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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
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No Game No Life
Those two animes have very few in common. Art is totally different, Kaiji has a mature feeling without any anime cliché, one is fantastic and the other not. However, just because they're not similar doesn't mean you won't like one another. If you enjoyed Sora's point of view, how tricky he acts, how gambles work, and how easy is to mindf*ck someone while playing, you'll love Kaiji. That part is similar. They both will make you think "Oh God, That trick is totally legit! It makes sense!"
report Recommended by SanzuNoKawa
Both make somewhat simple games appear to be extremely complex and strategic on an extreme level.
report Recommended by Willard_Filmore
It may not seem so at first glance but these Anime are extremely similar. Both are Animes about gambling where gambling is the only means to survive and thrive. Sora and Shirou gamble against the other species to free imanity which had been driven to a corner by the other species. While Kaiji gambles to save himself from debts. Characters frequently use cunning ploys and deceit to best each other in both Animes. No game no life is based on a fantasy world and is more comedic whilst this is based on the real world. But both have loads of mind games that keep the anime really interesting. If   read more
report Recommended by UzumakiShinji
In both series the characters are stuck, they can't escape without winning. In both series they need to play a game to win, they need to use their brain and outsmart their opponent.
report Recommended by Azertity
Both shows are about games and gambling the mcs are both losers who are only good and games kaiji is alot more sinister and humorless though
report Recommended by brathaehnchen
In both of these the mc plays games and tryes to win. In Kaiji the mc is a gambler and tryes to win a huge sum of money to recover from his dept.
report Recommended by Romsky
High stakes, gambling, strategy and competition, If your looking for an anime where the protagonists compete to better their lives than look no further. No Game No Life differs with a fantasy setting with genius unbeatable protagonists. While Kaiji has a much more humane story centred around its protagonist and his personal struggles, whilst also containing much higher stakes and risks. If you like one for its concepts of strategic competition than you'll be sure to like the other.
report Recommended by Akoram
all about game, mind game and in-game intelligence
report Recommended by yannick-sama
Similarities: * MC's play games with their lifes on the stakes. * MC's are extremely clever and great strategists. Differences: * Kaiji is darker is a depressing way (He's considered a loser and treated like crap). On the other hand, NGNL is a fantasy anime setted in a colorful world. * There's no comedy in Kaiji.
report Recommended by Djerabis