Takuto "Ryu Soma" Kaneshiro

Takuto Kaneshiro

Argento Soma
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Takuto Kaneshiro (タクト・カネシロ, リウ・ソーマ)

Takuto was never well liked, he was always cold to his peers but respected for his talents. One day his girlfriend Maki started to disappear due to always having work, after snooping around he discovered she was part of a team trying to revive a mysterious alien bio-mechanical creature, and was invited to take part in history.While conducting the experiment with his girlfriend and teacher to revive the creature(dubbed Frank) Takuto witnesses his girlfriend's death as a power surge causes the giant to suddenly spring to life and destroy the facility with only Takuto surviving. He vows vengeance and by chance is offered the chance by the mysterious Mr. X who gives him a new identity and assignment to the FUNERAL facility where Frank has been moved to serve as humanity's protector against alien threats.

As Ryu Soma he fights off the alien invasions along with Frank and other pilots. While he may seem like a trustworthy ally and brilliant strategist to his co-worker due to his talents in metallurgy, he is actually secretly waiting for his chance to eliminate Frank and get his revenge.

He has a difficult time dealing with the naive orphan girl Hattie, who has the special gift of being able to control Frank. She bears a striking resemblance to his girlfriend Maki, however she is not only naive but believes Frank to truly be an elf. This at times causes Ryu's rage to be directed onto her as he finds his desire to kill Frank conflicting with her views, but at the same time he is not without kindness towards her.

Voice Actors
Hoshi, Souichirou
Staley, Steve
Pascal, Benjamin