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Sometimes it is best to break off all gaming activities especially when an obsession goes beyond a perilous point. However, the thought of turning everything one has ever achieved into nothingness is hard to bear even for the strong-willed. 'Overlord' draws a curtain on an individual who does not want all the hard fruits of labor obtained by him and everyone his knows to vanish into thin air thus decides to stay behind till the very end of the server life span. It’s a dream come true when the gaming world glows into life and the true meaning of ruling comes into effect. Unlike ‘No Game   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both follow the 'trapped in a game world' plot and follow the main characters setting out to rule the new world they now live in.
report Recommended by DroidPerson
Light novels about a protagonist that gets transported into a world that operates on game rules and so the protagonist decides to conquer the world just for the fun.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both have the protagonists attempting to make a life in a new world by seizing power.
report Recommended by Tichey
To start in both of the anime, the main characters are OP and pretty much unbeatable in what they do. all though overlord is in the VRMMORPG genre and NO Game No Life being based in a non VR world were game are everything. If you like one you most likely will like the other.
report Recommended by saintcena
If you like Isekai, this is a must see Both characters are 'overpowered', using not only their specs but gaming wits as well
report Recommended by Qzhuo
Well, both MC-s go to another world and they don't wanna go back to their old world, because their life there isn't much. While No Game No Life is more of a comedy, Overlord is more serious anime.. If you liked one i can guarantee you will like the other one.
report Recommended by Bart-senpaii
Both animes involove leaving the real world and entering the gaming world. The main protagonist(s) of both animes prefer the gaming world and would prefer to stay there instead of leaving, which is different to your typical rpg anime. No game no life has more of a comical twist to the story whereas Overlord is a slight bit more serious. If you like one you will like the other.
report Recommended by Tharbz
No Game No Life takes place in a World where things are settled through games. On the other hand, Overlord takes place in a world with Game functions. Although No Game No Life does not have action scenes unlike Overlord, both of them still give the same feeling. Both of them comes from the same studio, Madhouse. If you like one of them because of the game genre, you are surely to like the other as well.
report Recommended by Khaxer
-Both MCs go in virtual world n they don't want to leave 'coz they think real world is shit. -Overlord is a bit serious while NGNL contains a lot of comedy. -Overlord contains more action while NGNL is pure mindgames and deception. -Albedo and Jibril both loath humans(err.. Imanity) and view them as inferior species.
report Recommended by DCLXVII
because this anime is related to games they both drop in this world and try to rule it and they are both good
report Recommended by otakuweeb
The story and overall feel of this anime reminds me a lot of No Game No Life.
report Recommended by Jokuc
Want to be the master of the world? Fear not, because these animes will give you a way to satisfy your desires without hurting anyone!
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both anime have an OP main character Both MCs are intelligent Both anime are funny and good to watch when taking a break from a serious series.
report Recommended by WolfShade88
They both take place in an alternate world
report Recommended by doomlord357
Overlord and No Game No Life both take place in a "game". Overlord is more simaller to SAO with him being in a game forever, while No Game No Life is about two people who are bored who go to a already existing game world somewhere. I feel that if you think that you love games then definitely watch No Game No Life or Overlord, Overlord is more about mmorpg games and No Game No Life is like more then a wider range. But keep note that they are both 13+ but has very good comedy.
report Recommended by Eo_nia
The main character(s) become stuck in an alternate world and have to adapt to their world and find out whats going on.
report Recommended by Clickbait
The main characters get stuck/traveled to another world. Both MC's use both their skills and their brains to solve their problems.
report Recommended by Alca
So it's about a game. The start is kinda the same, a person gets stuck into an online game but for him its not an online game anymore. And all the characters they have created become real. Basically the protagonist is very strong and smart kinda like NGNL protagonists.
report Recommended by mappek