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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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No Game No Life
Similar protagonists, both are very smart and devious, both anime are about overcoming difficult odds and have determined characters.
report Recommended by Ownsin
- both of the anime is masterpiece - op main character and both of them have a little sister - "geass and the power of the pledge it depends on what you bet in the game", geass can make other people what you want but in NGNL after you win a game you can take authority or control the other people - lelouch and sora can build a strategy based on their knowledge.
report Recommended by shast007
Its a sad state of affairs when protagonists in shows are often dumbed down in order to appeal to the "average joe". But you know what? I don't like watching plot armoured idiots bumbling around, or weak willed pussies bowing and scraping. Sometimes you just want a MC who kicks ass and look good doing it. No more forehead slapping moments, just the same stuff you would do if put in the same shoes. If you're looking for an anime whose MC is both smart and competent, and have a flair for brilliant ballsy moves, look no further than No Game No Life.
report Recommended by Iro
Both series revolve around a main character who is a genius at playing games. The games are the central theme in no game no life (not the case for code geass). But if you liked the strategies and tactical thinking in one of the series you will most likely like the other one too. The main characters devoted their life to becoming tactical geniuses. They would do anything in order to rule the world and make it a better place.
report Recommended by Darkbow
-Both main characters are very clever, with everything planned ahead. -Both main characters have big goals to achieve.
report Recommended by Shuc49
-from a mere human trying to beat the king/God -conquering the world -superpowers -strategy
report Recommended by The_Core
The protagonists intelligence is incredible in both series. The reasoning of the main characters are the key to success for the problems facing ...
report Recommended by DMestre
Both anime have main characters that are strong, smart and badass. Code Geass: Lelouch, No Game No life: Sora Code Geass: CC, No Game No Life: Shiro Lelouch and Sora are both brilliant strategists. The difference is No Game No life takes place in a virtual world while Code Geass takes place in a real setting involving nations after nations. Code Geass doesn't have characters that are NEETs when compared to No Game No Life.
report Recommended by mercury1980
Main characters are both smart and deceiving. Both stories are about a person (or 2 people) who want to take over the world
report Recommended by DAAnewGUY
Sora reminds me very much of Lelouch, and they are kinda trying to reach the same goal through "tactical" plans.
report Recommended by Zellciuz
Both MCs can think of a plan really fast and are like 5 steps ahead of the others (lelouch not in all cases, but whatever) Both MCs have a little sister. differences:1. Sora has actually some humor which is amusing to watch, while lelouch is cold-hearted filled with hatred and sometimes he can get u in the nerves or bore u. 2. Code Geass is Mecha and Military while NGNL is Comedy and contains a bit of Ecchi.
report Recommended by SirEvangelFrost
The Protagonists of both series are incredibly bright. Both series resolve seemingly impossible situations through tricks, tactics and forethought. The Protagonists of both series gain allies through their ability. A difference between the two is that Code Geass is mecha with actual fighting and No Game No Life contains very little or no fighting. In No Game No Life conflicts are resolved strictly through strategy and cunning.
report Recommended by Xoll
This is a character-based recommendation. The main male leads of both series are both highly similar; they are extremely smart and will do anything to protect their little sisters. Every move they make is essentially planned a bunch of steps ahead of anyone else around them. So yeah, basically, they're both basically badass-as-hell thinkers and it's super entertaining to watch them out-think their opponents.
report Recommended by Sekaiou
Code Geass and No Game No Life are similar in the way that the main protagonists are super smart and how much of the focus of the series is strategy. Both series also have the idea of being able to conquer the world. I highly recommend them both.
report Recommended by ShadowyFlame
Both characters use intellect as a game to win battles.
report Recommended by Pushh
Next level MCs next leveling next leveled opponents
report Recommended by FacesReality
No game no life were truly genuine anime, maybe the most intellect of them all. In terms of artwork code geass is a bit different and also it has a lot of action what NGNL doesn't have. But in fact code geass is strategical based anime which has genius main character as in No Game No Life and for gods sake these two animes shares the king of all strategical games, CHESS. In strategical and tactical as well as in genuine terms these two animes match.
report Recommended by YuutoSJ
In No Game No Life, the protagonists, Sora and Shiro, have levels of intelligence far superior than the average human. Once they get sucked into a world where games rule the world, they must outplay and outwit their opponents to rise to the top. The biggest difference between both shows is No Game No Life has a very light-hearted and comical atmosphere with short bursts of suspense, unlike Code Geass where the suspense is present most of the time and comedy is sparse. They are similar in the aspect of outrageous planning, and characters attempting to outsmart eachother. Personally I prefer Code Geass over No Game   read more
report Recommended by JellyBeaner
The protagonists on the show are very similar to each other and both shows try to be smart when their not that smart and they have difficult odds to overcome and both have a lot of unneeded fan service.
report Recommended by CrossfitJesus
This relates to Code Geass, they both have included a plot where everything is in a big panic where someone as intelligent beings come and show their skills and thinking to solve it all. It surprises the watchers and also the enemies to think had they faced someone so powerful and strong? Sora and Shiro are siblings. They have never lost a round with anyone in games. Life outside is living in garbage. They play games that make them be nicknamed "Blank" Tet the god seeing that they are interesting asked them if they are born in the wrong world. They said "yes' but a   read more
report Recommended by Akira_Tsukino
There is a lot of difference between these two anime but, something that make Code Geass popular was Lelouch vi Britannia. If you are looking for an anime with a character who controls an army or a country leading them to victory with his virtuous analytical skills, solving complex puzzles and predicting its enemies, check no game no life.
report Recommended by Duo02
Both use intellect to overcome their problems. The protagonists are really Similar, the only real difference is that one has ecchi and the one has mecha.
report Recommended by Takamura-sama
If you love how smart was the main character, you will like how much smart the main character also in this anime
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Brilliant protagonists who outwit everyone else. Epic stories. NGNL is more comedy-focused while Code Geass is darker and more serious. NGNL also doesn't have any romance subplots or long-term enemies that last throughout the series.
report Recommended by TMoane
Both No Game No Life and Code Geass (season 1, very important) show powerful main characters using their minds to change the world, with a bright view of life. Code Geass tends to be more serious and Evangelion-like (Knightmare Frames, plus OOPSIE DOOPSIE that's a SPOILER the king's project), and I often qulified it of a mix of these two.
report Recommended by LeYop
Conquer with the mind. The intelligent Lelouch and duo known an Blank, use their minds in a conquest to rule at the top of the world they are associated with. Code Geass gives pordigy Lelouch the power of mind control through Geass, whereas NGNL's game legends Sora and Shiro use their knowledge to weave their way to defeat the highest position of God. Both are great anime featuring multiple mind games and well-thought out tricks from unstoppable minds.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Code Geass and No Game No Life both have really similar protagonists. Lelouch and Sora are both individuals that are also known by a nickname meaning literally nothing (Zero and Blank). They are also both very intelligent and they posses the power to control people. They also both have little sisters. And finally, both shows contain a lot of references to chess.
report Recommended by Lybees