Danjuurou "Dan-kun" Eiga

Danjuurou Eiga

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Danjuurou Eiga (栄花段十朗)

Danjuurou Eiga is a round and plain-faced first year who joins the Kendo Club with Yuuji. He originally wanted to join the Ping Pong Club, but there was no such club in the school. He shocks Yuuji and Kojirou when he brings his pretty girlfriend Miyako to join the club. While he finds the basic training to be "boring" (possibly because he wants to impress Miyako), he is rather proficient in score keeping, as shown in one episode of the anime. While he generally comes off as rather dim-witted, it appears he is perceptive to the character Miyako doesn't want him to see. In Episode 11, he was hinted to also have his own "dark side" during a staring contest he had with Kojirou, although his "black mode" was subtler than Miyako's "black mode" and his aura only showed in his eyes. He has no past experience with Kendo but is improving very quickly, even to the point where Yuuji thinks Danjuurou might surpass him before they graduate. Yuuji has even remarked (in one episode of the anime) that Danjuurou was "made for kendo." Eiga is arguably the smartest member of the Kendo club because he scored second place in the Muroe High School Regional exams for freshman. By the end of the anime series, it is revealed that he is the new captain of the Kendo Club.

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Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Michael Teague, Sean
Seong, Wan Gyeong