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Kirik0h Yesterday, 5:50 PM
Certainly, I didn't mean to imply that Proxy had no purpose in its approach and in particular, I don't doubt Angel's Egg immense range of iconography to have strong thematic purposes. Coincidentally, my only real issue with Angel's Egg despite how the plethora of religious symbols and powerful audiovisual storytelling, there was insufficient concrete meaning there to validate the film's thematic direction despite strong thematic purpose, if you understand the distinction I'm trying to make. There's nothing wrong with being able to interpret a work multiple ways, and certainly Angel's Egg has plenty, but for me it becomes a problem when we don't have a solid idea underlying what the creators sought to convey and if it's the case, that a specific direction was never intended, I purposefully find that unsatisfactory and incomplete.

I also didn't intend to imply Proxy and FranXX were of equal grounds or of any similarity with regards to plot and direction when I compared the two but rather, I sought to highlight the use of dialogue and exposition to drive philosophical themes in both shows to find out your thoughts on the matter as it was stylistic choice that quite frankly, I didn't appreciate in Proxy. On another note, I did actually read your review on Orange and I was glad to see many of the more nuanced merits of the show I feel people in general fail to appropriate acknowledge, noted and praised accordingly. Personally, I thought the anime didn't do the manga justice in the romance department and I thought it could've benefited a lot from incorporating dialogue from the manga which I felt added an extra layer to the characterisation of Kakeru in particular.

>Thanks for approaching me in a civil matter.

No worries - it's the very least I think people could certainly do for each other online where it's simply far too easy to be unnecessarily abrasive or just downright aggressive and rude.
Xletter Apr 24, 6:36 PM
Da la casualidad que FMA pero el Brotherhood fue el que me metio a mi en el medio , de verdad que es un anime inolvidable las 2 versiones
Xletter Apr 24, 6:25 PM
respondiendote lo de Diebuster lo he notado bastante , sobretodo en la protagonista, varios personajes que despues de una poco desarrollo lo olvidan para siempre , pero bueno debemos recordar que el primero es de los 80 otra mentalidad, mas madura, mas para adultos .

Diebuster fue como un pastel simple pero lleno de puro Chocolate , tiene sabor pero no la base sino lo de afuera...

Asi lo siento yo pues, como anime independiente bastante decente ,como Sucesor de Gunbuster malo
Xletter Apr 24, 6:21 PM
Bueno tambien disculpa si esto te molesta, mira que mucha gente que tenga bastante conocimiento de anime en mi entorno es poca, asi que perdoname de antemano si te molesta por hacerte preguntas.

Solo quiero hacerte una pregunta mas: ¿Que Full Metal Alchimest es tu favorito? el del 2003 o el Brotherhood , en mi caso considero que es como un Final Fantasy el primero que juegues sera tu favorito.

Un saludo
Botan-Chan45 Apr 24, 6:16 PM
Lol eats KFC lmao
Botan-Chan45 Apr 24, 6:09 PM
No they aint. They get raped by orcs and humans. Nord life is the real gangshit.
Xletter Apr 24, 6:06 PM
lol , acabo de conectarme .

Yo lo vi y si no me parecio tan bueno comparado a Gunbuster.

Larom Apr 24, 3:12 PM
Yeah, no one take this reviewer seriously. He almost universally gives highly rated anime 2-5s and gives generic anime 10s. There is personal taste, then there's trolling. Wouldn't be surprised if he uses bots to upvote his reviews..
MinamiKotoriFan Apr 24, 10:27 AM
Having fun giving Anime bad ratings? :D I mean, I dont have the right to judge ur oppinion, but still kinda hard what scores u give...
SunlitSonata Apr 24, 6:27 AM
Finally started Macross, like I said I'd do months ago. Definitely a neat novelty to see how an anime was in 1982, fairly nice so far.
Is Plus the only other one you would recommend watching besides the original?
AniJan Apr 22, 8:28 PM
How did you learn to articulate your thoughts so deftly? I'm not good at expressing my thoughts into words, so how would you recommend someone like me to improve?
Pedigerous2424 Apr 22, 11:47 AM
Boi, what happened to the Mosaics?
Xletter Apr 21, 8:46 PM
Hola buenas , disculpa pero solo quería preguntar:

¿Me recomiendas Diebuster/Gunbuster 2? vi que tenias en favoritos la primera, así que quería saber si te gusto la segunda.

Muchas gracias por leer.Un saludo
Kirik0h Apr 21, 6:39 AM
I recently discovered you via your Citrus review, in which you also made a brief mention of Orange as a contrasting example of a great drama. Having then examined your anime list, it's clear that we have a lot of differences in taste but nonetheless, I found it quite interesting that despite clear differences across a lot of shows, we seem to share a lot of similarities in opinions regarding dramas. I certainly wouldn't have guessed you to have liked Orange for all the very same reasons I enjoy it and similarly with Nana and 5cm/s and so on.

I'd certainly be interested in finding out your thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei as although it has grabbed the attention of a lot of the users here, I found its characterisation and relationships quite shallow and much of its appeal to pathos to be quite undeserved and unimpactful. Lastly, I saw your comments on Darling in the Franxx on your profile and I agree wholeheartedly but here's a question I have for you. You have Ergo Proxy as your favourite show but I personally found much of its dialogue very blase and similarly ostentatiously written as if it was written for individuals who needed the show's message to be shoved down their throats despite the show clearly having relatively strong visual merits. In general, I found Ergo Proxy's method of storytelling to be overly-laden with dialogue that strains to be philosophical but is ultimately repetitive and meaningless with phrases like “this is the ultimate truth that all organisms strive to obtain through self-examination,” or “you think, therefore I am”. Presumably you disagree with me, but I'd be interested in finding out why you love it so dearly.
Icarus_prime Apr 21, 1:33 AM
How would you rank Denis Villeneuve's films that you've seen so far?

P.S: I can't pronounce his name properly lol