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Anime Stats
Days: 128.0
Mean Score: 6.66
  • Total Entries765
  • Rewatched30
  • Episodes7,764
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Sonny Boy
Sonny Boy
Oct 12, 10:32 PM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Uramichi Oniisan
Uramichi Oniisan
Oct 12, 10:29 PM
Watching -/13 · Scored -
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Movie: Spain-hen
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Movie: Spain-hen
Sep 13, 3:37 AM
Watching -/1 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 53.1
Mean Score: 6.48
  • Total Entries888
  • Reread18
  • Chapters7,255
  • Volumes941
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Gokurakugai Sanban-doori no Ken
Gokurakugai Sanban-doori no Ken
Oct 17, 11:27 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Kotonoha no Niwa
Kotonoha no Niwa
Oct 17, 10:54 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 6
Aug 29, 7:07 AM
Completed 29/29 · Scored 4


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Rynn- Mar 30, 5:17 AM
Yeah, it depends on the country, where it is different, where it is not

Thank you, success in what you do.

And don't forget to write me on Discord :)
Suanke Mar 25, 8:18 PM
what are you talking about we're like super fast man <( ̄︶ ̄)>
i really tried to reply faster but old habits man shakes fist it's mainly me being lazy tho bjkegg
ok wait matching took a lot time according to me but then again i don't know how it was last year so don't really have a say in this ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
yeah i hope i'm free, let's try to work hard this year ⊂(TヮT⊂)
uh huh, i still haven't seen a lot from my ss, only watched one outta the five i got, the weird thing is i really wanna watch those shows, heck i've been planning to watch some for years but i just keep on watching the airing shows :')
ok i know it's been a really long time but i hope you're feeling better ;-;
i'm kinda mad with akudama like ennh it's kinda badass but wtf did i really see hmm?? yesss i'll motivate you to watch it with this

oooh yass finish that pretty donghua ♡(˘▽˘ ) or do you need a motivation for that too (°◡°♡)?
simulwatch really helps, i learnt it's better to watch some shows with others, that way i know i'm not the only one losing brain cells 。゚(TヮT)゚。 the ones i was watching alone are still on ep 1 (;⌣̀_⌣́) shows that were a victim to that : egg, horimiya and taisou from 2 seasons ago :') the only exception to that was the second season of dr. stone and somehow 2.43 :>
omg yess i was trying so hard not to add anything incase my santa planned to gift that XD
hah i gave up already, i didn't even sign up
also can i add you on discord, i feel like i might become lazy and shamelessly reply when fall 21 starts kek
Rynn- Mar 19, 12:49 PM
Well in the Country the Republic of Moldova is given high school entrance exam in the 9th grade, and that's about it, it takes the exam in 4 subjects, and as every student I stress, and especially the way I learn at school... Low Notes ✌️🤣

Well thanks, we should all think more positively and see the bright side.
Rynn- Mar 14, 12:23 AM
Yeah, so you're absolutely right hehe

Well, I hope you will be good in the future, health, and patience.. ^^

What can I say about me, good and bad, we are in quarantine, I have no idea what was heard with school and I am a little stressed that I have an exam in June..
But anyway I'm fine, and I'm glad of that, think positive and you'll be positive hehe
Rynn- Mar 11, 10:36 AM
No problem, anytime ♡

I understand you, I thought a bit about this idea and if you are a boy you want an older sister, and if you are a girl you want an older brother :))
the reality is different though, anyway I'm happy with what i have.

Thanks same to you
Yes I agree with you, however some people will be competitive for life, at least I'm not one of those, and I enjoy anime and my precious time
Anyway, what matters is to be happy and healthy

Its ok lol

Yes you are right, we should also enjoy more the life we ​​have, and still not forget that we also have a social life to live :)

Well some japanese music, I forgot the name of the music :))

Btw, How are u?
Rynn- Feb 16, 4:10 AM
Not a Problem, I understand you, there are times when we are busy, or we don't have time, I understand you perfectly :))

Yes I understand, but at least I can be happy that I also have some brothers who support me :)

I always wanted an older sister because I don't know how to express myself but I have a cousin who is still 15 years old like me and has an older sister who is 18 years old, and they get along wonderfully, just looking at their relationship, I think that an older sister would be like a second mother, who takes care of you, loves you as you are, and supports you.
While a brother differs ... but it wasn't like that anyway, and I'm glad that at least I'm the big brother

Yes, I think I've been watching anime for about 3 years, at the end of 2021 will be 4 years old.

I don't know many say that I watched a few anime for 3 years, but my reply is that I also have a social life to live.

Yes, for me too Naruto has a special place in my heart, very special, and I'm really glad that he was the one who brought me into the anime world.

I know it's hard to watch anime especially when you're 18+, you need money, maintenance, plus a lot of other things, but what to think weebs I think your whole life will be pink.
I can't even imagine how I will be at 18+, that is, how I will manage in life

Bruh, so relaxed, I love Japanese, I like what I hear :)), thank you very much.

Another One From Me:
Rynn- Feb 10, 5:56 AM
Its Ok -ω-

Long live your family, A very nice story, I like it, honestly and I wanted to have an older sister, not an older brother, because I think it's different to have someone who has some experience in life and to help you, in my family I'm the big brother I have a 13 year old brother and a 2 year old sister :))

Well, it's a longer history for me, I think I was about 11-12 years old and I was watching cartoons, yes and I didn't like it, I was looking for something different, and I came across naruto, after I came across naruto I looked for similar drawings, and so I started to notice the meaning of anime and to watch anime until today :))
Anime is something different and it's much better and deeper in the story and people's feelings than cartoons, anyway I'm 15 now, and I'm not attracted to cartoons at all when anime is, and I think I'll like it for the rest of my life. and if I watch one anime a month :))

Thanks :)), Here's one from me:

Is lofi and relaxing beats are something you always listen to?
Yes, I think lately, yes, but I also listen to rap and hiphop, xxxtentacion being my favorite artist
No problem, I'm glad I can help someone. ♡
-God Feb 8, 12:01 PM
All good?

Hmm I am.. It is a decent 7 lol, if I would also rate the toxic fan base that comes with it it would be negative though.
iikiteiru Feb 5, 3:22 AM
I like to watch by seasons but binge watch some animes that I know I can’t wait for. Like for example in this season it’s Attack on Titan lol
Horimiya is sooo good!! The animation is top notch as expected from cloverworks XD yupp watch it also sk8 is nice too
I still haven’t started hataraku saibou S2 T^T so yea it’s because I feel like if I watch more animes I won’t have time to study ;—; but I’ll consider watching it.. thanks hehe
-God Feb 1, 12:37 AM

Watching the finale of Attack on Titan?
Rynn- Jan 31, 9:38 AM
Thank you for understanding, by the way how you started watching anime.

Thanks, thanks I love what I hear, so relaxing and chill, but I still have another one:
-God Jan 30, 7:43 AM
Haha so you are not an OP fan? XD
-God Jan 28, 11:31 AM
Why? XD
Rynn- Jan 28, 10:46 AM
Well, I was drawn to your profile, and I'd like to talk (bad English sorry 🙏)

I know, I know, I'm glad you like it ~
-God Jan 27, 1:46 PM
The pace is slow, but I like it.
A decent 6/7 in my book.