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ZerOne01 Jan 19, 8:45 PM
Well not like I mind, I know my kind is pretty rare :P
AngelHana Jan 19, 5:12 AM
eh its okay. At least you didn't take months to reply... unlike me... *cough*
Plus, you are a working adult and have your own family now, so of course you have more priorities. yep, Im still on holiday. (/^▽^)/

That is a bit sad. He is indeed talented. I honestly wished that he has the same opportunity like Ayumu Murase does (since his voice range is pretty wide as well). Welp, seiyuu industry is very competitive so it must be hard.

I think it's okay to be like that. It's preferable that way.
Im pretty worried about myself considering I keep on stanning new groups. Thank god I don't have that much money cuz I know where it will go if I have more of it.
When people say that after you have your own family, you start to change to be wiser, I guess it's true. To me, you seems to be more wiser, Shino-sama. (*^▽^*)

I guess I didn't explore the facebook enough. I usually read articles in the facebook and scrolling through my friends' status, nothing else. I actually have a friend (my classmate actually) is a huge kpop fan and she is one of the person that is always in charge of the gathering for her favourite idols' birthdays. It's very admirable to see her invest her time, money and effort to do those things. Same, Im a bit envy, I wish I can do something for keyakizaka46 as well, but I only know one person who love keyaki in my circle :'D It's good to see too if there is actually gathering like that for other jpop idols/singers and seiyuus.

Imagine if there is a plot twist where someone is sabotaging their concert, that will give us a good ride.

Shino-sama, that is a maturity right there. If compares, Im so like a brat lol.
But lately after I get into degree, I seems to be making myself to not getting into argument as much as I can. It took tons of energy, you know? it's a hassle in a way xD But I do voice out if its too much for me to handle. You can say that I am a serious student, and I do always give my all in everything so people tend to try to take advantage of me, especially in group projects (which is the reason why I hate it the most) or anything that involves responsibility.

I see :O I prefer short hair myself too. I especially find girls that have pixie cut is sexy <3 Plus, its easier to take of than the long hair.

At least you still occupied with Nintendo Switch xD

But hold on, as much as I want to praise your new layout like I always do (because it always deserve one), DID YOU JUST STATED YOU ARE EXPECTING BABY THIS YEAR!!?!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Congratulation Shino-sama & Setsuke-san!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
This is a happy news! How many months/weeks that the baby is in the tummy? Also, your thought on becoming parent-to-be soon?
Shino Jan 17, 8:56 PM
To reply: Bunnyama, Karen, Taiyaki.
Sonal1988 Jan 17, 8:07 PM
Yeah, I've been into the scanlation scene for maybe 1-2 yrs now. I have my own BL scan group.

> But people in India are still able to understand each other at one point despite having so many different dialects
I mean, you get used to whatever when you grow up with it. For example, my mother can converse easily with our maids in their dialects, but I'm lucky if I understand even 30% of what they're saying. I just smile and nod whenever they talk to me 😂 They do understand us easily, tho.
I don't really know how it all works 😂

Tbh modern versions of many languages use Hindi as their base, so it's not that difficult to understand. The average Bollywood song, for example, has Hindi with a mix of Urdu, English, Haryanvi or Punjabi. Or all. Depending on its genre. When you grow up picking words and phrases from other languages, understanding them doesn't seem that hard.

In love marriages, for example, it's not uncommon to find the couple speaking different mother tongues or dialects. So, yeah.
ScorpioMilo_ Jan 17, 8:32 AM
Beautiful layout i really love it shino-san! :)
k3ti Jan 16, 7:34 AM
huhu shino that's some nice layout for start of 2020 ! d(>_< ) love it ♥
Taiyaki Jan 10, 8:41 PM
awww, i hope you get to go to japan with them soon ;-; and im glad you're appetite is returning! what kind of foods have you been craving? :o
yesssu i love desserts uwu, but i can't eat them alone without milk to wash them down Dx yeah, fresh milk tea is always the best *w* and i am
pretty much the same with tea fragrance/taste as you xD i don't like drinking tea without milk in it or hot tea, though i don't like hot beverages
in general now that i think about it.

ohhhh naruhodo... i didn't get it at first, but with that picture you updated your profile with... i think i've managed to piece the puzzle together
heheh. i think i would've gotten it right away if i was caught up with the anime T_T
. man, the hype is so real! i know it's gonna be amazing c;

yeah... i remember when pokemon x and y were released, i was kinda put off by that party-wide exp share the game introduced xD it felt a bit
too easy ngl. i believe in pokemon sword and shield, there's a new mechanic that tells you which moves are super-effective on the opponent?
Sereshay Jan 10, 8:40 PM
omg pingu i love you
KarenShirotori Jan 8, 11:23 PM
Hmm I'm not sure. Tbh I'm planning to do a bit of both, but I'll primarily do a part-time one during those 4 months which I think it's good way for me to exercise my health. She is really interested in the idea, bc there were times when we discuss ways on helping our mom with the finances. Haha yeah, my hobbies and my planned career are both separate things, and I'm quite social when I want to ^^;

Yeah, they're quite limited with the renders atm and my plan to make them already backfired for some reason lol But they're steadily getting cards now so we'll see more of them >< And yes since Zone of Overlap, I get that K-pop feel but it's still Japanese (let January 29th come faster pls I need their 2nd single now; no their album I need ><) Hmmm.... I'm not really sure if it would happen since I'm not the type to repeat layout themes, but we'll just see ^^ Can I rip off yours hahaha jk jk But yeah, I'd love to ask for someone's PSD file, but I kinda feel shy in asking and heck I might even copy paste all of them to mine ^^;
_Ayase Jan 5, 8:12 PM
To reply: Ayase.
Akariiii Jan 5, 9:22 AM
Thanks! I was nervous it wouldn't come out the way I wanted.
k3ti Jan 5, 4:15 AM
so first off, thank you for amazing gift my secret santa~ i was genuinely surprised to see that you were my secret santa so wuhuu gift from shino yey~
yeah, i agree, well we can only wait and see, well better censored than skipped hot scenes completely. yeah, i'm a big fan of Saezuru, i love characters and it has really interesting and good plot so it will be interesting to see it animated on screen. yeah, me too, i was really suprised to see that the upcoming saezuru movie, well it was pleasant suprise that's for sure~ let's just hope everything achieves good results.
ah yeah, well more people = less cleaner. ah yeah i agree, it wouldbe so much simplier if people would just throw their thrash were it belongs ah, well they will be everywhere people who are against that unfortunately.
oh yeah, we have lot of food specialty dishes in here. for example we have 'štrukle' - it's like baked dough filled with cheese, my favorite croatian cake would be kremšnita. for main dishes it would be 'ražnjići'- well it's literally meat on stick lol, you can put also vegetables and mix it. oh and also ćevapi', well ćevapi are from Bosnia to be precise, but they are common in all balkan so. ah now im hungry again tho hah
unique street food ah sign me up for that pls. here we only have streed food (if it can even be called that), for christmas time, on advent we have like little houses in which you can buy food (like this). so i suppose it's diffrent from yours? what kind of food do you have?
Bunnyama Jan 3, 8:49 AM
BWAH I can finally breath a bit (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Sorry for the late reply Shino u_u between christmas preparations at work and family invading the house I couldn't take a peaceful time to be active on mal besides updating my lists (๑꒦ິ ̼ ꒦ິ๑)

Ow damn that's kinda sad.. Welp I've seen a lot of documentaries on asian countries, I don't know in which part you're located, but most the time, you can see that it's full of buildings and busy streets indeed. I always thought it was because Asia generally, was much more in advance in everything that is technology and stuff Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) Sadly... The worst is probably when you see that no matter what people do, the big people doesn't give a damn.. we had a lot of riots here about the working systems and taxes since last year.. you can clearly see our president and the assembly laughing at us while eating caviar.. blep.

Owowo that's awesome ! I hope you'll have a great time traveling some more with your husband on your honeymoon ! (*^3^)Oh wait.. are you sick ? ;<; That doesn't sounds nice at all... did you check with a doctor about that ? some loss of energy can be kinda nasty when it's repetitive... I hope you'll get better Shino *huggu* Yeah I agree o/ I even started to buy some books about the countries I'd like to visit this year ! It's time to try to emancipate myself a bit i'm scared (๛ ˘ ³˘)۶

I think Paris is not well reputed with the tourists :'< But I get it.
The pickpocket thing is honestly really common when you start crossing the super touristic places and shopping districts.. It can be more frequent when you're an asian tourist because they have the reputation to carry a lot of money on them, or to buy things from luxe brands when they come in france.. two years ago when I was in paris during christmas, my mom intercepted a pickpocket trying to steal the shopping bag of a chinese man.. the poor man was so lost in what happened and couldn't even undersand anything.. must be scary when something like that happen... For the restaurant, that can happen in some places, but some poeple of the staff sometimes do that so they won't be harassed by street seller or even more pickpocket attempts.. but again some can have ulter motives sadly (˵¯͒⌢͗¯͒˵) I hope you won't feel discouraged to visit France :') Paris must be overrated but there is a lot of beautiful place around Alsace that you might like, it's really cute and the people there are really warm and welcoming ! if you want to have a slow path and nice vacations~ I'm not trying to save my country in your eyes I swear xD

If I take a car it takes around 20mn so it's kinda ok, but not everyone can drive or have a relative that can take them around.. We had a doctor in the village some time ago but she left without prevent and never came back Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) and having a nurse or doctor coming at home can be super expensive and most of our oldies don't get much money after their retirement.. but they started to build some future shops since december, which is nice, so I really hope they'll think about the medic needs. I only I knew dear Shino... The nurses and medics are under pressure and are having some riots as well but their demands are never answered.. as always.

And I actually bought the Switch xD I couldn't resist the temptation after receiving my christmas bonus :3 My love for fire emblem and the upcoming otome games was too strong How are the pokemons games so far ? I'm planning on buying one of them soon °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Yeah their way of releasing things is kinda bizarre if you ask me...

I don't know if you celebrate christmas that much in your country, but I hope you had a nice time with your husband and familly ! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Have a great Lunar New Year my dear !! Best wishes and Happy new year from the bottom of my hearteu <3

Sonal1988 Jan 2, 7:42 PM
The first manga is Koisuru, Son of a Bitch. I'll release its third chapter most likely this month.
The second one is chapter 5 of Retro BL by Yukimichi Ouji. That one was a joint project. We also worked on chapter 3 of Anata wa Iyarashii Hito. Its art is gorgeous.

> It makes me wonder if the people in India have different dialects or languages despite living under the same country as well

Well, yes. I believe I'd told you that we have 22 official languages. Unofficially, if we include all languages and dialects, we hit the 19k number

How are the in-laws treating you? It's the honeymoon phase, so I can't imagine anything going wrong.
AngelHana Dec 31, 2019 8:02 AM
nope nope. Im going to reply you :3 I am finally fully back on MAL(๑✧∀✧๑)before I go back to be the busy student on this Feb lol

owh, so that's how you got to know about Aoi Shouta :O interesting. I started to know him through Kimi to Boku. Tho, I probably get a bit interested in knowing him after Utapri. (and still shock to find out that he voiced Michael in Shingeki no Bahamut. He sounds so different xD)
Lately, there are a lot of hip hop projects like Paradox Live (have you listen to them?) and of course hypnosis mic. Recently I also discover about ReFlap. Japan sure knows how to ruin me :'D
Shino-sama is speaking like an oji-san now.

Nah Shino-sama, if you still cheering for them, even within your heart, doesn't that mean that your heart is still young? (´。• ω •。`)
eh no no. Idk if Malaysia have a fanclub for i7 xD I just thought maybe we actually have them. If I know about it, I will definitely invite you as well. In a way, I kinda envy kpop fans at this point since the fandom pretty much has fanclub. Us, when? :'D

I literally need to google what wagyu is lol. It does sounds like you had a great time. that is good. I guess Japanese's wagyu is on another whole level. If I would be honest, the entire utapri series + movie were not really my cup of tea as well. The game's storyline are miles better. Tho, yeah I need to agree the animation for the movie is great. I was entertained nevertheless.

You are a good daughter and daughter-in-law U_U //pats//
if it were me, I think my face already sells me out on how I don't want to go for the grand ceremony. Im pretty obvious, even if I try to hide it, my face will gives it away on how I really feel. Idk if one day it will brings me trouble. I feel like it will but I just dont know what to do on fixing it. Do you prefer short hair than long hair?

Btw Shino-sama, do you play about A3! mobile game? Recently, I have been into it and I think Im addicted lol. rip me.