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Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Apr 17, 8:53 PM
Watching 14/26 · Scored -
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!
Apr 13, 8:31 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 3
Date A Live III
Date A Live III
Apr 7, 7:39 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 2
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Mar 25, 2018 8:30 PM
Reading 195/237 · Scored 5
Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children
Oct 1, 2017 2:53 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Nijiiro Days
Nijiiro Days
Jul 30, 2017 8:27 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -



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Playcool Yesterday, 7:44 AM
1 - Only took me 4 months of alot of reading during travels while commuting, at night or at the bathroom~~
As long as it is fun to read, what does it matter?
Manga dont take nearly half as long as LNs...

2 - Index has alot of spin offs due to its huge cast, their potential, and some of them having each, alot of fans to support and incentivate the writter to keep at it.
You must not realize, but the writter also writes other stuff at the same time as of Index, and ALOT of it too.
One of the most proliferic japanese writters for sure.

3 - Tate no Yuusha isnt has light hearted specialy in the beggining, it softens quite alot in mood later on.
Krysaia Apr 16, 11:09 AM
Alright, well thanks for hearing me out.

As far as that second company goes, they never contacted me back anyway, so it's whatever. And yeah I guess so. I'm just trying to look for somewhere I can get my foot in the door and it's hard to find a company that I can actually enjoy working at + finding a position that suits me as well and works around my other part time job. At this rate, I won't be able to find a fitting second part-time job and I will just have to transition into a full-time job within a couple years time, but I still have no idea as to what I want to do full-time. I just don't like investing in a full time job, not liking it, and then having to leave it because I'll have nothing to fall back on and I'll have to go through the dreadful process of job hunting again. I don't wanna make it look like I am job hopping and have that show on my resume, so that's also why I don't want to jump into anything without being certain about it. You never really know until you try something out, but descriptions can be enough at times to tell you whether it'd be fitting for you or not.

Honestly I don't really want two part-time jobs, since that would take up all my remaining free time. As for now, I'm just picking up extra hours at the library/other locations when I am able to. I mean there's a bunch of extra hours I can pick up, but I'm only willing to go to one other location for now since a lot of the locations are pretty far, or I simply do not want to go to those locations, and I still have to be careful with my hours as well. But yeah, it's more of a necessity thing of needing two jobs and the experience. I feel like since I'm in my mid 20s now, I should hurry up and eventually get a full-time job, but I'm not really sure.. what do you think? It's difficult because I started working so late since I wanted to focus completely on university. I definitely don't want to stress myself out, but I do get tired pretty easily and I am sure two part-time jobs and even a full time job would tire me out. I mean anything that is longer than five hours a day is enough to drain me, so rip me.

Yeah, glad you think so too. I've also thought about working in a law firm and being some sort of assistant, but even for part-time, the hours for that are usually Mon-Fri and wouldn't be possible for me while having another job. My regular hours are just 12 hours a week, but since it's in the afternoon, it'd be kinda difficult to squeeze another part-time job on those days. It'd have to be on the days I don't work and that can be a problem since most jobs require certain days/hours or need you to be flexible. Even harder since I'm very particular about the type of work I am looking for, but I have to be because it's something that will help decide what to do career wise.

I don't think promotion is something that will happen through my job lol. Like if anything, that would only be on a special occasion and I'm sure people who have higher seniority than me would be higher up on the list. I guess I just have to keep looking.. my plan is to keep my current job for at least another year or two and if worse comes to worse, I'll have to take my chances and just go into a full-time job based on what is available at the time. I know any position with the library will take forever. I do eventually have to make the transition though because I can't afford to live on my own with only a part-time job. It's just the position I have now which is shelving would be something I would no longer do if I applied for another position. The next position would involve working at the desk, doing holds, etc, so there'd be a bit of shelving still, but it wouldn't be main priority like it is with my current position. I've actually done some of the tasks in the other position, since I've helped out the library technical assistants at times, so I kinda have an idea what it's like, just haven't really had the experience with the technical aspect of it, nor working at the desk, plus a few other tasks.

I feel like I was just thrown into the world and I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I'm just floating along the current and going wherever it takes me.
Yukino07 Apr 9, 7:44 AM
That's nice ^^
Nathann34 Apr 3, 8:41 PM
All I wanna know (for every account with such a low mean score) is why do you even watch any anime if you despise every single one? Like what's the point? I am seriously curious.
Krysaia Mar 28, 7:24 PM
Same here and I hope I never do.

Hmm things are okay and no not really, though I applied for another part time job today. I don't really want to work two jobs and I don't really want to work for that company either, but I've been looking for the past several months for something that could work around my schedule and no luck. I feel like I need to get the experience early on to decide between two careers and see which one I like more, so I will settle for this. It is something that sounds like it would be fitting for me, but I'm not sure. I don't wanna jump into a full time job without doing some part time work similar to it first, you know? So that's why I'm trying out two part-time jobs for now, but who knows if I will even get it. It would work really well around my schedule, but the company has made me stray away from it, but ah I'm getting somewhat impatient and I feel like I have to rush myself to get experience since I'm already in my mid 20s and am still uncertain what to do career wise. I would keep my current job permanently if it was more pay and hours, but I'd have to go into a different position (still within the library though) in order to actually support myself on my own. The only thing is with the other positions is it's more social interaction as well as dealing with technology stuff, plus you are usually required to work in multiple locations and the commute would be difficult for me with a lot of locations, so.. but everything else works fine for me. I'm stuck between two different types of jobs basically, but both have some element of organizing, so I at least know that's something I'd like to do. Anyway given that I do get the job, these are both jobs I plan on only keeping temporary for a couple years at least until I find something full time that seems suited for me. I just didn't really want to jump right into full time after finishing university for many reasons and also usually full-time jobs usually want you to have more experience, so the only way I can gain experience is through part-time, but I really like working at the library and don't want to leave that to experiment elsewhere and then I don't like that place, then end up jobless. I'd rather just do two part-time jobs and then I can have something to fall back on. Anyway the other one is a file clerk, which is something else I am interested in doing. I've done filing before through volunteering, but it still isn't enough for me to determine if it's the right type of work for me. I think ultimately I do want to stay in the library, but the factors I mentioned earlier for the other positions make me uncertain, so then it feels like filing type of work is more suited for me. I know I would still be working around computers and office equipment, but when I talk about dealing with technology, I mean more on the side of people having technical issues and needing help, or just having to deal with safety stuff and dealing with library equipment. I think I can deal with technology more in a office type environment since I am more familiar with office programs and whatnot. Anyway, they both have their pros and cons. This probably sounds really dumb and may not make sense, but anyway.. Alright I just went into a long tangent here, my bad lol.

How about you?
Yukino07 Mar 28, 5:06 AM
Ohh I see. How do you find it so far?

pchi Mar 26, 12:50 AM
smh. are you here to stay now?

it's okay, i will log onto mal just to reply to you <3 i hope you've been well
Krysaia Mar 24, 9:53 AM
Yeah exactly. Not a fun situation to be put in.
Playcool Mar 23, 8:32 AM
S3 will adapt 14-22 volumes of Old Testament, aka the first Index LN, which ended IN 2010.
Since then, New Testament was released and it is now at 22 volumes.
Most people dont realize, but the franchise is really huge, and what most people have seen is just fragments of it, and mostly was really rushed too, specially S3.

I would reccomend any index fan of the anime, to read vol15 and 19 of the LN.

I feel you so much, but Kaguya is one of the few where you can legit watch weekly since there isnt much plot going on, and if you catch up, you can always go for the source material.
Same for shield hero (but it is has ALOT of plot), reading the LNs is an awesome experience for anime avid rpg fan.
Yukino07 Mar 22, 7:10 AM
What are you planning to watch?
Yep I'm watching a few. Trying to catch up
Krysaia Mar 20, 12:16 PM
Wow that's like some advanced interviewing right there lol
I've never had a group interview before, but I would never want to have one.. they seem really dumb and pointless.
Yukino07 Mar 16, 5:37 AM
Yeah ^^"

Thx xD
Ohh I see.. Hectic I see
Watched any interesting anime?
Yukino07 Mar 15, 6:33 AM
I did like chemistry before but not now xD
How have you been lately?
I'm sorry for the late reply once again :(
Playcool Feb 19, 10:04 AM
Index S3 is the perfect example of rushing a LN just for the sake of catching up with the current LN material, or getting much closer ASAP, not that I know many other adaptations in this case, but that is how you can tag S3.
To put in perspectivve, the plot S3 is going to animate ended in 2010, in 2010 a sequel to the LN came out, that is how far being the anime adaptation become.
And this sequel, named New Testament, still sells alot today in Japan, and being very popular as LN, they want to adapt it ASAP to capitalize how that hype train.
As such everything before New Testament suffered alot as an adaptation.

Have you given Shield Hero a try? What about Kaguya's?
pchi Feb 16, 7:21 PM

Do you use any other social media like discord/twitter/etc??