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pchi Aug 3, 12:43 AM
the first episode really hooked me, and not to say that there was a drop in quality in the next episodes, but i did lose a bit of interest going forward. it was really just because the first episode and premise were really interesting to me so relatively, the next ones were less engaging. i also don't want to freak out while watching it ahah
what is the garbage that you are watching? :>

ah there's really not much to it. i took lessons for a couple years in high school and stopped after that, i'm not at all good at it but i would like to get back into it !

yeah that's true and it's good to be productive and making money ofc
Shiekai Aug 2, 6:05 PM
im watchin that shit next holy hell that looks amazing, mad hyped

ooo mandarin, it sounds really hard to learn, but a cool language in general. ah french? im learning french in school rn (altho its nearly impossible to fully learn a language through schooling, the textbooks are actual ass) and i can just mainly understand it and do some writing. the written form is kinda annoying tho, so i try not to look at it too much, speaking is much easier for me xD. wby?

thats dope! i kinda feel that, can understand some stuff now that i couldnt make out before. (also how was japan?)

haha lol thats fine, i get that no its not you uncultured weeb jkjk . personally, ive been watching less hentai and reading more doujin, huge difference

felt that, i have those times too, def gonna let you know if theres a romance show that piques my interest

Shiekai Aug 2, 1:33 PM
i do love a good psych/drama, really makes you think about society and how messed up it is at times. thx for the recs, def gonna check those out :D

when i say "learning" i mean at the most basic level ( i learned a little a couple months ago, just forgot about half of it xD). i do not know any other languages other than english, altho i do want to change that. wby?


haha lol ill still watch it

it seems that you have watched all the romance shows that i have unless you're into hentai of course but will def tell you if i find any good ones!
Shiekai Jul 30, 6:47 AM
yeah, thats basically how i got through it. some shows have a lot of frontloading in the beginning which can make things a little confusing, but being able to come back and tie it all together is what makes it nice. i would highly recommend you not to watch it, just watch the uchiage hanabi mv, its the only good thing that came out of it tbh

understandable, i had a hard time with that initially as well. after reading for quite some time tho, i just got used to picturing something in my head ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. straight facts. while i am thankful that people take the time to translate these, its kinda useless if it doesn't live up to the original (which is why i am currently learning how to read japanese xD)

yesss, absolutely true. quite an interesting watch for me, and the shifting directory and perspectives was cool to see.

finished bloom into you, stellar stuff. the amount of depth created in those characters was unreal, and even things like the play serving figuratively to represent nanami's life as a whole just showed the immense time and dedication to even the smallest of details. the story's general direction, about like a sense of self-realization and growth was great, and the realism of the characters and their actions made accentuated the show even more. very impressed overall, and just a breeze to watch.

Shiekai Jul 28, 5:12 PM
thats fair, i will admit that i felt very overwhelmed when i saw the first couple eps (keep in mind monogatari was the second anime i watched) but i do understand where you are coming from. shaft hasnt been doing too much now, but lately their quality is not that great *cough* *cough* FIREWORKS

fr, LN just is really hard to get a hand on sometimes. I usually end up reading online (which is kinda annoying since some of the translations are just not that great), but ive bought a couple. interesting, you mention that you think that LN's don't have artwork. I would both agree and disagree with the statement, mostly just because of what i value when i read. when i think of artwork in a book of sorts, i usually think of word choice and the amount of imagery created through the use of highly descriptive content. for me, when a LN/book creates great imagery, its not hard to picture said event in my head. (not the best explanation, lemme know if i need to explain a little more)

xD bro initially i was kinda interested because of the concept of basically a hentai plot in a generic love triangle anime. goddamn one of the few shows where i was literally just laughing every minute towards the end just out of cringe

"turn off your brain" best advice ive ever received

whether you like scums wish or not ultimately comes down to general preference. obviously, the target audience is a more mature one, so people who are less tasteful/experienced typically didnt enjoy it or people who just didnt like the depressing tone of the show were super turned off by it. it doesnt have great execution, thats for sure, but it was so refreshing to watch to finally get a nice change of pace from a generic romance/love triangle anime.

shhhh dont tell anyone, its a secret~
Shiekai Jul 27, 10:52 AM
i did like how shaft did monogatari (ive only watched the first one, so i cant say too much) but the constant flashing of words and slow stills were pretty cool to see

true true, makes sense that the author and animation team would have meetings to clear that up. i havent read too many LN's that have had anime adapts, but one that i have read (Violet's LN) has a completely different starting point from the anime, which is prob why i felt that way ig. yea manga seems a lot easier, theres a clear visual and its mainly just animating the actions in between the panels and transitions from one arc to the next, etc.

pfffftttt bro dont even get me started on that, the series was going way downhill by that point and when i saw that i was laughing so fkn hard xD

yea i kinda see it a little now, i like the pacing and the characters so far. i didnt even finish citrus so i cant say all that much, but the first ep for me just kinda seemed like scum's wish in the sense that there was that like underlying depression with mc. personally, i really like scums wish because it felt very realistic and unfiltered compared to other romance shows, also combined with the fact that i really like seeing characters suffer (not a sadist i swear)
Shiekai Jul 26, 7:03 PM
i personally really like kyoani, shaft (sometimes) and pa works, they make great stuff :D

ah true. sometimes i kinda feel like watching something more fast paced after watching a lot of slow stuff, good ones get me pumped. yea, LN adapts have not been the greatest (excluding some of course) but i dont mind it that much since there's such a steep barrier in order to make an adapt out of it. its pretty hard, seeing that they have to visualize what the writer wanted and then animate it, and that interpretation can have so many issues depending on the context, so overall just really easy to mess up. fr fr, exposition in a story def helps create a bond to the setting, a half assed one just leaves a sour taste in my mouth sometimes

ahaha same bro, felt the same way. i was so confused why i was reading and watching that shit (nevertheless i still did and would probably do it again xD)

straight facts. fanservice in moderation can help with pleasing viewers and creating subtle bonds between characters, but if the whole show is based on it... well it just feels like every ep is filler tbh

its quite interesting so far, reminds me a little of scum's wish and maybe even citrus

Gameleopard Jul 26, 5:17 AM
Remix, there is a dumpster fire I think you will enjoy, or hate every moment of this season. It's called Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time, such a bad show. The uncensored version offers very little compared to the censored version.

This season really doesn't have much to offer, besides one show which isn't too bad, at least in comparison to the rest. The Misfit of Demon King Academy is decent, with the main character actually being somewhat interesting, and the supporting cast being small at the moment, but at episode 4 it's plot is interesting for the moment.

Tried out Rent A Girlfriend, wasn't my style of humor, and I wasn't a fan of the main character. What are your thoughts on it?

Edit: thoughts on God of High school? Made it episode 3 and the plot is easy to follow but the action makes the show entertaining and a spectacle to watch
Shiekai Jul 25, 8:22 PM
yep for sure, animation has been steadily improving. pretty cool to see more studios adapt and make more creative art styles over the last couple years

nice, i feel the same way. i would def rather have shows that establish that plot line with time than a rushed counterpart that just wants to reach flat action points to "entice" its watchers. haha lol you just perfectly nutshelled s1 of sao so well xD. ah, of course. thanks for pointing that out as well, its also something i have noticed with these kinds of shows, since there's no base line in the story every scene starts falling flat quickly and the overall experience just gets absolutely fucked. a shame, tbh

ikr? rent-a-gf is nothing crazy, but its just subtly interesting (kinda how i felt about the first little bit of domestic gf, i knew it wasn't going to be good at all, but for some reason i was still watching it xD)

thats true. a lot of the time the fanservice part of the genre takes over and plot gets put on the backburner, which i have come to not mind as much as i used to, granted it doesn't happen too often in the same story. i mainly just read it for the entertainment factor some times, but i get what your saying, makes perfect sense.

for sure man, will def tell ya bout it once i finish :D

Parker404 Jul 25, 4:45 PM
Your Prince Of Stride review saved me thanks!
Shiekai Jul 24, 12:32 PM
facts. true man now that i think about it romance really just comes down to characters, and their compatibility with the audience. without that growth it basically has nothing going for it xD. i def feel like lots of great romance shows are going to get outshined in the next couple of years, mainly just because animation is getting better and shounen's are still vastly popular, combining those two really will easily catch people's attention. it mainly just comes down to an appreciation factor ig, do you prefer a show with great writing and characters but a slow pace, or a show with mediocre writing and characters but very fast paced

i feel you lol

i havent read the LN for snafu, but i have actually read the rent-a-gf manga and i feel the same way about it. they aren't the "best," but the enjoyment is good enough for me to keep reading. rent-a-gf so far is pretty similar to adapt (so far) so if it stays on track it should do relatively well.

ah yuri. i really don't care about yuri/yaoi all that much, sometimes it can actually be semi interesting (ive been reading a decent amount of bl over quarantine, and i was actually surprised at how good some of them are xD)

def gonna watch it soon~
Shiekai Jul 23, 11:48 AM
true, romance has mainly just lingered for a while and capitalization on certain elements in a generic romance are getting harder and harder to find now. fr, tbh the shounen/action sort of thing is very popular just because of very bold scenes that easily make people engaged, whereas romance is far more slow paced and requires a decent amount of exposition and time for development before it takes off.

same bro, sometimes i just let the show finish airing and then just watch it all once it's finished (although i mostly do this for drama based shows, its annoying to be left on cliffhangers for weeks xD)

snafu and rent-a-gf are actually pretty good so far, was mad hyped for snafu

re:zero im a little bit curious to see where its going to go (i personally didnt really like first season all that much) but it is picking up after the release of ep 3
pchi Jul 22, 3:14 PM
i would honestly watch a lot more horror if i wasn't a coward. i started haunting of hill house like forever ago and never bothered to finish it

yaaa i need a hobby u_u don't rly know anything that interests me besides ballet

aw that sucks, i hope you aren't too exhausted from work :<
Shiekai Jul 18, 6:16 PM
its all good man, take your time :D (im pretty inconsistent with my replies as well, so its no big deal)

straight facts. the characters were def the strongest part about WA2, and their development was just so clean and yet simple. ahhhh ok that makes a lot of sense. the general audience of anime as a whole i would assume have shifted so much from 2013, and many other great romance shows set extremely high standards for newer people in the community. thanks for that explanation

tru man, one thing i liked a lot about it was that the drama element never felt forced like other similar romance shows, it just flowed. the show was also just very relatable and had a nice and easy pace, never faltering considerably.

you watchin any seasonal?
pchi Jul 16, 11:11 PM
yeah definitely, i think jump scares are sort of a cheap tactic, and a good horror movie should have the eerie atmosphere. but it seems super common in all of the recent horror films. i guess i wouldn't really know bc i don't watch them though. i have never watched paranormal activity, is it good? or u were just curious enough to watch it despite hating it LOL

that's a good point, when i dont have something to look forward to everyday that makes me pretty unmotivated as well

nothing tbhhh i think i played single player games for that week alone LOL. back to only playing dead by daylight
wbu ??