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Jul 6, 7:29 PM
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Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Jul 6, 7:26 PM
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Isekai Quartet
Jun 30, 3:13 AM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Jun 16, 2016 12:03 AM
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Ginga Patrol Jaco
Ginga Patrol Jaco
Apr 27, 2016 1:38 AM
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Pheromomania Syndrome
Pheromomania Syndrome
Mar 26, 2016 12:12 AM
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Benkyo Jul 4, 9:14 PM
HAHAHA that's a good one! My workplace is so fucking cheap that the heater is practically on at all times. Ofc the heater isn't as hot during the summer, but it's definitely not cool through most of the store.

It always sucks thinking about how much potentially cool shit you might miss but it's so hard to catch up when there's so much of it and so little time! I really miss all the free time and motivation I had, but I'm veeeeerry close to quitting my job so hopefully that'll change. How ya like Akame ga Kill though? I recall liking it but I think I watched that before I became critical with anime.

Nope, I rarely game anymore. I've mainly only played the Grisaia spinoff VNs and played like, one game lol.

Kaguya-sama isn't bad but the show is most definitely a comedy, so if the comedy ain't to your liking then I doubt you'll like the rest of the show. I also doubt the show's formula changes after the last 6 eps considering I've gotten up to the first 6 eps. So I'd say try out a few eps and if the comedy ain't to your liking, then you might as well drop it after awhile. The characters aren't bad though from what I recall.
Benkyo Jun 17, 10:49 AM
It's already hitting high 90s to low 100s so I'm already over it! And then I'm trying to keep my AC bill as low as I can which gets tough in those situations, especially since the sun hits my room during peak hours, so I'm lucky if I'm at work even though I hate that place lol.

Your backlog is as big as always I see. It's too tough to catch up during these adult years!

I'll look into those when I'm not lazy about it. I only watch seasonals these days, but there's some I could rec. The Promised Neverland, Happy Sugar Life, My Roommate is a Cat, and Senryuu Shoujo are all pretty decent. The first 2 are interesting and are decently executed for its themes. And the last 2 are nice Slice of life's if you're looking for one.
Benkyo Jun 9, 10:32 PM
There hasn't been many good animes within the past 3 seasons from what I can recall, but I barely watch anything these days.

Life's been decent for the most part. It's snake season and I'm already over the heat! Otherwise, I've been slaving away at work (and hating my job as each day goes by!) and been rather lazy for the most part. Nothing big has really happened and I've been in quite a slump for quite a long time now, so I'm not doing too much in my free time. And nope, still haven't started Danganronpa.

How about you?
Benkyo Jan 20, 12:55 PM
Sounds about right. I usually pull out the grandpa jokes when talking to older people and it's efficient enough and at least has me engaged, even if only a little. But then they still manage to drag the convo towards politics, sports, news, and the olden days, and I can't find myself to say anything about it or even care that much, and it's even worse when they go on for a long time. What should've been a short interaction usually doubles in length.
Some of my coworkers are notorious for being like that, but instead of grandpa jokes and talk about news or whatever, it's usually about stuff that they're into and when you talk to them or answer their question, they usually don't pay any attention to what you say since they're busy with their world and what they have to say so the interaction is completely one-sided. :')

Danganronpa has already has been cursing and haunting my dreams D:
Epsy Jan 19, 8:50 AM
Sometimes sacrifices have to be made
Benkyo Dec 30, 2018 2:16 PM
Nope, and it prob won't happen even when you do see this message too lol.

I feel ya with Christmas gatherings being pretty boring. I went to my friend's grandparents house this Christmas and besides me and my friend, there were 5 other people and I was literally falling asleep because they were just talking and I was just sitting there, and they were all older people and older people are pretty notorious for talking too long. Talking can be fun, but those were definitely topics that I don't really have interest in nor amuse me much.

Nah, I've been pretty tired lately to even do much in my free time, but it'll definitely be awhile till I get to Danganronpa.
Epsy Dec 30, 2018 2:05 PM
you still alive?
Benkyo Dec 9, 2018 2:23 AM
Well, it wasn't really planned out as it was more of just an idea that was proposed, though the girl in question was asked about it and was willing to hang out at least. But it's not really a date, it's a thing to see if either of us gain some interest in each other so it kinda is a date at the same time I guess. Also, my friend and his girlfriend will be hanging out with us since I guess it would be a bit awkward if it was just me and her. Anyways, a damn day to get together still hasn't been planned (it's mainly my friend's girlfriend that needs to plan since she's the only one that has contact with her friend) so I may need to try taking the initiative soon. And no worries, I'll make sure I don't get spoiled for Danganronpa D:

Man, America sure likes to come up with a bunch of random shit then, though all the stuff does make things more fun u suppose, even though it can fuck with your wallet. I think both Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays where you can have just about the same amount of people come and visit, so it's just a circumstancial thing on why people may or may not come down on one holiday like work or stuff like that.

Ooh so I lucked out on the sale then. Good ol' black Friday was looking out for me. I'm sure I'll like the games regardless though it may be a long time till I start it. Been both busy and extremely demotivated to really do anything on my free time unfortunately.

Thanks for the order of sorts. I may skip buying UDG unless I can find it for free but I'll definitely watch the anime after playing 1 and 2.
Benkyo Nov 26, 2018 9:53 PM
Thanks. Date should be soon hopefully.
Sounds like you live in a pretty good location for the most part which is good. Where I live now, it's practically a mini city itself which is cool. Lots of shops and places to go to nearby but not close to all the action I believe, so imma like it here. I'm planning on living here for a long time if i can. My initial plan was to live with my best friend and now that that's the case and that we got our own place, I don't plan on moving anywhere else unless I get married or something like that.
Yeah, I'm not too fond of casually traveling very far for a get together, but since going on vacation or visiting friends/family is very limited and hard nowadays, I'd prob give in and travel if I get to see a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile. Is it uncommon for people in Australia to get together for Thanksgiving? Do you even celebrate Thanksgiving there for that matter?

I just looked on steam a few minutes ago to see if Danganronpa was on sale and it was since it's still Black Froday/Cyber Monday week I guess. I got 1 thru 3 for 55% off so it went from $99.97 to $44.97, and even though I don't think I'll play it any time soon, I don't think I'll see a deal like that any time soon afterwards so I went and bought it. I'm pretty easy to amuse so I'm sure I'll like series
Benkyo Nov 11, 2018 9:27 PM
Haven't really been up to much. I'm about to move to an apartment with my friend which'll be cool since I'll gain some freedom again, since I live with him and his family. Only downside is that I'll have more shit to pay again but it shouldn't be bad. Otherwise, I haven't really done anything interesting though I'm gonna be meeting some girl who's friend's with my friend's girlfriend some time after I move to my new place so hopefully that'll go well lol. What have you been up to besides dying?

I haven't played any Danganronpa games but I definitely will in the future. Too bad it seems to be a bit expensive for me rn so I'll have to wait for it to be on sale.
Benkyo Sep 16, 2018 4:53 PM
I don't think I had a phone plan that gives me a new phone after some time. I ended up getting a new phone a few days ago. My now old phone has way too much performance issues especially for how short of a time I've had it for and it was unbearable so I gave in and got a new phone instead of waiting any longer. So I'm now back to iPhones.

I'm into like no MP games at all lol. Barely been playing any games in general for that matter. You still go on that one site and play that Pokemon vs thing, whatever it's called?

Yeah, the people most likely haven't even opened the game but have downloaded it since I've done that with some games too that'll give you a "started the game" type achievement.
Benkyo Sep 8, 2018 4:00 AM
Nice. Random disconnects isn't too bad a price to pay especially if you aren't too hardcore with using your laptop.
Sadly my phone is trash already despite only having it for probably 5 months so I'll have to upgrade once it gets completely unbearable. I usually get iPhones but decided to get something new to try it out (I got a Samsung J7) and thought it'd be good but I was highly mistaken so I'll end up going back to iPhone after this since at least that has good performance.

Multiplayer games are usually the main ones that are fun to play for a long while even after 100%'ing a game. I've definitely had a fair share of games that I've spent many hours on.

Stats are fun to look at. I've noticed most Nep games will have an achievement where you simply only have to load the game up but not everyone has it which is kinda interesting how some people don't even start the game up at the least
Benkyo Aug 23, 2018 1:45 AM
I've gotten a bit too spoiled for my own good especially with food, but if things costs like $20 or more, I'll usually be more inclined to shop smarter.
Sounds like a pretty good deal for the laptop. And yeah, people do upgrade a lot for computers which makes me glad I'm not hardcore about this type of stuff or I'd be broke. As long as my computer isn't slow and can do the bare minimum which is mainly basic computer stuff then I'm all good since it's not like I game much.

I feel like most people I've seen are barely into achievement hunting/being a completionist, especially for multiplayer games, but I'm probably just assuming that. But yeah, challenges/achievements/whatever are nice when they don't require much from you or if you can easily start them.

Yeah, all of those achievements for the console version of Sega Girls are in the Steam version as well. For Steam, it just shows how much people that own the game got the achievement so your page shows more than Steam.

Yup, my new pc is way better than my old one. I'm not good with this tech stuff but it has 16gb of ram and 1080ti or something like that. But regardless, from the one game I've played so far, I'm able to play it with all the settings on high and it was smooth so it's definitely good
Red-Eyez Aug 13, 2018 8:42 AM
yes, I'll watch more anime shows again :D Doing other things now taking time of anime.

iDOLM@STER: Live for You! is spinoff of iDOLM@STER so it's different. Instead of playing producer you play as fan representative of the girls. You push random buttons on controller to build up meter of fan love to win. ♫ The button letters go so fast it's very difficult! I think it has less distractions like you say.
Benkyo Aug 12, 2018 5:56 PM
I usually don't eat that much shit within a day, and the chances of the things I do eat having a decent amount, if any vitamins at all is probably unlikely, so I probably should invest in buying multivitamins.

True. Nowadays when I do buy something I'll invest the extra money, so long as the product will last longer than a cheaper one. I kinda bought the new computer on a whim honestly. I looked up when it's usually the best time to buy a PC and it's around back-to-school times (so now) but the computer I bought wasn't even on sale I'm pretty sure, lol.
Anyways, my current/old computer is actually fine. It's not slow and runs games pretty good, and I haven't necessarily noticed any issues. Only thing I've seen is that one of my fans is dead but it's not really an issue. But yeah, definitely wanted to 'treat yo self', but I won't be buying a new one for a long time after this. I've had my current/old one for about 2 or 3 years now so my new one should definitely last long.

Yeah, better to wait till your backlog lessens or until your current computer starts becoming shit until you buy a new one.

Ahh, good ol' time wasting with achievement hunting. 65k gaming score for 25~ games is a lot, so I can imagine the achievement hunting was strong.
I'd likely beat a main story with guides, but when it comes to achievement hunting for other shit I'll use one. I have some weird complex of wanting to get all achievements. I just wanna get everything just for the sake of it. If I got everything with or without a guide, I wouldn't really feel accomplished, somehow, so I just end up using a guide anyways, especially for those missable ones since I'm stubborn with using my free time. :p
Steam has something like that where you can see how much people got what achievement that own the game. And I think you can compare with your friends too.

Idk if Sega Girls is on any other console but yeah, I played it on PC and the characters run as if they're on drugs. Can't find any video or gif unfortunately, but if you play the game over 60hz, the game runs ridiculously fast when you're in a dungeon. Anyways no, games downloaded through steam don't count towards that I'm pretty sure. I do have windows sharing my Xbox gamertag though, but none of my games that are exclusive to PC are on the windows version for Xbox.
I'm gonna start playing 4 Goddesses again once my new comp comes because it was running a bit slow with my current comp, so I wanna play it at its full capacity.