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Jul 19, 11:44 PM
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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Jul 19, 11:42 PM
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Inu x Boku SS Special
Inu x Boku SS Special
Jul 19, 7:18 AM
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Mairimashita, Senpai
Mairimashita, Senpai
Jul 13, 11:46 AM
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Yankee-kun to Hakujou Girl
Yankee-kun to Hakujou Girl
Jul 3, 3:12 AM
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Jun 10, 3:13 PM
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BakaChii Yesterday, 5:02 AM
Nice one!

Oh I see so it started off strong but didn't progress as well as it could have, interesting, I'll have to see for myself if it's any good xD

No I mean your sources are probably right, it just wasn't that graphic in my opinion lmao.
Like I think cause the story was so interesting, I didn't focus heavily on the blood-shed, I think overall the action scenes were pretty cool.
I reckon you'd know from watching the 1st episode if it's gonna be too graphic for you or not :3
tane-kun Jul 19, 6:29 AM
Hey! How're you doing?
Hope the journey home wasn't bad. Have a great time! ^^

Oh, I have a bit sad news; I couldn't find a good flat, still :( Actually, I had found one, I was so excited, but it was rented to another person :( Anyways, I won't give up, I definitely need to find one!

I think it's really interesting that there are two sides. We even have two beautiful bridges that connect Europe and Asia. You should visit someday :D

In fact, I'm too shy, really really shy. :( I have social anxiety disorder :( But I really like talking with my friends, I just can't meet new people irl :/

Thanks ^^

Yeah, I think the second season's writings was just too rushed. It started well and ended really strong, but the entire middle section was just a trainwreck. Do you remember this episode:

BakaChii Jul 17, 11:38 AM
Ohh hope your finals went well :D
Oh really? A lot of people recommended shield hero to me so I was hoping it was good xD

Omg I didn't think Parasyte was that graphic or gorey tbh. I don't like a lot of gore but I was completely fine watching it.
Depends on what your standards for gore is :p I really enjoyed the story. "Extremely graphic"? wow, either my tolerance has seriously gone up or my stomach just isn't as weak as I thought it was LOL xD

BakaChii Jul 17, 5:24 AM
I've been travelling a lot the past couple of months so I have hardly watched anything xD
I did watch Parasyte though and thought it was really good!
I wanna catch up with seasonals now :)
tane-kun Jul 14, 12:33 PM
:D I see, I feel more like empty now, I was saying "I'll do tons of things after the exam!", but now, I can't find anything to do :D I'm actually bored :/

Woah, I'm planning to move to a new flat, this month. Because, you know, there are two sides of Istanbul. My home is in the Asian side, my campus is in the European side :) I use Marmaray (the rail connection between European and Asian Istanbul via a tunnel beneath the Bosphorus) whenever I need to go the other side. But my house not even close to Marmaray :D So I first need to use the istanbul metro. In total, it takes nearly 1.5 hours to reach my campus from my house! It's unbearable for a med student. :D So, decided to move to the European side. But, first I need to find a good flat, wish me luck! :>

Thanks! ^^ But, it will be more difficult next year. I can't even imagine learning German on top of all the medical stuff I'll be studying :/ However, I won't give up! I'll go to my German course at weekends. I hope it won't affect my grades too much :/

Oh, I'm actually a really shy person irl :/ But I won't be alone, I'm going with my identical twin. We're both extremely shy, though :D
Yeah, I know :D Sausages and beer! :D
I personally don't like much to drink alcohol, but I've heard that German beer is the bestest :D

Woah, really? So, I'll definitely watch it this month!

Thanks ^^ I'm also looking forward to talking about it! ^^

Btw, I see that you've recently finished watching Code Geass. I'm really curious about your thoughts on it. Especially about the last scene :D
tane-kun Jul 11, 1:50 PM
Hey! How're you doing? ^^
I had only one exam left which is today, before passing my course. So, I couldn't reply back. :/ Buut, I have great news to share! I finally passed my German B1 exam and finished my course! I got a 77/100 from the last exam. Now, I'm free until August 5th :> I'm going to Germany on that day, with my twin. We booked our flight tickets. Yay! ~

However, it's only for 4 weeks. I'm not sure if I'll be able to improve my speaking. :/ But I'm working on my speaking these days. I've recently started Babylon Berlin, a German TV-series. I'm doing my best, but it is too difficult to understand :/ I need to start from somewhere, though.

By the way, it will be my first time visiting abroad. I guess, you're much more experienced than me :> What can you recommend to me?

Oh, I haven't watched Violet Evergarden yet. But I'm extremely hyped, I feel like it'll become one of my favorites :D Everybody around me recommends that show. I couldn't watch it because I was scared of being depressed after watching it haha :D It would've been the worst thing during the exam period :D
eryn-chan Jul 7, 1:10 PM
Hey there! Sorry for my late reply. How are you doing? Nice :) I am learning Japanese for a while now too. Started out with Hiragana and I am currently focussing on Kanji. It is difficult but slowly I will manage (I hope) :P
tane-kun Jul 6, 2:47 PM
I did my best but I think I messed up in the speaking exam :'( However, don't worry! I did great in general, so I'm fine :D And thank you so much for everything you said ^^ You motivated me!

What about your exams? I hope you did great on the first one ^^

Woah, really? I really love my mother tongue even though it was a pain while learning English :D Arabic and Turkish have some common words because of the Ottoman period. That's why some people think that these languages are related.

I'm really impressed that you attempt studying it :D Sometimes, even I don't understand our grammar rules :D But I like some rules. For instance, He/She/It are the same in Turkish, which is "O". And the definite article “the” (or der, die, das) does not exist in the Turkish language.

Also, Turkish is an agglutinative language. We add additions to words. It changes the meanings slightly. For example: in Turkish "anlamadım" (anla-ma-dı-m) means 'I did not understand'; "anla-"(anlamak) means "to understand" (verb root), "–m(a)" is the negative marker, "-d(i)" is the past tense, lastly, "-(ı)m" is the 1st person possesive. Japanese is also like that. For instance, you know, to change a ru-verb into the past tense, we simply drop the "る" and add "た".

Btw, I've recently finished watching Kokoro Connect. Have you watched it? ^^
eryn-chan Jul 4, 1:04 PM
Hey there! You're welcome, it's always nice to connect with new anime friends on MAL! Thank you so much! :) Are you learning Japanese too, perhaps?
tane-kun Jul 3, 2:45 PM
Hey! I had an exam today. So, I couldn't reply back straight away. Sorry :/ Actually, it was a writing exam. There was a reading exam yesterday. And there will be speaking and grammar exams tomorrow and Monday. So, I'm quite busy this week. :< And you have exams, too. I don't wanna bother you too much. Anyways, I got 19/25 from reading and 22/25 from writing. I'm a bit nervous about the speaking exam, tho.

Woah, it's cool but also a bit sad. There is probably not much opportunity to talk in your language for you. However, I think it's cool because it's a cultural difference. ^^

Actually, I've learned a little Japanese. Kanji became my nightmare, so I dropped it :D If I have enough time in the future, I think I'll gladly start learning it again. I have a little advantage of learning Japanese because of my mother tongue. Let me explain it:

Turkish is completely different from Indo-European languages and Arabic. But it is a bit similar to Japanese and Korean. (Altaic languages) There are some obvious similarities and phonological correspondences. A lot of people think that Japanese and Turkish are similar, because the logic of the syntax of both languages seems really close to each other. For example, the suffixes like "da/de", "o/u", "jp. -no and tr. -nin"; " jp. desu ka and tr. dir ki" have the same meanings and usage. And Turkish and Japanese are also both agglutinative and SOV(Subject–object–verb) languages. And there are some similar words. For instance, the word "good" is the same in both Turkish and Japanese. In Turkish, it is written "iyi," and in Japanese, it is written "いい". Turks learn Japanese faster than the English people. However, despite all, the Altaic proposal has largely been rejected.(It is still a discussed possibility) Because it’s not enough evidence to call them related like Indo-European languages.

Maybe you should read its manga, then :D I highly recommend it. ^^
tane-kun Jul 1, 8:50 AM
I would personally say learning German is way harder compared to English or French. :/ There are a lot of grammar rules in German. Actually, learning grammar isn't a big deal for me. I've always struggled with speaking. I haven't had many chances to speak, even in English. I do my best to improve my grammar, reading and listening skills but unfortunately, I lack speaking practice. :/ And, word order in German is more flexible than in English, they use inverted sentences. In addition, there are a lot of filler words such as "mal", "ja", and "doch". I still don't understand when I can use them and their meanings ahaha.
Also, thanks! I really feel like I can do it now!

Btw, do you speak any other languages besides English? Have you ever tried to learn Japanese? ^^

I'll finish watching it today (I guess). It's not bad so far. But there are some flaws in the storyline, I think.

Koe no Katachi is definitely one of the greatest anime movies! But I like its manga much more than its movie. I think in the movie, the writing is kinda weird and they forgot some important details. For example, Shouko's mother... In the anime version, she was worse compared to the manga version. And they forgot to explain "clearly" why she was overly-controlling.
tane-kun Jun 30, 6:02 AM
Really? Nah, not at all. I need to study for my exam right now, but I'm just watching anime and killing time :D
I'm really gonna study today, really. :D

Come to think of it, have you ever been to Germany? What do you think of the German language?

Btw, I've just started watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. It's not bad. Do you like the drama genre in general? I can see Koe no Katachi is on your favourites.
tane-kun Jun 29, 3:51 PM
No worries^^

Woah, there is an exam on the 10th of July? It's nearly mid-summer! Anyways, good luck on your exams, then!

Haha, Yuru camp is surely the anime for the exam period. Really calming :D

Well, my university exams were over nearly a month ago. But I have German language exams in July, tho. Actually, next week, I need to pass "the Goethe-Zertifikat B1" exam. I'm too nervous. :/ But I'm still watching anime :>

Then, after all those exams, I am going to Germany in August, to learn German! After that, on the 15th of September, my university starts.

Hmm, I watched K-On!, Hataraku Maou-sama! and 5-toubun no Hanayome. Then I started reading 5-toubun no Hanayome's manga. They were pretty good I guess. Have you watched them?

Oh, really? I think you're normal :D
tane-kun Jun 28, 2:57 PM

It's been a while since we last spoke. How've you been bud? Anime or otherwise, what have you been up to? Are you done with your exams?
tane-kun Jun 17, 12:36 PM

My favourite one is winter.^^ Actually, nearly all of my relatives like summer more. I don't know why I'm different. :D
I like drinking hot beverages like tea, coffee or cocoa.~

Also, I always have hay fever. I'm generally the only one who's sick in the summer, among my friends. :/ Even if I was sick in the winter, I'd not be alone :D

Yeah, I guess I'll try reading its manga^^

Me too! :D

Well, I haven't watched them, yet. Do you recommend them?^^