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Snicker55 10 hours ago
Aww well ok, well then ill patiently wait for your next works and nominate them hehe, can't wait ( ̄ω ̄)
-Sonal- Nov 30, 7:08 AM
I found this to be funny but idk about you.

> There were several of road signs which started using Simplified Chinese instead of Traditional Chinese
So is that a good thing or bad?

I was recently recommended videos from this channel They make quite insightful stuff about Chinese corruption. Not sure who's getting them info for the vids, tho.

The content on this channel is produced by a team, independent of any government or legacy media, including former Chinese national television reporters, veteran journalists and editors of North American Chinese media. We are second-generation Chinese families raised in North America, and long-time experts on China. We are committed to showing our audience what China, an ancient and vast country, has to offer the world by exploring its past and its present.

> Is your family vegetarian too?
Yes, including the dogs haha.
> I don't really have much time or even mood to go online at all for the past few weeks.
What happened?
Luminisce Nov 28, 3:46 PM
Damnnn, that extra time struggle though (ノ_<。)

Yeah. Not because I scream nonstop when watching scary scenes and stuff, but because I'm the type that starts to overthink a lot and imagine all these crazy real-life scenarios later on XD

Araberu Nov 28, 12:53 PM
Ahh, please don't worry bout that. While i can't deny that i typically have a few paragraphed responses to reply to, I don't really think of it as a big deal. feel free to drop by a message anytime no matter the length, i really don't mind. there really is no need to feel that way. („• ᴗ •„) now that i'm thinking about it, i never once thought that replying to/messaging people was a waste of time tbh.

I assume lockdown started towards the end of 2019 for you then? Almost three years into lockdown, that really does suck. Aw yeah, that is really sad. :( i hope the lockdown ends soon so you're able to bring your child around and see the things that you would like to show him. though, unfortunately (at least where i am) with the new variant of the virus, it might be a long time sadly. are you able to take him to a few places though despite the pandemic or is there literally no places you are able to take him?
As for things over here, we're suspecting another lockdown upcoming maybe after Christmas? (at least thats what my family thinks). I am not really keeping tabs on the virus myself atm but it seems pretty bad at schools near where i am since all these kids are refusing vaccination and causing more risks towards their family and classmates. (-ω-、)

If I am understanding correctly then, Oh? Trying out a different/new style? that's really nice! :o Can't wait to see it when you finish it! That's really good to hear! It always seems to amaze me when Graphic Designers have a growth mindset bout their GFX and are able to create a creation that's still their style but different. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Aw, that's very sweet of you to say. I'm honored to hear you feel that way. 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

Ohh, i definitely see what you mean. losing motivation midway while doing something is always really annoying ;w; Especially when its something you really want to put effort into. Does this typically happen to you or do you take long breaks when you do lose motivation whilst creating something? (i have no idea if that question even makes sense so please do let me know if it doesn't sweats) Thank you, the luck will definitely be needed!
Luminisce Nov 27, 6:47 PM
Ah, good decision. It's been a bit of a while since I last did that, but recharging and putting aside some time to think and focus on yourself is something that I heavily need sometimes. Hope it somehow worked at least a little then <3

Well well fuwa fuwa stuffs from Shino no matter the time (or frequency) is more than enough of a blessing (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

And although I don't really know what those shits irl are in your case, I'm sure you've given your best and worked hard to get through everything, so that's what truly matters. This might've just been some cheesy ass line right here, but y'know how it is.
Always sending you some love and support your way, Shino aka the fuwa fuwa stuffs master ( ̄▽ ̄)

Yeah, we don't want your son getting traumatized by horror stuff, lol... including me. Not really good with them /sweats

Yup yup! I saw it first on DA and immediately got blessed. Love that papery texture and especially this:
Araberu Nov 27, 4:25 PM
looks around profile... pauses... see's bell lit up on MAL... proceeds to click it and now i'm here HUHH SHINO-SAN HAS APPEARED ON MY PROFILE AGAIN? Σ(°ロ°)
don't worry bout adding to my reply list, you're welcome here anytime~! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
thanks for dropping a message by, btw! i really appreciate it when people take time out of their busy schedules and socialize with me!

oh, really? never really considered that ngl. hearing that now really makes me happy though. oh? january 2022? oh wow, next year! its so hard for me to believe that 2022 is next year and covid has been around for almost two years now.. where does the time go. (-ω-、) looking forward to seeing that layout you have planned though! i bet it'll turn out great, you got this! since we're on the topic of layouts, i was looking through your past layouts on DA for inspiration since you're one of my main inspirations and it was really cool to see the variety of anime's and genres you use for your layouts! it really amazed me! c: i hope that doesn't sound like i stalked you or smth cause i swear i didn't (*_ _)人regarding what you said about me working on improving on a monthly basis, i'm not really sure i see what you're talking about but regardless, i thank you for that! <3

really? it looks to me that the layout had a lot of effort on it but since the creator typically knows more than the non-creator, i guess i have to accept it even though i dont want to. (´-ω-`) though, regardless of whether or not you think you put a lot of effort into the creation, i still think it deserves compliments /nods. no problem! theres no doubt in my mind that you will give it your best!
Araberu Nov 11, 5:31 PM
yet another wonderful layout by shino! :) love the creativity and effort as always! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
good luck with your irl things! wish you all the best. <3
KarenShirotori Nov 11, 3:20 PM
Bunnyama Nov 11, 3:13 PM
(「• ω •)「 SASUGA SHINO TAN DELIVERING ANOTHER AMAZING PROFILE /WHISTLES ! diagonal layouts are so awesome, you simply rock it ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ
Sereshay Nov 11, 10:20 AM
the chibis you used for the friends section are simply too adorable (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
Sereshay Nov 11, 10:18 AM

Luminisce Nov 1, 5:19 PM
Yup, they are fuwa fuwa stuffs, and my sweet tooth more often than not can confirm this, heh.

Thank you, Shino! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Are you perhaps doing one this month or will our eyes not get to be blessed this time? /pouts
-Sonal- Oct 30, 11:47 PM
Okay, so you meant that she changed her lyrics to be more anti-CCP? I assumed you meant she watered down her lyrics when you said she "amended" it

> it is actually much worse than it appears to be
Yes, that's just as about as I expected. So have they started wiping out Canto and made Mandarin compulsory, along with CCP literature? And do you think China will soon take over Taiwan as well?

> reach more information from the outside world, you will need VPN - Which is basically illegal in China
They can't copy a capitalistic society like America's, love their celebs and high end brands, and not want to know how the outside world works, especially from America's POV. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Yes, I'm a vegetarian. One day I hope to become a vegan but let's see when that happens.
Araberu Oct 30, 6:41 AM
oh my, a wild shino-san has appeared on my profile ∑(O_O;)
omigah- i was able to inspire you? :o looking forward to seeing the idol beauty on your profile sooner or later! ganbare! (*´▽`*)
now, what idol would it be thonk
Bunnyama Oct 29, 6:37 AM