Yamamori, Mika

Yamamori, Mika

Given name: 三香
Family name: やまもり
Birthday: Oct 8,
Website: http://ameblo.jp/making...
Member Favorites: 677
Zodiac: Libra
Blood Type: A
Birth place: Ishikawa, Japan

Hobby: Drawing, watching movies
Strong point: indecisiveness
Something she feels proud of: Seeing Jackie Chan's father
Favorite phrase: In reality...
Collects: DVDs
Favorite food: Sweets
Favorite magazine: GLITTER
Favorite TV show: Sekai no shasou kara, Youga Gekijou
Favorite colors: Green, gold, deep crimson, deep blue, cherry flower color

Twitter: @whoknowsmika3
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Hibi Chouchou x Hirunaka no Ryuusei
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Hirunaka no Ryuusei
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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Bangai-hen
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Kirishima, Bukatsu Yameru tte yo
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Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
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Potato_Chips21 | Dec 15, 2016 7:56 PM
ughhhh m reading Tsubaki-chou lonely planet T-T ughhhhhhhhhh sensei's work makes me wanna fall in love with a sensei tooooo *-*

xull | Oct 23, 2016 11:44 AM
I love your works, and really! people are still mad about the whole mazume thing.......

fillings | Sep 26, 2016 3:25 PM
i love daytime shooting star but this is the first manga that ever made me feel so... mad??? i don't know but it made me regret reading daytime shooting star because i don't like who the main character ending up with. but other than that DAYTIME SHOOTING STAR u should read it. i do have to say that this manga gives me bad vibes i just don't like how it ended and etc. i love/hate it sorry.. ik there's a side story but uh... idk.

rabeel123 | Sep 6, 2016 12:30 PM
Look having read the manga I by the end wanted her to end up with Mamura, he cared more about her feelings than his own. That being said i felt sorry for sensai it was sad and i felt bad for him, i felt even worse that after 6 years he wasn't able to get over her but it is suggested that his neighbour might be his end game. All in all I felt the same way Sazume felt about both sensai and Mamura. My heart ached for sensai but was very warm towards Mamura. I hated however the part where sensai is barely in the last few chapters :(

Mycelis_Tsukiyo | Aug 14, 2016 2:26 AM
Stop spoiling on the author page.

MTKN9068 | May 25, 2016 5:00 AM
Every time that the main lead ends up with the 3rd main character, it's almost impossible not to see any complain.

Mamura deserve Suzume better than Shishio. Suzume loved Shishio, she did everything in order for him to love him back. Shishio also like her but when faced with problem, he gave her up immediately. He decided to get on the flow of her feelings, made hopes high.. but he couldn't take responsibility for it in the end.

Instead of telling her how he truly feel and talk to her about their situation. He decided to hurt her in order to protect himself, that is what made him lose to Mamura. Mamura will always chose Suzume's happiness over his, even if it will hurt him.

If the manga sell more, then probably the ending wouldn't be too rushed and will give more explanation for sensei. But since the manga didn't sell well, she tried her best to make it more sense for Mamura to be the end game, so Shishio had to appear less.

glamazon | Jan 13, 2016 2:55 PM
lmaooooo @ mazume fans still saying that we think the ending was bad (actually the whole 2nd half) because of shipping options. yeah so great a rushed manga that simply forgets one of the main characters exists and with such b-a-s-i-c character development wow such a well written manga

KyunVampireGirl | Dec 14, 2015 2:29 AM
Yeah, my mistake, I didn't check up Twitter for a while and didn't see her Mamura avatar. But it's a fact she changed editors before volume 5 or such, and that her new editor was a big Mamura fan. It isn't unheard of that editors force authors (specially not-so-well known like Yamamori) to change their stories to their liking. Also, the Twitter poll. Mamura won, suddenly the story is all about Mamura. Shishio deserved closure, not just a short special. The manga is named after him, for God's sake.

It's just childish bickering, I know nothing can be done about the ending. I realize being a mangaka is a very unfulfilling job and that she needs to make a living. But god, she could've gone ahead with making Shishio and Samejima's story instead of making a copypaste of Hirunaka's original plot (Tsubakichou)

CutePriest | Dec 13, 2015 8:41 PM
The ending of HnR is literally forced to please the fans. The whole last chapter shits on Suzume's character , suddenly turns it into Mamura's story , shits on Shishio by turning him into just a plot device for the last 25 or so chapters, leaves big plot holes like Suzume not finding out the reason as to why Shishio left her , never finding out that her uncle was a part of it and MOST OF ALL leaving your boyfriend when he sees that you still love your first love and tells you to go and met him and she goes there just to reject him. There is no build-up for that, i can understand shocking the fans but even that should make some sense. Also Shishio was a far better character than Mamura(Typical kuddere with shy personality) and had some actual depth. The last chapter showed that Suzume only loved her ideal vision of Shishio and not who he is an an individual and that makes no sense to her actions in the second last chapter.
It's not about Shishio fans being salty but about how illogical and forced the ending is i.e. there is no build-up for that. Also Yamamori-sensei herself realized that she wasted Shisio's potential as a character and is thinking of writing a new manga about Shishio and Samejima.

Shoujo | Nov 11, 2015 6:03 PM
Um excuse me? The ending was planned before the polling, and the fandom didn't effect it. She's not bitter about it all, it was her choice.
*sigh* Well I guess Shitshio fan's cant grasp that.
I'm not sure what you meant by Tsubakichou's plot but i think she has a thing for older men in her manga.She wanted to do something different than HNR.
And about her halloween avatar, her orinigal avatar was Mamura but she changed it to Shishio after a few days.
Since it’s Halloween, I changed my icon.”
“I’ll put Shishio on after”
But I have to agree with you, her art is REALLY good. One of my favorite artists :)Like her storytelling too

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