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Hentai Elf to Majime Orc
Hentai Elf to Majime Orc
May 11, 10:53 PM
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Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Flesh-Colored Horror
Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Flesh-Colored Horror
Mar 22, 2:08 PM
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AnimeGeass May 6, 3:05 PM
N64 u didnt bought CDs u bough Catridges.. OMG xD i think one game had 4MB an the size of a Catridge is today - in the actually technology - something like 1000 TB xD. Games like The legen of Zelda Majoras Mask or Ocarina of Time or Doney Kong 64 or Super Mario 64 are games of my early childhood. And i swear i play this games sometimes :) after over 20 years of their oficial release. :) Today u play a game for max. one week (a story game) and maybe when it was good u play it another time but after that u never lay a finger on that again.
When i see some games, their special edition version (only digital stuff), normal 60€ than for fcking 130 or 150€ and their are only like 30min more playtime and 3 clothes and 2 skins of something.. xD well when somebody buy a special edition of a game and it cost 80€ or 120€ but u get something like a full Book, figures and that stuff. Maybe i can understand it more than just some digital shit.

I can understand english very well but speaking (i write better than) is more like - i would say, that a native could understand me but not that i could life my live in england or america. Just for holidays or things in need! :)
Well when u can speak normal german than 99% in germany (well at least the germans in germany *hahahaha*) can understand you. But we have some dialects here too. Its like i think 5 big dialects but if i would count all would be like over 1000 i think (but i think this are always some similiar forms from the big 5).

AnimeGeass Apr 27, 5:40 PM
When you look, so many games released and after 1 month 10000x DLC's are avaible for each 60€.. years ago (N64-Time my childhood! :D ) u got a game for i think it was 60 Mark (earlier money of germany) its like 30€ but u had over 1 month playtime for the story.. i swear.

Well in Germany the most people think they could speak barely english because of facebook like: Likes, memes, yolo, and all that stuff. If they would have to help a person in need (something like asking for the way).. they would not understand even the question. I dont say that u need to talk english or that u must but they rly think they can speak english good with all that stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Well not that they will bomb my house (i dont need the muslims *ehem* - maybe i mean the muslims just for the protocoll. But i dont mean them but maybe i mean them or so.. xD)... xDD Than i would care... xD

AnimeGeass Apr 21, 9:45 AM
Well people who can watch all day streamers, i cant understand them. :) If they are watching a game which isnt released yet and they are waiting for it, than i understand it for sure.
Almost every Youtuber is streaming too. The thing is, when they stream and if they are large youtubers, they have so many Viewers. 100% for sure they earn in 1 week more than they earn from youtube in half a year some.

Well i heard you can only do holidays in japan in large towns like Kyoto, Tokio and and and. Because so much things in japan is in japanese only. Only in the large Towns are people and/or shops/hotels/etc. whith english knowledge or signs or so.

I dont understand the Koran (the muslim bible hope its called Koran too in english) because i never read it. BUT i read few mins ago a little text/phrase from it:
"Fought (with the weapon) against them until there is no
Temptation (to apostasy from Islam)
there is more and religion (everywhere only)
Allah is."
I dont think i have to say more about that. I would love to write something about it but i am afraid some muslims reading this.. xD

Mhm.. maybe a ranking system - how you rank a anime (criticisms).
AnimeGeass Apr 16, 7:33 AM
Well its sad to see how much money they earn for this. I mean they do not actually get it from Amazon (Twitch) the most of the money is from the volunteers, the viewers! :D

Nice to heard that australia has some nice places to visit. Someday i want to do holidays there too. Well 12-14h flying from germany to japan is a number^^ also its expansive. You can make holidays for 1 week from germany to spain (madrid/barcelona) for 24€ flying (no joke) and 69€ often per day. Well just flying to Tokio is the same amount that flying to spain and do 2 weeks holidays or so.^^

I see muslims debate about to forbid pork meat in germany and to do Islam as a subject in german schools??????????? I mean in muslim countries there is german as a subject right?
AnimeGeass Apr 11, 7:33 AM
Sry for late reply my friend!
I only can and want to watch a few guys (2) because i like their characters.

Well tbh i would only move to Japan for holiday or if i would be rich as f*ck and than i would buy me a house there.. xD
Well i am not rich as f*ck so someday i want to make holiday there. I am just interested in the culture and also in the food.
If you talk to a arab/muslim (not racist) than you often realize that you cant talk normally with them (with a few u can!). I have a few muslims as friends so i know what i am speak of. I cant joke around ofently with them.
AnimeGeass Mar 30, 9:23 PM
Well when you earn more money than u can spend to something with the thing love to do, that fcking awesome and it would motivate me more to work.

Well the onliest thing i am watching right now is Twitch. I hate youtube and everytime i enter youtube and see the dashboard (idk why it shows to me) full of brainless german youtuber.. i could cry.

The problem in Japan is the money. When you want to live a "okay" life in japan u have to do 2 jobs or u have a better job but have to work long. SO where is the time with a lover and with making kids / having kids. Somehow Japan is making it correctly with the imigration thing but they should at least be oper to ppl from europe or amricer/canada/australia. I CAN fully UNDERSTAND why some countries dont want to have the arabs and co. on their land.. look at germany.. rapes teenagers (not all i know) and some of them dont even get prisoned or have to pay money.. If i would be a girl and get raped.. and they say he has to pay idk 10k € to me.. i would rage and kill that fcking bastard because how can make 10k €s make u happy again?
They take religion to serious and follower the Koran word by word. I know not only muslims are like this even some christs organisations are like that. sad..
AnimeGeass Mar 30, 8:01 AM
Thats true. More money = more lazier.
OHH THATS TRUE YES! George RR Martin is the perfect example... haha yes xD
When you looking to youtube - the youtuber. Years ago the most of them produced "acceptable" content and than they got million of dollars/euros.. and now only reaction videos (idk if the english/america/australian youtubers are like this but here in germany is that the "trend") or rate the clothes of other people or how much does the clothes of other people on the street cost?. So bullshit and they earn so much money with that shit.. how is that fair. IDK.

Well lets go Japan.. i think they have their own economy problems too but hopefully better than in our countries.. ohh and they have dozens of RAMEN restaurants xD and animes.. hehe xD
AnimeGeass Mar 27, 9:44 PM
Its shocking, when you have money, you can live a life without "need to wake up early", "need to watch at every price", "has limited free time". Without money you have to do all that things and when u are poor than you must watch that u even can eat and drink.
In germany they say "here must nobody starve or dehydrate" and that is nonsense.. so much homeless people here have no food (and very much worked for 60 years) and than a foreigner 1 day here gets a house, much money, food and water (should be avaible for everyone yes). AND they even want more!! I cant believe that shit. I saw in the Newspaper that a migrant get more money than german per each child and also they want now money for each
personalitie........................ I COULD RAGE... Yes money for multiple personalities.
AnimeGeass Mar 24, 6:35 AM
You should watch it someday! :) Its really a great anime in my opinion.
I dont understand why the author of Naruto is doing that shit and one piece.. they ruin they work just because of money.

I will continue to watch it next days :)
AnimeGeass Mar 21, 6:02 AM
When you look to Btooom!! (idk if you know it). The Anime (only 1 season until yet.. D: )) was in my opinion very great. The Manga stopped a month ago now (ended) because he didnt wanted to "push" the story up with crap things and fillers. I think it isnt stopped until now.. i think in april or so it will end.

I heard alot of Breaking Bad i think i will continue to watch it. I am almost finished with season 2 and i like it alot but Walter White should be more "evil" than this but hey some season are ahead of me! :D
AnimeGeass Mar 20, 9:33 AM
When you look at Black Clover. The story is rly not bad and the fights and action are rly good too. BUT (I hope this doesnt count as a spoiler) now episode 24/51 is released in eng sub 3h ago, and its the fact, that in the time of 24 u could compress that 24 episodes in rly 7 or 8 episode (max 10!!). Its that, they do often so meaningless conversations like: They talk about a mission and that stuff and than is coming a other character in the conversation (was 3x times now) who just eat and did not anything else in this show and than just ask like 3min everytime if she can eat not/this... another example: when they fun around its not for a few secs no its actually for 5-10mins and after that they do a fight for 3 episodes long. If you would let out that meaningless stuff, this show would be like a 9/10.

I will set Cyber City Oedo in my plan to watch list thanks alot! :)

If you ever find an anime (or even a normal series hehe) with a evil main character (male) just tell me not matter how old or how bad the story is! :) (Except of Code Geass, Death Note, Inuyashiki and Golgo 13 (well i dont count it as a evil mc but many does it) because i watched it already hehe..)

Well its like i am looking all day a few mins around (if i would put it together its like 100h per half year i spend searching for animes).
AnimeGeass Mar 17, 8:52 AM
I must say sometimes when i see animes from 1984 or older than i am think "mhm should i rly watch this?" but after some thoughts i am watching it (if the story in in my interest). The last Anime (older) was Slam Dunk and fck me.. the animation of that Basketball-Anime was so sick. So detailed in the playing. Not like the most other sport animes where it skip so much and dont show often the clear playing of the sport. I was so shocked when i watched Slum Dank :) its from 1984 i think and man i wish there would be more animes like this.

I think i am at episode 300-something in One Piece but stopped it a long time ago because it isnt the same like the first episodes anymore. Maybe sometimes i will watch it but almost 1000 episodes.. how to watch this xD. I am almost finished with Naruto i think "only" 60 episodes left or so but i stopped it too because i dont know.. there are better (or should i say more interested) animes to watch in my freetime.

Sometimes i am thinking like "it would be great to see the anime series with an evil character or an oponent than a hero or something like this" (Like someone in Akatsuki (Naruto) or maybe from Itachi Uchiha! xD)

Well i can say that i rly have watched all masterpieces (at least once) of animes :) so i must set my hope into new stuff. But When i see Tokyo Ghoul was destroyed by the fans.. I like like Tokyo Ghoul but the snd season was for the "fans" "WTF WHY NOT FOLLOWING THE MANGA!!1!" i think we had that topic but it rly is annoying.. xD To the response they changed the character art (the looking of them) and i must say that pisses me off.. i do not even know if i watch the third season of it.
The most anime i want this year to watch is Code Geass third season. But i am very critical at this. Boku no Hero Academia third season is one of the things i am looking forward too. I must say the first season was for me just "ok" 7/10 i would say but the snd season was (for me) so good and was a 9/10 (or did i gave it 10/10 fck i dont know at the moment.. xD), so i am rly looking forward to it.
The most prefferd animes i would watch is from the year 2006-2008. I dont know but its for me a good time for the animes. :)

I hate that too!! :)
AnimeGeass Mar 14, 8:53 AM
Well i have Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne as 4th in my favorites.. because i watched it in my childhood and even now when i rewatch it, its so good for me. (Much people cant watch animes when they dont have a 4k quality. Thats why so much people do not watch old animes but i dont care on graphics i only care about story and characters. I dont need a good quality that much (its important for sure but lesser than Story etc.)

Well Naruto and One Piece is over 30% (or more xD) filler episodes. Well i dont have anything about fillers. BUT Naruto Producers has big talked the ending of Naruto and than only wanted to make a last Movie for it, called "Naruto the last movie" and after that geezus they said 12 episodes about Narutos son and 12 episodes digivolves (höhö) into infinitely amount of episodes again.

Anything in 2018 on animes you looking forward?

AnimeGeass Mar 7, 3:00 PM
I think the reason why so many like DBZ, One Piece and Naruto is (i think) because its from the most of the peoples childhood and its still on going (well Naruto ended lately but got another part, Boruto but i hate it because its all of the other characters have childs and they look exact the same as before and also the same count.. Naruto and Hinata has two child etc. so its like a another Naruto..).

They want to be here in our country so they should integrate, thats the fcking law i mean.. THEY WANT TO BE HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!
But i think they know that and just using the german history "to get a better life" here maybe.

I hope it, its the onliest reason why i go into Netflix everyday and looking all new titles through. :D OK I watch a lot in Netflix too.. xD

But i also hate the kind of heroic that want to rescue all and is kinder like anything you know before.. even kinder than Politicians at the election.
AnimeGeass Mar 6, 3:10 PM
Well i think DB is not much about friendship or? :o silly people.

Your government is better than in germany i think. Here they play "a little" along with that shit. I mean NOOOOOOOO!!!! Why playing along with that shit when they came to us and want to live here so why should we change the rules?
Its like you working in a company and tell your chief: "i am a new worker but you have to change your rules completely for me!" They would kick his ass right in front of the door and say goodbye.

Netflix is my onliest hope for a dark anime or a evil main character to be honest. :)

I would say the same. But i realized that i liked the most mecha animes. (I dont count animes with evil characters there are something like none xD)
But i got entertained by alot - sport animes, action animes, another world animes, and and and. All have their good points but the only thing is when a anime has a pussy main character nonononnoonono. Its max 7/10 points than. I fcking HATE this the most.