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literaturenerd Jun 27, 10:55 AM
Hey Fleure, what have you been reading lately? I'm trying to tackle Pale Fire, but got sidetracked by the new translation of Notes From Underground.
LoneWalker101 Jun 21, 9:23 AM
Did the maintenance affect your anime viewing in any way?
J-Borges May 17, 10:06 PM
Have we met before?
Xletter May 10, 10:55 AM
vaya tu Critica de NaNa largo pero entretenido y bastante bueno, me sorprende ma hace ver el mio como una mierd. Un saludo

Espero que un dia hagan la 2 Temporada , se lo merece completamente
RabbitTear34 May 8, 1:32 PM
I'm fine. Enjoyed some time ago a Haibane Renmei rewatch and Stalker which is my second movie by Tarkovsky after The Mirror. And I really liked it. The atmosphere was intense and the cinematography amazing. I loved how the theme of journey was explored. The journey to an unknown place, one room and simultaneous the journey to the inside of each of the men, their personalities, beliefs and perceptions. The inner conflicts they're struggling with and how it unfolds through the conversations and relationships during the journey.
And I especially loved the monologue of the woman of the stalker at the end. How she shared her happiness of living a life of struggling and joyment. A colorful life together with her husband and child she can love and enjoy deeply. A moment and perception so heartwarming.
It was a wonderful movie though Tarkovsky's The Mirror is moreso rooted in my heart.
Did you experienced something you liked or loved?
Remix May 5, 8:48 AM
Always a pleasure!!

I'm watching quite a lot, barring remakes/sequels/spin-offs for now (since there's so damn many) I'm loving WotaKoi the most. As a rom/com, it never fails to entertain, super fun adult work setting, tons of references and romance progression as a backdrop. Always something satisfying in each episode (Also a manga reader so I've been excited for quite some time).

Hinamatsuri is a good pick! I wasn't aware of its existence until a few friends pointed it out. Has many hilarious moments, but equally as many emotional ones.

space_boi May 4, 3:14 PM
Ah that makes full sense now, finally xD

Btw, I dont know what this guy below is talking about. Lol'd at the Psycho-Pass, TTGL and LOTGH tags. Parasyte tag tho haha that shit annoyed the hell out of me.
losmena May 4, 11:35 AM
your tags are stupid
AltoRoark May 2, 9:22 PM
Nope, I haven't. I've just heard a fair bit of praise for it. Now that I've read the sysopsis it actually does look a little up my alley.
lowplacelikehome May 2, 6:20 PM
I liked it, I can see this style on asano's work, the black screen thoughts, the crudeness and sex, people taking advantage of each other..
space_boi May 2, 3:19 PM
Are you talking about people who believe that their opinion is more important than a piece of art, therefore disregard any other opinion?

Would an example be the countless people who call modern art trash and not 'real art'? Or people who speak as if their opinion is fact and look down on anyone who disagrees?

If none of these are correct, please could you give an example, I think I get it. Thank you btw
--Pendragon-- May 2, 3:18 PM
"" standard key shit, best girl loses. "" so i was wandering who was your favorite gurl
--Pendragon-- Apr 28, 2:17 PM
And ? who is the best girl from clannad
lowplacelikehome Apr 27, 9:57 PM
About to read Helter Skelter thanks to your review, didn't know it was of Asano's biggest influences
RabbitTear34 Apr 24, 2:48 PM
Hey Fleure, maybe you'll like this news.. :3