Sachi "Sacchan, Sacchin" Komine

Sachi Komine

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Sachi Komine (小嶺 幸)

Birthday: September 23
Height: 151 cm
BWH: 82-56-83
Blood type: O

A 1st year student of Mihama Academy, as well as the self-appointed maid of the academy. She wears a maid outfit most of the time as a result of her friends (jokingly) suggesting that she "should wear the maid uniform as much as possible."

She has a tendency to take anything and everything said to her completely seriously, and whenever someone tasks her with something she will stop at no lengths to satisfy that demand. Often the result of her practically autonomous level of "obedience" is that she will get herself into serious trouble. Her favorite animal is the shark.

Her representative fruit is apple.

Voice Actors
Shimizu, Ai

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