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Both involve people getting trapped in a game/different world and have the same genre. The group of people in one anime starts as a three-player team, while in the other anime, it was a brother and sister tandem. One immediately started in a situation where the players are already in the game/other world, while the duo first started off being in their world before crossing over.
report Recommended by Nasty001
Trapped in the virtual world beyond imaginations, both series focus on an adventurous setting involving a group of characters as they venture on to the unknown. There is a lot of humor from both series with its comedic dialogues, character interactions, and game concepts themselves. The main male characters have somewhat of similar personalities being cunning, intelligent, and capable leader. I recommend both series for people looking for an adventurous journey in a world that blends between the line of fiction and reality.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have the same cyber punk genre, where MC's got trapped in a game and can't get out, the difference, one was a 3 man team, while the other one is a sibling tandem.
report Recommended by Baddie007
The same situation where players found themselves in an alternate world where everything is about games.
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
Gamers get trapped in mirror universes and don't consider leaving. Fun for the whole family.
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
Both have characters being transported to fantasy worlds. In both,the characters adapt very fast to this new world and focus on cleaning up the fantasy world. Both have characters using strategy and plans to change the world they end up in.
report Recommended by sggupta95
Both of these anime have incredibly intelligent protagonists that use their brains rather than strength to discretely manipulate their respective new worlds to their choosing. Both main characters are ten steps ahead in their respective games and the psychological warfare is amazing in both, Log Horizon however having a slow start.
report Recommended by StrawhatSabo
Both anime are about going into another world that has game related theme. Both main character are smart and might be called villain type. Both main character are very strong in games. It should be interesting to people who like log horizon
report Recommended by xtamsia
Both anime are in a game world. Log horizon they get in to a game. In no gam no life, life is a game. In both anime the main chars are amazing clever and smart and really good strategists. The humor in both anime are almost the same. Both are really must watch if you like games and some humor in it!!
report Recommended by PTR2013
great focus on the main characters using their wits and mind to win battles. No game no life has quite a bit of over the top , comedy and a little ecchi elements in it, while Log horizon is more serious and has more world building
report Recommended by Everlance
Both shows take place in fantasy setting, and have a very light atmosphere, as opposed to a dark and gritty tone. The conflicts in these shows rely on wit and strategy, rather than brute force, allowing for thoses oh-so-satisfying scenes in which the protagonist reveals their brilliant sceme to a defeated villian. The dialogue in both is phenomenal, particularly with the speeches given the main characters throughout the series, which are written and acted brilliantly. In short, both shows create a wonderful fantasy world with rich lore, and seamlessly mesh serious circumstances with ligh-hearted humor to keep the atmosphere feeling fun and carefree overall.
report Recommended by Calamity_Bravo20
They are similar because both are telling a story about players, who are in fantasy world. If you love tactic and logic games, both are for you.
report Recommended by morosov
Both main characters login in a game were they are trapped Both are very skillful ( NGNL - Sora and Shiro / Log Horizon - Shiroe ) On their journey , they make friends which they helped or defeated ! And although they are trapped in a virtual world , they learn how to enjoy that world, and it also has that peaceful and cheerful atmosphere :D
report Recommended by -KuroAshi-
In both series the main characters solve problems through logic. In both series the thought processes behind their solutions are clearly described. Also both series are presented in an alternate fantasy world.
report Recommended by Xoll
- The protagonists uses their intelligence to conquer the world - They're thinking a couple of steps ahead of everyone else - Both are well known (No game no life - they're rank 1 players in many games, Log Horizon - he's known as the strategist of a famous group that completed several raids) - Both protagonists can be misunderstood by the other characters
report Recommended by SweDark
similarity's 1. both take place in a alternate fantasy world. 2.the protagonists are amazing strategists. 3.the protagonists use their intelligence to get power in the new world becoming leaders so the can restore order. 4.the protagonist are misunderstood by the other characters 5.the protagonists are shut ins spending allot of time reading books to learn about their new world 6.they're both visually impressive. 7.the goal of leaving the world is of little or no importance 8.both put more time into characters rather than action making it seem more like a slice of life. 9. both protagonist have a quiet little girl side kick that is loyal to them   read more
report Recommended by clownishbeast5
Both focus on some of the more political aspects of being trapped in a world to do with games.
report Recommended by clarissassin
it is similar in the sense of the characters leaving the real world and entering a new world, in this anime they are inside a game and must adapt to expansion pack which makes the npc's have real emotions ect i recommend this anime, hope that this helped
report Recommended by Pringleboy
In both series the main characters are transported into a '' gaming world '' and in both anime they use strategies and focus on economy to make a better world instead of trying to get out. Neither of these have much/none action instead they use communication.
report Recommended by -Alians-
The story in both animes is very similar, such as the main character gets transfered to a new and unknown world. Where they have to adapt and find their own way to survive in this new peticular situation.
report Recommended by goyohgo
-they are both set in a game like world -the protagonists in both anime rise to the top quickly - in both the male protagonists are seriously strategic
report Recommended by Future_Gadget_69
I would definitely place No Game No Life in the same gaming category as SAO and Log Horizon. I f you loved the gaming world SAO and the intelligence of Shiroe, you should definitely check it out!
report Recommended by vhycky
if you like the way the protagonist think to solve complex problems and the like, this is the anime for you in addition to the case of games
report Recommended by Lucas8x
While pacing feels very different (Log Horizon relies on a slow buildup to flesh out its world and characters, NGNL moves at breakneck speed), the core aspects are similar: light-hearted tone, emphasis on overcoming challenges by strategizing and planning ahead, gaming-oriented lore and rules. Both are highly recommended if you enjoy tactics and brains over brawn types of shows.
report Recommended by JoePanichelli
Log Horizon SHIRO = No Game No Life SORA If you enjoyed Log horizon because of shiros cleverness/strategies you will surely like no game no life. Both bring tension to the watcher.
report Recommended by CaNNaBizZ
both are people playing games at the begining but then get put into the games they play through one way or another and both anime main characters are amazing at the games they play
report Recommended by another_dude
Segue o mesmo estilo de anime baseado em MMORPG. Para quem curte o gênero, irá amar. It follows the same anime style based on MMORPG. For those who enjoy the genre, will love.
report Recommended by llIRaveNlll