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Yatora Yaguchi (矢口 八虎)

Yatora is a second-year high school student with remarkably high grades considering his delinquent lifestyle. Yatora feels like his life is dull and predictable, that is, until he comes across his senpai, Mori, painting in the Art Club. He discovers his passion for painting and dedicates his remaining school years to it, aiming to pass Tokyo University of the Arts entrance exam.

Although Yatora is very hardworking and looks composed, there is an underlying insecure part of him that is further exposed when he starts making art. He is an extroverted character, who can easily understand what others are looking for in a relationship and adapts himself to please everyone around him. For that reason, he tends to oppress his own feelings and wishes. Yatora relies a lot on his studied social skills whenever he is under a stressful or unfamiliar situation, but when he is caught by surprise or can't keep up his composed act his feelings outburst, often making him cry, and speak for himself.

Yatora is especially hard on himself, with high standards while constantly undervaluing his work and comparing himself to others which ends up overwhelming him. Whilst comparing himself with others, he has great respect and admires the art people around him create. His selfless and worried nature is better shown when he goes on a trip with Ryuji despite him being in between exams and is breaking out in rashes due to extreme stress.

(Source: Blue Period Wiki)

Voice Actors
Mineta, Hiromu
Briglione, Marco
Bismuth-Bienaimé, Gabriel
Bosch, Johnny Yong
Bougleux, Erick
Portuguese (BR)
Moreno, Luis H.
Stein, Flemming