No Game No Life, Death Parade Recommendations

No Game No Life
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No Game No Life
Death Parade
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Death Parade
Although both have very different tones, the characters lives are determined by playing games.
report Recommended by radionoise
Both are show around the concept of games, and using them to determine life or death situations. The games also both have strange twists to them, though Death Parade is more for a dramatic style, while NGNL is more of an epic style.
report Recommended by theloneolimar
Both Anime are about Games like darts or chess for certain reasons (which are very exciting and good to watch). Also the animation is similar because of the same studio. For me, those Anime are like poles, they're complete each other.
report Recommended by higekiri
A world where everything is solved with games.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
both are like a game and have some mystery behind them
report Recommended by Self_Supporting
~everything is decided by INTRIGUING GAMES + STRATEGIES ~D.P is slightly darker (in the name itself) ~MC's of both shows are really interesting characters
report Recommended by Krossover
One word GAMES! and they both came from the same studio. If you like games then watch it have fun 😊
report Recommended by deathlike99
No Game No Life has hooked me by the fascinating idea that games are the way to settle conflicts. Death Parade hooked me by games are the way to choose life or death. They are both interesting and attention grabbers, and are related by some sort of "game".
report Recommended by Denaos
Great recommendation for anyone who likes an anime that involves gambling, as well as No Game No Life.
report Recommended by Nownownownow
Both anime about games, Death Parade is a bit more serious, mysterious and has more blood. No Game No Life is more comedic. Both show characters surviving in their own worlds.
report Recommended by Deathnoteyay
Both Animes are about games, even thought they are used in a different way. NGNL uses them for conflicts between people and focuses on winning, while Death Parade encounter with the dark side of the human soul while playing a game.
report Recommended by ThePat02
Game. Everything in this world is determined by a simple game. And the stakes are as high as they please. NGNL's game world has Sora and Shiro go forth to try to dominate the world and become the next god. On the flipside, DP's episodic characters battle one another in a game that costs way more than the boundaries of life and death. Both are good anime with NGNL being a blessing of good mind battles with ecchi here and there. DP being a very dark psychological anime about the true nature of people. Both made by the same studio, Madhouse.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Games are the most important part of both these anime. Though Death Parade is more on the serious and mature side, it involves quite a lot of gaming.
report Recommended by Cannynj88