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Kimi no Na wa.
Kimi no Na wa.
Sep 8, 8:49 PM
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Slam Dunk
Aug 27, 1:53 PM
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Future GPX Cyber Formula
Future GPX Cyber Formula
Aug 23, 8:00 AM
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Kamigami no Itadaki
Kamigami no Itadaki
Jan 16, 2018 3:40 PM
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Jan 5, 2018 7:35 PM
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Black Jack ni Yoroshiku
Black Jack ni Yoroshiku
Jan 5, 2018 4:48 PM
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TheDerpMan Sep 3, 1:22 PM
Yea, I believe that Hathaway is supposed to be a film trilogy. That would be nice. I only ever watched the first season for IBO and don't remember caring for it much. I'm hesitant on watching season 2 but probably will someday.

The fast pace of the Gundam games like Maxi Boost sometimes takes me a little to get used to. When I decided to try out the beta, my crux at first was was spamming the dash button and depleting the stamina gauge, leaving my dumb ass relatively immobile and getting blasted. Lol. Aye, I get ya. I enjoy the combat in GBO2. There's usually a steady stream of new mechs since it's a free to play model (hence the gacha elements of it).

I'll keep an eye out for those games. Lol, they're not cheap. Silent Hill isn't a cheap franchise to get into if you want to get the games. And the fact that Konami apparently lost the master copies for SH2 and 3 makes those games a commodity. What are you talking about, Konami released Metal Gear Survive? I hear that game's a masterpiece. I think Gamescom transpired since you wrote this comment and unfortunately nothing came up about it. Kojima definitely suffers from that and his games from what I've played generally feel pretty bloated. (MGS V and Death Stranding). I never got to play P.T. but a horror game from him in the vein of Silent Hill would have probably been interesting, at the very least. Kojima apparently has plans to make a horror game next, I think. I guess we'll see how that turns out. Funny you mentioned Kojima's storytelling because I finished Death Stranding and I think that it's the most conflicted I've felt about a game in a long time. I respect a lot of attention to detail to the game's mechanics. Things like the implementations to the weight system are kind of unique and I like the online components and how they potentially contribute to some of the core themes of the game. It helps communicate a communal feeling in the game with the fact that you can use machines from other players and help contribute to constructing towers and whatnot. But the narrative was a polarizing experience. There are some concepts that are neat but the overall execution of it I was felt was bloated and poor for the most part. Honestly made me question how fondly I remember MGS 3. Have you played Death Stranding, by chance? The only thing that I think might be more certain about a potential Silent Hill reboot will be that it'll be a next gen game which I'm lamenting. I'm in no way ready to go spend money on a console. Maybe a year or two into the next gen's cycle.
MarQ Aug 25, 11:23 AM
The MC more or less becomes racing Jesus, just look at this Kira prototype lookin ass

>Rau in favourites
TheDerpMan Aug 21, 2:49 PM
That's interesting. Need to check out that mango then. Yea, I would love nothing more to see if Sunrise would make Char's Counterattack like you said. It'd also be great if they would adapt the rest of The Origin. But alas, I'm sure they're mostly focused on Hathaway's Flash. And I'm sure production has probably halted or at the very least, lessened to a degree because of current circumstances. Or maybe not, Japan's work culture is pretty rigorous.

Neat that Maxi Boost has that. I tried the beta for it. The combat system seems similar to Gundam Versus. The sheer number of different mechs in it is pretty cool. MaxiBoost doesn't have the Guntank though, so it's worse. Lol. Out of curiosity, have you played any of Gundam Battle Operation 2. I find it to be pretty fun even if the gacha elements of it are annoying.

I'm aware that the Room is kind of the black sheep of the Team Silent games. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks. Yikes, I guess I'll see how shite Homecoming is because I'm a masochist. What do you think is the best SH outside of the Team Silent ones? I agree, rumors are that Masahiro Ito and Keichiro Toyama are staff on the project which seems promising. There are also rumors that Silent Hills could be experiencing a revival. Although that's a bit more dubious since Konami have come out and denied that. That and the fact that even if it were to make a comeback it would be under different staff since I'm sure that Konami and Kojima don't want to talk to each other.
MarQ Aug 21, 9:24 AM
Knew you were a real one. It had some potential but just didn't fully execute it, people def give it too much shit

You should check out Future GPX Cyber Formula some time, you get to see some similar isms to SEED in an earlier vein (mainly due to same director, same writer and later on same composer) and in a different setting and premise but more focused
TheDerpMan Aug 15, 11:23 PM
Yea it's unfortunate that it ended up that way. Would probably get to spend more time with Hathaway as a character as compared to what you actually get of him in Char's Counterattack. I'd probably like him a bit more cause I didn't care for him much at all. In fact, the whole ordeal with Noa, Quess, and Chan would probably have been a whole lot more impactful if I could understand their motivations a bit more. The results of their confrontation feels a bit slapdash and I don't remember caring for any of it.

I very much enjoyed the third entry. I'd say that Heather is my favorite protagonist out of the first three games.

I've now played through Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3. Only have one more to go with the Team Silent games. Next SH game I'll probably play through will be Homecoming since I actually have it and don't have The Room yet. Have you heard the rumors of a new Silent Hill game in the works? Hope it comes to fruition but I'm weary of how current Konami wil handle it.
TheDerpMan Aug 7, 11:46 PM
I don't think I've heard that Tomino meme before. That's hilarious. Gotta think about Char, lol. I should rewatch Char's Counterattack at some point as I don't remember particularly caring for it. Wonder if my opinion since it's been some years since I've seen it. Felt like a pretty compressed story. I believe it was originally intended to be a TV series but ultimately became a movie. I'd probably sooner rewatch the original MSG though. Probably through the compilation films, just to see how they are. I agree on the general depiction of physical intimacy in anime. A lot of anime are geared towards the teenage demographic so it's not hard to see why.

Quite a tangent from our previous comments, but are you a fan of the Silent Hill games? I recently finished Silent Hill 3 and was curious what you generally think of the games. I ask because I saw your comments on Silent Hill: Revelations on Letterboxd. Lol
TheDerpMan Aug 3, 10:11 PM
It didn't flounder about in a fetishistic way, I guess. But the revelation still rang fairly hollow for me.. If anything, it just makes me question their relationship half the time. It's still pretty creepy. I agree in that it doesn't do any good for the show. In the last episode of the second season,

I enjoyed reading that interview you sent. Thanks for the link. It's interesting learning how he felt about TV anime and expectations of it at the time and contrasting that with later statements of his. Also interesting that it's marked in 1994, before Evangelion was released. Anno was very likely in production on Evangelion at the time. Tomino's a pretty interesting guy to listen to. From what I read of interviews, he usually feels pretty passionate when he's making a new product. Even if I don't agree with everything he says, I very much respect the guy.

In the latter part of this apparant interview by Forbes (in the Video Game highlighted section), he comments on the necessity of some measure of reducing the human population in order to re-organize and conserve resources.. which is... not sure how I'm supposed to interpret that.

Have you heard his comments about Makoto Shinkai? it's pretyy funny, ngl.
TheDerpMan Aug 3, 9:24 AM
Oh shit. That's what you were referring to. I guess I really was being a bit daft..

I see. I only saw the OVA for Macross Plus so I should check out the movie. I'll probably watch DYRL soon.

Ye, Garzey's Wing is a must watch for bad dub lovers. If I remember correctly, the first time that Tomino was interviewed in America on Garzey's Wing, he refused to answer questions about it. Did not want to speak of it at all. In another interview, he states he was "out of energy" when he made Garzey's Wing. I couldn't find the first interview, but I found the second one I mentioned.

The interview is near the end of the page if you're interested. The hilarious part about this interview is that he starts off saying that he hates anime. Damn Tomino, lol.
TheDerpMan Aug 2, 2:09 PM
I'm guess I'm being a bit daft right now. Because I'm not sure what you mean by the

I've seen Macross Plus and remember quite enjoying it. Quite different from SDF Macross in tone. I need to see Do You Remember Love.

I should watch L Gaim. I didn't know it was Tomino, though. That gets me hyped for it. Speaking of Tomino's Non-gundam works, you should watch Garzey's Wing. It's not good, but it's a very fun watch with the garbage English dub. It's hilarious. Here's a sneak peak of it you're interested:

Ye, anime may not show anymore the love you have for your bros. Sad.
TheDerpMan Jul 30, 8:33 PM
Cool, I ended up taking summer course too. Summer was ok beside class. Not a very adventurous summer or anything but that's just the way things are now.

Cool, want to watch but have no idea when I'd get to it. Just finished re-watching the first season of Rakugo which I still find to be pretty darn good. I'll save rewatching the second season some other time while I watch other things. I don't like trying to put on too many shows at once.

I've been trying to watch Macross 7 for some time but slogging through it. Watching it is reminding me of the far sillier parts of the original Macross, but not in a good way. The focus on music takes much larger emphasis and is made even more ludicrous.
Some of the background is pretty, though. Lol I'll probably just slog through it because I'm a masochist, I guess.

Just started Armor Hunter Mellowlink which seems promising. I really like the mech designs and artwork. Don't have to much to say about it yet, though. I probably should've started watching Armored Trooper Votoms TV before watching this. Oh well..

What have you been watching, mate?
TheDerpMan Jul 29, 9:20 PM
Doing fine considering all the corona shit, I suppose. How've you been, mate? Hope you've been doing well.

I see you watched Nadesico. How'd you like it? Just one of the many anime that I'd like to watch but probably won't get to for some time, lol.
ThatRazorGuy Jul 29, 9:11 PM
Thanks, man. It's been rough but it's honestly taught me a lot about myself and people in general so at the very least I know I'll come out of this experience stronger and more assertive.

And yeah, same. Lockdown's been becoming a pain and I worry about my mother since she has to go into work every week (she's a teacher). I'm so ready for all this shit to be over.
ThatRazorGuy Jul 29, 9:03 PM
Honestly I've been better. Been going through a rough breakup but that aside I've been okay. You?
Shrabster Jul 29, 8:54 PM
Going through the side missions after beating the main story. It's no Way of the Samurai but it's pretty fun. At least gives me hope that not all Western AAA games will be trash.
Ezekiel_01 Jul 19, 3:19 AM