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Days: 105.4
Mean Score: 6.64
  • Total Entries611
  • Rewatched49
  • Episodes6,616
Anime History Last Anime Updates
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Jun 1, 7:26 PM
Watching 32/39 · Scored -
Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Jun 1, 7:26 PM
Watching 9/? · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jun 1, 7:25 PM
Watching 9/26 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 75.1
Mean Score: 6.51
  • Total Entries866
  • Reread0
  • Chapters13,517
  • Volumes989
Manga History Last Manga Updates
500-nen no Itonami
500-nen no Itonami
Jun 2, 8:54 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7
Kaijuu no Kodomo
Kaijuu no Kodomo
May 27, 4:09 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Lueduo Diren De Xin
Lueduo Diren De Xin
May 20, 8:19 PM
Reading 45/64 · Scored 7



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kater_tot May 22, 6:50 AM

I haven't actually played it in a while cause i'm addicted to the Crunchyroll Bungou Stray Dogs game at the moment... i literally play it so much that i now have to wait for them to make the next level haha

Oh god, i hate wen that happens, there are so many manga that i'm reading that don't post often so i forget but i also have the problem that i'm reading so many that i forget what's happening in each one haha

Honestly it was just such a great anime. One that i'm watching right now which is on the same kinda emotional level is Kono Oto Tomare... you should watch it cause it has a similar vibe for Kaze Ga Tsuyoku but its about music instead of sports
SmaugBaggins May 3, 3:23 AM
It is all good. My life has also been busy also. Thank you for the birthday wishes hope Uni has been treating you well.
jelmpi Apr 25, 12:45 PM
hello my dear friend.
I'm sorry I've been away so long...
a lot of stuff has happened...
I've been abroad for a month, travelling through Thailand...
and then a friend of mine passed away :(
then some relatives....
so it's been rough, I thought I'd share it with you though...

I haven't been watching much anime either..... I kinda stuck to small things I guess....

what about you? how have you been?
Kataku-ri Apr 7, 7:23 AM
And thank you for accepting! :3
kater_tot Mar 29, 10:18 AM
Heeeey! That's cool, we all got life going on haha

Yeah, i picked Mutsu as my starter! I just loooove him hehe I haven't tried the events yet but im gonna.
Omfg, seriously?! I've seen the stuff about the Katsugeki movie but i dunno wen that's supposed to be released. Also, i NEED a season 3! I need that sweet, cinnamon roll goodness in my life again haha

I have Given on my To-Read List... i didn't know there was gonna be an anime! I wanna read it before it comes out. Another BL that i love (Ten Count) is being adapted into an anime too and that comes out in summer so i'm really excited!

Honestly, that entire anime was so damn inspiring! I loved that we got to see what they were doing after the race after the credits. I think Haiji went into the race knowing that he would never run again and that's why it meant so much to him which is so sad but also so great because he did it! I thought it was a great finale but im gonna miss that anime!
Spanking Feb 16, 10:23 AM

Let me tell you something, I just turned 20 and im trying to change my priorities, which includes replying to people I apparently ghosted because of college isdfjskjdhfksjdfhjkdf omg you stalked my tumblr? I haven't been on there for a while either and I'm lowkey mad bc some of my fav gay accounts are now gone when they changed the whole adult content bullshit :(

Honestly the whole spending $600 on textbooks is definitely a fucking huge mood every semester and I just paid a useless Biology textbook for $150 when our professor barely references shit from the textbook and gives her own definitions and stuff. It's so frustrating. But like there's also a life hack, go to r/textbooks on reddit and request textbooks you need and they literally would sell ebook or PDF versions of them for literally just around $15-$20. I wish I knew about this shit sooner ;/

Yeah, I am starting to adapt around here compared to how I was when I replied to you last year. I don't have actual friends yet but I'm starting to build acquaintances, which is a good start! <3 I feel you, there were times when I was starting to get close with someone too but they ended up transferring or dropping. ;/

I barely play games because I'm lazy af and am broke but I make exceptions for horror games like Outlast. I haven't been into idols and stuff at all but like they all look so cute??? I'm tempted but idk which ones to actually get into? And I'm so glad you enjoyed Monster! That kept me fangirling for months after I read it because wtf Johan is so whack but it's hard to hate him,,, #JohanDidNothingWrong

Oh yeah, as long as you enjoy what you were paying for! I don't think I'm gonna buy MAL membership anytime soon bc Imma probably ghost out again anyway skdfjhksjdfh because I've maintained my spot in the Dean's List for 2 semesters now and I don't wanna fuck it up ;<

Oh shit yes Ajin was so fucking amazing!!! Idk why they butchered my boi Guts like that, then again it's probably just hard to actually adapt something as good as Berserk. There were like, rumors of a live action too. And speaking of, A COWBOY BEBOP LIVE ACTION ADAPTED BY NETFLIX SDJKGGHKUERHGIUH IDK HOW TO FEEL TBH

Your adventure in Japan sounded amazing! I'm legitimately happy for you, and shit I may be awkward in social crap but I probably don't have any shame with buying BL in stores ksjdfhksdhf there's this place in CA called Little Tokyo where it's basically weeab land on CA so like there's this bookstore that sells all weeab shit and I bought maybe 2 BL manga with very embarrassing covers ksjdfhkdjsfh

Man, this is really late but thank you for the compliment regarding my art ;-; this means a lot to me who is still on the process of figuring out what type of art i really wanna go for... i took history too although it was particularly art history so i saw beautiful gay orgies here and there and it was definitely interesting ;^))) i'm taking 2D design and Figure Drawing classes rn and tbh they make me anxious because our projects always have to be critiqued in front of the whole class and while i appreciate constructive criticisms, i really am not so confident having my work out there for all of the class (with lots of art majors) to see ;<
ooh you were job hunting when we last talked, are you working right now? ;o

kater_tot Feb 12, 12:22 PM
HAHAHA! Happy days, i finally have Touken Ranbu Pocket! I did the whole Japanese apple account thing which is so damn awesome... so many Otome games... but i can't freakin' read them 😭 I'm really enjoying the Touken Ranbu so far even though i have no idea what most of it says so i'm just clicking random buttons haha

That is so annoying, i don't see the problem with BL and most of the time the relationships in BL anime/manga is so damn sweet! omfg that youtube video is golden... i was laughing so loud hahaha He's so damn right though!

Y'know, i think there's actually a chance they might not win... like you said, it could go either way cause there are a few factors that make it seem like it's impossible for them to win. Is it weird that i would have no problems with letting Haiji manipulate me into enjoying masochistic running regimes? XD
kater_tot Feb 10, 11:08 AM
Haha that really would be a sight to behold 😂

Omg, thank you! I'm gonna install all that crap on my computer and play me some Touken Ranbu! I'm sad now cause i don't have an android, i've got a iphone... i'm gonna find a way to get Touken Ranbu Pocket on my iphone! Also thanks for the starter link, that is gonna be super helpful!

So many amazing anime get ignored and it's heartbreaking... like Banana Fish! That anime was so beautiful and painful and fantastic and it did not get even half the attention it deserved!
To be honest, Kaze is more about the journey than the results cause they're obviously gonna win but it's all about the climb to get there (wow.... i just sound so philosophical!) hahaha
Baumgartner_ Feb 9, 7:12 PM
I sent you a pm xD
kater_tot Feb 7, 9:26 AM
Haha thanks! I actually watched a show the other day about AI and that shit is suuuuper scary! I have space enough in my soul to be scared of robots AND dogs selling hats... and robot dogs selling hats haha Wen i tried to sign up it wouldn't let me... it kept saying it was available in my country... oh well!
OMG i freakin' looooove Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru! It's so underrated man! I'm not gonna lie; my heart was pounding at the results scene! I absolutely love Ouji... i feel like i relate to him on a spiritual level
Baumgartner_ Feb 4, 4:12 PM
Ohhh budy! That's the first time that I know someone who knows X Japan too.
I love them like I love Yemon and AKG
Ugh, J-rock's contagious

Ureshii ~~
kater_tot Jan 24, 6:54 AM
What Kater_tot? thanks haha! In Japan... the animals will rule (by selling hats). Omg, thanks for letting me know, i'm literally gonna go and play it right now haha
jelmpi Jan 23, 4:13 PM
Jojokes XDDD Damn how did I never think of that?!!!!!

are you anti-isekais or :P ?
I'm glad I've convinced you :D !!!

how have you been doing though?
Everything going better :) ?
kater_tot Jan 21, 10:45 AM
Omg that is hilarious! 'My dog sells hats' is definitely a sentence needed to get through life hahaha! I'm just completely concentrating on Japanese now cause other wise i get myself confused!
Elfezen Jan 21, 4:52 AM
Thanks for accepting request, i also love Steel Ball Run and especially Funny Valentine