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Sengoku Kitan Youtouden
Sengoku Kitan Youtouden
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Hanma Baki
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Tokyo Ghoul
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Renstik Yesterday, 2:12 PM
So it took me a day or two, but Angel's Egg is just starting to come together in my head. So beautiful, but also so melancholy. Faith is indeed a fragile thing. We should talk about it some time.
MisterD98 Feb 18, 7:18 AM
The mecha article was among the first ones that I wrote for MAL, so it ended up being at the top of the list. I try to avoid the trendy stuff (where possible) and cover stuff that I feel is more significant. I love the quality of the animation and art direction in both Five Star Stories and Macross Plus.

If I remember correctly, I did include Team Rocket in the honorable mentions section of that article. But that section was removed during the editorial process. As you can tell, writers don't have complete control over what gets published on here.
phothewin Feb 18, 1:10 AM
"Eva for mouth-breathers"
_Blase_ Feb 17, 5:41 AM
I rejected the mere idea of watching the three movies instead of the classic series. I plan to get into it, for the sake of those titles you've mentioned, plus Turn A Gundam and War in the Pocket. In terms of dazzling visuals, I plan to check Redline and Eva new movies. I just hope starting with the anime caviar doesn't prevent me from enjoying the medium's secondary set of titles which are a good lobster at best. xD
SunlitSonata Feb 17, 5:22 AM
Kaiji.....spin-off manga? Literally the last thing I ever expected to see:

On a different note: Alice in Wonderland + Lord of the Rings + transforming dragon mecha= gud shit
_Blase_ Feb 17, 5:16 AM
I'll promptly correct that. Yes, Gunbuster is one of a kind. I doubt some Gundam or space opera can match its visuals, but I hope I'm wrong and get surprised once again.
_Blase_ Feb 17, 4:36 AM
I stopped my LOGH to watch Gunbuster and now all I wanted was the former as fluid as the latter. A man can dream. btw, lol, have you ever checked the #2 review for Gunbuster? It's hilarious man, fking visuals: 2/10 and story: 1/10 xD just a bit delusional
Fran Feb 15, 8:49 PM
quick question in your favourite characters spoiler thing on your profile how did you put the individual images next to each other?
LipstickOnMyDick Feb 15, 4:19 AM
Is there any way to find users according to thee similarity of their ratings compared to you? Mal charts are worthless to me, it just doesn't appeal to my current tastes whatsoever. So instead focus on users for recommendations
Aeonic Feb 14, 10:58 AM
Yeah, I finished re-watching Flag is a stand out series. Here's some of my thoughts.

The main character Shirasu isn't merely there to exploit the suffering of the Ubbyina people for a big scoop, she was there because she loves life itself. She has a real zeal for life and through the camera lens she was able to see that SDC soldiers and civilians alike were infatuated with life as well. The message of the story is that most people in general love life itself and in spite of the trials and tribulations are willing to believe that peace is an attainable goal; the idea of peace is immanent to those that revel in the experience of living. The power of the image as one that can either serve peace for power brokers or another way in which a faction can obstruct a peaceful resolution. Propaganda, whether it be for well-intentioned purposes or malevolent ones was a central feature for this show. The motivations for the soldiers made sense as well, because they didn't want the tragedies of Rwandan genocide to be repeated. One of the reasons that the U.N. bungled Rwanda, was because of the lack of political will and the entangled bureaucracy in New York; The French also propped up the Hutu Regime in Rwanda with weapons that included small arms and machetes, hence the lack of political will. I would also recommend you look at operation Turquoise, it shows direct French complicity in the genocide and not to mention how they gave safe passage to the perpetrators. The roadmap of a ceasefire was extremely realistic and often a party to a ceasefire uses that timetable to launch an offensive that will give them leverage in talks; There's been multiple roadmaps to peace in Syria and all of them have failed and one of the reasons was the plethora of insurgent groups with different agendas as well as the regimes ramping up their offensives before a ceasefire is signed.

Moreover, the geographic landscapes were breath taking and diverse, varying from the steppes of Central Asia with a vast blue sky to the mountainous terrain that resembled the Himalayan mountains.

Yeah, to say the least I enjoyed the series. Not too many qualms with the show overall. It's definitely must better than anything that is airing this season.

MisterD98 Feb 14, 10:26 AM
Yeah, most people visit MAL for the anime database and the community. The development team should seriously consider making the article section more user friendly.

Okay, here's some more of my articles:

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KyoumaZ Feb 14, 7:44 AM
It's just Anime pictures.
Swarnadeep Feb 14, 1:05 AM
I will!
I am planning to watch Yuasa's latest movie for today. Heard good things about it.
Which doesn't seem overhyped like Devilman Crybaby. I didn't like Lu over the wall, that much.
youseiki Feb 13, 10:50 PM
Well you make a lot of reviews to underrated and unpopular anime which is nice, though it would be nice to see you making seasonal reviews again(but doing that will attract the cancer)

Sapphire Feb 13, 7:16 PM
Yes...wait..what? Oh whoops! That wasn't supposed to be there lol YOU HAVE A NEW FAVES THO :O

uhhh after the next ice age?? lol idk :D we can do anytime I'm around and not crazy busy with stuff. Are you free anytime this week orrrrr?