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Anti-social in the real world but a pro in the virtual realm, both series' main male protagonist makes a name of themselves in their perspective series. Both series adapts sci-fiction themes with a virtual world setting. And in that world, there are wonders that defies the laws of nature. Although the main male protagonists' personalities contrasts a bit from each other, their spirit of fighting have a similar taste. They are also joined by companions including a main female protagonist with elite skills of her own. I recommend both series for fans of gaming adventure and action packed drama.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both main characters don't have friends and are good-for-nothing. Game is mixing up with reality, and everything is settled with a game/duel. Both have alternate worlds.
report Recommended by KouhaRen
Both of these anime involve the main characters benefiting from games, however if you were watching Accel World and were getting tired of Haru being considered a great gamer, then try out this little gem. Sora and Shiro get thrown into all sorts of games and always show what it means to be a badass gamer. Similar to Haru, they are both outcasts, but they are definitely not losers. Their games are in my opinion, much more satisfying.
report Recommended by AbstractZealot93
- Great story - Its about a virtual game world - Both main characters get introduced to a new world, and hate the real world. - Both characters have great goals in mind, which makes the anime interesting.
report Recommended by Marcinowski
Same idea of Sword Art Online and No Game No Life, the story occurs on a Digital, or Virtual World.
report Recommended by dimismr
- Get thrown into a game (world) - Both main characters are neets - Their goal is to finish/become best in the game (as god/lvl10)
report Recommended by arahera
all good people already write good comparative thing so i will just say for me there is no doubt that you will really like or be more become a big fan of no game no life because for me i put it in the top 10 of my animelist i most loved to see first time and most liked the first time i watched it that all i hope u like like watch it too
report Recommended by r4kY