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Hello Harinezumi: Satsui no Ryoubun
Hello Harinezumi: Satsui no Ryoubun
Jan 31, 2:17 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Tokimeki Tonight
Tokimeki Tonight
Jan 23, 2:09 AM
Completed 34/34 · Scored 5
Asobi Asobase
Asobi Asobase
Jan 17, 4:27 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Excel Saga
Excel Saga
Jan 28, 2:28 AM
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Kichijouji dake ga Sumitai Machi desu ka?
Kichijouji dake ga Sumitai Machi desu ka?
Jan 13, 7:51 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Nov 15, 2018 2:26 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Aiaigasa May 13, 8:24 AM
lmao im guessing you're a fan of Amv hell

LonelyRecluse Mar 25, 1:08 AM
Hey, there! I came across your profile in a random discussion thread as I was instantaneously drawn to your username. It's rare to see someone with such a modest namesake these days; I've seen tons of overzealous "weebs" revel in their own self-glorification as they go under all sorts of online guises that aren't reflective of their true selves in the slightest. It saddens me to think that hardly a day goes by where a bunch of unacquainted people talk with one another about topics they show a mutual interest in over the internet.
dethomori Mar 4, 7:28 AM
yeah I'm still kicking it! I've just been somewhat busy with uni, watching/reading stuff at random intervals. most notable of my recent expeditions, I think, was the battle angel alita/gunnm-manga, which I enjoyed in all of its cyberpunk glory and which also got the james cameron-adaptation recently. I went to see it in theaters recently and it's a strong contender for my favorite film of the year already, like.. imagine a western adaptation of an influential manga/anime.. which actually doesn't suck! it was the most "anime" non-anime-film in this industry we'll get to see, I bet.

whats up with yous?
Astraea_ Feb 15, 11:13 AM
Astraea_ Feb 14, 5:25 AM
I'm just trying to keep up with classes and work for the semester, I actually just had a snow day on Tuesday which was awesome since Tuesday's I'm on campus from 8:30am-10:45pm so that was a nice day off for me. I'm taking 2 drawing classes now so I can get back into drawing and everything. I'm also going to a smash tournament on Friday which is coincidentally on my birthday, but besides that nothing really new for me
Astraea_ Feb 11, 3:08 PM
Yo what's up
Anything new lately?
PoeticJustice Jan 26, 7:12 AM
anything good?

I dont go on as much as I used to tbh. idk
PoeticJustice Jan 24, 9:47 PM
im good, just working and in school. how about yourself.
Astraea_ Jan 19, 6:41 PM
I see you're a man of culture as well, Yamada is best girl followed by Saki

Right now I'm just enjoying my last few days off from break and then its back to college which is going to suck
As of anime I'm actually rewatching both seasons of Chuunibyou today and tomorrow and then going to end it off with Take On Me which I heard is amazing.
Astraea_ Jan 19, 10:01 AM
Hey what's up?

I wanted to watch Zombieland Saga since the dubbed just finished a few days ago and I felt like watching just a good show. It was good, nothing amazing but I liked it. My big problem was honestly the CG during the dances since it switched from 3D to 2D way too much and got really distracting. Luckily it wasn't a whole lot but it just really irritated when I saw it. Episodes 8 and 9 were really damn good and were definitely the best (the ones about Saki and Lily's backstories). Its just a funny show with enjoyable characters
weeaboogers Jan 16, 12:33 AM
bahhahaha lol thanks i came up with it when i was like 14 and now im too attached to it to change it
literaturenerd Jan 15, 11:16 AM
spoofing Hakusho is very effective way for a series to get on my good side. My favorite anime back in 2001!

I still need to watch the 2018 Hakusho OVA! My thoughts on it today are kind of mixed. I still LOVE Hakusho, but sadly I think its laughably overrated on MAL. The 4th of the 4 arcs kind of sucks. It became absurdly over-reliant on tournaments. It started out with creative combat and strategies that Togashi would continue in Hunter X, but the last 2 arcs of Hakusho are just about power levels and ripping off Toriyama. Togashi is a better writer than Toriyama, but decided to rip him off either out of laziness or executive meddling. The art has not aged well at all. The recycled animation can get pretty silly. It also officially started the tradition of the last minute asspull in which the villain who has only shown to be evil to this point, actually has a noble motive and is compelled by some ham-fisted tragic backstory. Naruto essentially ruined itself trying to ripoff Hakusho.

Somehow, younger fans born 1998-2002 who consider themselves "elitists" will still give Hakusho a 9 while giving 1s and 2s to other old school favorites like Angel Beats, Rurouni Kenshin, Elfen Lied, and DBZ. Why? Why is Hakusho excused from everything it does wrong while the others all get crucified? To this day I have no idea. I think they like that Yusuke isn't a pussy, but he's a Pre-Evangelion Shonen protagonist. That's how they ALL used to be. Yusuke is also in my opinion the weakest of the main 4 characters, but oh well. I should be glad that something from my childhood is still so beloved.
literaturenerd Jan 15, 10:35 AM
Thanks! I really enjoyed Haibane and will be writing a review sometime this week! Konosuba isn't exactly a groundbreaking masterpiece, but it's consistently pretty funny. I'd recommend it. While the series is an isekai spoof, the first episode includes a hilarious parody of Yu Yu Hakusho.

The main character sees a tractor slowly heading towards a girl and decides to tackle her out of the way like a shonen hero would. He wakes up in the afterlife, but learns that the tractor never hit him. It actually stopped 10 feet in front of him, but he pissed himself in fear and then died of shame. Also he's wearing a green tracksuit and his Shinigami is an airhead with blue hair. It's pretty clear what they're spoofing.
Zelkiiro Jan 15, 8:18 AM
I never got the propaganda vibe from it--it just seemed like any other "corruption high up the chain" police procedural, but in anime form. Which was its biggest problem, being rote and unoriginal with its plot and characters.

But yeah, I did notice the license plate. ;3
ThatRazorGuy Jan 13, 3:07 AM
Thanks my dude