No Game No Life

No Game, No Life

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Synonyms: NGNL
Japanese: ノーゲーム・ノーライフ
English: No Game, No Life
German: No Game, No Life
Spanish: No Game, No Life
French: No Game, No Life
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2014
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 21:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Light novel
Genres: ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy, EcchiEcchi
Themes: IsekaiIsekai, Strategy GameStrategy Game
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.061 (scored by 15364741,536,474 users)
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Ranked: #5592
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Popularity: #17
Members: 2,392,298
Favorites: 47,973

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- Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Both are visually impressive. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games. Fans of one series will definitely enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by TragicRomance
Yes, both main characters are being transported into a gaming world where there are lots of mysterious wonders to explore. 'No Game No Life' is fresh in terms of its fanservice comedies and vibrant colours, whereas 'Sword Art Online' is focused more on the hardship of the main character and everyone else around him while developing strong romantic relationships along the way. Comparing the storylines, 'Sword Art Online' easily takes the cake but the crazy and fun games of 'No Game No Life' is something to smile about.  
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The term ‘Overpowered’ simply cannot be expressed enough time and time again. There is no better feeling than putting oneself in the public spotlight to be look down upon by a superior being only for that food chain to be turned around and giving the hunter a taste of its own medicine. ‘Kakegurui’ hammers in an environment where power and position are determined by a person’s sheer will to control fate which in turn excludes fair play in an unwritten rule. The storyline and character development paves well with its gender inequality as can be seen by a lack of male characters at top positions but  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both involve people getting trapped in a game/different world and have the same genre. The group of people in one anime starts as a three-player team, while in the other anime, it was a brother and sister tandem. One immediately started in a situation where the players are already in the game/other world, while the duo first started off being in their world before crossing over. 
report Recommended by Nasty001
Similar protagonists, both are very smart and devious, both anime are about overcoming difficult odds and have determined characters. 
report Recommended by Ownsin
Death Note turned comedy. MC from both series are intelligent and confident in their abilities. Playing mind games with anyone who faces them. In Death Note: MC uses the power of the Death Note to create a new world. While in No Game No Life: Sora and Shina ( Siblings) are transported to a fantasy world where they play a game. Both series involves Life and Death situations. One is dark while other comedy and ecchi at times.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Protagonists in both shows (and the main female lead too) are transported from our world to a world full of RPG elements. Coincidentally, both male leads were really good gamers to begin with, so they adapt themselves quickly in the new world. While Konosuba is a show more focused on satire and humor, NGNL makes dramatic plot twist a routine.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Sometimes it is best to break off all gaming activities especially when an obsession goes beyond a perilous point. However, the thought of turning everything one has ever achieved into nothingness is hard to bear even for the strong-willed. 'Overlord' draws a curtain on an individual who does not want all the hard fruits of labor obtained by him and everyone his knows to vanish into thin air thus decides to stay behind till the very end of the server life span. It’s a dream come true when the gaming world glows into life and the true meaning of ruling comes into effect. Unlike ‘No Game  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Although both have very different tones, the characters lives are determined by playing games. 
report Recommended by radionoise
The main male lead has the same voice actor. Secondly, both shows are in a setting where as long as you are good at what you're doing, you can duel under any condition, this applies to the academy and in elkia too, so long as both parties agree to the condition, any duel/bet can happen And yes both main protagonist are damn cocky XD 
report Recommended by happiehappie
Both main characters are brilliant at mindgames and deceiving. If you liked that in either one of these shows you will find the satisfactory in the other, too.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
The series revolves around siblings whose presence and influence are well known to those around them. Through unorthodox means, they challenge the accepted systems of the world and society. As a team, they are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 
report Recommended by -Karoshi-
Those two animes have very few in common. Art is totally different, Kaiji has a mature feeling without any anime cliché, one is fantastic and the other not. However, just because they're not similar doesn't mean you won't like one another. If you enjoyed Sora's point of view, how tricky he acts, how gambles work, and how easy is to mindf*ck someone while playing, you'll love Kaiji. That part is similar. They both will make you think "Oh God, That trick is totally legit! It makes sense!"  
report Recommended by SanzuNoKawa
Professional N.E.E.T Gamers? Yes, Both these anime's involve N.E.E.TS who are professional/Geniuses gamers. Spending day after day after days playing games, however that changed when they're force into a situation where it all becomes a game. In Btooom case, the protagonist is transported to an unknown island with others and are equipped with high tech weapon that is based of the game he plays. In No Game No Life, the protagonists are tested and after winning are transported into a new world where everything is decided by games, no murder.. no thief.. just games! Both anime, the protagonist must use their gaming knowledge/skills to survive in the new environment  read more 
report Recommended by Duckii
Outbreak Company and No Game No Life shares the similarity of taking place in fantasy world. And in that world, the main male protagonist gets involved with various races/kingdoms that tests their skills to the limits. There is decent amount of comedy, gags, and references. Outbreak Company deals with a protagonist using his otaku knowledge to change the world. No Game No Life involves a protagonist that uses their gaming skills to conquer the world. I recommend both series for anyone looking for entertainment in a world with fantasy appeals. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Anti-social in the real world but a pro in the virtual realm, both series' main male protagonist makes a name of themselves in their perspective series. Both series adapts sci-fiction themes with a virtual world setting. And in that world, there are wonders that defies the laws of nature. Although the main male protagonists' personalities contrasts a bit from each other, their spirit of fighting have a similar taste. They are also joined by companions including a main female protagonist with elite skills of her own. I recommend both series for fans of gaming adventure and action packed drama. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Aside from the obvious MMO-inspired setting, they also share a somewhat earnest realization for what their reasoning for being made was. Where No Game can be seen as self-aware, Danmachi seems to have no pretense to just being escapist, fantasy empowerment. Vivid animation, in-world game stats to move the plot forward and a shameless disregard for fanservice. If a less conceited MMO entry is what you want, then give either of these a try.  
report Recommended by Yella
No Game No Life and Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai both feature protagonists who are extremely good at games, although the protagonist of the latter sticks to only visual novels. Particularly if you enjoyed Sora's antics and personality, you'll likely enjoy Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, since the protagonist, Keima, is similarly overpowered, and as with No Game No Life, it is less interesting to watching whether or not he will win, but more fun to watch HOW he "wins," so to speak. Both shows share a quote that sums them up nicely: "Reality is just a crappy game." 
report Recommended by Minaminakawaii
The main character(s) of both anime go to an alternate world because their lives weren't so great in the real world. They also gamble something very precious to them with each battle they participate in. 
report Recommended by Krysi
The two stories are mainly similar in that many things are determined by game outcomes. These can include simple rock papers scissors to more complex things like hide and seek.  
report Recommended by Dignity
Where re: zero subvereted the isekai genre through horror and mystery, No Game No Life subverts it through solid writing, great characters, and some actually great action set pieces that are both visually marvelous and narratively appealing. If you are a fan of Re: Zero because of its characterization and subversion of the genre than you'll likely enjoy this as well.  
report Recommended by nikiyasha
Is it only me, or these two is pretty similar? Maybe the music in Youkoso just remind me of NGNL. But i think the main premise is pretty similar. About an underdog, a group at the bottom of the list, trying to do what everyone said impossible and trying to becoma the number one despite their flaw. They usually achieve this through using cuninngnes, which we didn't realize until the climax where (usually) the protagonist explain something ordinary in the previous one, or two episode which became something crucial to determine the winner. They also use a loophole, or the wording in a certain  read more 
report Recommended by hiddensilver
Both have protagonists who are charged with saving their new community from outside threats, and to better it from within. Butt tons of fan service and laughs on both ends, and the protagonist constantly has some nice eye candy next to him in the form of loli Shiro or waifu Sento! If you love a great anime with a high re-watch value and also centered around an original idea, you should definitely check this out as well! 
report Recommended by Protaku
Modern world people goes to a fantasy themed world. Main characters from modern world heavily influence people from the fantasy world.  
report Recommended by naoto531
The Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise is today strongly associated with the eponymous card game, but early in the manga it contained a dazzling variety of high-stakes, often life-or-death games, and the first anime adapts this portion of the series. If one is drawn to NGNL for the concept of betting everything on a game - any game - one will find it echoed here. In a way, however, the two stories are flipped around; Sora eschews magic, battles against magical cheats, and struggles against magical foes, while the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle (although certainly hating when his opponent cheats) is more than willing to  read more 
report Recommended by birdboy2000
-Both feature similar protagonists -In both, the setting is a world in which the protagonist is able to reap benefits due to their extensive intellect -Both are over the top and exaggerated, especially regarding usually mundane acts like playing chess or gathering materials 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Within both anime, the protagonists are summoned to another world to participate in a game! as well both world having no murder/thief ect. the protagonist are strong in what they do, dog days athletic and in no game no life gaming/strategy/tatics. No game no life deals more with what most strategic games deal with, such as strategy and tactics which i found sophisticated. while dog days deal with more of martial art and athletic skills! If you enjoy one, you'll like to enjoy the other! 
report Recommended by Duckii
The two stories has a similar companionship between the 2 MC's of each series, with a strong bond that grows over time. The two series have amazing colorful art work and character design The MC's have a goal the want to reach throughout the story Both MC's have a laid back and strong aura that they display Both series have Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural elements to them 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
This anime kind of reminds me of No Game No Life. Nice art and a "smart" protagonist living in a colorful fantasy world. If you're fine with a lot of ecchi and fan service with a nice plot and a cool idea, you will like this show.  
report Recommended by Azzo67890
These both have main protagonists who outsmart the opponent. Great Pretender doesn't involve games, but it is similar in the way of it's complexity. 
report Recommended by XxdegeneratexX
Games. OP MC that wins everything. The MC also gets accusations about cheating/hate because they are too good. 
report Recommended by Silver-King
Both are isekai with an overpowered protagonist and both are just fun shows that don't take themselves too seriously.  
report Recommended by MaskOfIce
Both are about a genius MC who loves playing games and gets involved in a story where he can play even more games. Both stories involve playing various games for serious causes. Both are entertaining and colorful. 
report Recommended by Narushisto
Both of these shows operate around "games" which throw the characters into life-or-death situations. Shiro/Sora and Tensai each show excellent analytical skills allowing them to create complex strategies to win the "games."  
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
- Fantasy world with video game features - Prota transported to another world which is customary with time. - Prota, one of those who could save humanity, even if it is an outcast. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
In both anime, the main hero is asked by someone to join world of game/world where everything is decided by games. Both are adventure and fantasy, but while in No Game No Life the main character(s) are trying to get to the top to rule the world, in SAO II the main character is trying to join ranks of top players to got closer to main antagonist. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
In both No Game No Life and in Zero no Tsukaima the protagonist(s) is(are) transported into an alternate dimension with magic and the likes and when they are teleported take one nasty skydive. 
report Recommended by Wolfblade1234
Both Protagonists are laid back, calm and collective even when their in a pinch. Both Main characters are very intelligent and skillful at deceiving people to gain the upper hand. Both series have amazing colorful art work with not only the characters appearance but the world around them. Both series share Adventure, Comedy, Romance, ecchi, and Psychological genre components.  
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Both are related to gaming in some way. Both are lighthearted comedies with gorgeous, colorful animation and make for highly enjoyable light viewing. 
report Recommended by MorningStorm64
Taking place in a fantasy world, both series feature many elements that defies the logic of nature. The main male protagonist has guts and often takes risky moves. At the same time, they are acquainted with a female protagonist who tries to change their world. There is a decent amount of comedy and drama going on. With humorous dialogues and conversation, I recommend both series for people who want a taste of fantasy fun. 
report Recommended by Stark700
both are duel game action themed anime with a supernatural twist with them nice art and character designs as well as suspense too. 
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Crazy NEET is crazy NEET. The main character(s) for this series are just that. For both series, viewers should expect to be on a wild ride and unique worlds created by both. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
First, both anime are ecchi, comedy, and action. Both anime's main characters are badass guys. They both try to save the world, having a lot of friends who help them. 
report Recommended by LastGod
Both have a unique art style. The main characters are unbeatable together. Both can be funny, perverted and epic too. There's a lot of talking in both of them. And they're both great animes. 
report Recommended by Gab98
Nanatsu no Taizai and No Game No Life share very close similarities in terms of humor and fanservice. If you enjoyed the Ecchi aspect of No Game No Life, chances are you will also have fun with Nanatsu no Taizai and vise versa. 
report Recommended by GregTheOtaku
If you really liked humour in Highschool DxD you should watch No Game No Life as it's really funny too and has a lot of ecchi scenes. In Highschool DxD there is a cat girl and in No Game No Life there is a fox girl 10/10. 
report Recommended by Przy100Cosplay
Isekai. The common drill, MC, in this case, both neets, finds themself in a new world. Common tropes to be found here, differences follow. NGNL features game experts Blank in an attempt to give power to the very race they are aligned in, via playing games. MT follows basic Rudeus trying to become a better person from what he started off as. I suppose MT is based on improvement compared to NGNL almost war-like setup. Both are great fantasy anime, look very pleasing, and generally a ton of fun. Plenty of fanservice in both if you like that too.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
These to animes are similar because it's about God/Deus (latin). There is this game going on where the main characters go all out, meaning betting their own lives on the games they are playing. Of course, we have a God who watches them and observes the process, but does not interfere with them. I want to end this recommendation with the fact that there are a lot of plot twists and surprising moments which you cannot always predict.  
report Recommended by StarryAnn
Hyouka is kind of like a slice of life version of No Game No Life. While No Game No Life is about competing using games, Hyouka is about solving everyday highschool mysteries. • Both the MC are geniuses that possess high intellect but have a lazy character/nature. • Both animes contain an adventure & comedy element in them. • Both animes will keep you in suspense and anticipates what is going to happen next. • Slight hint of romance I would strongly recommend both anime series as they are equally entertaining in different ways. * Lastly as an added bonus, Jibril made a Hyouka reference in episode 8 of No Game  read more 
report Recommended by NeikoChan
The rules of the universe are upside down, yet for the main characters, the rules of their universes are right side up. The main male character is also an otaku, majorly, regarding "something", in one case mechanical dolls, and for the other that "something" is gaming, all kinds. The male characters also meet in their journey through the world they're in meet others. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both feature a male and female MC that are sent to a different world. No Game No Life being a world of games, and Devil is a Part Timer being Earth. Both of them quickly adapt to their surroundings in time. Both male MC's are great at their tasks in the new world and have goals in mind for the future, both being to change the world. Both have excellent light novels that continue the story where the anime left off. 
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
Two shows in very different genres/tones - but at their core both have a plot structured around a duo solving smaller problems (games/mysteries) within a larger game/mystery. The female leads are very analogous. 
report Recommended by kinuyasha2
It has overpowered (in a way) characters that absolutely cannot be beaten (with much confidence in their skills), and lots of humour. 
report Recommended by BrownieFan
The main character in Denpa Onna really reminds me of Shiro from No Game No Life not only their blue long hair but also their overall appearance, behavior and even voice! While both are still different kinds of anime the characters to resemble each other quite a lot! 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
At first Sakurasou and NGNL don't look all that similar, with one being a highschool romance and the other a Trapped-in-another-world story. But if you take a closer look you'll find them to be more similar than most. The first thing any fan of NGNL will notice is the protagonists Sorata and Mashiro share voice actors with Sora and Shiro. Shiro and Mashiro are very similar in characterization, but Sora and Sorata are a bit more different. Ultimately the protagonists of Sakurasou feel like what you'd get if Sora and Shiro never met as children. While the plot isn't too similar thematically the series are almost identical.  read more 
report Recommended by Ferosianinja
It's true that the themes and feels of these two anime couldn't be further apart, but the gaming and gambling aspect is predominant in both, and NGNL is as accessible as Kaiji as most of its games are made up. Plus, they're both made by MADHOUSE.  
report Recommended by Atrithau
Baka to Test and no game no life both have the same kind of animation, and both have something to do with strategy to become the best while being the ones at the bottom in baka to test its class F and no game no life its the humans, they both have players who fight their way to the top with games and both are really funny comedies that also have a little of perverted stuff.  
report Recommended by Bunnybunbun17
Both are isekai anime where the protagonist/s end up on a strange new world where they kinda fit in better than the real world. Both Over powered protagonists and both has shared themes like comedy, harem and echchi. 
report Recommended by DeltaNemesis
~Both series are about games. ~In both series, most of the characters are girls. ~Both has ecchi. 
report Recommended by Sweetcats
Cute animals? Check. Smart stuff? Check. Battle? Check. Plot? Nooice. Thighs? Yes. If you like cute animals/anime characters and interesting battles then this is for you. 
report Recommended by Ultraobsolete
We love ecchi, don't we? But it's uncomfortable to watch an anime for solo desire to see naked girls. This is why anime such as Bakemonogatari and No Game No Live exists. Satisfy your needs for girls while feeling smart. Decent amount of nudity can be found in both shows, buts they're much more than that. Problems the MCs encounter and the way they solve them requires pausing a video in order to catch up to whats happening. The nature of obstacles placed before protagonists and their ways of overcoming them can have an impact on how you view life. To sum it up: even if you  read more 
report Recommended by MarconZet
Basically is the life of a gamer (in this anime 2 gamers) who play like a cheater xd. But out of jokes is a funny anime and I recommend to watch ;) , this anime teach you the mentality of a gamer and the problems what they have. 
report Recommended by andreLucario
The animes both have intelligent protagonists that goes throughout the whole entire show and which is the most strongest/smarted of them all and knows what to do at all cost with their smart good brains. 
report Recommended by GrandSnow
I think both of these shows are isekai (or isekai-esque in Misfit's case) with a similar goal of playing their concepts very straight and relying on the inherent humour/charm/action that come as a result of their concepts. There is some lack of suspense because you expect the MC or MCs to win (especially in Misfit), but somehow it's still reasonably suspenseful and really fun to watch. Both probably have a little bit of a 'trashy' reputation, but if you enjoy that type of thing you want really mind it. I do think NGNL has a much stronger cast and slightly more tension/intensity/comprehension to the action, but  read more 
report Recommended by Mistrals
This anime contains lot of posters about no game no life in their school. 
report Recommended by g_c_
Both protagonist come from a different world,they both bring new knowledge and changes. 
report Recommended by _cryptic
The main characters have the knowledge of the future to help them conquer the world. "Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria" is a rather bland ecchi while "No Game No Life" is on a "Log Horizon" level. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both of these series are involved in a futuristic setting where women are mainly played as the stronger types of the universe. The main character has to figure out which girl is the “perfect” one in the futuristic world, dominated by an altering of virtual reality. 
report Recommended by albertbrown
Both are extremely colorful and have a similar art style. The setting is also similar and both start with a person finding themselves in a new place they'll have to adapt to with their own special skills. 
report Recommended by donut_jelly
anime meta humor without the sexual content 
report Recommended by Billionfiend69
Both are set in a world where many things (if not everything) are decided through games. Both anime have a main guy who’s kinda op and a bunch of girls surrounding him who are kinda useless (that changes in S2 though). Both have this concept of “God” (here it’s called “King”) who will make your wish come true if you defeat him. 
report Recommended by RudeRedis
Similarities - Both MCs isekai/reincarnate into another world - Both MCs are grandmasters of every boardgame/videogame etc. - Both MCs use strategies from their past life in the new world Differences - Wan Jie MC is a god VS. NGNL MC is a human - Wan Jie MC has a harem VS. NGNL MC is a shut-in without a harem - Wan Jie MC also masters science, geography, economics etc. VS. NGNL doesn't master other topics 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
So this is quite specific: If you liked the D'arby fights (which I absolutely loved) they are very similar to how the whole No Game No Life series is with the battle system and finding loopholes in rules. 
report Recommended by Storm_Mortal
English/ Español Similarities: - Badass and powerful protagonists in their own ways. - Fantasy. - Coexistence problems between types of people in the world. - Mystery that entertains. __________________________________________________ Similarities - Protagonistas badass y poderosos a sus maneras. - Fantasía. - Problemas de convivencia entre tipos de personas del mundo. - Misterio que entretiene.  
report Recommended by _Sabel
Both are colorful and have a similar art feel, Both have some pretty smart characters, In both smart characters do not work alone, but they do seek help from others, Both have interesting stories. If you enjoyed one you will probably enjoy the other one too, at least because of the BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL ART.  
report Recommended by NeiShiro
No game no life and One punch man are pretty similar in that the characters are both overpowered. In one punch man though, the main character helps out the city with his power but in No game No life they just use their powers for their own benefit. I think the plot of both series are not very similar but if you're looking for an anime with similar character personalities, i think they are pretty similar. 
report Recommended by MasterInkling
Both have a similar artstyle (Although NGNL has much more vibrand color choices. The MC's both love games and are pretty smart 
report Recommended by Robbie__________
- Both series have smart protagonists. - The battles rely more on wits than fists. - The color scheme is similar at times. - Both series have supernatural elements and creatures in them. 
report Recommended by FervidJubatus
Both have great comedy with awesome art style and will not let you get bored. 
report Recommended by CHRISWARE
- main characters are male and female with brother-sister type relationship - both main characters are strong and cooperate to win together - main characters begin from zero (no money and status) and are underestimated by some folks, but change minds after taking part in action - both animes touch the subject of getting back the pride of some nation that is considered the weakest among the others in a fantasy world 
report Recommended by Yurioki
Sora and Otonashi—young boys transported to another world. The difference is that the former is well-versed in the rules of that world, whereas the latter isn't. Of course, the real parallels come in when you consider that they both have lolis who are better than them at their job accompany them to victory, while at one point, they both also manage to turn an enemy, who happens to be a cute girl, into a loyal friend with useful powers. While Angel Beats! sports more of a melancholic vibe to everything, being a Jun Maeda work, No Game No Life is much sillier and more exciting.  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
Transcendence into other worlds and bright visual color palettes.  
report Recommended by TheBestiaHestia
When reference and parody are the main substance. The more you know about Japanese Otaku Culture, the more you enjoy these two Anime. 
report Recommended by kizumi91
Both protagonists are transported to another world after a game of chess. 
report Recommended by Shyra_
Similarities: -Both anime have cute lolis. -Both anime is all about a game. -Both anime have characters who are geniuses. Differences: -No Game No Life had blood related siblings while Ryuuou no Oshigoto! is a Master x Disciple positions. -No Game No Life uses Chess while Ryuuou no Oshigoto! contains Shogi. -No Game No Life had a character where she is being forced to fall in love to the MC while Ryuuou no Oshigoto! had a tsundere. -No Game No Life is Isekai while Ryuuou no Oshigoto is real life. -No Game No Life had siblings who are Antropophobic and NEETs while Ryuuou no Oshigoto! freely encounters people around them. 
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun
The references (parody). In no game no life, there are references to: jojos, a ghibli film, doraemon, akiba'strip, steins gate, persona, and so on. In hayate no gotoku, some references are to: evangelion, some show with inazuma in the name, detective conan, the ring, and more. The general comedy is a bit different, with hayate no gotoku being more meta, and 4th wall breaking (speaking straight to the viewer). No game no lifes comedy is more focused on how each character acts on his or her own, individually, which is different to konosuba, which is funny because of how the characters react to each other. 
report Recommended by joegonzalez722
- Amazing and unique visuals + color themes that are colorful and different from the general normal of anime - Great soundtracks - A focus on mind games - Similar design of female characters as well as similar personalities 
report Recommended by Turatas
Sometimes it is best to break off all gaming activities especially when an obsession goes beyond a perilous point. However, the thought of turning everything one has ever achieved into nothingness is hard to bear even for the strong-willed.  
report Recommended by kakakai12
Both are beautiful masterpieces on Outcast gamers in society and their coming of age stories  
report Recommended by Darkraeden
Theyre literally like the same anime. Both are considered best at games in their world both have god's of games both had the god wanting the player to come to their world or dimension or whatever to compete.  
report Recommended by DaisukiiiDesu
Both shows - are isekai; - are focused on mind games/tactics rather than pure fighting; - have a unique art style; - have a cool loli as one of the protagonists. 
report Recommended by NTaya
They are both isekai with a great animation quality 
report Recommended by Penguatix
Although both animes are completely different the artwork are very similar. When I saw the bright and vibrant colors of No game no life I immediately thought of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi or Sunday without God. Both animes are highly enjoyable and are set in fantastic fantasy worlds.  
report Recommended by gummyghost
Somehow our protagonist (NEET) stumble into another world while playing a game  
report Recommended by Yap30
-Main characters are very strong indeed. Yuuji from Grisaia wants a normal student life on the other hand Sora wants some action. They are both skilled in some way Yuuji is based on assasination and martial arts combat, Sora is a true no life gamer who does not need anybody except for his younger sister Shiro. -In both animes they use their brains to solve problems however in no game no life is about games as I said and in Grisaia is more about solving other people's (past and present) problems. -There is plot in both series -Grisaia is more of an psychological anime and no game  read more 
report Recommended by Dechev
Both are very colorful series, with games as the main theme. Both main characters are unnaturally good at gaming. The main plot in both of them involves the main character to collect an item given to other strong gamers (Gate Cards and Race Pieces) 
report Recommended by romagia
Both anime revolve around the same concept of simple or well-known games turning into something ridiculously unexpected. Both are ingenious and innovative, the approaches differ though: classroom minimalism in Seki-kun versus fantasy oversophistication in NGNL game-world. In other aspects the two have nothing in common except both are extremely funny comedy shows. 
report Recommended by StudentMAGe
Both characters are very strong/OP with a high IQ to out wit their opponent. Both have a laid back badass attitude. They have younger siblings who look up/ help the main protagonist in engagements. Of course these series have that Comedy/Fantasy/ Supernatural aspect to them. 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
Both of them are kind of light hearted with some interesting action/adventure that pulls you in. In both the MC is OP and things tend to work in their favor. They both share the whole "empire building" aspect. Reikenzan has a stronger focus on magic and training, while No Game No Life focuses more on having fun and playing games to conqure the world 
report Recommended by gurrenm3
Both are supernatural comedies where the quarrel is sorted by games instead of violence. Both feature beings from another world, but while Rokujouma no Shinryakusha is setted in our world, No Game No Life is setted in another world. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
In both these shows the main characters are extremely good at what they do, when something big is happening you know they will win, but the fun comes from finding out how they pull it off  
report Recommended by Ninjastarz
> Both have some kind of incest,sometimes is implicit and others is explicit... > Both have some games in this plot ( in Selector,is the battles between the Selectors with the LRIGs,while in NGNL,are many chalengers ou games,that say the fate of a country ou even a life,if you lose or not) > Both are in same anime season  
report Recommended by Montinihabato13
I found myself laughing hysterically at both of these and sometimes even had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard. I don't do this often and these two were on that same level of funny for me. You must watch them haha 
report Recommended by Knixd
- MCs are called to a new world by a god. - MCs are super smart and overpowered. - MCs almost overthink about everything, always being steps ahead. - Very funny, theres some ecchi, and action.  
report Recommended by BurningMisoSoup
Right at the beginning, you get reminded of the dramatic epicness you've seen from NGNL in Inou-Battle with the mc declaring everything as it is in his own eyes and the epic music that plays in the scenes. 
report Recommended by DrAgNmAsTr
- the same character design; - male-female MC love each other from the begin; - well done magic fights; - pretty good comedy and ecchi moments; - loli/moe girls; - bright colors. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
The comedy and how the main character acts some times is similar. Also, they are both great. They are both fantasy-ish. However, No Game No Life is set in another world based more on playing strategy games while Noragami has its fantasy set in the real world and fight monsters or other gods. Both main characters of both worlds are clever and fight with resolve. Also, both animes have multiple gods in them. 
report Recommended by pinkypai
In this anime, there are also two worlds. One is modern Japan and the other is a fantasy land. And another similiarity is that as in No Game No Life, Arata Kangatari also has an adventure in it. When in No Game No Life they conqure lands, in arata Kangatari the main protagonist has to fight various strong opponent to regain peace. A difference between these two animes is that when No Game No Life doesn't have any fighting in it, the main character in Arata Kangatari has to fight quite a lot.  
report Recommended by sii1
Sora and Arata are almost the exact same (in addition to having the same voice actor as well!) If you're looking for shows in a fantasy setting that have witty dialogue/service, these are the shows for you.  
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
-Both main characters receive an email from "god" stating that how do they feel about their real world and how would they react if they were transported to a new world -Both main characters travels to a different world and are extremely OP in terms of their skills and beats everyone easily -Both are comedic and share the same type of excitement and exploration 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Liked the strategical battles and mind games in NGNL? Hunter x Hunter has even more! Both are (somewhat) fantasy, adventure, action anime that have lots of strategies, battle of the wits, and strong main characters. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both series revolve around a main character who is a genius at playing games. The games are the central theme in no game no life (not the case for code geass). But if you liked the strategies and tactical thinking in one of the series you will most likely like the other one too. The main characters devoted their life to becoming tactical geniuses. They would do anything in order to rule the world and make it a better place. 
report Recommended by Darkbow
The male main characters' personalities are quite similar, also another pretty similar thing is how in a lot of the serious moments comedy breaks up the heat. It's just quite similar and if you have liked "no game no life" you and you feel like watching a slower paced "no game no life" then try Gintama, though if I had to put a percentage of how similar they are it would be around 40%. 
report Recommended by imsomeone
They are both about people that gets transferred from real world to some kind of fantasy world. In this world, everything is decided by games and the main character successfully starts to remodel the world as they wish. Both are adventure, fantasy, action a game genres. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
both mc are really strong. In chrome shelled regios Layfon is ultimate bad ass. If like one u will definately enjoy the other one 
report Recommended by xRed
Both have a main character only really does what they want to. Both have a brother/sister duo lead that has a relationship with a similar feeling. Both have lots of problems that only the protagonist can sort out. 
report Recommended by -Deleted-
Both go into another world. Both being Tech (either a smartphone or a Tablet) with knowledge from their world that can revolutionize this new world. Both Main Characters are pretty OP - in their own respective forte. 
report Recommended by Zyonic_Zero
- Protagonist appears in a new world for him. But in a way, is enveloped in its surroundings. - Decides to conquer the world around him, through various strategies spontaneous of his original world (the world we all know). What makes him a power in the world, in NGNL (a king), in NC (the head of a noble family). 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
both main charaters ar traveling to other world, and also clearing mission/game with battle strategy 
report Recommended by Ultimate_Senpai
Both include the main character stuck in a game. Both main characters are very smart. Both have a colorful art style. 
report Recommended by HayleyBoisen
Strong, subtle, overpowered character stuck in a game-like fantasy world. 
report Recommended by UltimaPathfinder
While it may seem that these two don't have an awful lot in common, and they don't, they both aired around the same time and feature a main male character with a young girl for a sidekick, whom they view as a little sister but are shown to have a bit of a crush on them. They also have a few of the same voice actors e.g. Shiro and Tina are voiced by Caitlynn French, while Sora and Yasuwaki are voiced by Scott Gibbs. I think "No Game, No Life" is slightly better, as while "Black Bullet" has better art and music, "No Game, No  read more 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
- Ambitious lead MC + cute loli MC - Isekai - World of "affairs" - Comedy, sometimes dark humor 
report Recommended by EmiliaHoarfrost
Both of the anime's display great tactics to make their opponent find themselves dancing in the palm of the MC's hands.Both of the series also have an humorous side to make the story seems lighter in a way i think.I enjoyed watching the both of it so i hope you too will. 
report Recommended by DarkAngelDai
+Both Anime deal with games, gambling and/or high stakes wagers. +Both are intense/suspenseful where the players life is on the line. +Both have "strategic mastermind" type MC's/Protagonists/Antagonists (more-so NGNL imo as Dorei-ku has only just started...). -NGNL is more of a Suspense/Comedy/Fantasy genre, Whereas Dorei-ku is more of a Suspense/Thriller/Drama type so far it seems. -NGNL's MC's are MUCH more enigmatic/charismatic imo and is likely a far better anime overall. Though they are similar in some aspects, the overall "feel" for Dorei-ku is darker and goes in a different direction. I've yet to see what Dorei-ku is made of (as it's so early on in the season),  read more 
report Recommended by SmittenKittenx3
Both series are about people who go into other worlds, where humans coexist with other species of intelligent creatures. The two animes have a very colorful and gorgeous animation. (There are also similarities between the protagonists of both animes, but it would be spoiler...) 
report Recommended by Mindshelter17
Both anime's characters are thrown into some different unknown worlds and take part in different games in order to survive and fight for their lives. The difference is that Imawa no Kuni no Alice has more of a survival theme, while No game No life is more comediant and fantasy and things go in such a different way. 
report Recommended by LastGod
NGNL and HOTD are both fun ecchi action pack shows made by madhouse that unfortunately are probably never going get a second season.  
report Recommended by Jayage
both will have you laughing like crazy! the mains are sorta similar in a way since they are both otakus and I think their attitudes and personality are kinda the same. if you enjoyed Blood Lad you will surely enjoy No game No life and vice versa! 
report Recommended by brandog0
Both of the main characters are bent on saving humanity and have a very strong will in doing so 
report Recommended by melry
Both include NEETs (No employment, education, training) Both have a young girl with superhuman intelligence They have a similar art style They have similar comedic elements 
report Recommended by WafflePlug
- Absurd sexual humor - Cute girls - Anime Culture References - Non-fight competitions - Satirical No Game No Life has more *actual plot*, though. 
report Recommended by SunnyAslan
Both main characters are transported to a different world and are made King. 
report Recommended by Master_Zorrb
> Both have unique male lead characters who have a cute, small female companions (Sora has Shiro and Ryuuji has Taiga). Each of the female companions are really adorable and are pretty attached to the male leads. > In both, the main character is a boy who ends up with a pseudo-harem by the end of the series. I say pseudo since the girls are more like a bunch of best friends that one could easily mistake or ship as girlfriends but the girls. > Both have a similar sense of humor, although Toradora is less "let's make fun of normal anime tropes and ecchi stuff"  read more 
report Recommended by Clocktower_Echos
Both feature a pair of main characters of equal importance who can't do very much on their own, but are nigh-unstoppable when working together. Sora and Tor both have the same seiyuu (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) and are expert strategists, while Shiro and Julie are both quiet and reserved on the surface but sweet and loving on the inside, and are the more action-oriented of the duo. Additionally, the openings of both anime are sung by the same person (Konomi Suzuki). They also both have an improbably female cast, though "No Game, No Life" actually has even less male characters despite not being a harem anime. I'd definitely say  read more 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney