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Jun 25, 2016
Throughout the course of KonoSuba's first season, it became apparent that its primary appeal to many people is arguably its use of an over-the-top and well-timed form of comedic humor. This OVA episode is simply an extension of that level of humor that many of us come to love and appreciate.

- minor spoilers henceforth -

You can consider this episode more of a stand-alone episode - in terms of plot, it is not connected to any part of KonoSuba's first season. To summarize quickly, our four favorite wanderers - Megumin, Aqua, Darkness, and Kazuma - enter Wiz's shop one day, where we meet Yunyun, Megumin's ...
Mar 26, 2016
Mixed Feelings
As you probably already know, competitive spirit, teamwork, communication, and perseverance are all common themes that unite the sports genre as a whole. Therefore, to truly differentiate one show from other similar shows, scriptwriters need to engage the audience in a remarkably new and refreshing way.

I think for some people, this show is able to connect with them on some deeper, meaningful level. The way that this show engages with its audience is truly something else. The way Karasuno interacts, the way they crack jokes, and their never-ending drive to succeed – it makes you feel excited. It’s as if you are there physically with ...
Mar 24, 2016
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) is an anime that capitalizes on emotional appeal. It incorporates plot devices that primarily targets the audience’s pathos and on a surface level achieves this very effectively. Unfortunately, these same plot devices are only contrived for the sole purpose of making the audience have the so-called “feels.” From a more logical perspective, they do not make any sense, and because of this, we are left with an inconsistent plotline that is riddled with flaws.

(Side note: minor spoilers from this point on.)

As one example, consider how Kayo was abused by her mother. Although I am sure the author meant to ...
Mar 24, 2016
The beauty of She and Her Cat: Everything Flows lies in its utter simplicity. It takes what we often take for granted, puts a nice metaphorical spin on it, and connects to us on a deep and heartwarming level that you would never expect in a million years.

Kanojo (or Miyu), the main character of Everything Flows, is a college student who is just beginning to face the real world. As with many other independent college students, she is facing some tough times, but what makes her situation all the more interesting is how she is being bombarded with incessant change. She just recently moved ...
Mar 24, 2016
If you were like me, you are probably thinking about watching this show because it looks like another Saekano. Surprise: it’s not!

Girls Beyond the Wasteland is a series about a group of friends/schoolmates getting together to make a bishojou game. They all bring a different skillset to the table and serve in different positions: Buntarou is the script writer; Andou is the coder; Yuuki is the artist; Yuuka is the voice actress (voiced by the amazing Kana Hanazawa, mind you); Atomu, the assistant and member-at-large; and Sayuki, who basically checks over everything and takes care of everything else.

Girls Beyond the Wasteland is a show that ...
Mar 22, 2016
Introducing Stride: an extreme high-thrilled sport where parkour and endurance running collide together!

The rules of Stride are really simple: you form a team of six people and you compete against one other team. Five of you run across the race course as a relay, avoiding obstacles, and staying on track. The fastest team who crosses the finish line first wins.

It’s definitely a very interesting concept straight from the get-go. So why can’t I rank this show any higher?

Well, for one, whenever you introduce a sport, it is imperative to consider your audience: they have no clue what the sport is about or never ...
Mar 11, 2016
From the very first episode in Season 1, Date A Live was definitely unique in its set-up. Using dates to save spirits from their misery is certainly a concept that you do not see often in the romance genre (except maybe The World God Only Knows? Just maybe?) and this was initially executed in a very interesting way. Where Date A Live goes wrong, however, is that, instead of coming up with something new, the writers choose to recycle the same generic formula once, twice, and now thrice.

“Formula? What the heck are you talking about? What formula is this?” you may ask. Nothing wrong ...
Jan 30, 2016
Little Busters!: Ecstasy is an additional (and likely final) eight episode addition to the Little Busters franchise that was coupled with the DVD release of Refrain. Although LB! EX certainly had its moments, its ultimate downfall was due to its script writing. Simply put, the plot was not strong enough to keep the show flowing in a straightforward, unidirectional manner.

Before I jump to my criticisms, I want to say briefly that I certainly enjoyed LB! EX. In fact, I watched it twice just to make sure I'm not imagining any of the cons that I listed, but unfortunately, they are there, and there are some ...
Jan 24, 2016
Nisekoi: OVA (Anime) add
Nisekoi: OVA is an extra 26 minute episode that was released with a recent issue of the Nisekoi manga. Its plot is divided into two parts. Part 1, also known as, "Honeymoon", centers around the male main character, Raku, and the first four female characters of his harem: Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika, and Seishirou. In "Honeymoon", Raku and each of the four characters share a dream together in which the two of them become married.

Part 2 of the OVA is "Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan!" It essentially builds off from the first half of Episode 8 from the second season of Nisekoi ("Magical Pâtissière Kosaki!"). Here, Chitoge, ...
Jan 17, 2016
The iDOLM@STER: 765 Pro to Iu Monogatari, which is also known as the Idolmaster Special, is a 26 minute OVA of sorts that was released with the iDOLM@STER Blu-ray disc. It is essentially a compilation of short, quick stories revolving around everybody within 765 Productions. If you have a favorite character from the original Idolmaster series, don't worry; there is a high chance that they're in this episode somewhere. (Yes, even the members from Jupiter are in this episode.)

The stories themselves maybe short and presented in a slice-of-life kind of way, but they are still very humorous. You'll be able to dig a little deeper ...

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