the transition between arcs was amazing and now I'm pumped for the second half of the season. Hopefully we are getting more of the story animated because I don't want it to end. Bakugou brushing his teeth had me in tears lol.

I thought the newest episode of Re:Creators was good and finally feels like moving somewhere with the story and explaining the girl. What did you think?

It was good but now back to it tmrw. How many more exams you got left?
DarthBob Jun 18, 10:55 AM
While Japan is a great place to stay a while for work/studies, it's not really welcoming to immigrants, so settling down there may not be that great an idea. I guess Germany is the best option for that haha. Still, going back to Japan is on my wish-list. While the language barrier is quite major in both countries, Germany comes with the added benefit of most of the population being fluent in English... As for Japan, you know what their English is like XD
When you say something completely different, what would you want to pick, had time not been an issue?

Still another 10 days then... Good luck!

The travel is no longer an issue, since I moved to an apartment, which is just 5km from work. The only downside is that I have to live alone for 1.5 months haha.
Yeah, luckily, I'm getting paid. While most companies won't pay second year students, this particular internship was a particularly good one haha.
I guess it's alright. It mostly involves web programming, and I'm doing the developing (which is a lot better than designing, anyway). I'll probably be done with it by the time the summer is over, I guess.

Actually, while the Sports festival arc was the best one till date, there's another one that's nearly as good, which will probably make its appearance in the third or fourth season. That's the arc which has that fight I mentioned (the one which is almost as good as Deku vs Todoroki). As for third best, it's a tie between the currently running arc in the manga and the Stain arc, which is just coming.

Funny thing is, the last episode turned out to be the most important one this season, excluding that one where they revealed the identities of the Armored and Colossal titans. In fact it'd be my favorite one of the season, if it weren't for Eren being such a hotheaded idiot. I'm 100% sure I'd have enjoyed SnK a lot more had Eren not existed. Still, the reveal about Eren being able to control titans was a major one, with huge repercussions. Also, when they showed the guy inside the Beast Titan, my first thoughts were - It's Van Hohenheim XD
What were your thoughts on the episode?
Honestly, I was shocked that they announced a date so early, but I guess I should be happy, since I have no inclination towards reading the manga.

The game looks a little interesting, but then again, I doubt if it'll be anything significant. Besides, it'll probably never be translated haha. As for season 3, the author has already dropped a couple of hints, but nothing concrete has come out yet. Still, the third season will contain some of the best parts of the series... then again, if the quality is the same as the first two seasons, they can mess up something like that as well.

Shamo was something that disturbed me on a psychological level. To this day, I am unsure how I ended up sitting through the entire thing, and why I didn't drop it 20-30 chapters in. The main issue with it is the main character - in the simplest possible terms, he's human trash. Not trash like Kawamoto papa from 3-Gatsu no Lion, but on a more fundamental level - the sort that doesn't bat an eye at killing his own parents for no reason, or raping random girls. There's literally a part where, *spoiler* his opponent wasn't taking him seriously before the match, so the main character just went and raped they guy's girlfriend just to rile him up. While it's about martial arts, the actual thing hardly makes any sense - during the fight, he's crazy strong, but a few days after that, even a bunch of street thugs can beat him up. While there were some good parts, the overall thing just left a terrible taste in my mouth. So, to answer your question, No, Shamo isn't worth reading. If anything, I suggest staying the hell away. XD

I just realized that Anon started translating Arc 5 :D
inuscooter26 Jun 17, 9:09 PM
Haven't went to the resturant yet this weekend. Went to the movies to see 47 meters down and fell asleep during bad.

What did you think of the episodes?

I see that we're getting a third season of Attack On titan...yay!

How's the studying going?
inuscooter26 Jun 16, 7:30 AM
Yikes, that is no fun then. Well hopefully you can pick it back up :)

What was your thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei? I'm literally dying for the cuteness of the end. Ah! The only think that is keeping it from going over the top is some of the art.

Plus someone finally got around to giving it how many episodes it will have. Was hoping it would go on forever ^_^

I hope that this second part of Re:Creators is going to speed things up a bit...just praying.

It was like food from all different countries around the world. There was meats from Spain, Italy, Brazil, and a couple other places plus wine from there too. I had smoked duck and it was delcious and I hope we're going back this weekend.

So another fun filled weekend of studying or you going out?
DarthBob Jun 15, 9:01 PM
I've been fairly busy too haha.

Yeah, procrastination really messes me up. My scores are nothing to speak of so far, but my recent semester was terrible. Luckily, I got the internship before the results were announced, because I wouldn't have been allowed to sit for the interview with my current CGPA haha.
I guess the job market would be pretty tight in Greece right about now. Germany sounds like a great place, and that's my destination as well, if Japan doesn't work out. As for me, there's no shortage of jobs in my country, but honestly, it's a place I'd rather get out of as soon as I can. If I can land a job in Japan/Germany, that'd be great, and further education is also an option. Then again, I'm getting tired of studying XD

How long till the exams are done?
You're pretty much the only one I know who's reading Re:Zero, and I actually enjoy reading the essays and discussing it haha.

I normally have to work around 9 hours, but the travel time pushes the entire outing to around 13 hours T_T
Yeah, I got put on a project on Monday, so my workload increased a lot haha.

All Might originally being quirkless was quite a surprise haha. Also, minor spoiler, but:

I was actually a little surprised that Todoroki managed to survive that kick, since he looked a little weak, physically... but I guess he's perfect there too.
While the next arc isn't as fun as the sports festival arc, it's the one with the deepest impact on the story, and leaves some major repercussions on the future arcs.

Armin was eclipsed by Mikasa this time around, but he was fairly different this time as well. He managed to grab Berthold by his weak spot and drag him to an outburst. Pretty good psychological warfare there.
Also, this is the first time Erwin shows his stuff haha.
Well, as usual, I don't expect much from the next episode, even though I forgot what happened XD
inuscooter26 Jun 15, 7:22 AM
Hey, I understand that it's basically crunch time for you with school. How come the exams went bad though??

Yeah, I felt like BnHA needed to catch it's breath though because it can't go 100mph through out the whole show even if I wish it did. I'm in the same boat with you about Deku because I would like to see him use his power without him hurting himself before the season is over. It's cool they are showing it takes time to adjust to his new quirk but it's start to be like, come on now. The scars on his hands were kind of a cool reminder though.

Man, someone has been feeding me false information then because I've read that she's obsessed with Eren but not to the level that the anime seems to make it out to. Erwin was the man with how he acted while he was being dragged by his arm by the titan and powering through it. Should be interesting to see if Eren kills the titan that ate his mother this week in the finale. I'm a little sad this is the last episode of the season because I like weekly AoT.

Re:Creators was a good episode this week but I haven't liked it as much as I did in the begin. It's taking to long with its story and I feel like their dragging it out just to fill in 22 episodes but that's my opinion at this point. However, the action scenes have been pretty good and so has the soundtrack to it. We shall see how it ends then. I saw a couple of people on the boards chatting about it taking a week or two hiatus and coming back in july. It's kind of werid they actually had that for her...what did you think of that lol.

Mine was good just busy as always but got to try a new restaurant so that was fun.
IzaEpsil Jun 12, 5:26 AM
Indeed, none of our theories were correct. In the end, it made sense though, which is all that's needed.

The rest of the novel was glorious. Chapters after six are absolutely amazing and brings forth amazing character interaction. I plan on reading the second novel shortly :p