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Days: 102.2
Mean Score: 6.46
  • Total Entries433
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  • Episodes6,398
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Tamako Love Story
Tamako Love Story
Yesterday, 9:31 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Aug 9, 7:20 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Aug 7, 8:16 AM
Watching 3/? · Scored -
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Days: 3.0
Mean Score: 7.56
  • Total Entries21
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  • Chapters393
  • Volumes60
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Fukumenkei Noise
Fukumenkei Noise
Aug 21, 2017 7:28 AM
Reading 43/? · Scored -
Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts
Aug 2, 2017 3:24 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Jul 16, 2017 3:30 PM
Reading 38/? · Scored -


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sokoru 19 minutes ago
GIRLLLL JOJO IS SO GOOD u got to finish :DD
sokoru 31 minutes ago
wow we love a productive queen!! I've been watching JoJo like non-stop lol, have u seen it? Idk why I put it off so long

haha my discord is : bloop#0736 ...idk what i was thinking
sokoru 11 hours ago
but what if it's too late for me :'( looll.
Ok lately I've been watching like 6 anime at once & it's not healthy. :'v

also do u have a discord
sokoru Yesterday, 7:39 PM
i'm slowly gonna take over your comment sections lmao :: i swear if someone else comments
sokoru Yesterday, 7:38 PM
I haven't studied in a while, a new low lmao. LISA IS MY FAVORITE she can rap some bars tbh

oh same same is it because we're both in VA?

you're like one of the only people I bonded w/ on here DON'T GO D:<
sokoru Yesterday, 5:06 PM
sokoru Aug 12, 2:50 PM
oh but that's like 5 days of good study lol <": I can barely manage an hour of studying.

okayyy tell me what u think of them~~

btw when does your school start? mine's slowly creeping in & I'm not ready.
sokoru Aug 12, 7:16 AM
are you not studying? IDEK what to study anymore lol. I should've done khan academy prep :'<

"me likeyy me likeyyyy"~~~ that's catchy, you're going to make me obsessed w/ kpop all over again
OH OK these are my fave bops by BLACKPINK:
sokoru Aug 11, 7:01 PM
dudee i just took a practice SAT and I'm doing worse D:< what if i have to do October too. i'm gonna c r y .

thanks for the bobaa<'3 when i'm not feeling super lazy I'll send u one LOL

Oohh I've heard of TWICE before but I never rlly checked them out until now! I love the first songg :'D my fave kpop groups are BTS (you've prob heard of them) & BLACKPINK

sokoru Aug 11, 9:45 AM
samEE my summer sleeping schedule is so bad that it's hard to transition to the school year, like the first day of school i get like 2 hours of sleep whoop. why did u have to wake up early? I'd cry.
mango slush + boba + those jelly things = GOOD STUFF.

ohhh ok cool lemme know when you're around LOL
sokoru Aug 10, 9:15 PM
maybe i'm just like nocturnal lool. do you sleep at 11 during the summer too?? that's impressive lmao.
BTW I JUST got boba from kung fu tea <': (lol can't apply for scholarships but can waste time away on MAL and boba). Some of the apps have like writing prompts in addition to just a transcript... ughhh like how do I describe my life story in 60 words

how far is tysons from u? LMK when ur around the tyson area!! unless meeting up would make u uncomfortable i understand LMAO
sokoru Aug 10, 5:09 PM
thing is my body can't sleep until like 3 AM so during the school yr, i get a solid 3 hours of sleep lol. I wish i went to ur high school omg i wouldn't even have aNXIETY then.


wait dude. that's like 10 mins from my house whO R U??? The sushi conveyor belt thing??????? I LOVE THATTTT
sokoru Aug 10, 1:09 PM
i'm like the vice versa of you lmao freetime & anime THEN school work very late @ night oops. .. but i managed to get good grades somehow so i guess it depends on the person. :'>
ok what teachers at your school are so CHILL lol like if we didn't do our hw in my school, my teachers would prob just double the amount of hw instead of giving up. and your poor physics teacher D': can teachers even leave like that lmaoo.
haha we should motivate each other by giving reminders for stuff lol :: JHAAZY WHEN U SEE THIS, LOOK INTO SCHOLARSHIPS!!
nopeeee i'm from like this small town in VA so the closest i find is ecchi or borderline H maybe it's cus the owner's a perv idk
Boing7477 Aug 10, 11:15 AM
Well, that's climate change for you, as long as you believe in it :D Lucky me, Germany is only 27 years old, so we only have 16 "States" and they are not that independent as the ones in the US. My Mother is chilled when it comes to school, as long as it works out for me, unfortunately, cause she is a teacher, she has holidays when I have them as well and then we clash sometimes XD
sokoru Aug 10, 10:34 AM
ohhh as someone @ level 2 i was like whoaaa. But tbh how'd you manage all that during the school year? haha
the teachers in my school succc tbh, my teacher recs are all gonna be AWFUL b/c i dislike my teachers and they dislike me. In some classes, I'm just mute & in others I can't stop talking lmao D: Yeah it's getting so competitive, like I see all the acceptance rates declining year by year and i'm like shiittt gotta put in the effort now.
nope, I should probably do that lol I wanna get it over w/ so I have more free time. Why doesn't he have to worry about his tuition? scholarships? SPEAKING OF WHICH I have applied to approximately 0 scholarships as well ...
that sounds amazing, manga here is so rare & the one time I found like 1 manga book it was this weird borderline hentai thing in the comic store, uh no thanks ... even if I wanted to buy it, that'd be awk