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Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou
Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou
May 7, 2:10 PM
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Himouto! Umaru-chan
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Mar 29, 8:11 AM
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Tenshi no Drop
Tenshi no Drop
Mar 26, 11:45 PM
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Gon_Frikues Apr 15, 1:40 AM
alright I respect your opinion
Gon_Frikues Apr 14, 3:19 PM
you gave hxh a 6, and called it a pretty average show while your list shows naruto, dragon ball z, and other shonen and slapped a 10 or @ 9 on them. while they are pretty generic 🧐🧐. idk man it’s your opinion
tinyfin Mar 27, 8:16 PM
ikr, the anime watcher's dream to be able to fully understand without subs. I only managed to take the lessons for 2 semesters before it didn't fit my schedule anymore because I'm graduating. I enjoyed it very much, despite the tests and exams. it was also fun to meet other anime fans since there were obviously quite a lot of them! you can imagine the kinds of things people talked about during show and tell/mini presentations about hobbies. someone brought the huge thick shounen weekly jump magazine :P and I...brought a figurine HAHA. it was my first time having true enthusiasm during a presentation lmao.

yeah self-learning is kind of hard, you really need determination without a clear study plan/exams. it's really good that you're doing that! when you have time I'd recommend watching this channel on youtube called "japanese ammo with misa", she has both beginner and intermediate videos that's really helpful for people learning japanese in general I feel ^^ I learnt quite a lot of things from her as well.

omg of all that you mentioned I was thinking of trying spice and wolf haha you're not way off at all. don't worry about recommending stuff that I don't seem to watch, I may be a bit overly obsessed with certain genres but I'm actually open trying new stuff :D
tinyfin Mar 27, 8:49 AM
it's fine to have opinion and stand up for it, but not letting emotions get into your head and start getting personal off-tangent is the important part imo :P

in general I think there's always something to learn from shows, even small things like seeing how some situations can be handled, how you should treat others etc. but maybe I've been a little too influenced by people irl who think anime is just some cartoon for kids that I started doubting if I was weird for that. in barakamon's case it was really this certain quote that suddenly opened my eyes to some things because it was quite relatable to my life at the moment. not just the usual shounen "yeah teamwork! friendship! hardwork!" slightly more straightforward kind of thing, it was worded so well so I thought it was wonderful.

ohh ic! most people only stick to one, I'm surprised. it's really good to hear firsthand from someone who tried both, usually the FMAB english dub is the one I always hear others praise. maybe I should try out some of those that you mentioned one day for the experience too haha. though I love the japanese language, so much that watching anime pushed me to take proper japanese lessons irl.
tinyfin Mar 27, 8:08 AM
np! from your posts, I just thought you seemed chill :)

I loved the humour from the very first episode of saiki kusuo. even though there are Tons of characters, each one of them had very distinctive and memorable qualities, which usually leads to hilarious(ly dumb) interactions. I remember laughing till my stomach hurt for some episodes. each episode is pretty short, so I think you could try it out easily to see if it's your kind of humour as well! I noticed you have quite a few english voice actors as favourites, do you usually watch in dub? (ok I'm not one of those people, I personally think people should just enjoy anime the way they want) but for saiki kusuo I'd say the japanese voice actors really captured the characters especially well (particularly the MC who is v deadpan, in a good way which adds on comedic effect)

I haven't watched that many SOLs but I think barakamon is Really Good. is it weird to say that some of the quotes in there actually inspired me? (I shall not spoil) one of the best qualities has to be the way they showed the MC growing as a person - it was quite realistic, how his worldview slowly got influenced by the people around him. after watching the show I felt so satisfied, I had no complaints at all so there it goes into my favourites haha.

hope you'd check these out some day! I'd love to know your thoughts too if you do ^^
OnionKnightRises Mar 26, 8:16 PM
I know right, back when I still had my favorites list it straight up changed every week. I kept rewatching certain shows and it kept changing my favorites list. "Ghost in the Shell in my favorites? Nah, I just watched Mushishi 5 minutes ago, so it goes up instead." And yeah I will never change my profile picture. Might Guy is still my favorite character in all of Naruto, I still love his voice cracking during the Rock Lee vs Gaara fight.
Geshtinanna Mar 18, 3:42 PM
Bleach is making a return (hooray) and it's really cheered me up in this dark time of worldwide Coronavirus mayhem. It will definitely be nice to revel in the hype and the nostalgia when it comes around next year :)

PS, An adaptation for Burn the Witch as well. Kubo is the man of the moment it would seem. The prodigal son has returned :)
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 10, 9:10 AM
Ah I understand. >.> I admit PVE can be VERY repetitive, actually, that's what I like about it lol. hate to admit it but my dream job is a boring, repetitive 9-5 desk job overlooking and crunching in data sequences, not doing anything grand and non-linear, to be honest, doing linear things helps me think and deal with things better. But a high risk high reward lifestytle does seem to suit you, adventuring lad you are into Final Fantasy lol.
Does dog hair get in your computer case at all? :/ I always wanted a cat but they are very attracted to sources of heat. . . and I ain't gonna have my computer blow up from that thing. <_<

Oh, that's interesting, you're in love with an MMO right now that doesn't have the thing you enjoy the most in those games in it? You must be being carried HARD by the fact it's in the universe, well, a final fantasy universe, huh?
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 9, 2:49 PM
Wow you have been through a whole lot of WoW time haha! My mother could not afford to pay the subscription over and over for WoW and thought it was, ahem: "Demonic" (Jehovah's Witnesses...) so I really only got to play WoW in Cataclysm to Mist of Pandaria. I quit on principle when they changed the Shadow Priest and Demonology Warlock which was my main at the time with a more younger, edgy Korey wanting to control the minions of hell and transform into a demon myself, it was so satisfying and when I heard they changed it I legit just raged and quit lol.

Also I just cannot PvP in wow. ;-; Or most games for that matter. Cheesy as this sounds I find the concept of teaming up to fight a common enemy much more enjoyable than just fighting among ourselves~
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 8, 1:40 PM

“pretty funny running around as a giant chicken instant casting people to death “
*sigh* I will never get tired of that sentence lol. xD Do you have a history with WoW?

I tell you I LOVE big dogs but when they are not used to you they scare the hell out of me because of their tendencies to seem aggressive. For instance, I was jogging in a neighborhood I dont know about with 3 people walking minimum 1 big aggressive dog, trying to get home was like playing pacman, they were all walking them at the same time in different areas and I had to keep track of and predict routes lol.

Well you know what they say apparently dogs have a lot of personality differences, I heard some dogs are like cats and vice versa. On the bright side, at least you don’t have to worry about the dog being attracted to sources of heat. . . like cats. <_< I always wanted a big, fluffy, evil looking cat like from Jame’s bond movies but the moment I heard they sit on computers I was like: “Eh I’ll just get a tarantula” xD
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 7, 1:29 PM
Squall is very. . . very rough around the edges admittedly. . . whatever
I love playing as a tank too! I don't know why but playing as one just awakens some almost primal sense and desire to protect someone and take blows for my team while my allies assist me, call it altruism, chivarly, I don't care, just get me in the front lines so I can do my best for my party.UGH! You don't want to see my hours as a death knight in WoW when I played. . .

Jeez, I didn't think a dog that age could be so hyper. o-o Are they basically middle aged at that point? I had a dog too once, her name was Missy and we had her for a month, but here's the thing, uh, we didn't know how to train her. xD In media and stuff it's so funny, the dog is already trained and everything but nobody really takes into account a dog is basically a child and if you don't teach them right from wrong they'll run over you. >.> I'm really sad your dog had to go through that if they were abused, my friend's dog actually hates males because they were abused by men but once you show you're not a threat they are the cuddiliest pit bull you've ever seen. <.< Why are pitt bulls so popular btw? It seems nobody wants them even though they're paradoxically outlawed.... do you know what breed your dog is?
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 6, 11:38 AM
Hahahaa.... okay, so, you're gonna laugh or this is gonna seem creepy, but I already knew everything you told me because, for some reason, I enjoy listening to informational and guide videos on games I don't even play, so, I actually know entire rotations and stats needed for jobs in a game I don't even have access to! xD Gunbreaker seems like the main one I would go with, then again, that's less because I know the game's mechanics in that depth and gameplay wise and more because I'm a Squall fanboy. >.> Don't ask why I listen to this stuff, I'm weird lol.

How's your dog doing too?
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 5, 3:33 PM
I see. So what job are you enjoying in FF14 so far? I really wanted to try out the gunbreaker but that paywall and subscription of getting it though. . .
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 3, 7:41 PM
Jason! Sephiroth is disappointed in you. :/
But how is Sea of Thieves now? It had a really rocky start as I recall but heard it got a lot better. . . A.K.A, exited early access state.
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 3, 7:36 PM
Did someone play the FF7 remake demo? ;D