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Luminisce Yesterday, 10:54 AM
Ok but the way I haven't been able to choose which version I like more (っ °Д °;)っ
I really liked this song! Didn't know it's the first Chinese song that's been shared on THE FIRST TAKE's channel :o
Reminds me of the first time that Stray Kids sang "Slump" in THE FIRST TAKE. It was such a shock and made me so happy and proud as well <3

Maybe it's not necessary to wake up that early, but she probably doesn't want to feel more stressed by rushing too much with preparations (⇀‸↼‶)

Haha yeah ngl, if we were still active and talking through this website after 5+ years, we should throw a virtual anniversary party or something, lmaoo.
Shino Nov 23, 10:31 AM
Pending replies: Snickers, Sonalu, Bunny.
Snicker55 Nov 22, 10:17 AM
OOOO You finally started to add your badges on your profile
Bunnyama Nov 15, 6:11 AM
Shino said:
Gensoumaden Saiyuuki
Oct 31, 12:00 PM
Watching 6/50 · Scored -

Woah, that's such a nostalgic title you are watching ;v;

Oh god !! Yeaaaaaaaaah zejkzhejkazaz I've been eyeing this title for a while ! I think i saw it in your faves a while ago actually and decided to check it out because the boyz where somehow cute (^_<)〜☆ Also i've seen there was a new season/anime made pretty recently so it must be a pretty long journey (シ. .)シ
Bunnyama Nov 15, 6:08 AM
Yeaaaah I might get a new one around next year... i would like to use the one i currently have until it dies for good, cause these things are expensive as fuck (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳

oh my god hahahah your husband gets it (「• ω •)「 go get them discounts sir ! Y...yeah i think i actually grown pretty fast when i was a kid and then it just stopped └( ̄- ̄└)) god said, you will not have access to the top shelves chocolate cookies ! Oooh yeah that makes sense ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Y...yeah kinda... to go "deeper", my mom had a difficult childhood and ended up being alone at a very very young age, and didn't grow up with a very structured family frame and all these things so I suppose it had a great impact on her life and how she did and still do things sometimes.. (*´ー`) Yeah i totally agree with you !
oh naruhodo ne.. It's totally okay don't worry ! i'm glad if you could talk to them about him〜 talking to someone about certain things can be difficult sometimes so maybe it helped you a little to ease your feelings about it..

Roooooooooh is he into this kind of moment where he starts to see how far he can go before you get angry... D..don't be discouraged ! YOU GOT THIS ! ( ~*-*)~
Bunnyama Nov 15, 5:51 AM
Yah i understand, i kinda feel the same when i see a long comment on my profile taking the dust for a while.. but the people are usually very understanding !! So really, as i always say don't worry <3 people will wait for your return and understand that you are busy with some other stuff ! ~(>_<~) The people who care about you will stick with you no matter how long it takes or how random the conversations are ! YES YES ! ヾ( ์ ω ์ )b

It's so nice to see you so passionate even after all this time ! that means the spark never stopped !! How did you end up being such a fan of Shotan btw ? or how did you discover his songs ? ฅ(•ㅅ•❀) Maybe you lil' idol will end up being a fan as well if you make him listen to some Shotan songs !
W...wait there was an accident ? I'm sorry to say that I really don't know what happened to them, i hope everything will be fine for them and their fandom ٩(ˊ〇ˋ*)و

(ಠ_ಠ) you are so dedicated to the comments waw... I don't think i will ever be able to reply to such long comments on my phone with my bad eyes and fat fingers that will typo to no ends............ I don't mind discord at all but MaL interface is not really practicable on phone in my opinion (oT-T)尸 PROPS SHINO TAN !
Bunnyama Nov 15, 5:43 AM
Shino said:

i... i... I WILL CARRY ON YOUR WILL and try not to c...crush your d...dreams Σ(°△°|||)︴
I'm not sure if i'm ready to feel the wrath of yandere tan /HIDES UNDER BED

tho honestly i have something in mind but i'm not sure how i'm gonna make it works since my brain keeps imagining specific things that i'm not even sure i can make kzjehfjkerf help ???
Bunnyama Nov 15, 5:40 AM
yosh yosh yosh ! I will always have some free time for shino tan ! I expected to keep my spree with these new comments but life had other plans (シ_ _)シ I wanted to reply during my long week end and surprise you again but my body decided to rest a bit before the big christmas rush incoming ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ) I FAILED YOU !! I FAILED MYSELF AND THIS WORLD
Bunnyama Nov 15, 5:36 AM
I told you i died when i saw your message about this on discord but i'm wheezing so hard i'm sorry zeijrkhzjer
(╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻ i hope you didn't type anything before it gave you the error /shook
Bunnyama Nov 15, 5:33 AM
-Sonal- Nov 12, 6:09 AM
Maybe the CCTV thing is an issue in bigger companies and/or bigger cities in India. I haven't worked there so I can't comment on that. I live in a Tier II city, so it's not really a thing here. And at government offices? Haha. Only if they're a centrally owned government office that is at a high position, or if the state government has offices related to the Chief Minister, Mayor etc. Otherwise, we barely have any. On rare ocassions, I even leave my office by 2 or 3 pm if I have no further work to do.

> I believe that HK is totally out of the question since all was written between their agreement with England that it has to be 'returned' on the year of 1997.
Who cares about an agreement that white colonizers made with a communist regime? It holds no value today. Even if it didn't exist, I think China would have simply taken over HK anyway. I watched a YT video where it stated that the only reason HK was given autonomy was bc it gave a lot of money to China via taxes and profits made by various industries. As soon as that income reach a point low enough for China to not make HK's independence worth it, they took over it.

End Nov 12, 5:26 AM
Of course, I need to reply! I've been wanting to talk with ya for a long time! and then there's the chance that I simply kennot let it pass by lahh hshshss

oh my, that's so kind of you! I'm glad that I could make you something at the very least hahaa But really, you deserve every bit of it! I just realised that the gift should be a png; dummy me forgot to remove the background after editing, gomen nee ; - ;

hyahhh shinochii, I'm sorry to say this, but really, I was already done with GFX a few months ago by deleting my adobe-whatnot-related + + my resource folders as well. Ironically, I just made this dusk layout on a whim since one of the dusk fan art images on Twitter piqued my interest, and even then, this was done using the online editor, -Canva hsshhshh I might do some little gfx here and there in the future as a gift I think? but definitely not layout anymore. But I'll be cheering for you for sure. After all, those are some heavenly designs, not gonna lie :') This may seem abrupt, but blame my selfish self for not wanting to appear hypocritical, especially since you're my first inspiration, idol, or sweat :(

Also, your name was on my previous mini-layout for an appreciation-bless-list <'33
Snicker55 Nov 11, 2:13 PM
Well hello there Shino, after yea a month i finally can reply to you as well had busy month so i know you'll prob understand but back where we left off so. No im totally ok with all the long convos, paragraphs we do its not like you're the first person who i have paragraph convos with ;D

Oh yea i get you so its totally ok like people are different and there will always be some negativity in something or where ever you look so thats the right thing to do.

Well im just saying the truth >:) but damn yea it was refreshing i guess like since last kinda cute layout i made was Guras it felt nice to work one something fun and different from my other stuff but yea will try to make more in the future since we have a lot of people & stuff to inspire from

Haha yeap i knew it nah its totally ok since i kinda knew that you had a lot of stuff going on already and you usually don't do collabs. Oh thats nice since i did want to ask you about one thing, which is how do you make your layouts have that low saturation looks like the graying look you give them, like do you use exposure adjustment layer or just use some kind of a filter or something else.

Welp yeap its the one thing that keeps me busy for most of my time usually, but yea that maybe true but we still love you and i know there are much more older people on mal as well so you shouldn't be worrying about that plus for me personally i can connect more with people that are older than me more than younger for most of the time. Oh currently im 3rd year and next one is my last one. But yea haven't studied anywhere else besides Latvia since i don't have the funds or im not that smart to get in to exchange programs but yea studying surveying/GIS Mapping currently if you don't know what it is then my job is all about google maps and that kind of a stuff ofc we can choose where we want to go after we graduate since my job has many nieces we can choose from but i thats just a gist of if since i would have to write another paragraph to go in to more details.

but yea hope to hear from you soon and glad talk to you

And about the badge yea you have but as i already said i don't care even if thats the case i still think you deserve them the same way they do so i will still give you badge if i feel like i want to give it to you and nothing will change my mind.
Araberu Nov 8, 7:05 AM
SaintZeph Nov 6, 1:06 PM
thats so cool that your husband loved yuru camp that much!! though cough cough i personally don't deal with bugs/creepy crawlies very well so yeah camping is way, way low on my list of fun outdoor activities haha
and ooh purple hairlights sound like fun! were they dark (like to blend into your natural hair) or on the brighter side? and did you dye it yourself? (✧ω✧) i personally just couldn't risk and id probably ask a friend to do it for me if i ever went that route haha

ooh um yeah - my family (except my brother) lives in bangkok atm so i went to visit them this summer and might go again for new years but that's not really concrete or anything, and now its flu season here so have to get shots for that too before i think of travelling again :')

and yeah that's fair! i did consider making an alt for all my umh /questionable/ shows + manga but arghh that's way too much effort just to track my anime for me lol so yeah i get it x

looking back uhm yeah 12 airing shows is quite a bit much and even more so now but i really like the thrill you get from finding hidden gems in the seasonal section -- like shadows house and summertime rendering which i both started on a whim when they aired just because they sounded cool haha

and ooh not yet. i actually bought the paperbacks for a few more lns like eighty-six and vivy that i bought because i liked their shows that i still need to start too :') these days i just read my weekly manga and id probably only start my lns and hakomari around christmas break after final since with lns i feel you need to fully immerse yourself in their world unlike manga which helps you out with their panels if you get what i mean lmao -x