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Professional N.E.E.T Gamers? Yes, Both these anime's involve N.E.E.TS who are professional/Geniuses gamers. Spending day after day after days playing games, however that changed when they're force into a situation where it all becomes a game. In Btooom case, the protagonist is transported to an unknown island with others and are equipped with high tech weapon that is based of the game he plays. In No Game No Life, the protagonists are tested and after winning are transported into a new world where everything is decided by games, no murder.. no thief.. just games! Both anime, the protagonist must use their gaming knowledge/skills to survive in the new environment   read more
report Recommended by Duckii
The protagonists in Btooom & No Game No Life are expert NEET gamers who are trapped in virtual worlds. In Btooom, the NEET is Ryouta Sakamoto while in No Game No Life, the NEETs are Sora & Shiro. The difference is Btooom is a survival game whereby in order to win, you must be the last man standing while No Game No Life is basically a quest to redeem the weak human race of Imanity. The animation style has a darker vibe in Btooom while the animation has a sunset feel in No Game No Life.
report Recommended by mercury1980
This pairing comes with a twist. The Main characters in these series are shut-in NEET's who have used gaming as escapism of reality. In Btooom! the main characters are sent to an island where they have to be play out the game in a real "life or death" scenario. In No Game No Life the main characters are transported to another world where everything is decided by games, in order to play with the God of that world.
report Recommended by papsoshea
- a male and a female are the main characters - main characters are NEETs - they are suddenly taken to another world where they have to play a certain game in order to survive. - the plot is very similar - both are good strategy anime
report Recommended by Rawrzz03
People are taken to an unknown island where they must fight to the death using bombs, collecting chips, in order to get off the island alive.
report Recommended by OrionSkies
Both animes are about good gamers getting stuck in a game-world. NO SPOILER :)
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
-both are in game -both main protagonist are smart and uses intelligent moves to win the game -both anime are short -both main protagonist have no life and just keep gaming btooom!: -if you lose,you die -harder to survive -art style is not that good because it is a old show No Game No Life: -fancy art style -ecchi(if you like) -some cheats can be applied to real world(just saying) Both are really good show,so watch both of them!
report Recommended by vefrum
Both anime involve genius gamers, spending day after day playing games. In Btooom the protagonist is brought to an island with others and their are equipped with weapons. In No Game no Life, the protagonist are transported in to the game world and they need to prove themselves that they are the best. This sounds very similar to SAO, Log Horizon, Overlord and more, but I think Btooom and No Game No Life are the most original and also the best shows in the genre.
report Recommended by BrandonMTA
its like no game no life that have turned for the worst NEET Gamers sent to another world/pacific island Both Mc are badass Many mind games going on But No Game No Life have a more positive vibe other that Btooom! **WARNING** For teens and children who haven't watched any other dark themed anime like Attack on Titan,Danganronpa or Death Note. If its your first time, well its will be pretty intense.But if you have the guts then watch it is pretty good if you can handle gore scenes then good for you
report Recommended by Seed_Ex