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Outbreak Company and No Game No Life shares the similarity of taking place in fantasy world. And in that world, the main male protagonist gets involved with various races/kingdoms that tests their skills to the limits. There is decent amount of comedy, gags, and references. Outbreak Company deals with a protagonist using his otaku knowledge to change the world. No Game No Life involves a protagonist that uses their gaming skills to conquer the world. I recommend both series for anyone looking for entertainment in a world with fantasy appeals.
report Recommended by Stark700
+ NEETS are taken against their will to a colorful fantasy world, but they soon realize they don't care about trying to get back to their old world (unlike most people in this situation in anime) + Both are a little ecchi (some younger girls as well as bustier women) but No Game No Life has more - No Game No Life involves geniuses using their gambling and gaming skills to conquer their world while Outbreak Company has an otaku using his knowledge of Japanese culture to influence the people of the fantasy world
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both of our shut in protagonist get involved in the world they never knew exists. OC: He was invited to the other world after filling out a survey in the net. NGNL: He was invited to the other world after beating a mysterious player in chess in the net They both loli's : Petra/Shiro And the one w/ lot of fs: Myu/Steph
report Recommended by playmusic
Outbreak Company also has it's main character work on establishing a friendly relationship between differing races in another world through unconventional means. They also share the same undertone which involves looking into other characters' perspectives to figure out why and how they will respond to situations.
report Recommended by animelover4432
Similarity a neet character travels to another world ..( Fantasy world ) comedy with a little fan-service cute and lovable characters enjoyable plot Disclaimer main characters personalizes are a different .. Sora in no game no life is a bit perverted and kinda Bad-ass .Shinichi Kanou is on the shy side the plots layout is completely different both there anime are funny and enjoyable .if you enjoyed watching one .give the other a try you will not be disappointed.
report Recommended by Razerrey
Enjoyable, mostly filler, bright & colourful alternate dimension full of nerds , elves, animal people, dwarves, and large chested women.
report Recommended by killerquail
comedy, fantasy - both series are about people who end up in another world, the areas and humour are quite similar, male protagonist of NGNL reminds me of the protagonist of outbreak company
report Recommended by magnetron
1.Shut in NEET has to go into a new world and change the way of life.the new world that is introduced is behind in technology and the way they live is old fashioned, Use of magic and existence of beings like elves and many more others
report Recommended by mcrider