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Death Parade
Death Parade
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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
Yesterday, 10:43 AM
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Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou
Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou
Yesterday, 7:46 AM
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Jun 21, 11:36 AM
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eryn-chan 2 hours ago
Hey there! Sorry for my late reply. You are correct, I am a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist and love the anime and manga. Too bad you can only choose ten favourites ;) Did you read the manga as well?

Kimetsu no Yaiba is pretty nice huh. I really love the animation, it's so good! If you are into music I am sure you will enjoy Carole & Tuesday! Dororo was okay and Attack on Titan is great. I can't wait for the last episode for AoT this sunday! This season has been pretty emotional.

I really liked this Spring season overall. Well some anime didn't meet my expectations, like Fairy Gone, but it was an interesting watch nevertheless. Are there any summer anime you are looking forward to?

By the way: Thank you for the kind birthday wishes! I had a great day :D
foxtail9 4 hours ago
Everyone has their own preferences whether they like to read or watch more :)
and never feel pressured if people around you are reading the manga instead of anime, doesn't make them much cooler or original
^ something I wish people had told me in the beginning

I can relate! Mal honestly makes me feel better about having anime and manga as interests and hobbies

Well anime is pretty common around here, my dad showed me Saint Seiya as a kid and bought me the whole manga collection of One Piece (back then it was 'whole')
So I got into it when I was really young
A few classmates of mine also watched anime so we would discuss them at school, but they soon grew out of it

And I'm now the sole survivor waiting on weekly updates
foxtail9 8 hours ago
Great to hear! I read the manga first and I'm here to tell you it only gets better ^^

Thanks (and for telling me!) Your Lie in April is something I can't bear to watch twice (I did but I struggled lol)

I hope you have a great day too
foxtail9 Yesterday, 7:48 PM
Yoooo you like Kimetsu no Yaiba too!
tane-kun Yesterday, 1:24 PM
Well, it is also called "intermediate level". :D It means I can understand the main points on common topics at work, school, etc. If it was a video game, then I would say I'm playing it on a mode between easy and normal :D

Yeah, actually, I don't want to tell people that I like anime irl. Because I guess they would say sth like "Aren't you too old to watch cartoons?" :/

I think this spring season was pretty cool :D SnK, Demon Slayer, Carole & Tuesday, Isekai Quartet, OPM, Fruits Basket... Some of them may be a huge disappointment, but there was always hype. I think that was enough to keep the anime community alive. ^^

So, what are your hobbies other than watching anime?
Honey_Flash Yesterday, 11:30 AM
I’m from the United States. What’s Germany like?
Giulia14 Yesterday, 10:08 AM
Glad you liked it overall :D
There are also 2 more scenes "specials", one in the ending of s2 and the other at the ending of s3
They are pretty short and skippable since they're not important for the story, but kinda feel bad for them lol

Ooh that's cool that we both got into anime thanks to Naruto! It's really a great series (besides the ending that was a mess ahah). I think that thanks to Naruto a lot of people started loving anime. Death Note is the ultimate gateway for anime ahahah, a lot of people who don't watch anime at least have watched Death Note. It's crazy how popular it is, it can appeal to literally everyone. I startet Fmab 2 months ago but stopped at episode 20 or something, this summer i shoud continue with it
Honey_Flash Yesterday, 9:35 AM
That sounds like a great thing (your place of work, I mean)! Where are you from by the way?
MeitanteiKates Jun 24, 7:01 PM
So sorry for the late reply!! I've been bad at managing my time lately, so I've been more of a mess than usual with responding Dx

Anyway, I hope you've been well! And I really like your attitude—I think it's very realistic of you to accept that there will be days where you're depressed, but some days will be better than others. I respect you for that perspective :D I hope you get to share your hobbies with the right people and can truly be happy!!

Yeah, I feel you there haha it's frustrating when you try to start a conversation with someone and they give super short replies xD

Ooh, that's so cool that you're gonna visit some online friends in real life! They must be so special to you for you to make an effort to meet them irl, that's so great :)

Haha, same, I sleep so late on weekends xDD It's funny that your brother wakes you up, even if that must be annoying lol how old is your brother? And oh nooooo staying up 24 hours is crazy!! I think you'll be okay if you only did it once, but if you stay up that long often that probably isn't good for your health :O

Ah, gotcha. I agree about My Hero Academia—I think it has some very strong episodes, but a good amount are noticeably weaker.

No shame for just copying the list style from the forums haha that's why I've always done for mine :D I'm cool with the list style I currently have (I've had so many different lists styles since I joined MAL lmao I keep changing it), but thanks for the offer!!

Ooh, how is work going for you?? And if you don't mind me asking, what do you do at your job? :D

Field hockey is a lot of fun! Mostly it's played by girls so that's probably why you haven't played it, but I think anyone could enjoy it. It's just fun to whack a ball with a stick lolol

I don't blame you at all for taking a year or so off from the gym/running! Sometimes it's hard to have motivation for those kinds of activities, especially when you're tired from work and/or school. I'm not very consistent with it myself; I keep myself healthy through my diet mostly.

Riding your bike to and from work is a great way to be active though!! You're still getting exercise, and it's helping you get where you need to go which is extra helpful haha.

Saaaame I used to read a lot more when I was young, but adulthood makes it hard to make time for it :( It's smart of you to read English books to work on your English! That's one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary :D And I help people with their stories for my college's literary magazine, and I'd like to do that as an actual job in the future. (It would be sooo nice to get paid to do what I love!)

Yeah, that's exactly it! It's so strange to be at my goal weight after working so hard to lose weight for a while. But maintaining my weight is also work so I'll probably never be done smhh xD But I lost all that weight pretty much exclusively from my diet! I started doing intermittent fasting, and I absolutely love it. I still do it now actually: I fast for 20 hours a day and eat like a crazy woman in the four hours that I'm allowed to eat in lol. Have you ever heard of or considered intermittent fasting? It's not just great for weight loss: it's awesome for your health in general! My brother does it too but he's been in fantastic shape for a while, and it helped him build even more muscle :D Eating healthy is soooo important for weight loss and health. Exercise is too, but I'm living proof that you can lose a hell of a lot of weight through just changing your eating habits ^.^

Oooh you made a YouTube channel for playing Pokemon?? That's soooo cool!! Are you good at battling? I used to play that a lot, but I lost a lot so I don't know if I was just bad at it or if my ex who I always played with was just really good . . . I think it was a bit of both xD

You've got great hobbies! Since you like music, what kind of music do you like best? And what bands do you like? Oooh and it's awesome that you cook! What kinds of healthy meals do you cook?

I enjoy talking with you too! I may take a while to respond, but that doesn't mean I don't like talking with you, btw :) I like the way you think, so talking with you is really fun!!

Yeah, I do use Discord sometimes, but I'm shy about making my Discord public because I barely know how to use it lolol. I'll PM you my Discord so we can be friends there :D
FuneraireS Jun 24, 1:23 PM
Ilike music,books and surf the internet how about you?
eliy512925 Jun 24, 1:18 PM
Do you like to record videos? can you send me some links :)?

However now that you make me think about it, I have some hobbies too, even if they aren't very particular:

- I really like listening to music even though I don't do it very often, (by the way, what kind of music do you play mainly? I listen a little of everything except things like black metal that I don't like)
- Unlike you I love eating not healthy, especially sweets XD
- I love sports! Mainly tennis (I would like to play more often) and if it happens (rarely unfortunately) to go to the mountains I ski for hours ...
- As for music I like to read too, but I don't do it very often (what are you reading lately? Obviously I'm not talking about manga, which I almost never read because I prefer very much to see animes)

Too bad, however, for this thing of friends, but I understand you a little because I too am very shy and I find almost no one with my own interests...
eliy512925 Jun 24, 11:38 AM
I haven't got any particular hobbies, i spend my time between YouTube and animes... You?
Ia-san Jun 24, 5:13 AM
Omg that's so sad! Poor you, it has happened to me too but it was a shorter text D:
crescent stone? Hmm, recognize that title. However, I hope you'll have a great time reading. I'm reading lots of Stephen King's books. Pet Sementary and Mr. Mercedes. :3 Yep, it's good for your vocabulary, I can promise! :)
I like those genres too! They're also a super good combination! :D
Yeah there's definetly more details in the manga. The anime can't contain everything after all, at least it's following well with the manga. The manga could be a little hard to understand too sometimes but not impossible. :O
I know, it makes me sad to think about it. I love animals so much. :(
Yeah do that! The pictures are beautiful too! ^_^
Nice! If it's good you're free to recommend it to me! I love all kinds of books. ;)
I'm much of a stoneface when I watch, so it requires much from the show to having my body reacting. Naruto is probably gonna get me too... I haven't seen it but I read it right now. :( Those things that you can relate to, are the best in my opinion. :)
Just be prepared, Clannad S2 is way more sad that S1... D: Maquia is kind of new and it's a movie, the story tells right away it's gonna be sad. Your list makes so much sense, they're all so sad. Koe no Katachi is kind of relatable for me, so I love it. :)
Same here. Though I hope you'll have more time. I also want a life-pause-button, but I want to use it for sleeping C:
I haven't heard about Demon Slayer but it sounds interesting. 0_0
My sister has watched Haikyuu and she loves it. Must be good then. :O
Yep, snow gives beautiful memories for children. Those were good times. :D
I hope you watch it someday 'cause it shows that five minuits can tell so much more than a lifetime. :l
I understand. You're much smarter than me haha. But I did found some sparings in my room. I'm actually not gonna use it.
It's my goal to be more active here lol

Lixa Jun 23, 1:46 PM
I haven't watched other anime other than the airing ones recently. I can't seem to find something interesting to watch.
FuneraireS Jun 23, 1:10 PM
Better than you. :D
I'm resting today.