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AnimeGeass Yesterday, 6:02 AM
When you look to Btooom!! (idk if you know it). The Anime (only 1 season until yet.. D: )) was in my opinion very great. The Manga stopped a month ago now (ended) because he didnt wanted to "push" the story up with crap things and fillers. I think it isnt stopped until now.. i think in april or so it will end.

I heard alot of Breaking Bad i think i will continue to watch it. I am almost finished with season 2 and i like it alot but Walter White should be more "evil" than this but hey some season are ahead of me! :D
AnimeGeass Mar 20, 9:33 AM
When you look at Black Clover. The story is rly not bad and the fights and action are rly good too. BUT (I hope this doesnt count as a spoiler) now episode 24/51 is released in eng sub 3h ago, and its the fact, that in the time of 24 u could compress that 24 episodes in rly 7 or 8 episode (max 10!!). Its that, they do often so meaningless conversations like: They talk about a mission and that stuff and than is coming a other character in the conversation (was 3x times now) who just eat and did not anything else in this show and than just ask like 3min everytime if she can eat not/this... another example: when they fun around its not for a few secs no its actually for 5-10mins and after that they do a fight for 3 episodes long. If you would let out that meaningless stuff, this show would be like a 9/10.

I will set Cyber City Oedo in my plan to watch list thanks alot! :)

If you ever find an anime (or even a normal series hehe) with a evil main character (male) just tell me not matter how old or how bad the story is! :) (Except of Code Geass, Death Note, Inuyashiki and Golgo 13 (well i dont count it as a evil mc but many does it) because i watched it already hehe..)

Well its like i am looking all day a few mins around (if i would put it together its like 100h per half year i spend searching for animes).
AnimeGeass Mar 17, 8:52 AM
I must say sometimes when i see animes from 1984 or older than i am think "mhm should i rly watch this?" but after some thoughts i am watching it (if the story in in my interest). The last Anime (older) was Slam Dunk and fck me.. the animation of that Basketball-Anime was so sick. So detailed in the playing. Not like the most other sport animes where it skip so much and dont show often the clear playing of the sport. I was so shocked when i watched Slum Dank :) its from 1984 i think and man i wish there would be more animes like this.

I think i am at episode 300-something in One Piece but stopped it a long time ago because it isnt the same like the first episodes anymore. Maybe sometimes i will watch it but almost 1000 episodes.. how to watch this xD. I am almost finished with Naruto i think "only" 60 episodes left or so but i stopped it too because i dont know.. there are better (or should i say more interested) animes to watch in my freetime.

Sometimes i am thinking like "it would be great to see the anime series with an evil character or an oponent than a hero or something like this" (Like someone in Akatsuki (Naruto) or maybe from Itachi Uchiha! xD)

Well i can say that i rly have watched all masterpieces (at least once) of animes :) so i must set my hope into new stuff. But When i see Tokyo Ghoul was destroyed by the fans.. I like like Tokyo Ghoul but the snd season was for the "fans" "WTF WHY NOT FOLLOWING THE MANGA!!1!" i think we had that topic but it rly is annoying.. xD To the response they changed the character art (the looking of them) and i must say that pisses me off.. i do not even know if i watch the third season of it.
The most anime i want this year to watch is Code Geass third season. But i am very critical at this. Boku no Hero Academia third season is one of the things i am looking forward too. I must say the first season was for me just "ok" 7/10 i would say but the snd season was (for me) so good and was a 9/10 (or did i gave it 10/10 fck i dont know at the moment.. xD), so i am rly looking forward to it.
The most prefferd animes i would watch is from the year 2006-2008. I dont know but its for me a good time for the animes. :)

I hate that too!! :)
AnimeGeass Mar 14, 8:53 AM
Well i have Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne as 4th in my favorites.. because i watched it in my childhood and even now when i rewatch it, its so good for me. (Much people cant watch animes when they dont have a 4k quality. Thats why so much people do not watch old animes but i dont care on graphics i only care about story and characters. I dont need a good quality that much (its important for sure but lesser than Story etc.)

Well Naruto and One Piece is over 30% (or more xD) filler episodes. Well i dont have anything about fillers. BUT Naruto Producers has big talked the ending of Naruto and than only wanted to make a last Movie for it, called "Naruto the last movie" and after that geezus they said 12 episodes about Narutos son and 12 episodes digivolves (höhö) into infinitely amount of episodes again.

Anything in 2018 on animes you looking forward?

AnimeGeass Mar 7, 3:00 PM
I think the reason why so many like DBZ, One Piece and Naruto is (i think) because its from the most of the peoples childhood and its still on going (well Naruto ended lately but got another part, Boruto but i hate it because its all of the other characters have childs and they look exact the same as before and also the same count.. Naruto and Hinata has two child etc. so its like a another Naruto..).

They want to be here in our country so they should integrate, thats the fcking law i mean.. THEY WANT TO BE HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!
But i think they know that and just using the german history "to get a better life" here maybe.

I hope it, its the onliest reason why i go into Netflix everyday and looking all new titles through. :D OK I watch a lot in Netflix too.. xD

But i also hate the kind of heroic that want to rescue all and is kinder like anything you know before.. even kinder than Politicians at the election.
AnimeGeass Mar 6, 3:10 PM
Well i think DB is not much about friendship or? :o silly people.

Your government is better than in germany i think. Here they play "a little" along with that shit. I mean NOOOOOOOO!!!! Why playing along with that shit when they came to us and want to live here so why should we change the rules?
Its like you working in a company and tell your chief: "i am a new worker but you have to change your rules completely for me!" They would kick his ass right in front of the door and say goodbye.

Netflix is my onliest hope for a dark anime or a evil main character to be honest. :)

I would say the same. But i realized that i liked the most mecha animes. (I dont count animes with evil characters there are something like none xD)
But i got entertained by alot - sport animes, action animes, another world animes, and and and. All have their good points but the only thing is when a anime has a pussy main character nonononnoonono. Its max 7/10 points than. I fcking HATE this the most.
AnimeGeass Mar 5, 11:05 AM
Its a matter of taste. Fairy Tail is for me like a kind of "friendship can beat everything" or something like this.

Yes!!! They want here turkish as a subject in elementary school and wtf in Berlin the first elementary school has now turkish as a subject.. i mean when i go as a german in turkey i must be afraid of being prisoned and they want from us a own subject in school and also they want to forbid pork meat. I mean WTF if i would go to turkey and say something like "i am now in turkey so stop wearing headscarf" they would shoot right in my head.

The problem by me is that i watched everything what is like "masterpiece" and equally. My only hope is for new animes (*cough* mostly Netflix *cough* because they do great animes lately *cough*).
What are your favortie genres? Shounen like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece etc.?
AnimeGeass Mar 3, 8:33 PM
I dont know if i can say this but i like evil things (just in movies/series/animes/etc.). With evil things i mean an evil protagonist. I would be so happy if a anime would come out where the main character is in the front of other friendly but inwardly evil. Thats one of the reasons why i like code geass (he is not that evil like Light). Lately there coming so much similiar animes out.

This season are only the continues of older animes good! Overlord 2 is until now not that good.. but i must say Nanatsu Tazai for me one of the best animes i ever saw.. i didnt fought it before i saw it. Normaly i dont like such series because i tought its like fairy tail but hell its at nothing the same as fairy baby tail sh't (my opinion ^^).

Shame at this woman! Sexism is a critical subject all over the world and she just tell it out so easily.. rly shame on her.
Its like in germany the Foreigners. When a german tell something to a Foreigner in germany like "dont do that" or other things i think u know what i mean, they always name the germans "nazis" because they know they can hurt us or some of us with this.

Its time for some new "never ending" animes. :)
AnimeGeass Mar 1, 4:01 PM
WTF so tired about anime releases! There are three types of releases: Comedy/Ecchi - Just Comedy - Or Slice of Life with no plot, action etc.
But its not that they are unique.. always coming each season like 10 comedy animes.. i mean wtf. I am still sitting here since years and waiting for a Anime with an evil main characters... but never came one after Death Note.

I have heard that he doesnt have until now keep is "bad" promises like the wall to mexico and etc. Until not just his "good" promises. I never liked Obama because he was the "black smiling guy" but in the background started wars.

Devilman is absolutely a fcking awesome show. I should watch the original series again too.. xD but so hard to find it with a "ok" quality. If u ever find it in a "ok" quality just tell me. :)
Ahh idk DBZ i dont like it much.. for me to much "hahahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh KAMEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAMEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!11!" When i watched it years ago i was like "wtf.."
AnimeGeass Feb 28, 7:23 AM
I just heard and i totally agree with it, that germans are afraid of risks.
in America so many companys are give money to a project and as you see there are so many new things and all from america. I heard it from a teacher of me (i am in my last few months of my apprenticeship) that german companies are so afraid of to risk money. Germany has developed in the past so much things but the problem is that this companies didnt had enough money to complete the project so a other german company could have bought it for 10.000€. Not many for a company BUT i heard that many years ago was the germans that developed the mp4 format but couldnt hold the license. So german companies just had to bought the 10k € license. BUT NO Company in germany had done it. So america has bought it. Germany is so far behind in
3D printing. America has 8 licenses, japan 2, france 1 and i think arabia 1. And there are no more licenses you have to redesign the 3d printing to get a new license for it and thats not that possible. Germany will be in a few years far behind other countries in the branche technology.

Donald Trump does the most things he do public. Barrack Obama has done so many bad things with no word to the public. He started many wars. Trump is a president who actually do some actions.

WTF Yeah!! I love Davilman-Series. :)
AnimeGeass Feb 26, 3:35 PM
Sry for the late reply i just was a bit lazy to come on. xD

Sounds a bit interesting. I think i couldnt agree with the A-F thing but i think its for everyone else. But they should do at Primary School as well the A-F thing i think.

The most unfitted persons are going to reign a country.. i mean thats not quite well. I would say if it was a another job like a cleaner or so xD but a politician.. not that good i think.

I actually agree alot with Donald Trump! But also he do many things where i am asking me.. why and for what. I think he do often things to be in the socials. I dont know what he get because of it but i think he often do shit like shitty talks just to be in the socials.
AnimeGeass Feb 19, 5:32 AM
Maybe some profesionell boxers could hire a Kangaroo as a manager? :O

Sry if i spoiled anything. It has 2 seasons and in this year spring/summer it will come the 3 season. But i am very critical at this.

What does Primary School then have? 1-6?

Here in germany u have in all schools the same: 1-6 very good to very bad

Ohh when i look at all the little kids here.. one day this will be politicians of germany.. ww3 coming!!!1! xD
No just a joke but. Oh god the future of the world in the hands of this people noo i rly dont want see but i think i cant do anything against it. xD

Well Trump already see germany as a dangerous country. But i must agree in one point with him. Our justice/law is a fcking joke.
If u dont pay taxes ~10 Years prison. If you rape a 16 yo woman done by a 19 yo guy 3 years.
I think 90% or more are unhappy with our justice but they dont care..
AnimeGeass Feb 17, 3:18 PM
Wtf i saw a video where a Kangaroo punched a dog.. xD

Its a ending where all ways are good i mean.. for the one half light is dead for the other light is alive so its a good end for everyone. That a awesome tactic. Was the same for Code Geass but there is now coming a third season. I am rly happy about but how to continue a masterpiece?

Haha australian school system is rating with A-F? or?
Sometimes i am sitting before my screen and just read crap things about ppl long time ago. Last time i read so much about Osamu Dazai (is in my favorite list people) because his life was so interesting. Its not that long ago was 80 years ago when he died i think.
Same with the germany history its cruel yes but i think its also very interesting. Hitler has done so many bad things but also some good things. But the bad things was so terrible :| But its interesting to read about it.

I cant die before i dont know it! xD
Maybe the door just ran away and watching some animes somewhere.. who knows?
AnimeGeass Feb 17, 1:45 PM
Well Light is a

When you think on australia the first thing people say is Kangaroos!!!1!! xD

Sometime i think of: "It would be cool to have a film or series about my village 300-500 years ago!" xD I am so interested.
But i heard my village was i think 80 years ago or so fully destroyed because of a fire i think it was.
Also there are some old water picture that show a part of the village before it. My grandmother has it in her bedroom.
I dont know why but i am always so interested in the history. Its so interesting not only of my history i mean in general.

I dont think it was bricked because you would see something like a border/edging. Also on our village coat of arms isnt a door as well (the tower is the logo of my village).
AnimeGeass Feb 17, 11:02 AM
Lelouch is much more human than Light but they have some of the same thoughts. I like both rly hard.

Better stay in australia nothing good to see here. xD Oh ok maybe yes. When u want to visit germany be sure to go in a village near a bigger city. Here in my village (near a smaller city) has a rly nice history. There is a old tower with only window in it and no doors etc. must be over 400 years old. But i always ask myself why does this tower doesnt have a door just a window. How did they came in. You cant go in there (u could through the window but its high like 5/6/7 meters or so) u have to climb but its dangerous. Thats something i rly want to know for what this tower was good for. Also next to the tower there is our graveyard which is i think 700 years almost old and next to it is a jew graveyard. Rly rare in a smaller village something like this. I think it is much older because on the gravestones u cant even read anymore. Maybe guessing some word but thats hard. Also its an old german writing. That why i like small villages more than a city. That the onliest interesting in germany, the very old history.

I said bigger city because easier to buy food and that for a visitor.^^