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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
Both have a similar start with the protagonist dying in an accident and being given a new life in another world, plus a gift from god to help them along. Both are parodies of the isekai genre, but where KonoSuba has an utterly dysfunctional main cast and derives the comedy from there, Smartphone goes the opposite route of having actual competent characters instead, including the god, leading to a much different (and arguably superior) ride.
report Recommended by luinthoron
Konosuba is what In Another World With My Smartphone should be.
report Recommended by Zombiee
MC dies and goes to another world, but in this case he starts from zero. You get to see MC and friends suffering. Plus great storyline, characters and running gags
report Recommended by dantesmaster
Both shows involve the MC dying at the beginning and being revived in a fantasy world where they are allowed to take one item with them. The main difference is that in Konosuba the MC takes a goddess while in Smartphone the MC takes his cell phone with him. Both shows, MC forms a party with a bunch of girls to go on adventures and quests.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
A much much better alternative which an almost identical setting, the humour and characters are way above and beyond Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
report Recommended by fernofry
Both mc transferred to another world there is magic, guild, and other stuffs in the fantasy world. Both setting are similar. in both of the anime there is a guy around girls..
report Recommended by bhaz
Both were sent to a fantacy world by god after death of male lead Same Settings(i.e.there is magic, guild) Both have guy surrounded with different girls..
report Recommended by arnav_saxena
They're very very similar to each other. Both MCs go to another world after death.
report Recommended by durcheinander_
-The story takes place in a fantasy world after the MC dies and gets resurrected. -MC is in a party only consisting of females. -Goes on an adventure and accomplish quests. Generally speaking, the setting in both titles are really alike The main difference is that the MC in Smartphone is an opposite of the MC in KonoSuba.
report Recommended by ZeruuueL
Both anime demonstrate the life a teenager that has died and revived in a different world, having a wish (or the right to take something with them) granted. In these TV shows the world is not modern; it has a medieval concept. The protagonists are surrounded by beautiful girls. There is magic in these anime. They remember an RPG game: through time, the main characters learn more abilities and get items (they get stronger). The protagonists keep a souvenir from their homeland. I recommend both of these anime. I liked Konosuba because it made me laugh when I expected the least, and I'm enjoying to watch (it's currently airing) Isekai wa   read more
report Recommended by Attav
fantasy in a another world, both series have the same background where they died in the real world and got reincarnated in another world. Both have a male as the main character and surrounded by many girls. if you like Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. maybe you should try this series too
report Recommended by WinXF
Similarities: Main chractacter dies and gets offered to go to a new world. Gets to take one thing with him. Main character is surrounded by girls. They are both comedies. Differences: Konosuba is way more well written, has better humor and more interesting characters. And it came out before Isekai wa Smartphone. Isekai wa Smartphone basically ripped Konosuba off. Isekai wa Smartphone is basically Konosuba done worse.
report Recommended by H4nss0n
Both adventure animes surrounding a male protagonist and female party members. The fantasy is very similar. Both shows have very cute and lovable characters. Both sweet, funny, feel good shows!
report Recommended by nerfxthis
MC dies, goes to a new RPG world, and get's to keep 1 thing. Friends with gods.
report Recommended by ChwizZ
Both of the MC is transported to another world by a god. It has magic battles. In Konosuba, the characters are very likeable and funny while in Isekai wa Smartphone, the characters are powerful. Complete opposite of one another. For me, Konosuba is better.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Similar setting with exception to defeat demon king. Also the main character have one unique skill (or magic) like...STEAL!!!
report Recommended by FrengkySinaga
Isekai Smartphone is what KonoSuba should have been, MC/plot wise, that's not saying that either one is bad, I liked both, just Isekai has a better MC and plot, though... I must admit, KonoSuba made me laugh more, and it doesn't have as many bland characters in the MC's harem. Oh, did I mention that the harems were both interesting (and funny at times) in how they did/didn't work together? Yeah. Now, onto the similarities: Both have the MC go to a world with magic, guilds, and adventure after death. Both have the MC be able to take one thing with them to the new world. In   read more
report Recommended by CaTastrophy427
Both of these anime are similar in a way such as where the main protagonist died from a cause. They both get transfer to this fantasy world. Both anime also show how the main protagonist is being surrounded by multiple female protagonists.
report Recommended by AOtakuXD
both are isekai but kono suba is a way better show
report Recommended by RaZaSlackZ