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3miL Feb 23, 11:12 PM
For Hayami and Hanazawa it's the latter. I've loved their voices way before they got popular. I actually liked it very much during the times their popularity was slowly skyrocketing. I think it's Jun Fukuyama and Aoi Yuuki for the former, got to know them due to the roles but as you said it's usually both

That's true, shallow popularity as opposed to actual quality is what tends to get more popular. I have one for that third category, Arakawa Miho. Loved her a lot in penguindrum and I'm actually sporting a Himari theme right now. She has other roles in Danganronpa as well as Akuma no Riddle and I quite liked those too. Oh, and Yuri Kuma Arashi, but that's another Ikuhara anime.

Last Year I finally finished sarazanmai, the most recent work of his and it didn't hit the feels well. It was essentially the gay counterpart to Yuri Kuma Arashi and Yurikuma itself is just Utena without the depth. Penguindrum is more closer to my liking

Imagine if that actually happened, that's be hilarious. It's like she just said that violence is but a joke to her, lol. Speaking of jokes about shirts

I'm not toxic enough to understand that joke lol. I want to say that perhaps it's time to get another phone so I can also play MD but I'd rather focus on IRL grinding to get rich in the meantime

Yeah, Obelisk's effect being a great example. Losing 2 monsters and then being unable to attack. So many monsters nowadays with immunity to effect destruction. Ra's Phoenix form, however is quite impressive at times. I remember attacking once with it while the opp has Swords of Revealing Light still on 2 counters, and his traps were not activated. It basically works just like Tachyon Dragon, which is the current meta

Blackwings have that banish mirror force card I once told you about, edit: It's Black Sonic.

From my own experience it kinda works like Timelords, they have to be supported with the right combo of spells and traps. I have Ra supports but also the old ones like Drowning, Counter Gate and Monster Reincarnation so that I can get a Ra back to my hand to keep repeating the process once Sphere Mode kicks in. Now if only we would have a skill that outs Armityle and Horakthy, then that would be cool.

Speaking of Armityle for a moment, Armityle gets to 10k by default but Uria, one of his components theoretically can get stronger lmao. YGO at it's finest
3miL Feb 22, 1:42 AM
lmao, this reminds me of that shit about debates or existential essays on pornhub comments

thankonomics :D

Ah yes, the Emperor of Britannia and the Narrator from Hayate, memorable voice indeed. The deep ones never fail, like Seto Kaiba's voice lol

Ah yes, the infamous....or famous Hatoko rant. It stung when I first saw it, very impressive that she got that all in one take. This is my favorite tho

I felt the same and was about to start Minami-ke a few days ago. I ended up removing it from my list because I don't vibe with that humor anymore

I suggest using this card next time. I don't think it counts as targeting

Yeah lol, now I realize why you mentioned it. They were too reliant on using the beatsticks they didn't have much contingency plans. A Ra Player I was dueling against immediately forfeited after I used Dicephoon on The True Sun God and Millennium Revelation lol
3miL Feb 20, 10:03 PM
I don't, I find it even more stupid than MAL Supporter since all it gets you is fancy colors and custom emojis. A great handful of emojis are barely being used in day to day conversations so I have tried some of them out myself. You know how Gen Z uses the skull emoji for laughter? Well, in the past, in various discord chats, I've used the dragon emoji, the pregnant emoji and the cockroach emoji as a substitute for the skull LMAO

I saw a love live game on that page lmao. . Funnily enough I have had a profile themed after the same show

I guess it ultimately prefers on preference, but popularity definitely plays a huge role to it. Wow, that's old, I never did research when she started, but this character was it for me. Which Wakamoto are we talking about? Wasn't she the most popular at some point in the past? But still that's pretty commendable to see that she only went 2nd. Some other lesser known seiyuus get some love from their niche fans too, like Yui Ishikawa (Violet Evergarden / Mikasa)

Kanade and Shiori are from anime that showed up in 2010 and Saori Hayami also had a popular character during that time which is Ikaros, from SoraOto. I've been exposed to a whole lot of content from both Hanazawa and Hayami but I would ultimately say that their characters from Kaminomi are the most memorable ones to this day

I could also do that, but I'd rather stick more to my waifu connoisseur side as opposed to my shounen powerscaler / elitist side

But I haven't seen either, apparently Hidamari Sketch was a thing too, but the artstyle on that is kind of weird for me

Well I did have a dumdum series back then lol. He could've won on the first turn had he known it was just Dicephoon, but he had to ram Chaos MAX into a timelord, what a dumbass LMAO

That's part of the fandom I'm not aware of lol, sounds like fun
3miL Feb 16, 8:42 PM
If you didn't call it gacha I never would've realized it. I had always been playing DL F2P until a few months ago when I decided to just finish the creation of my Ra / Cyber Dragon deck. Now that I think about it, I remember reading some logs of convos I had with some users during the pandemic when we were dunking on how MAL supporter was, and here we are in the present, with your gift being the 4th I've received. I've considered buying the annual plan at least once, since the darn thing is way cheaper than discord nitro, but haven't really got to it yet. The perks are just decorations and it's a little too...much lol

Damn, while I get the fun in that, isn't it kind of embarrassing? It's technically video game gambling. Well, no it IS video game gambling lol. But whatever floats your boat I guess, it's not like the other forms of entertainment out there are profound stuff anyways

No, but once a new deck is released they do give 500 gems free, plus some tests which can get you gems if you agree to take the new archetype for a spin

I wouldn't say it's a 10/10 but since "Footprints in the Sand" is a major element in the plot and that's something I grew up with, I did grow to be fond of it

I'm getting School Days / Yosuga no Sora vibes from M:Y but let's see lol. I once thought Otome Youkai Zakuro was also VN and watched that early on. It was okay but this one ost is what's the most memorable for me


Who would've thought she'd explode in popularity? I liked her and Hayami Saori because they were "unappreciated" and thought they were kinda obscure, now I feel like a normie based on how popular they are

I guess that's true but the west has been a generation of degenerates for more than a few decades now, it's easy to get them to be horny about anything lol. I remember when I was a kid I was watching a short hentai clip on a computer rental shop and the guy sitting behind me suddenly starting watching bestial crap. I ran out of there when I saw it lol

Alice is way hotter anyways lol. Damn I really should watch Kiniiro Mosaic someday lol. Rize from Tokyo Ghoul right?

That's used more with decks like Gunkan, Tachyon or Lunalight by adding Tiger King to their deck. Twin Burst is usually what they go for.

Then sometimes this happens

3miL Feb 13, 3:45 PM
They released a new art pack on DL as well, thanks to it I have 2 copies of Ra, now if only there's a third one then things would be way easier. I spent money on DL some 2 weeks ago, about $36 for opening about 10ish packs, had to go hardcore on getting some cards and I had money to waste lol. I agree but as we talked about before, getting stuff in DL is not the same, so there's that

Oh really? Damn. Btw what is your thoughts on H20 footprints in the sand? I liked that one, so if you didn't then that means I might like Tsubasa. Ah so Myself is not a bad anime? You didn't comment on it. What about this one?

Isn't that technically what's happening now? With foreign twats swarming over Japan out of Yellow Fever hoping to live their own hentai fantasies lol. Hell even AV is way more popular than actual porn lol

True haha, and let's talk about how hot Risa Taneda's voice is. Strike the Blood was a joy, I felt really bad when she left Shokugeki no Souma only to be replaced by Ika Musume's VA. No hate but Taneda is more fitting

From my experience, people are still mostly using DL and BEWD, you see a few trending decks but that shit gets seasonal. Even Ra, when we last talked about is barely getting used.

True, that's how BEWD Alternative beats me, if not through the use of Twin Burst, but I have compulsory, ice dragon's prison, dimensional prison and bottomless trap hole prepared for it. Heck it works on DM decks too, if not for them bricking less frequently than I do. I recently added Magical Mallet to my Timelord deck but on crucial times when it's the only thing you draw...well that's when you get fucked ig
3miL Feb 7, 10:23 PM
Well, it turns out that he lost the mood for it soon after and decided to drop the game, including playing along with you. Sad, he was quite the chatterbox but people change I guess

Don't play VN so can't say much. But speaking of VN though, I still haven't seen Myself Yourself, Oretachi wa Tsubasa wa Nai and a few others on my ptw

I think Franxx may have tried to start a new revival on the whole robots with boobs thing but I found the initial idea kinda suckish. The new space robot thingy with Zero Two's actual face is cute tho

Let's be honest, without floodgates, omni-negates and archetypes that are immune to everything, the game would be more fun and people would be more creative, in DL alone I can already tell what most people are going to pull since my timelords are impervious to a handful of the conventional tactics

Wow, reading the effect alone that sounds pretty annoying. And here I used to think Ash was a headache lol. Btw I forgot to tell you that Shaddolls are added on the same pack with the Ra Support. I recently built one, it's pretty mid. If only Sphere mode can special summon from the hand or GY then the three forms would essentially be a God Yubel. And speaking of Yubel, I never knew she had support cards now too, like Spirit of Yubel or the new Yubel Fusion monster, the one that looks like Flame Wingman lol

Ah yeah, wasn't that in that one meme I sent you a year or so ago? Where waifus are dragon-types, plant-types, machine-types, fiend-types, and all the rest lmao. Usually if it has a feminine face it's a Fairy, then warrior or psychic lol. Now it's fucking everything

I had a fight with Construct sometime ago with Timelords, didn't get to save it though. I was under the impression it had a banishing effect but it was not as impressive as I thought it was, sorry lmao

3miL Feb 4, 3:06 PM
Ah yeah the yellow goddess, I think Pluto and Noir were the most memorable ones to me

Damn that's cruel lmao

I mean it's one of the subtle ways Rush reminds people it's an anniversary series lol. Are you uninterested with playing with my friend? You skipped it

Oh I remember that, it was the Gundam SEED ship, I remember there were some female fans on it. Bishie was always a thing back then lol

What's a similarly toxic play that you do in MD comparable to that lol

The draw in 50 turns kind of feels like it but I did see a MD video that had a fusion summon of 52 materials on yt, will link later lol

I kind of disagree, the creator forgot to apply proper lore. Like for most dragons I see it as exaggeration, and in Lucifer's case (biblically speaking) it's delusions of grandeur that happened before (s)he got cast out of heaven

3miL Jan 31, 5:30 PM
I recently changed to Haruhi, I was supposed to postpone this until my birthday since it turns out that Kyon, just like his voice actor has the same birthday (Euphemia too). However I didn't like the Harpie theme anymore and I didn't have a new one ready. Using the dual feature forces me to casually login to switch alternatively between them so at least this allows me leeway to focus more on the outside

There's also that myanimelist redesign thingy, wait....We did talk about that before lol

I recently got back to Platinum a few days ago. I was consistenly stuck at gold due to lack of interest, among many other things

You can tell me your ID or something, I guess. His discord is zzlef / Zzlef#0143. I'm also friends with him on mal but he abandoned this site six months ago. I sent him your discord too, so whoever goes first, ig

I'm the same with music tbh. I remember someone playing a mellow song from Hillsong (a Protestant Christian music group) only to be followed by a song from My Chemical Romance, it was painful stopping myself from laughing, not just because of what that was but also because I enjoy both, since we're predominantly Christian in this country, as well as the emo phase being a thing of most young millennials back in the day

To be fair though, My Chemical Romance's songs, when researched has some nuance to it. Like "Mama" actually being war, when talking about "going to hell", and the Black Parade, refers to a spiritual entourage of who comes to escort the newly departed. In the video of the "Ghost of You", there's a soldier making the sign of the cross so the internet interpretations aren't far off.

Speaking of "Light and Dark"

Back to genres, while I understand people's differences, I will always have a bone to pick with teenage girls, since they do 2 things that grinds my gears. The first is to compare shoujo anime to Kdrama, when a good chunk of Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese stuff are just adaptations of Japanese stuff, like Hana Yori Dango, Itazura na Kiss and a few others. So of course shit like Furuba will be pretty similar

the second is saying that the genre they dislike the most is mecha and hentai. Hentai I can understand, although the funny thing is that's the crap that will come out of their mouth when they sleep around all their youth and mecha, while I get it being outdated and boyish, is literally the backbone that helped anime explode when it was just a niche interest of weird nerds. And now everyone's dipping their dirty shoes in our treasure. Fucking normies

I forgot I saved a few videos I wanted to share wtih you, here we go

3miL Jan 26, 7:47 PM
That's back to back actually, so what you saw is the bbcode form and here's the mal modern layout form. If you ever feel like revamping yours, why don't you give the modern layout a try as well. It can actually be explored further with mal supporter but I doubt you would go that far lol, and I do switch alternatively when I am online lol

Yeah lol, the stats and plays of the modern ones still scare me to this day. Like I said before, ever since Link monsters came to DL, I've never stepped outside of Platinum ever agaiin lol. Hell, in the last 2 or so months I think I was stuck in gold, didn't check

That's nice! One of the other guys I told you about who I talked with when he started DL, the one who got hooked to other games like Lost Ark or Guild Wars, he recently returned back to MD. I just sent him a message in discord, and I hope you get to play with him. This one for sure isn't like the last guy since I have been long time friends with him

Nah it's okay, I'm beat and swamped with a lot of things irl. I'm only able to spend time here on dayoffs or to pass the time while waiting for work and shit

That's true, and to that I say, someone who knows and has seen most of your split personalities probably counts as your true friends. It's supposed to obviously be reserved for long-time close friends, family and lovers but with the way the world works now, it's probably less likely to happen

I remember when I was dating my ex during my teens, there were a handful of things I couldn't share specifically because of the relationship we had, so that sucked

Nah, lol. All the bbcoding is done on a desktop. Laptops hurt me since everything is so smol uhhh. It does, burners don't have authenticators or most apps, after all

Even before the 20s, Japan had been spitting pro-despair, pro-suicide content iirc. Hell, even Korea does it now

3miL Jan 21, 12:20 PM
Sadly the video is private now so I can't talk about it anymore :(

That's true, I should check to see if my EDOPro Replays can be uploaded to YT as well. Pretty cringe but nostalgic

That makes me wonder what convos you end up having with your meetups then? Is it any different than what can be shared online?

I want to say "same" but after googling the term properly it appears that my stuff are all smartphones

They will fake friends with you for sex with your more attractive friends tho haha jk jk.

He is right tho, maybe I should do that someday. I wonder where you can still get such an antiquated phone these days, especially in a 3rd world country like ours who beats itself hard trying to compete with the rest of the world

And some of this return to tradition thing, as well as a huge repulsion to anything remotely sexual is also a zoomer trend lol
3miL Jan 17, 6:52 PM
They later made a thread about that, lol:

That's true, if only but knowing how it works in DL, people can and will abuse that option is the decks themselves can be made without waiting for events

In Duel Links, each character can only hold 4 decks, except ones from DM and GX, so while that's a lot that is still limited. The thread I made back then on my club currently has 600+ posts, containing decks I made from when I joined the game in September 2021. Rereading the older posts and seeing how dumb I was with deckbuilding and how horrible they were (according to my tastes now) is cute haha

I totally understand, that's why even dates containing 2-3 things to do like window shopping, eating, playing at an arcade, or whatever lol. Even some of the incel-ish isekai harem anime features similar activities as those. Chief among these is Rent a Girlfriend, which, despite the hate actually ended up being somewhat enjoyable lol

What's the most common thing you end up doing with others when you do go out? Or is bowling a go-to? Over the years I've personally felt that conversations, even if while eating are the optimal environment to actually cultivate friendships. To me, I find gaming and whatnot as previously mentioned fun, but they are just pastimes, they don't really do a lot of engagement and people don't express themselves that much. Which is why I got hooked into instant messaging when Yahoo Messenger came out, and now discord.

During those times, I could've mingled with school peeps but as anyone knows all too well, highschool is very divisive, probably because of the nature of teenagers. And encountering mal where you can find likeminded people, and retain anonymity while expressing yourself as genuine as you desire was somewhat rewarding, albeit sounding paradoxical. Although, I do get the whole touch grass notion people keep imposing lately. There certainly are things you can only experience in person like sex. It can be a controversial topic yeah, that's also probably why I got hooked to podcasts too

And in addition to what you just shared, that's one thing we onliners will have that normie outsiders don't, consistency. As people grow older they move from place to place and their direct friendships fade out, making them have to keep making new ones but a handful of them are so shallow it's second nature to them anyways. That's touching if what you said is true, but from what I know, the only people who would put so much effort to meeting someone are those tryna get laid or buy drugs idk

Speaking of, you heard that story about that kid who beat Tetris? Pretty fascinating conceptually but it is such an old game part of me isn't impressed lol
3miL Jan 10, 10:19 AM
Perhaps so, I haven't necessarily been into it myself though haha. I tried getting into Monarchs since you seemed to really like it from the times you were talking about it, but I don't have enough cards and it looks (to me at least) that it works similar to timelords in the sense that I'm better off having a few elements that actually matches my preferred playstyle, the earth, water and dark monarchs seem to be more close to it. Although that heaven something monarch you showed me before is also on DL but I haven't pulled it from the pack yet

I guess that's true, plus you would be bothering people if you talk during a film, whether that's in theatres or your home. In some cases it would ruin people's mood to the point they would just lose interest in watching the film. That's one of the annoying things about socializing too

I've technically done Karaoke alone. I was at a mall with family and we went to this arcade and everyone just started doing their own thing with their respective machines and I saw a Karaoke booth inside of it, sang a few songs and went back to them

It's that meme.

I never planned to even be friends with her, it's just how things ended up becoming. Later she begins engaging in weird jokes; like eloping and it got so overused part of me thought she was insinuating something. Especially since she started getting passive aggressive when people were saying things about us. I asked her to see me in person for a meal and she started getting awkward, it got derailed even further afterwards and we basically just went nowhere so I had to cut ties with her

As for dudes, I get it for the most part, but you have to be careful with some who are ...a little off, you never know what might start getting in your ass, literally.

It's like Pokemon, the memes and memories make it way better than it actually is
3miL Jan 1, 9:13 AM
Speaking of old plays, Sphere Mode and Immortal Phoenix just got added to the game with a skill that makes summoning Ra easier, as well as Ra support cards. Haven't collected them yet to test them myself tho, but yeah

Oh that's nice, but I don't think that's in DL. And even so, I just don't really have an affinity for Exodia, it seems

Yes, each duel has an experience and each character has a level limit. Here's an Example:

Yeah, we ourselves swing back and forth when we have a lot or none at all to say. I just used to it I guess. But I guess you take the more nonchalant route considering what little I know of you, especially the "we just went bowling part". Funny because teenage me would've definitely wanted to karaoke with my weeb friends, bragging about how many lyrics of a language neither of us speak we memorized, LUL

I guess each perspective has its ups and downs, yours doesn't hold much drama or attachment but doesn't make the field good enough to sow longer lasting deeper friendships and mine, is well, the opposite. Although I am more leaning now to the takes of people like you. Like those vampires in old movies who literally mind their own business in their creepy-ass castles lol

It almost happened lol. I met this girl, someone who worked about 2 hours from where I was working at the time. We slowly became friends and due to her sense of humor we ended up making eloping jokes which was kind of discomforting but eventually got used to it. She did it so much until part of me believed she was insinuating something, especially since she dodges the topic when I try to seriously understand what she's even on about. I asked her to meet me in person to test this and she eventually ghosted me lol. It's got more nuance and annoying details to it, since it was the bane of my existence in 2022, but the long and short of it is, I haven't met someone that way lol

I did see a few college mates irl using mal and we became friends here during that time too
3miL Jan 1, 8:09 AM
Happy New Year!

3miL Dec 25, 2023 1:05 AM
Exodia is a pain in the ass, regardless of where I play it. Be it GBA or DL. I can never have a good Exodia deck since the old ones have sangan and witch of the black forest on the banlist. DM/BEWD and REBD on the old ones are more likely to brick, Toon and flip monsters are some of my go to in decks like that. Sometimes I get edgy and play cards like Dark Snake Syndrome

I don't? Was it in that Duel? Maybe the opp was using it

DL alone is kinda hard to cover especially if you are quick to get bored of shit, My excuse is to max out the levels of every character from every show and at one point the only characters remaining are about 7 characters each from DM and GX but they recently released a new Zexal event where the max limit for their characters have been stretched by 5 levels, meaning I now have more time to spend here lol

That's true, same with me. I've been in spats with some users and have been scared of forums and mods due to some hearsays I've gotten over the years but I'm still here. Back then I also used reviews for reference but after learning about shit like the NuxTaku thing, I just lost faith in it altogether

I have but most of it is unwillingly. I was in another website similar to MAL who I joined in 2008/2010 until they ran out of money to keep things going and announced site closure. Coincidentally it happened on the mayan end date, which is now my epic join date

Speaking of being abandoned, I recently realized that the guy who was having long YGO chats with me, who played MD with you a few times unfriended us both. Reading the comments between me and him + you and him it appears to have happened mid-september or october since he just dropped long convos from both of us.

I was recently having a similar conversation about the same topic with another friend and sometimes, that just happens. When you have nothing to say, you're tired or just ehhh you just continue the convo. I get that it may sound rude or it may give the impression the other party isn't necessarily having a blast conversing but in his case, ghosting people outright just because you can't keep up with the convo? Or because you don't like what's being talked about anymore? I don't know, maybe I'm just wired differently lol. That's that, just sharing lol

Part of me now feels responsible since I sent him your way in the first place especially since we're from the same country, idk him irl tho
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