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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: Youth
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: Youth
Feb 12, 3:43 AM
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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Feb 6, 11:19 AM
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Feb 6, 8:39 AM
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leanna Feb 8, 3:53 AM

SweetRem Feb 8, 1:26 AM
Hello just passing by..

Who is that character on your profile picture?
Kihno Feb 5, 7:46 AM
omg amnesia! Lmao yeah heroine was definitely dumb af. She made me question every single action of hers!

ah yes, hidden gems! For instance, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru it's still airing but please try checking this out too if you have the time *cries* my running boys deserve better

oooh voice actors you dislike? may I know who and why? :-D hahaha mama girl! that's cute! You're gonna bring your mum to watch Ballroom with you?

Yesssssss Shiratorizawa FTW! uhhhhh Karasuno? who dat? lmao just kidding but on a serious note, I dislike Karasuno intensely.

Would you like to share as to why Atsumu is your little beautiful bundle of joy? Would love to know him more from an avid fan! :D

I don't read the manga cause I would not consider myself a Haikyuu fan as it just makes my blood boil at times. I guess it has something to do with Karasuno being the main team and all but I just really wanna see more of Shiratori and Inari so yeah you see my problem here >_> Liking minor characters can be really painful T_T

BUT OMG YEAH THE MONEYYYYY! I completely forgotten that I just bought Shiratori merchandise hahahahaha you just reminded me now my heart hurts just thinking about my money :>

No need to feel ashamed of your on hold list! Haha you do what you want to do XD
Nate Feb 4, 2:33 PM
Well, yeah, but I mean, you probably wanted it as well, because if you wouldn't want that, it wouldn't happen in the first place
I have no inspiration, I ran out of ideas, I don't even have a theme I want to use- Just let me be naked, pls

My Photoshop is open though, and it doesn't help. The layout doesn't want to make itself shrugs
Kitix Feb 4, 2:21 PM
i would not dare >,> i feel like i slid into top cuz of luck xDDDDD
still does victory dance

don't wanna be pessimist, but i am surprised too. don't misunderstand tho, in my heart it was 1st from the start, but i always doubt the majority of mal ppl taste :"D but once again something in what person put soul to should win =w= such attention to details worthy to get praise *Q*

ooooooooh i will be waiting with passion ☆w☆ i am urs fan forever nao -w-
euhm.... <,< i can't just laze around? >,> just like....

basically idk with which theme i should roll orz
tho i did collect for one, but i want to take time with it to make sure it will go well... i am still not completely satisfied how Natsume ended up xDDDD

fufufufu tbh i didn't realise it's also from the guy who wrote Dr.Stone until recently :"D
and i am glad my persistence wasn't for nothing ö3ö

and dw about xmas greetings~ it was extremely rare for me to actually do those cuz i keep forgetting plus i am lazy to reply myself and month can pass before i realise that i still need to answer xDDDD
Nate Feb 4, 10:10 AM



I have no idea what are you talking about
ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛
k3ti Feb 4, 5:55 AM
okay, okay so first let me say 'CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING 1ST PLACE, U TOTALLY DESERVE IT!', have to say that i was so happy when i saw it hehe ^^, i cant stop grinning like an idiot now hah o(≧∇≦o)
anyway let me continue our conversation now hah~
Well thank you very much, yeah i agree, here in Croatia when it was finals, the atmospere was crazy! i mean for us, a small country, just being in finals was 'wow' so it was really nice to see so good atmospere where we all got together. and it's so nice to hear someone (not from Croatia) to share the same opinion ^^ that's nice to hear, its great when u have something u love so much. Yes! i agree, and it was to expect that he will also get a lot of hate because of that, but also love lol
hhh, oh u are making me embarassed here (/ω\) ah when i get some free time i hope i will make something, but i dont have any specific for now in mind (maybe 'Horimiya' for now but i will see) hoho, i will gladly take your advice then~ glad to have someone i can ask heh ^^
Ohh myy!!! i just saw your DA and im still amazed how freaking good you are, damn, damnnn ! srsly like every single thing you posted there, it' too good for my eyes xd i can just look at it every day~ srsly, like i sad u are pro for me~
anways, sry if i went overboard with flattering but i just coudlnt't not say it hah. and now let me answer u haha, yeah i have DA but for now im not posting anything, it's just there for resources and pngs and other stuff hah. so i dont know really about DA, i mean i didn't even know that u can add cause i dont use it hah i think i added u lol, tell me if i didn't haha, i'm like a serious noob for DA xd
yess, i was super suprised, tbh i didn't even expect it in slightest. so i was super happy when i was selected, u?
Kihno Feb 4, 4:46 AM
hahaha likewise! Don't really find genres like harem appealing unless its reverse harem then there is a possibility that I might check that out lmao

Omg yes! I never expected that I would enjoy Ballroom! At first I was so reluctant to watch it plus it also was something random that I just happened to pick up. Also, have absolutely no interest in ballroom dancing but I guess those anime where you expect nothing at all are usually the ones which are really good (always in my case lol) All in all, I hope for a second season!

As for Haikyuu, I am forever salty over the fact that my purple Shiratori boys lost. Looks like I will never move on lol

And I see Atsumu in your favourites! Hehe along with the other Inarizaki boys, I am excited to see them animated! Not that I read the manga or what but I happen to come across them numerous times on the net so yeah another reason to invest my time and energy on Haikyuu! Despite the immense grief and despair of my purple boys, yes I know I am being dramatic

Hahahaha I am quite the opposite! I get bored easily, hence quite the number of dropped anime and yet more to come ><
Kitix Feb 4, 2:23 AM
fufufufu Congratulations with 1st place (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
*now will for next layout* =w=
so how is E21 doing? ö3ö
k3ti Feb 3, 6:59 AM
hahah u too xd, yes i am, well i cant really say that im a big fan of sports, but i always watch world cup so yeah lol, love him, he is so down to earth. i mean just look at him when he was a child, who would know he would be now one of the best footbal players

yeah, true that hah, i had couple of times when i just wanted to give up, but now im glad i didnt xd, it was really fun making it, hope my next layout will be made in photoshop~ yeah, that's the main reason i want to switch to photoshop. well its a time well spent !
nice! srsly i think you are now my inspiration haha ^^
sure i am, i mean am already happy cause i was selected xd hah
Kihno Feb 1, 11:00 PM
Haha no problem! I hope they are to your liking! Even if they aren't, you can always drop 'em lol

Happy watching!
k3ti Jan 31, 11:09 AM
ah but i still like yours better, cant stop looking it~ and big plus for mentioning Modrić heh
hmm i would say 1 year for now, when i remember how my first card i made looked like damn haha xd well i just started cause it looked fun and now im hooked when i have free time hah, im still using gimp so i hope i can swith to real photoshop soon hah how abut u? yours definitly looks more skilled hah
thank you! you too ^^
k3ti Jan 30, 4:21 AM
aa thank youu ^^ but cmon it cant even compare to yours~ your's is the real skill, love it *-*

Nate Jan 17, 1:56 PM
Nate Jan 17, 1:55 PM