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- Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Both are visually impressive. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games. Fans of one series will definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by TragicRomance
-Both from the modern world, then teleport to the fantasy world -Both have main characters that got awesome power acquired in the human world. -Both have a big boobs chick to support them around the fantasy world. -Both have separated power/land and different races (elf, etc.) in the fantasy world.
report Recommended by tkien
Taking place in a fantasy world, both series focuses on conquest and gameplay with a small yet dynamic cast of characters. In that world are rules, races, and concepts that defies the law of nature. The main male protagonists are similar with their intellect and personality. Similarly, the game themselves also involves intellectual play and strategies in order to achieve victory. Throughout both series, there is humor, gags, and gimmicks that pertains to its premise. I recommend both series for anyone looking for game ethnics/tropes that takes place in a fantasy/virtual realm.
report Recommended by Stark700
These are essentially the same show. Both are very good. Main character(s) that never lose, same sort of humor. If you love one, I guarantee you will love the other.
report Recommended by Shastaphirre
•Both anime are focused on the main protagonists of the show going to another world, far superior than their own, where everything is settled through "games." •Both protagonists have grown bored of the human world they live in because they are far elite, and it is of "no fun" to them anymore. •Both male protagonists have the confident, less cocky attitude that is not dislikable, having the "I will obtain and conquer everything that stands in my way" through any means necessary. •The protagonists transport to a different world because their old world isn;t any fun, and they play "games." I'm pretty sure you will like   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Main characters are thrown into a fantasy world, where everything is determined by "games", in which players play according to preset rules. Fortunately, our main characters are extremely proficient in playing these games.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
These two anime series have a similar story concept as they are set in a fantasy world where the character have to play games to reach their goal.
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
OP characters sent to ANOTHER WORLD where everything is solved by GAMES in which they have to BET something according to the RULES. They're having so much FUN in that world and don't want to return.
report Recommended by ariacelesta
The main characters are superior in the world and go to another world. That other world is based on a system in which games are played to win stuff. The main characters proceed to play games and win stuff.
report Recommended by therandomestguy
Both are full of games and betting where the main characters are summoned to a world full of games.
report Recommended by Shuc49
Same exact story, main character gets sent to different world, everything is decided by games.
report Recommended by Littaylor
Those two share a very similar setting. The worlds, where the stories are happening are almost the same. Both are about kids with special abilities, who try to safe something in the world, the got sucked in. Also, there is a lot of funny moments and ecchi appearing in both series.
report Recommended by _Core
In both animes bored people are invited into another world where everything is decided by games. In both animes there is this fantasy world the are send to. In both animes the protaganists have cool abilitys . In both animes the protaganists are overpowered in there own ways. In both animes have same concept. In both animes the protaganists are bored in there own world.
report Recommended by olha2
In both main characters are bored with their reality, but get thrown into a different, fantasy world where you survive by playing games. The main characters in both are cocky, intelligent and suited for the game world. They take the side of a weak community, and proceed to help them return to their former glory and beyond that. All in all they're very similar.
report Recommended by aifukola
Characters are bored of the world and then transported to a world full of games and betting. They really are like each other. If you like one of them, I am sure you will like the other one.
report Recommended by RedEgoDragon
both anime definitely shows a lot of similarities: Main Characters: - came from a different world - arrives in a fantasy world - play games with wagers and follows its rules - seek for the strong to have fun - help the community they are in - constantly belittled by enemies because they look like weak but actually OP
report Recommended by raviel_ken
The premise of both 'No Game No Life' and 'Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?' are pretty much the same. The main characters are thrown into a world where everything is settled with games, although 'Mondaiji' is far more broad when it comes to that term as it could be anything. The characters also go under the same category as over powered for their world, 'No Game No Life' having 'Blank' who are extremely over powered when it comes to anything game related whether skill or logic based. Able to get the win no matter what the situation is. 'Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara   read more
report Recommended by Risrr7
Both feature overpowered main male characters and have main characters who are superior in the virtual world. Both are lighthearted fantasy, include people being trapped in a virtual world, and have beautiful and picturesque art. Both involve the concept of playing games in order to survive or have a better quality of life. Conclusion: Being set in the same world, and looking at the synopsis, it is evident they are extremely similar to each other.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Both are about a fantasy world where everything is decided by games. Both main characters are extremely overpowered, and there's no shortage of attractive women in each.
report Recommended by DJ-Cashtag
Both Anime: 1. Characters transformed to Fantasy world(s) 2. Protagonists never lose 3. Ecchi 4. Excellent Plot 5. Less than 13 episodes (so far)
report Recommended by vampire5003
- Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games.
report Recommended by Miniclawz
In both, the characters are thrown into a new world where they play games. Both main protagonist feel very over-powered and aren't exactly keen on returning to their worlds.
report Recommended by ELMADRIDSTA
Main characters get to another world and try to do the best for their faction
report Recommended by Achey
Both of the anime have characters that gets transproted to a world that suits them better than the world they originally came from Both worlds have a rule system where you have to participate in games.
report Recommended by Haragii
Both shows involve people who are bored of their own world and end up in a whole new world where games are the way to make decisions/challenge. Both Protagonists are extremely smart and OP. Both shows pretty much have the exact same plot with some minor differences.
report Recommended by adaw31
-Both have the main characters go into a different world where games are the way to solve everything. -Both have overconfident MC's. -The differences in these two are in Mondaiji, the MC is psychically powerful, while in NGNL, the MC is psychically weak. -Both have high stake games.
report Recommended by React775
Having the same premise of playing games, both Mondaiji-tachi and No Game No Life share many similarities. Both of them include a dynamic cast of characters. The main characters find their normal world boring and are transported to a different world than their own which are governed on different rules through games. These two anime contain fantasy element as there are different races, regions and cultures different from the MCs' world. The environment in which the MCs of these two series now live is also similar and visually stunning. I recommend these anime to anyone who loves fantasy-supernatural aspects.
report Recommended by Nuvi
The characters are brought to another world not of their own will, and in concrete order. Main goal, but rather the main rule that prevails in both the anime is a battle with "the game". In both series, characters just by gaming settle disputes and that it seeks such, or other benefits. Characters are not annoying, and the addition of the same series is a dose of humor interspersed with serious moments. There is no point in continuing, you just have to see. If you liked Mondaji then NGNL you will like too
report Recommended by okioki
The main characters are forced to play a game in a different world and have a special power. They also think they don't belong to the real world.
report Recommended by Nyaroha
-Sovle problems with games, instead of war -Good written and looking characters -Main characters transferred to another world, thats better and they have better potential
report Recommended by EatMee
They have similar theme, summoned to other world with game as the main system. Somewhat, both of their hero are extremely strong/genius that we can't think about him for lose.
report Recommended by suhafer
the series's are super similar to each other in many ways most notably the plot revolving around games and people who are good at them.
report Recommended by IXISparky
Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Both are visually impressive. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games. Fans of one series will definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by redstormer
Both are about games and the Main Characters are being summoned to an other world to save something
report Recommended by Devastate
Almost exactly same story conflicts solved through "Games" (one with actual games, one with a type of fights) Characters summoned to a new world ~~Characters hated their other world ~~Characters are very OP ~~Main character is surrounded by girls
report Recommended by wrathofdragon
Worlds controlled by games, badass protagonists, and both of them enter their worlds by sky-diving.
report Recommended by FunkyBat97
A very similar concept of special people being summoned into another world in order to make a difference through games, with very different but equally interesting characters and incredible animation!
report Recommended by FairyFreak101
In both series the human protagonists are summoned to a new world with the promise of a more interesting life. In this new world there are many different races (elves, demons etc) and everything, from individual matters to territory and personal rights, can be decided by games.
report Recommended by ClearJade
The shows have basically the same concept, kids get transported to a fantasy world where everything is decided by games. Mondaiji has a better* plot than NGNL and more action. NGNL is far more entertaining and does everything else better. *[Significantly more complex]
report Recommended by Kybey
Both anime have genius people who are from earth with powerful abilities. They go into a fantasy world to help the weaker communities become stronger. Both have harems and the main guy is also a perv. There are also games that are being challenged. The characters are also very cool and funny. Both are awesome anime!
report Recommended by fortunated
Main characters in both anime are seriously overpowered and smart and feel out of place in their respective worlds, but in NGNL the MC's have no physical ability while the other has complete physical prowess. Both have a similar concept of being thrown into unknown worlds with the same system where conflicts are solved by games but with preset rules to follow.
report Recommended by Coopsloxx
-Both involve OP characters -Both have characters thrown into a different world -Both have these characters play games to move up in this world -Both involve magic
report Recommended by Scrom
- Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Both are visually impressive. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games. Fans of one series will definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by shenpai
-Both have a world full of games -Both main Characters are insane in these games -Both male main characters were bored in the human world In generell they have much in commen and both are worth taking a look
report Recommended by Tembio
The same Badass main character. They both go to another world and doesn't want to come back.
report Recommended by NagashiEdogawa
both series involve the main characters coming from another world in both series the main characters are summon to the world in both series the world they are summon to involve having to play games in order to survive
report Recommended by Suox
I am not recommending No Game No Life to people who have seen Problem Children, instead i am only recommending that if you have seen No Game No Life, to please please please watch problem Children. The similarities come on all fronts, accept Problem Children just does it better, it is my favorite anime and a great watch
report Recommended by inceptionkitten
I found these anime to be quite similar in the sense that they both take strange, out-of-the-ordinary people from our world and put them in a new world where their skills are better suited. The characters then use their skills to help the people of this new world who had been considered the 'underdogs'. As a result, they then become heroes, worshipped by this society. Their concepts are basically almost exactly the same, with some minor changes here and there. Thus, if you liked one, you'll also enjoy the other.
report Recommended by StormyParasol
Both are about a group who get sent to another world and then compete in games. Both have a badass guy who's personal dictionary does not contain the words "failure" and "losing"
report Recommended by THAT-GUYortaku
Both Anime are similar in term of: - They are bored in the real world and they are brought to a different world which things are settle by games. - Both Anime have similar goals where in no game no life, their goal is to challenge the god while Mondaiji want to become the top guild/clan - Happen in a fantasy world - If I would to rate the similarity, Upon 5 star i give a 4 star.
report Recommended by x3Miracle
Gaming becomes reality type of series where both MC's are overpowered/smart. Using theor brain and power they create a society without having the intention of escaping the world. I prefer NGNL over Mondaiji.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both are about people being sent to another world by a god-like person, and most problems are solved by games/ challenges, the main character always comes through in the end, and the main male character slowly builds a harem.
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
-The main characters from both anime are bored of their world -Both are set in a fantasy world -In both, the fantasy world is basically governed by games(the characters make the rules and bets accordingly) -The art in both is stunning and colourful -The main male character in both anime is overwhelmingly strong/smart. -Both contain slight Ecchi elements -Both anime are short -In both fantasy worlds there are different races (elves, humans etc) -The main male character is surrounded by mainly females Though they have basically the same concept, Mondaji is more serious than NGNL(which is more comedic). If you liked one, you will definitely like the other. The art is gorgeous too!
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
The no game no life before no game no life. The main character is sora if you took sora's charisma and concentrated solely into strength.
report Recommended by animemusicFCB
Basically the same anime, although No Game No Life is a little flashier. Main characters are dropped into a foreign world where everything is settled by playing a game. The protagonists attempt to live/save in that world.
report Recommended by Backin2020
In these animes you'll realize that you find a lot of things similar compared to the other. In both of these animes our main protagonist finds themselves within a world where everything is solved by playing games and which in their previously life, isn't boring. As time develops in both animes the protagonist realizes that they grew attached to the new world rather then their old world. In the end, you see that if you enjoyed No Game No Life you'll definitely find yourself enjoying this one.
report Recommended by Glave-san
In both shows people are transported to another world and play games to save something.
report Recommended by TheOneInGreen
- Both have main characters that were pulled from their worlds into a fantasy one by some sort of higher being. - Both settle disputes with games. - Both have very intelligent main characters. - Both have at least one main character who defeated some sort of god. - Most of the time, people thought the main characters were cheating or nonhuman because of their abilities and intelligence.
report Recommended by DoitsuItalia
- They both are awsome animes!!! - They both involved with fantasy world. - They both based about games and bets that effect about the life. - They main character in both animes are bored from their world. The people that love one anime will love the other too.
report Recommended by X_JoshyBoy_X
-Main characters are sent into another world -The characters play a game wherein they wager anything they own -The main characters becomes a part of a certain race/community -The characters also aim to save the race/community they are affiliated with -OP characters
report Recommended by ShiroShinobu
-Both main characters are OP -Both main characters are going to another world -Both have magic -In both anime ppl are playing games -Both have creatures other than humans
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
-They both follow a very similar plot -Talented people summoned out of boredom -Worlds have very similar rules -Both have ranking systems for different societies -Both are affiliated with no name or blank? -Both anime are clever and share many concepts and atmospheres.
report Recommended by Powerfly97
-Goes to a game world -Solves conflict by playing games -MC helps small community to gain power they have lost -MC are bored with the real world
report Recommended by Brittneyaw03
- In both anime MC are transported to another worlds. - Both have lots of fantasy and magic. - Both have concepts which revolve around playing games. If you liked one of these you will definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Agasaya
- Badass characters - Similar concept (you need to win a game etc. etc...) - Comparable beginning (the characters was catapulted to another world etc.)
report Recommended by ufoludek
-Both main characters are OP -Both main characters are going to another world -Both have magic -In both anime peoples are playing games -Both have creatures other than humans
report Recommended by Oshiina
Both series explore the same general framework. Characters who did not fit into social life of their old world are taken to a new world where their abilities are tested by different types of games.
report Recommended by Shadow159753
Anyone who likes this anime will 100% like the other if you don't then I will personally force you to. These anime so similiar that you can actually think of one as a copy from the other
report Recommended by Alpasyon007
In both animes the lead characters are brought/summoned to a fantasy world where everything is determined by games. In this two animes the lead characters are very powerful in their own way (Intelectual in No Game No Life, and strength ando other aspects in the other one).This two animes have a very coloful world that catches your atention
report Recommended by ChonaCio
Both animes are sent to another world, they have games to bet and they have fun. Both animes are fantasy, comedy.
report Recommended by AnimePixelz
They both revolve around the main characters being teleported into a fantasy world They both have games as one of the main things You can relate this to the next gen of No Game No Life (Or the other way around if you started this first like me)
report Recommended by Amulet_Miki
Rather than having a dull, boring life, why not go to another world where you can play all you want? They have it all! No game no life, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? These will bring you to a world where life is not the same. Although simply having your own fun is not fair, losing should also have their consequences. Enjoy the amusing, and exciting adventures of our impressive protagonists!
report Recommended by Aya-chan_Desu
Both of these anime are about people being sent into a fantasy world where they are needed for their expertise, and in both there is aleast one of the main characters is exeptionally smart. No game no life is about 2 siblings (sora & shiro) that are shut ins, meaning that they dont leave their house/room. These siblings together call themselves blank and they never loose a game. one day they get a mysterious email containing a challenge to a chess game, after winning they are teleported to a mystical fantasy world where everything is decided by games. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo??,   read more
report Recommended by Blue_Phoenix_
- The Art Style is the same. - The main Characters go to a different world. - Both animes have a lot of hype and action.
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
If you're looking for a shounen anime with Strong/OP/Badass male lead that thinks that their world is boring then this will fit the criteria. Both Male Lead is Smart and with a carefree attitude Both anime revolves around playing/fighting games to advance Both anime story is about being thrown in a different world Both animation is graphically/visually impressive All in All Both are Great Anime to Watch
report Recommended by xspectrex
-Both groups are "spawned" to a different world -Both have problems that are solved by games -Both have OP characters -Both are fighting for power -Both have rules to follow during the games -Modern world -> Fantasy world -Both are ecchi animes
report Recommended by SaltedLeggy
-They both travel to another world -Overwhelmingly strong main characters that are badass (imo) -Revolves around an interesting concept -Lots of eye candy
report Recommended by SushiStal
This isn't about ordinary games, this is about... advanced games. "No Game No Life" is actually a perfect summary for both anime. Both will give you a genius MC and a game world where they show their skills. Watch it and join MC to conquer the game world.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
People with unmatched abilities are likely to be bored in the normal world, that's why it is appropriate to send them to another world where they can use their skills to great use. If you taken a liking to these groups of people , then these two series would probably get you into the edge of your seat as both of them showcase main characters who face difficult challenges like a walk in the park using their otherworldly talents.
report Recommended by Eric
The premise of both anime is very similar in that in both anime the protagonist(s) are teleported to a different world where they support a weak ass country/race. Also the protagonists are overpowered as fuck (in a good way).
report Recommended by YogaFire69
The situation of the main characters in both anime is pretty similar. Both of them include the main characters being too overpowered in their world so they get transported into another world but end up being overpowered again anyways.
report Recommended by _SwiftShadow_
-Both main characters are sent to another world -Must play a series of "games" in order to win prizes etc. -Both were based of a light novel
report Recommended by Ontononi
the characters in this tow anime was teleported to another world . both of this worlds they have to play game to survive
report Recommended by Mobaru
- Both protagonists are smart and strategic, bored of the real world, have their skills recognized and are invoked in a fantasy world in which bets are settled through games. In this world, they help a country / community rebuild itself by challenging other countries / communities in betting.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
Travel to another world to play games against other races/groups.
report Recommended by Isosceles
Very similar Idea and feeling!
report Recommended by FrozenToDead
-Same concept of story involving the MC being transferred into another world where they have to play games -overpowered MC -comedy -superpowes If you love NGNL then you will like it
report Recommended by bunny1998
Both shows have extremely op MC's that find themselves stuck in a land of games
report Recommended by OoferGoofer
The main characters are similar in the fact that they both have confidence in their skills to win games. Both are very exciting to watch, making you want more. The way they strategize is fun to watch! Not to mention, both are transported into another world, letting you learn about the world along with them.
report Recommended by jxllo
Badass and Smart male protagonist. Very cool and unpredictable main protagonist (Sora and Izayoi). The anime itself is very similar in many ways. Both Isekai, Both about games, Both random prizes, Both smart characters(Already said that), Both about directly or indirectly conquering the world, both trying to revive and rise their faction that they joined, both joined the loser faction, And what the hell, "Blank" and "No names" what more can you ask, just watch it. Oh and both pervert male protagonist.
report Recommended by LazyBoy-kun