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Bunnyama Apr 10, 7:46 AM
Oh my god that's horrible...... I hope there wasn't much people hurt or worst during this accident.
Hopefully you will be able to visit another place you want meanwhile ;;
Bunnyama Apr 10, 7:41 AM
That's understandable... we barely realise that the people around us are getting older until they show the biggest signs of change in their bodies and life.. A peaceful like might be better for the older people to rest after all o(>< )o

O..Oh is her memory failing a bit ? or was that a joke because of your behaviour ? (; ̄Д ̄) Tho i think my parents are kinda the same. They can barely process i'm gonna turn 27 this year and sometimes i feel like they just don't want see me grow and parting from them ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ Still treating me like i'm 14 sometimes, it's kinda embarassing..
yaru Apr 10, 5:22 AM
Oh no... the buffet gave you the wrong kind of present! Husband and son also got food poisoning?! Glad to hear you are better. Little Shorty must be quite old now right? I bet he is growing up to be very handsome, since his mother is so beautiful.

Lmao waifu and nelnel summoned me back through Lunar New Years channelling. Age has nothing to do with it, I am happy to see you are still indulging in things that makes you happy, happiness is most important ♥

Oh! My mum is the same with crime shows, but we managed to watch one series of that genre together, it was this one called Under the Skin:
But that was only because she loves the main actor as a singer, hahaha

Yes! I plan to stay with them for as long as possible, they are quite old and sick now, every day with them is a blessing I want to cherish. I have a dog now too, he is called 叉燒 XD
-Sonal- Apr 7, 7:05 PM
Wow. I thought that culture of drinking your brains out and wasting your money on alcohol was something that Japan was getting rid of.
maybe her colleagues were older than her? I've heard Japanese people prefer to make friends based on people's ages and blood types. Is that also true?

Tell me in detail about your visit to Japan. How many days was it, what did you have to prepare beforehand, how expensive it is there, the weather etc etc

viraat_pirate Apr 7, 11:05 AM
ah thanks! a friend got me into designing and after that i ended up liking it so much that i made the layout haha, i was very inspired by the layout designs from the contests they are always super creative and well made! though i had a question if you don't mind me asking: how do you make progress on designs that you've been stumped on? lately i've been getting stumped often, like i have a general idea of what i want the banner to look like but during execution the elements don't blend well with the character or i end up using too much space. ah no worries! i am happy that my layout got nominated haha. ah that's awesome! looking forward to seeing your new profile!
yaru Apr 7, 6:58 AM
I had dinner at home with my parents! ♥

How did you celebrate yours?

Yes! It worked well, was so nostalgic, it reminded me of all the days spent watching anime back then and using MAL. Used to come on everyday to talk with you, pagu and nelnel, and see your amazing graphics!

LOL OMG, my mum does too! XD But sometimes I watch the mainland china ones with her if it looks interesting, and I guess it is a good bonding experience. The first one we watched together was called Blood of Youth (which felt like an anime plot, it was good. Four people team up together and go on an adventure).

Love you ♥
yaru Apr 6, 5:22 AM
Thank you my beloved waifuuuu ♥
I watched the new Bleach seasons and then Solo Levelling recently and really enjoyed it..!
Also watching some cdrama with mum too. Do you watch any?
jay Apr 5, 8:38 PM
Bunnyama Apr 5, 5:55 AM
WAIT NOT WITH THE INTENTION TO KILL YOU THO ! (งಠ_ಠ)ง If you truly insist on replying to them, i won't stop you /pat

Yeah that's understandable... Is your mom doing not doing okay health-wise ? or is it because of the traditional thing where the parents some to live with the children when they reach a certain age ? I guess once they have their little habits it's hard to make them change their little ways. My grandfather is living with my dad now because it's more peaceful here, and whenever my uncles ask if he wants to come back with them he refuses because he doesn't like the big city (even tho he doesn't go out that much anymore) /sweats. w..wait in what way ? she thinks you're in your late 20s mentally or.. just .. really in your late 20s ? (; ・_・)
Bunnyama Apr 5, 1:41 AM
I'm gonna headlock you for real !! Don't worrrrrrrrrrryyyy auhzeahahahhaa we can always start new convo whenever you feel like it )o) or even randomly talk on discord u'know ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
Okay that's good to know if your health is better at least.. And i'm sorry to hear you had to go through some more negativity recently with all of that..moments like that are never easy.. Take some time for yourself to get better !! if you ever need to rant or just think about anything else, i'm always here to lend a hear to you (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
viraat_pirate Apr 4, 11:15 PM
Hey! how are you doing? thanks for nominating my profile! it's my first layout so it's kinda messy haha. your designs are really cool! i like how the elements synergize with one another really well, like in your oshi no ko layout!
Bunnyama Apr 2, 1:31 PM

zjekhkjzehaze the yutadish !
Don't worry shino tan :O honestly i kinda feel the same with my replies especially with long ones.. I'm back at being in my shell for the time being orz happens happens so don't worry about a think /pokes. I HOPE YOU'RE DOING OKAY SINCE OUR DISCORD CONVO ! I'm sure it was just a bad moment ! gotta stay positive for what's to come /nods nods.
-Sonal- Apr 1, 9:57 PM
Japan's toxic work culture is legendary and it's sad that these people have assumed it to be something that's normal. I'm guessing the younger generation isn't as tolerant of exploitation as their parents' generation? Plus, overworked and underpaid employees should be angry at their bosses and the government for allowing such open exploitation of them asses. They have zero right to be rude to tourists, until and unless the tourists were rude first, which is rarely the case.

Do the locals refuse to listen to online translations of Eng-Jap requests as well?

yaru Apr 1, 12:15 PM
Luminisce Mar 31, 7:45 PM
oml thankfully i decided to stalk your profile after noticing your new DP sdhs but nooooooooo
i'm so late to congratulating you ૮(˶╥︿╥)ა still, happy belated bday shino !!
hope you had a wonderful time and ate tons of yummy food <3
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