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Anime Stats
Days: 91.7
Mean Score: 3.29
  • Total Entries765
  • Rewatched3
  • Episodes5,907
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Manga Stats
Days: 6.9
Mean Score: 3.60
  • Total Entries51
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,234
  • Volumes33
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Krysaia May 27, 12:46 PM
Oh noes
MelodicOri May 25, 9:24 PM
haha yeah I know it's not enough xD
Vasz_ May 25, 3:20 AM
That's a real low mean score you've got there; got me interested. Found you by that sweet Haikyuu review, you should try writing more of those. Cheers!
Cheritz May 24, 11:25 AM
wow there's really a lot of things to think about xD
it looks kinda scary since i've been watching anime only for enjoyment but i'll give it a shot
anyways thanks for the tips, they seem to be really helpful! :)
MelodicOri May 23, 9:10 PM
nah I am going to take the summer off then I am going back right after summer x) so about 10 or 9 week break I think I am not sure
Playcool May 22, 7:30 AM
No problem.
Honestly I didnt like Tatami Galaxy writting/plot that much that was my main disappointment about it.
I know it is opinions, but Fate/Zero despite its lack of an surprising ending, had for me a plot & characters many times superior to something like Tatami Galaxy, it is not that I dont like when something wants to pass a message in an artistic and unique way, it is just that I couldnt connect mcuh or care for the way they did it. Whereas something like Zero was way more direct and effective about it.
(I choose it since you gave it a 3)

Personal enjoyment is key on my rating, I dont believe in objective reviews on something.
Now I think one can give a very objective opinion when reccomending it someone, when doing it like that I find it pretty easy to analyze it objectively, but that is not a review, just a summ of what some may like or dislike when seeing it.
keatonwice May 22, 1:16 AM
Now that I look at it I totally wrote that in a condescending way. Apologies. I totally agree with reviewing without a sense of bias, it's refreshing to see.
Krysaia May 22, 12:37 AM
Pretty cold? Damn I would like some cold weather. It feels like summer came early here lol.
MelodicOri May 21, 10:10 AM
haha yes I will be leaving school soon this is my last semester x) well kinda then I am going back for nursing x)
-Alians- May 21, 10:01 AM
Hello passerbies! Before anyone asks this specific redudant question, this man over here does not weigh in enjoyment, for the most part, into his scoring. He gave his favourite anime a 6/10 (bias as it is but understandable bias)!
MightyS May 21, 9:52 AM
i can"t seem to understand why do you continue anime that you gave such a low score, i think you are being a bit too harsh on your ratings cause no one would continue something equal to an enjoyment of 1 or 2
MelodicOri May 20, 7:36 PM
yeah I know tomorrow is Monday already but good thing I only go to school on Wednesday & Thursday only this week because of finals
Cheritz May 20, 5:10 PM
oh i got it now, I was just reading your blog about your rating system, I'm trying to have this more accurate look at the shows I watch cause I've been wasting my time on many shitty anime, so if you have some advices to give about how could I start i'd love if you could share :)
Cheritz May 18, 2:32 PM
can I ask you something? did you enjoy watching all these anime or did you watch all of them just do give low scores? no offense intended ;-;
Krysaia May 17, 11:00 PM
My week has been okay. Thankfully this week hasn't been too hot like the others. How about you?