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Days: 190.6
Mean Score: 5.40
  • Total Entries3,389
  • Rewatched17
  • Episodes12,732
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Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom
Oct 17, 3:54 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Tonikaku Kawaii
Tonikaku Kawaii
Oct 16, 12:25 PM
Watching 3/? · Scored -
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Oct 16, 12:25 PM
Watching 3/24 · Scored -
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Days: 90.1
Mean Score: 6.26
  • Total Entries469
  • Reread0
  • Chapters16,211
  • Volumes1,135
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 15, 3:07 PM
Reading 992/? · Scored 9
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl
Aug 7, 6:25 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Aug 7, 6:17 PM
Reading 276/? · Scored 7


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literaturenerd Yesterday, 7:26 AM
God of High School was like a bootleg Korean JoJo, but goes even further downhill after episode 3 when the pacing becomes so frantic the storytelling is barely coherent.
-Remix- Sep 9, 1:53 PM
the jokes were kind of tacky, and the direction was all over the place. not exactly a good SoL show, lol
XHellLyterX Aug 5, 8:08 PM
Haha, not that much XD at least the show isn't trying to hide its blatant pervertedness though.
Za_Warudio Aug 2, 10:40 PM
Oh yeah I feel you again haha my degree I'm hopefully getting soon is the same thing. I wish you luck as well! Do you have a certain career you're looking for?

You know I've had people suggest that series and I heard it's good but I just never found the time to watch it. Hahaha the monster doctor show... Oh man I watched a little of the first episode and it was so cringy haha (no offense) and haha I have a friend who is watching Peter grill and says the same thing I did watch the first episode. Are you caught up on re zero and God of High school?
Za_Warudio Aug 1, 4:48 PM
Oh wow!! Congrats!! What's your degree? I feel you on that I got laid off because of coronavirus and I've been trying to find one as well. I'd say Re Zero season 2 and God of High school are the two I really look forward to each week but I've also been enjoying the second season of fire force and no guns life what about you?
Za_Warudio Jul 29, 11:35 PM
Hey! That's funny because honestly I have been thinking about how you have been doing as well, but well as you can see I'm unintentionally not the best at striking up conversations or keeping them going. I've been pretty good just been a nerd and watching a lot of anime and reading a lot of manga haha how about you?
-Remix- Jul 26, 11:13 AM
ooh, dumpster fires, how lovely. i'll keep an eye out for it. probably not on the top of my PTW but if i want to watch the world burn i'll get around to it.

hmm, a lot of shows that were supposed to air in the spring ended up being bumped into the summer season. snafu, re:zero, SAO, just to name a few. are you watching those? i think i'll probably end up picking up misfit of demon king academy, i usually end up picking up isekai shows LOL

haven't watched the anime, but have heard from others that the show is pretty close to the source (manga). i've only read the manga so far, so can't really give my opinions on it.

haven't picked up god of high school either, but this is definitely going to be another show i will pick up.
-Remix- Jul 11, 11:29 AM
Nah, you're all good. Real life always gets in the way, it's the same for me.

Exactly. Which is why I'm always a little hesitant to pick up movies like that. Like it had so much potential to be so much, much more, if it weren't for budget constraints.

Finally watched Kaguya sama. Whew, what a ride. A1 delivering like always.

I haven't done my proper research yet for this season, but I have eyeballed Rent-a-Girlfriend. Watched the CM, looked at least kind of interesting, so I'll probably pick it up. Aside from that not sure yet though.
-Remix- Jun 7, 11:46 AM
shitty stories won't scare me away, i watch shitty shows all the time LOL. pretty visuals are fine. if there's at least one redeeming quality about it, i'll probably watch it from start to end.

Watched it!! I think I came across like two or so months ago? like honestly the show as a whole isn't bad, but i feel like it runs into a lot of issues that are present with other romance shows. The problem with movies is you have to build up the romance in a really short amount of time; if it was in anime format, say like 12-24 episodes like tsuki ga kirei, then you would probably have enough time. anyways aside from that, while the MC was a bit dense at times, it was nice to see their relationship grow over the course of the movie. Writing's quite cliched at times. Honestly writing-wise has a lot of parallels to Your Name.

Yeah a lot of shows that got postponed this season were moved to next, so plenty to look forward to.
-Remix- May 23, 9:35 AM
haha it's a big yikes, but fortunately other than the characters the writing held up for the most part (except towards the end). so i wouldn't deter any other people from watching it, but is it on the top of my recommendation list towards other people? certainly not.

yeah, just picking up a couple of i-really-don't-want-to-think-right-now shows from the last few seasons, mainly SoL's & CGDCT. i picked up 22/7, which is an idol anime, but wouldn't really highly recommend to other people. i'm eyeballing a few other shows to pick up too... such as fire force. still can't believe i haven't picked it up LOL
-Remix- May 13, 11:23 AM
ah, gosick. main characters are definitely drab af... kujo is so dry, victorique is a tsundere loli... and then the hamstrung romance was completely unnecessary and poorly developed. As for the episodes themselves, I thought they started decently. At first things were pretty episodic (i.e., everything was centered around a mystery) and I also liked how certain elements from previously resolved mysteries showed up in mysteries further down the road. however, towards the end, the writing did get a bit messy (this was the whole World War arc), and by then it felt like the writers were doing too much to try to tie things together in a neat little bow.

what about you? anything you agree with or disagree with?
-Remix- Apr 25, 11:01 AM
yeah, i know a lot of people was looking forward to re:zero. but it's understandable. if you check youtube the producers have been uploading some short skits though haha

right now i'm watching gosick. looks like you've watched it already. it's... intriguing, to say the least. although the main characters are weak and dry, the mysteries aren't the worst.

heard about 91 days, ugh, it's been on my PTW for so long!
-Remix- Apr 18, 3:33 PM
That's good to hear. Same here in California, as soon as we hit a couple of hundreds of cases everyone was ordered to go home and shelter in place. Might've seemed like a bit of an overreaction at the time, but i'd rather overreact than not react responsibly.

Then in that case I'll recommend it :)

nah not right now, haven't really done much research yet. you probably know this but a lot of shows got postponed due to the virus so i'm taking this opportunity to catch up on other shows. it used to be cyclic, like i would try to catch up on old shows but new shows would overwhelm my queue. but since there aren't a lot of new shows (i think?) capture my interest so far...
-Remix- Apr 4, 9:35 AM
well that's definitely a start, a lot of states have governors that are *incredibly* hands off and imho it's a big problem

Honestly I think Monogatari edges out sakurada reset a bit, even though both had their issues. but honestly knowing you i think you would enjoy the show. personally, not a top recommendation, but knowing your tastes i think it'll suit you well. as for bofuri, the plot progression was pretty lackluster and really didn't stand out from other isekai shows that i've watched.
-Remix- Mar 31, 6:15 PM
hey sorry i just realized i don't think i ever replied to your last message

literally everything is burning LOL it's sad because the area where i am in right now is one of the hotspots too.

man honestly i really, really liked the direction and its attempt at a monogatari-style writing BUT it's so poorly executed. What I mean is like the storyline became kind of incoherent because there were so much timeskips/flashbacks that it was hard to orient yourself. and on top of that some timeskips and flashbacks were so long you would almost forget what the whole point of it was LOL but it had so much potential! such a damn shame. any thoughts?