Ogeretsu, Tanaka

Ogeretsu, Tanaka

Given name: たなか
Family name: おげれつ
Birthday: Jul 3,
Website: http://ogetana.sakura.n...
Member Favorites: 466
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Blood type: A
Zodiac: Cancer

Twitter: @tanaca_
pixiv: #4534443
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b-BOY Do S
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Dokuzetsu no S na Ore ga Jimi Riman ni Kuwaresou desu
add Story & Art
Escape Journey
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Gesu BL
add Story & Art
Hadakeru Kaibutsu
add Story & Art
Koi ga Odoru New Town
add Story & Art
Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da
add Story & Art
Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da dj - R
add Story & Art
Lonely to Organdy
add Story & Art
Narrow: Place Collection
add Story & Art
Neon Sign Amber
add Story & Art
Renai Ruby no Tadashii Furikata
add Story & Art
Sabita Yoru demo Koi wa Sasayaku
add Story & Art
Sabita Yoru demo Koi wa Sasayaku dj - Azami
add Story & Art
Sayonara Futaribocchi Renai Shinsho
add Story & Art
Seventeen Maple
add Story & Art
add Story & Art
Yarichin☆Bitch-bu dj - Wa!
add Story & Art
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Recent News

preciousrevenge4 | Oct 29, 7:55 PM
Neon Sign Amber and Escape Journey are the best ones hands down. I think she's improved her depth of characters the most in Escape Journey. Her artwork is amazing though. <3

Denkii | Oct 28, 3:20 PM
Great art, but yeah, I think only Neon Sign Amber interested me (not a whole a lot, but enough to keep me reading till the end). As someone else pointed it out, her works lack a certain depth... Personally, I wouldn't call her works realistic.

Neko_Chick | Sep 8, 8:34 AM
i love her stories (realistic af) and the art...omg its perfect

TrainerPKMkotone | Sep 7, 11:40 AM
If u don't like, why u read/see her mangas? .-.

Btw, perfect art <3

itaita | Sep 6, 8:22 AM
I don't like her earlier works because of poor quality of art, especially facial expressions, so I guess she improved a little bit over the years. Still, it's really disappointing to see important social problems, such as emotional and psychical abuse, being undeveloped or handled in wrong way.

Kathrynkaren | Aug 18, 9:02 PM
Very romantic realistic stories. Love her!

Diablock | Aug 2, 10:22 AM
her art is so luxurious. I love Sabita Yoru

Thebigofan | Jul 31, 6:27 PM
Good stories and hot art- I like it!

Wurcid | Jul 31, 2:20 PM
Neon Sign Amber is honestly the only work of her that I enjoyed.

_aka | Jun 20, 9:10 AM
as an avid fujoshi, Ogeretsu Tanaka-sensei's works are one of the best. The stories are great, the art is amazing (like wtf it's so detailed), and the characters are hot. It's every fujoshis/fudanshis dream. Escape Journey is my fav out of all her works. Kudos to you sensei!

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