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Midnight Eye: Gokuu
Midnight Eye: Gokuu
Jul 24, 7:51 PM
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Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai
Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai
Jul 24, 7:51 PM
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Tetsuwan Birdy
Tetsuwan Birdy
Jul 24, 7:51 PM
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Aug 18, 4:24 PM
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Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
Aug 6, 2:19 PM
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Young Black Jack
Young Black Jack
Jul 24, 7:15 PM
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Peaceful_Critic Jul 17, 9:16 PM
I pretty much agree with most of what you wrote. I have yet to see episode 14 because it seemed like the longest episode yet(YT said it was an hour).

About that, here's the challenge page:
Part of it is posting my reactions on each episode.

The biggest flaw of the show, in my opinion, is the pacing. This will be a unique complaint of mine, but I feel there's too much build-up. For example, before episode 8 we got a scene each episode dedicated to mysteriously eluding to what happens to those who control the robot(i.e. episode 3 where the truck is stolen and one of the guys vaguely say: "We can't quit. The boss will kill us if we did"). I mean Key isn't even labeled nor can act as a mystery show, but it sure is paced like one. It got quite annoying having to sit through several scenes which are obviously only there as foreshadowing.
Peaceful_Critic Jul 17, 5:01 PM
Well in a day I'll be going to my grandmother's house. As for anime, I went into a challenge where I have to finish Key the Metal Idol 1st. I see that you finished that show and gave it a 6. In what areas did you feel like the show was laking or was better than average?
Kaymyu Jul 8, 3:43 PM
I have to put it on the lowest graphic setting for mine sadly. I'd like to get a gaming PC eventually to make it run better but it still works out fine most of the time.
Peaceful_Critic Jul 3, 11:06 PM
Yeah, it is. You have a set of cards with each of them you can cast a spell which would come to life perform an attack on a monster.
Kaymyu Jul 3, 11:27 AM
I've actually been playing Dead by Daylight for the past month now. Been super addicted to it.
Peaceful_Critic Jul 2, 6:08 PM
Have you played Wizard101?
Peaceful_Critic Jul 1, 3:18 PM
Not really, I just recently got into it.
Peaceful_Critic Jul 1, 2:31 PM
I've been getting into the political discussion more and chose your own story games(specifically BlueStacks "Choices"). I've watched a bit of anime, but not that much since I took a challenge in which I have to prioritize and talk about a show I have little interest in.

So not much is new with me.
Peaceful_Critic May 13, 7:17 PM
It is, but I'm trying to use another word more specific as to why.

"Although there wasn't any real conflict or resistance, they just accepted what was happening to them."
I guess, but I like the down to earth small conflict quite a bit. Like when they had where they were struggling to live the other's life. or instance, going late due to not knowing where to go the 1st time they switched, not handling the other's job/schoolwork well(as the mature lady said he wasn't usually that slow and the look upon the classmates faces when she couldn't spell out the answer), and the awesome climax where they wrote on each other's own body angrily stunned on how they could mess up so badly.

The girl made it clear that she didn't like her town near the very start of the movie. While she was walking with her friends there was a montage of them going around town and the two girls being straight out bored and complaining about there being nothing to do. This leads to the guy friend lying about a cafe and instead, they ended up going to a vending machine. The pay off to that was my favorite visual part of the film which would be here:

" Nothing is really explained, like what causes the body switching and time travel, and I just have to accept it as magic I guess."
My focus was on the characters and visual elements solely. They had an exposition on that through the grandmother, but it was boring, so I decided no to pay attention to it.This may help though

"The movie is very reliant on plot conveniences, especially amnesia."
Well, they lived in another's body that day, so it makes sense they wouldn't know what happened. I'm not usually one for excuses based on realism, but the film put a lot of detail in the body switching thing to show what would realistically happen. Not to mention, Shinkai values realism as his diction reflects it, he realistically colores and portions his characters. and that his locations that are actually real:

"Why do you think this movie has garnered so much acclaim?"
I think someone who loves the movie would be a better pick. I don't really like when people say: "they must like SAO due to the action scenes, and it looking well paced"
It seems stupid to presume other's reasons for liking something based on your own opinion on the show/movie and was my main gripe with the "why do people like SAO" videos. I know you weren't implying that I do that, but that's the only way I could aside from just reciting the people who acclaimed it.
Peaceful_Critic May 12, 7:13 PM
Yeah, we probably do. Anyway, it might not have been the right word, maybe excessive. I used it cause I didn't know another word to describe it better. To put it simply, I thought the inner monologues were forced due to being on the nose as it seemed too theatrical compared to the dialogue. The rest was like I said before realistic as well as causal.

Though I probably shouldn't say anything is pretentious as I don't know the writer's intent. It seemed most fitting to my complaint crossing out that part though. Edgy was used due to the inner monologues being too unexpectedly tense out of nowhere. It clashed with the calming atmosphere the backgrounds gave and other parts of the dialogue.
Peaceful_Critic May 12, 6:35 PM
I was mostly referring to the inner monologues where the characters talk about themselves. The poems are fine.
Peaceful_Critic May 12, 5:45 PM
"I prefer to save those for the most grave offenders, and I don't consider this movie one of them."
Why not?

Ah, okay I can explain then. Jack is a very energetic character, so that's why the short quick sentences fits her personality well. The analogues, academic words, and references go back to Toko whose ultimate talent is a writer, so being well-versed in media as well with being good with words fits.

" And I thought the faces were well drawn."
Well, my problem isn't that the faces weren't drawn well(they are), moreso they looked like a bunch of characters I've already seen.

" My only nitpick here is the use of both black and white outlines for the characters."
Nice eye, I didn't notice that.
Peaceful_Critic May 12, 3:56 PM
Oh, I thought we were doing Your Name. I'll try to comment on Garden of Words though.

I will say it was a mature, unique topic, but I didn't care for the characters or their relationship so the topic didn't matter to me.
"We don't hear much about their feelings for each other, but the time lapse shortly after they meet, where they sit closer and engage with each other more does a good job for what it is. "
That sounds like a good visual way to show characters getting closer, though a little on the nose.

" Yukino's subtle rejection by correcting her name to Miss Yukino."
That does sound cool. However, I remember most of the dialogue is rather, well I don't like to use these words, but it seemed pretentious and edgy. Like the characters saying who they are outright in a fake poetic way.
"The dark clouds are like my soul, black and crying"
Lucy from the LoudHouse style. For whatever reason, I remember hating the dialogue.

I actually watched part of the movie, and it did have the problem. I also don't like the characters are written in general. I'll give it this, it feels rather realistic. That said, realistic writing made the characters dull and hardly feel like ones. "The rain's letting up and that's the deal I made. I can only cut classes on rain days."
Dialogue like that is my main problem with the movie. It's completely forgettable as I hear that kind of stuff in the background all the time. Not particularly entertaining nor personality driven. I think a better way to write a character would be DR style where it reflects the character rather well through how extreme it is:

" For example, Genocider Jack(my personal favorite from DR1), used very causal "y'know ", academic words("You're insatiable!"), quick, short sentences, strange analogues("Would an Italian chef suddenly start making ramen, just because they're both noodles? Don't be stupid!"), references to stuff("Dun dada duuun! It's me, your friendly neighborhood *censored spoiler*!"), and well, I guess you would be able to appreciate her laugh "Kyeehahaha!" as well. "-A comment I made on Discord

Do you know DR? I wouldn't be able to explain why it's so fitting if you haven't.

"Visually, it's still a treat for the eyes."
I half agree, The backgrounds are, but the character designs are bland. It seems like Shinkai really likes writing realistic characters and this seeps into the designs as well. They are clearly anime still though, so it's an awkward halfway point. What you end up with are medium-big eyes with a double eyelid, v shape face, line as a lip, and a line as a nose that's an upturn from the side which resembles 99% of anime characters. Then you add natural hair and eyes with modern day clothes any average person would wear and you get the blandest design ever. To clarify, I don't think designs need to be unique in the same way personalities do, but it should at least stand out in a way that tells you the character's personality.
Peaceful_Critic May 11, 8:19 PM
Okay, I haven't seen either in a while myself. We just seemed to differ the most there, which is the main reason I picked it. Your idea seems ideal. It's on my challenge list, I'm planning on watching it quite soon. I'll tell you when I see it on the day I watch it. After I finish shuffle I wouldn't mind watching it then.
Peaceful_Critic May 11, 7:39 PM
My opinion on Shinkai's films is that they boring and generally weak in execution. At least, The place promised in our early days and garden of words. I'm planning on watching Your Name as well. Garden of Words was an improvement, so it could do a good job. Out of the two which one do you want to discuss?