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Yesterday, 5:26 AM
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Oct 21, 8:22 PM
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Adachi to Shimamura
Adachi to Shimamura
Oct 20, 7:51 AM
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Oct 18, 7:22 AM
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Aoi Hana
Aoi Hana
Oct 18, 7:22 AM
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Kamisama no Iutoori
Kamisama no Iutoori
Sep 24, 4:01 AM
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Kishirika Yesterday, 1:31 AM
The worst weeb medium that exists time-wise, unfortunately. I don't think I've ever finished any but definitently read some.
Kishirika Oct 25, 3:49 AM
oh right i forgot to comment, i am epsy, deleted my account ages ago and just made a new one recently, someone took the name for whatever reason
Benkyo Apr 27, 4:30 AM
Yeah, I'm still holding on. Even without a short squeeze, Gamestop actually has potential to be a great company with Ryan Cohen so that along would make it worth holding onto.

You must've really wanted to watch Demon Slayer to actually go to a cinema. :P I got myself addicted to Runescape again lol. I used to play it ALL the time back in grade school and I told myself I'd never play it again but here I am about 11~ years later. It is nice to play a game that I actually enjoy though.

Damn, I can only dream of having that good of time management. Danganronpa does have an interesting VN style that's for sure.

I finally got my first vaccine shot (pfizer) on Friday which was nice. The symptoms I got as a result weren't so nice but at least I'm over them almost.
Benkyo Feb 14, 11:14 PM
Lol that's true. Well, I bought shares at random times, mainly at 30-40 and then during some dips (when the stock dropped), but my average cost is $64.54. I've lost a bit of money but it's not too horrible at least. Kinda wished i cashed out at the peak but oh well, I'll hold for the long term since I believe Gamestop has good potential with Ryan Cohen. Still hoping for a short squeeze but you gotta love all the market manipulation going on lol.

With how little anime we watch, marathoning it is the way to go. And shit, I didn't even see that Neverland S2 was airing. I'll have to check that out at some point as well.

Nice. I'll get to the VNs at some point and maybe the anime adaptions once I learn to manage my time better.
Benkyo Jan 26, 12:58 PM
I am actually lol. Idk what you've heard about the whole thing especially since the media is making us out to be some bad cult or something but I can assure you this Gamestop thing was bound to happen. I'm making some good money off of it and plan on riding it until the short squeeze.

Gotta love people being selfish about doing what they want especially when some of these people already have/had covid but don't seem to learn from it.

I just checked out Winder 2021s list and damn, there really is a lot of hype shows for sure. If I actually decide to pick up a show, I'd pick up Non Non Biyori and Hataraku Saibou. I never watched S2 of Attack on Titan so I didn't say that just yet. How about you?

I usually read pretty fast too but yeah, some people read it too slow. You read all 3 of the Danganronpa series? But yeah, there are some interesting trial and murder cases for sure, I'm just not too fond of how often things get repeated but I guess that's for the people who are too slow to absorb this type of shit.

I've been doing good for the most part thankfully, though other people make it difficult to stay safe. Hopefully you've been nice and safe too
Benkyo Jan 12, 12:03 AM
Shit, not much man. I've always had a bad time management and motivation to do new things for some reason. I mainly just watch random shit and view random shit but I've been trying to work on my future, mainly retirement purposes, for some time now. I'm even gambling investing in the stock market these days but I'm working on acquiring hobbies otherwise.

It varies from state to state but some states are more chill than others about lockdowns/masks, but even though they're "enforcing" all those, they're not giving anti-maskers fines or anything like that unfortunately so people get away with being dumbasses coz America can't do anything right.

That's great that Australia has been dealing with the pandemic correctly! At least you seem to be hanging in there for the most part which is good.

Ah nice. You still doing school type of stuff?

Its been so long since I watched a new anime, or anime in general, but I wanna pick up on watching again once I get my time and activity management situation resolved. I don't remember us kinda racing with watching stuff back then but if so, it's been a looong time. I do remember us watching some seasonals and talking a little about it, I'm pretty sure.

I've been watching a youtuber I watch play Danganronpa btw. They're making horribly slow progress but they're on chapter 4 now, and I've spoiled a lot of the first game so I have a general idea of how it goes. Anyways, the first game sure likes to drag and repeat lots of dialogue to stretch out the game length and have the usual, stupid MC, but besides that, it's pretty interesting so I may pick up the VN eventually. I'm just wondering if the sequels are like that, or if they do a better job with all of that?

Happy New Year btw! Hoping things get better, mainly with covid but I doubt it. We already got idiots raiding the capitol or whatever; I don't pay much attention to the news but we're off to a good start lol :^)
Benkyo Nov 2, 2020 11:47 PM
I've barely been gaming for a good while since I've been trying to focus on other things and I'm trying to save up to move as well.

People sure are stupid lol. I don't really keep up with the news or browse social media as much as I used to but at least the media is more neutral and on the supportive side for masks from what I've seen. I really can't wait till covid is finally gone though coz damn do you take the smaller things in life for granted.

Lol, I'd be almost interested in hearing the podcast but at the same, it'll make my hatred for Walmart grow even higher so I'll skip out on that. Trying to stay safe, but it doesn't help the location I work at and a good 40% of my coworkers not taking the mask rule seriously but luckily no one really bothers me since I like to keep to myself. Haha that's America for ya!! :^) I'm sure covid rates will surge around the country again due to the holiday seasons and temperatures (finally) dropping.
I don't think I asked but whatchu been up to since your MAL hiatus?
Benkyo Sep 29, 2020 1:44 AM
I do like all of that stuff about Phantom Trigger too with how the characters are all likable and how they weren't trying to recreate the OG cast. I don't think there was anything that I was bothered by but its been a long time since I read the VNs.

I have noticed that each vol focuses on specific characters but I'm only on Vol 4, and I checked to see and I haven't even read that since May of last year lol. That's funny that Arisaka's volume isn't a full number. She always seemed to have some issues every time it tried focusing on her in the other volumes too but they didn't dive deep or really bother to fix her issues too much.

That's shitty that your state has had a big outbreak spike but at least it sounds like you guys are taking things more seriously than in good ol' America. I don't go out enough but there's definitely a lot of idiots who don't care about the pandemic and I live in Cali so I've been having to deal with idiots along with the fires (though it looks like it's calmed down around my city) and the billions of protests that go on nowadays over unfair racial stuff involving police.
Besides that, I work at shitty Walmart and they they do the bare minimum and barely care about covid and the workers and I work in a kinda ghetto-ish area so that don't help. I've been healthy enough for the most part at least so that's good. But yeah, I don't go out enough so covid hasn't really been affecting my life very much especially since I still have to work so it's almost as if I've been doing the exact same things before covid. Stay safe out there.
Benkyo Aug 30, 2020 2:21 AM
Nice to see you're relatively caught up with most of the Grisaia series. My memory's kinda hazy with a lot of the VNs but I'm sure I'll remember more if things are brought up from the VNs. I read the first 3 PT volumes and started the 4th but never finished it for some reason. I've been stuck having to work so I don't have the luxury of endless free time but I should really get back to getting up to date with PT. Whatchu think of everything otherwise?
Benkyo Jul 27, 2019 9:58 PM
Well, I can't completely confirm if the heater's on but it's possible that the aircon is on, but barely set to a cool temp.

Yeah, being away from the hype and weekly ep wait can make shows more enjoyable.

It's kinda better that way to just play/watch things when you feel for it instead of doing it in order of anticipation.
Benkyo Jul 4, 2019 9:14 PM
HAHAHA that's a good one! My workplace is so fucking cheap that the heater is practically on at all times. Ofc the heater isn't as hot during the summer, but it's definitely not cool through most of the store.

It always sucks thinking about how much potentially cool shit you might miss but it's so hard to catch up when there's so much of it and so little time! I really miss all the free time and motivation I had, but I'm veeeeerry close to quitting my job so hopefully that'll change. How ya like Akame ga Kill though? I recall liking it but I think I watched that before I became critical with anime.

Nope, I rarely game anymore. I've mainly only played the Grisaia spinoff VNs and played like, one game lol.

Kaguya-sama isn't bad but the show is most definitely a comedy, so if the comedy ain't to your liking then I doubt you'll like the rest of the show. I also doubt the show's formula changes after the last 6 eps considering I've gotten up to the first 6 eps. So I'd say try out a few eps and if the comedy ain't to your liking, then you might as well drop it after awhile. The characters aren't bad though from what I recall.
Benkyo Jun 17, 2019 10:49 AM
It's already hitting high 90s to low 100s so I'm already over it! And then I'm trying to keep my AC bill as low as I can which gets tough in those situations, especially since the sun hits my room during peak hours, so I'm lucky if I'm at work even though I hate that place lol.

Your backlog is as big as always I see. It's too tough to catch up during these adult years!

I'll look into those when I'm not lazy about it. I only watch seasonals these days, but there's some I could rec. The Promised Neverland, Happy Sugar Life, My Roommate is a Cat, and Senryuu Shoujo are all pretty decent. The first 2 are interesting and are decently executed for its themes. And the last 2 are nice Slice of life's if you're looking for one.
Benkyo Jun 9, 2019 10:32 PM
There hasn't been many good animes within the past 3 seasons from what I can recall, but I barely watch anything these days.

Life's been decent for the most part. It's snake season and I'm already over the heat! Otherwise, I've been slaving away at work (and hating my job as each day goes by!) and been rather lazy for the most part. Nothing big has really happened and I've been in quite a slump for quite a long time now, so I'm not doing too much in my free time. And nope, still haven't started Danganronpa.

How about you?
Benkyo Jan 20, 2019 12:55 PM
Sounds about right. I usually pull out the grandpa jokes when talking to older people and it's efficient enough and at least has me engaged, even if only a little. But then they still manage to drag the convo towards politics, sports, news, and the olden days, and I can't find myself to say anything about it or even care that much, and it's even worse when they go on for a long time. What should've been a short interaction usually doubles in length.
Some of my coworkers are notorious for being like that, but instead of grandpa jokes and talk about news or whatever, it's usually about stuff that they're into and when you talk to them or answer their question, they usually don't pay any attention to what you say since they're busy with their world and what they have to say so the interaction is completely one-sided. :')

Danganronpa has already has been cursing and haunting my dreams D:
Benkyo Dec 30, 2018 2:16 PM
Nope, and it prob won't happen even when you do see this message too lol.

I feel ya with Christmas gatherings being pretty boring. I went to my friend's grandparents house this Christmas and besides me and my friend, there were 5 other people and I was literally falling asleep because they were just talking and I was just sitting there, and they were all older people and older people are pretty notorious for talking too long. Talking can be fun, but those were definitely topics that I don't really have interest in nor amuse me much.

Nah, I've been pretty tired lately to even do much in my free time, but it'll definitely be awhile till I get to Danganronpa.