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No Game No Life
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No Game No Life
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Shokugeki no Souma
The main male lead has the same voice actor. Secondly, both shows are in a setting where as long as you are good at what you're doing, you can duel under any condition, this applies to the academy and in elkia too, so long as both parties agree to the condition, any duel/bet can happen And yes both main protagonist are damn cocky XD
report Recommended by happiehappie
Gives off the same vibe. Where No Game No Life is about games, Shokugeki no Souma is about food. Main characters (Sora & Souma) are similar, they share the voice actor too. Both are good at one thing and are thrown into a place where it's all about that thing. Both are confident on their skills and are aiming to the top.
report Recommended by aifukola
report Recommended by Jawdawn
No Food No Life, Shokugeki no Sora. That's how similar they are. Both have a cocky OP protagonist voiced by the same seiyuu, ecchiness, duels with some kind of set rules, a lot of grills, and explanation on whats on the characters mind after their "smart move". BOth of this anime are truly birds from the same nest.
report Recommended by You
-Main characters are extremely similar in actions, designs, and voices -Both are a unique take on a popular genre (reality to game, school shonen) -Both are ecchi shows with a massive female cast (though there are more in NGNL)
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both series give you the same feeling, a thrill that you can never get tired of in every episode. Plus, both the male lead had the same voice actor.
report Recommended by lockheart11
Both have a badass character that teaches their enemies to not underestimate others, the same way they have a good quality ecchi that adds unforced comedy moments, also both animes give interesting reasoning to simple things, as playing an cooking respectively.
report Recommended by Kingson
The premise of battles that can let anyone ask any request of another, as long as said requests are equal in value. Also, both shows manage to draw you in and keep your focus until the very end, with slight echii and comedy involved to make it a highly entertaining show.
report Recommended by Pippyh