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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
5 hours ago
Watching 24/25 · Scored -
Last Exile
Last Exile
Mar 7, 8:35 AM
Watching 4/26 · Scored -
Yuru Camp△
Yuru Camp△
Jan 17, 4:59 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
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Days: 35.8
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Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
Feb 9, 10:00 AM
Reading 2/9 · Scored -
Shibou to Iu Na no Fuku wo Kite
Shibou to Iu Na no Fuku wo Kite
Feb 8, 2:38 PM
Completed 15/15 · Scored -
Feb 8, 12:41 PM
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tsog Apr 5, 10:01 PM
The 4th episode of Last Exile was so boring I took weeks to finish it, unbelievable as that sounds. I wonder how I used to have the patience?
Huh, I dropped at 1 ep in. I should go back and pick that up again some time. I've been doing that a lot lately.

But, keeping up the relative counts, I’ve watched a string of Chinese films this year. Might keep it up until that surpasses the number of books.
Interesting... I tend to avoid Chinese media now. I feel like my Japanese is better heh

And A3 was not inspired in DinA4 paper?
Nah. It's.... well, I don't remember what A3 stands for now lol

Was it a happy event for you?
Actually no, it was a disaster, literally.

Well I got off light, but millions of people here were without power or water for days. Couldn't go outside for 5 days due to the snow and slick roads.

And the cold really did a number to my skin :/

Haha. So, when I last talked with you, we had snow in January and that was relatively small in retrospect. Then we got a BIG one in Feb, which is what I talked about here.

(“Isekai villainess” sounds like a fancy concept.)
And a really cliched one now.

For example, I Favor the Villainess is also very popular. It recently ranked fifth in a Japanese poll of which series people want to see animated, so I'm sure it'll get one eventually.

Getting an entry ticket into the circle is toooough though.
Well there goes my chances... :D

That’s a Wacom??? It’s HUGE!
Oh yeah. It's a large tablet drawing surface. Also costs several thousand bucks/euros.

Speaking of which, she recently got married!! Had a feeling but I hope she can continue to upload great illustrations and release more artbooks. The one I got last year is probably my favorite of my collection of artbooks (and I have a dozen and half now, looking to get a few more soon).

the books I’ve seen tagged “Received for free in exchange of an honest review” were
Ah that's what you mean. Yeah that happens a lot.

Wrt anime illustrations, I've just seen the watch and drawing tablets campaigns so far. Watches in particular were rampant; I think a lot of illustrators jumped on the campaign. Probably thousands of them based on how many tweets I saw in the campaign hashtag.

Did the wrist watches have anything special?
No, but seems to be mostly female watches. I even wrote a blog on the promotion a few years back.

Still shocked my submission from three years ago was refused, now that I remember it.
I submitted a news article and it got rejected.... over two months later. Still, I guess not as bad as three years?!

Can I say that wall picture is a highly unrealistic drawing and we’re not in beach season yet >-<
Def. But also a good reminder for me to change it out (just haven't seen a really good one lately).
tsog Feb 2, 10:15 PM
A comedy fact is that this year I’ve read more books than watched anime episodes.
You've read *checks* more than 3 books already?!?

They pick it regularly for theatre performances (in anime).
Hmm, all I've seen in anime is Romeo and Juliet (how cliched)

In A3 it was Romeo and Julius, but still inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Hmm. I’d take a peek at the asteroid/constellations part, but that habit of showering any topic with “cutie” pouts…
It's more a cute chasing your dream story
It did felt a bit fast in terms of development

Ironically, when I said winter weather was good, I was referring to a few days during which winter was actually present.
Ah. We all want what we don't have.

I thought it was not so cold where you are… or maybe where you were. I do recall you saying the cold isn’t good on your toes or fingers… It isn’t on mine, either.
It usually isn't, but last month we got the most snow in like, three decades or something. I'd say 4 in. or more where I am. Where the usual winter is no snow, maybe below freezing temperature once or twice.

And yes, my skin suffered because of the cold :(

Indeed a universe of its own, genre-wise. Inhabited by clones especially.
It's actually not quite that unique. Probably first of its kind to get an anime adaptation, but there are quite a few of these isekai villainess stories now. I know of at least two others just from the artists I follow.
The bisexual harem part though, yeah that's somewhat unique.

And did the talk made the episode better?
Not really

Instead I’d say I have an inner circle with no people to banish from it.
Circle of one?

I went yesterday!
There's an Ikea where you live?!?!

If you come across one and it’s not too much trouble to send the link, I’d like to see a Wacom user in action.
Not all that different from other brands I don't think, when viewed as a third party.

Oh found one. I didn't think she keeps these videos around after live streams but Wacom kept one. She teaches classes every year; as in, people actually pay to see her draw, so yeah, I don't think she keeps free videos around.

Ah, I’ve read that being done with books.
Really, books? I know a couple of watch brands did that. I even wrote a blog on it a few years back. A lot of illustrators got free wrist watches in exchange for drawing promo illustrations. Basically a social media campaign.

Another random fact: I received a message from MAL about a manga submission request from… three years ago, at least (denying it, too).
I got some people edits approved randomly too. I don't think it was all of them but they approved most of my edits. One mod has been going through them I guess.

And I guess I’ll have to change my wall tomorrow. Announcing “Happy New Year” up until the end of January might be tolerable, but from there onwards…
Nah, there's still Chinese New Year coming up :P

You do well in displaying snow while you can.
Unintentionally. It is the season to draw snow I suppose. Didn't have much to choose from, was either this or a snake one.

Ah this got long again. Sorry >.<
tsog Jan 26, 9:55 PM
Classics I have been intrigued in for years in a boxed, clothbound edition.
Clothbound sounds fancy. But not leatherbound? Cloth doesn't sound that sturdy

Does the anime-inspiring Wuthering Heights ring a bell to you?
I'm not aware that it's anime-inspiring, but I've heard of the book before.

TELL ME. Did you find out?
Still working on winter. I guess I liked Koisuru Asteroid.

I think I'm tired (very tired) of modern anime. I'm slightly attracted towards mid-old ones though. Such as that Shangri-la.
Oh God no. If anything Shangri-la reaffirms my belief that older isn't better.

Winter weather isn't tho
Yall have good winter weather? I don't really like winter here.

Colourful looks. The content too?
Content matches the looks. It's a isekai (reverse) harem romantic comedy.

How was this magical rendezvous conjured?
There's a site that synchronizes video streaming to multiple users. And then just group chat on top.

Am I banished from your inner circle now?
I wish I have an inner circle to banish people from :/

I just held a bar of white chocolate in my hand and I can confirm that "cocoa butter" is the second ingredient after the sugar overload.
That's a lot of sugar. Yeah I still prefer darker more (stocked up the last time I went to Ikea). Their plain dark chocolate bars are good.

When I briefly investigated it I saw that the first of those costs more than a full tablet. Which made me question the point of it.
They are pro tools. Worth the cost to pros. My favorite artist uses a big one (as seen from live drawing videos).

Recently seen another company doing promotions where they send tablets to illustrators and have them draw and spread the word about the product. Kinda like a watch promotion I saw few years back.

I have a Surface Pro which supports pen too, but AFAIK it's Wacom > iPad > everything else in terms of popularity among illustrators.

[I almost closed the tab in which I'm typing this, unsaved, right now. How many months would that have added?]
Maybe two?

Tea drinker? Or just orange juice drinker?
Tea. Haven't had OJ in a long time.

But not much tea either, just like a tiny bit. Mostly warm water in terms of content and taste.

Now we match in the white hair.
*high five*
tsog Jan 4, 10:27 PM
I did order them... but they got lost.
Ruh oh. What kind of books?

I'm completely out of it, but I wondered recently. Were any good anime released during 2020?
Funny you should ask, because I'm about to find out :D

Finally got around to watching Winter 2020 shows after spending 3 months on Netflix backlog. Winter is pretty meh so far.

I did watch Hamefura with a group before so I got a taste of something later in the year; I thought that was ok. IDK if that's shoujo but the MC's hit zone is pretty much everyone so it's got something for the yuri fans too.

But watched them too?
Nope. Still trying to catch up on new anime :(

Sounds like fiction, but probably isn’t.
They did announce more projects with a PV in December, don't know if you saw it.

So that’s what they did?

It’d probably annoy me too if I still read reviews on this site.
It's led to a trend where most shows get good and bad score reviews in the top 4 now (because of the two camps vote their top review). But the biggest negative is you will rarely find reviews newer than the day the airing ended in the top 4; early bird gets the worm, a lot of reviews are rushed out the door instead of being well written.

But they don’t stand out… good.

You figured out what the ABCs were!
And promptly forgot them again haha

What it is is unknown, but what it isn’t is chocolate.
Wait really? Wikipedia says it contains cocoa butter...

Not a coffee drinker then?

Is there anything else one can draw with digitally other than an iPad? T^T
Well yeah, like the Wacom drawing tablets and tablet PCs with pen support

Cropped at my leisure, but it'll probably be like March or something before you respond lol

Edit: Ooooh you are using the pic in your profile! Now our profiles match (I have different pic from same artist)
tsog Jan 2, 10:15 PM
Happy New Year!

Alive but not receiving some books for Christmas, nope.

Kapodaco Dec 31, 2020 7:38 AM
Please excuse the recurring intention to stare, but I've found myself transfixed by your lovely profile-wall picture. Very good choice by you to put it up there.

It seems you haven't been on in some time. The dwindling time spent on a medium that once housed your primary interests is something I can relate to, as the quantity of finished series on my end is quite pathetic in the last two years. Even so, you can always look back and think fondly of what once was.

Now, I wasn't originally intending to leave a comment, but something had come up recently which compelled me to do so. Something of a circadian rhythm that has fixed itself within my being to write you a peculiar message on this date every year. Almost as though the day has some importance to it, whatever that may be. Nevertheless, I am leaving this for you to peruse at your leisure. My hope is that you may find some comfort or enjoyment in it, despite the relative lack of substance.

Also, hi.
tsog Oct 8, 2020 9:48 PM
Still the orderly process. Is there anything besides anime that you watch there?

Incidentally Code Geass is also on there... but I got my ripped BDs anyway :)

I’m like that with… chocolate?
Ah but unlike discs chocolate actually has an expiration date

Not surprising I didn’t finish it, right?
Right, Code Geass without Lelouch is not Code Geass

There’s always that intrigue of “What happens in that sequel? What do they do with the characters?” But I’m conviiiinced that finding out would harm it.
The films are just the beginning of their 10-year plan for new Code Geass content (although how many years has it been since the reboot?), there'll be more to the story probably

They really tamper with even basic settings comfortably on MAL. Do you think the site has improved since the staff became officially such?
You mean after the site sold themselves to corporate owners?

Hmm.... not really much of an improvement, and the most annoying one is they removed unhelpful button on reviews.

As least they are doing the minimum to keep the site security up.

You'd really put them on the same level?
Code Geass seems pretty controversial, so in that sense yeah.

Lovely dress! And face! And blurred effect (again)!
Aww you missed my last one

It's actually not a blur effect. Check the tweet for the full size (it's like 7MP). There is a grainy pattern applied all over it though, I'm beginning to think that's intentionally done for some reason. I'm guessing either 1) it helps with detail retention during jpeg compression or 2) to prevent unauthorized use. Reason why I think it's intentional is because I've seen it used by other illustrators occasionally (i.e., effect on some pictures but not others).

Though I don’t think blonde hair matches red eyes. Do you?
Red eyes standout no matter the hair color I think. Unless it's also red hair

Regardless, next time I intend to do the ABCs.
The ABCs?

Come to think of it isn't there a reply from months ago that you haven't replied to yet?

I like the music too.
That's a surprise

I think you said there were no kisses in Maria-sama ga Miteru, and there was one!
Aw well I totally don't remember that kiss then

It felt more platonic than romantic. You are still on season 1?!?!? Guess you aren't kidding when you say you are busy

Boy it's been a while. I ended up buying a ton more stuff off Amazon JP (I swear I spent more there than on US Amazon this year). Shipping is crazy due to the pandemic.
tsog Sep 2, 2020 9:58 PM
Oh, you remember that. I recall every time I see it.
Yeah the one random thing I remember ikr

At this rate I don't know when I'll get to it lol. I finally got Netflix access and there's a bunch of shows to watch there. By the time I'm done there I'll be over a year behind simulcast again.

It's easy. Though episodes you don't need internet to watch are required, heh.
I do have FMAB on discs.... Time to rip those lol

I'm a news junkie though, so no internet = no news and I'd be bored half the time.

Did you ever or will you bother with Akito the Exiled, the abundant specials or those recent... somethings?
Already seen Akito. It kinda irked me, don't remember exactly why. Corny writing or something.

I think I seen the picture dramas back when I watched both seasons. As for recent movies, nope.

Edit: I can edit a comment from three days ago?
Try six years ago hah

Come to think of it if Code Geass came out this year instead of 2006 it'd probably be in the low 7s and panned by critics for the OP character and contrived writing. Kinda like SAO. How far have we come heh.
tsog Aug 30, 2020 9:51 PM
Rewatching Code Geass is your random option?!?!

You know I think I was talking about rewatching Code Geass some day with you and you've rewatched it twice already since then haha

So laptop present, but currently without internet = no long comment yet.
I don't know how I'd live without internet lol
tsog Aug 20, 2020 10:16 PM
Yeah well technically three with an OVA series in between that is basically as long as one full season so four total

Laptop-kun ok?
tsog Aug 19, 2020 9:41 PM
Ah. Well. You have to watch all four seasons now.
tsog Aug 17, 2020 10:31 PM
I'm literally thinning out from the regularly maintained activity and focus, though., back to inconsistently consistent?

What was your previous score for it?

You can gasp now.

It tries too hard to be cool through themes and characters that shouldn't be.
It's still cool, just that I outgrew the cool phase. Heh.

Or white "chocolate"?
Yeah what is white chocolate anyway.

Wonder if they have caffeine free dark chocolate.

Is there any reason why I should continue the series?
Good question. The ending for one. Like whether or not she gets her head back.

Oh, you think? Any kind of anime art? (I certainly don't know.)
Certainly the fan service-y ones. Unless it's bishies.

Apparently one of my favorite artists is a she now; totally thought it was a he all this time.

You gonna watch it? 🥺

2020 has barely existed.
What do you mean 2019 was SOOOOOOOOO last decade

Hardly weird (if anything, it'd be the attention put in by the artist on them, rather than you!). And always appealing to see what a visual expert first looks at :). I wonder how the fuzzy hair-ends are done. It looks like just the blurred edges around a camera's focus.
Haha no I don't look at ears first. But it stood out.

Hair ends probably a brush effect. Crayon-like.

The kicker is it's apparently all done on an iPad. Pro grade for sure.

Nice video. Is it on the DB?
Thanks for reminding me. That just raised my 2020 score average so far even higher.
tsog Aug 1, 2020 3:43 PM
I'll write this with none and see...
Wow it's like driving without a seatbelt

With so many things.
What a subtle hint at the other things of you I know nothing about ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's watchable but I'm really not convinced by it (Durarara!). If the score ends up above 5, music and animation will have a lot to do with it. The characters, definitely not.
Hmm, a 4 eh. Not particularly surprised considering I ended up dropping my score for it upon rewatch.

It was cool back when I was younger.

the drop in quality becomes too noticeable.
I like to think quality isn't just the darkness though, because then you can just get baking chocolate.

One was a "portrait" of a Rozen Maiden, actually.
That I really don't remember.

Current one is Houseki no Kuni, right?

You've definitely kept your creator/studios info up to date (while I haven't).
Hah, more like I clicked into links and learn useless stuff all the time.

It could become so eventually, as if I ever care to remember anything from DRRR! in the future, it'll be that.
Will you watch the sequels now?

Once bought, is having the possibility of looking at them often or owning the artbooks that you like the most?
More of the former than the latter. I also do it to support the artists I guess. Plus not everything is uploaded to the internet; a number of them have gotten stingy with art uploads lately, or seemingly gone dark.

The art regularly looks male-targeted though.
Absolutely, because I only pin art of female characters haha

I also think female otaku are less into the art than the guys do.

Is that a regular watching mode?
Depends. I get distracted watching most anime, but YRYR more so than average.

Sakura Trick among the best?
Oh no, that's not what I meant. Close as in close to the scene depicted; two girls seemingly about to kiss, one blushing.

Best among those three would be Maria-sama. I don't think it had any kissing scene, just the girls-love concept.

I've been curious for long to see if the other two do any better.

The elegant wall streak continues.
Yes, elegant is what I like lol

Relatively newly discovered artist (within this year IIRC). Super detailed ears. I know that's weird but that was my first impression. I like the texturing; details get me to come back and look at it again and again.
tsog Jul 19, 2020 10:45 PM
lol typed up a bunch of text and accidentally backed a page. Just my luck.

(But I meant if you find yourself able to endure such an extension of your already considerable anime experience.)
Let's see... at my current rate it'll probably take another 30 years. Not impossible but unlikely.

(Is it?)
(It's not)

Well, this time I managed to quadruple how long I took compared to last time, but although that’s some sort of consistency, it isn’t the one I’m looking for.
At least you are consistently inconsistent :P

Although not out of enthusiasm.
...out of boredom?

Hmm, Evangelion might’ve been both. But maybe not as bad as KareKano, which simply gt cut.
Ah I read something about that.

Did you mention KareKano because it's also by Hideki Anno?

Oh. So darker no good? :( If plain chocolate, I rarely like anything under 70%.
60% is the sweet spot for me (pun intended)

I can eat darker (have tried 70%-90%) but it just gets bitter and bitter. Plus I can't find them for cheap, at least compared to the 60% I find at Aldi's.

I don’t even recognise the second one.
You should try it. It's end-to-end encrypted.

Well, well, let us not over-minimalise my avatar stock.

I don't remember the other two.

A substantial portion of each episode was live action with the seiyuus in cosplay… A total filler.
Sounds like Precure.

Weird how you brought up Rozen Maiden and Shugo Chara since they were both by Peach Pit.

And I changed it as well!
Isn't that nostalgic.

Is your new image Yuru Yuri inspired?
No, I just really like this artist. He's the original artist behind the upcoming anime Majo no Tabitabi. Hope he releases a commercial art book soon.

Speaking of art books this year has been a boom for me. Two announced earlier in the year and I bought, along with a magazine that features four artists I like (which is super rare, to have four favorites featured in one, plus others less prominently featured). Then another announced after I bought (wishlisted), and then two more announced in the last few weeks (wishlisted and waiting for release). My wallet is not gonna be happy haha.

They are all female artists too; it's weird how few male artists I like.

That series was once fun, for whatever reason.
I actually slept through like half of it. The cute and boring kind of SoL.

Which anime you've watched would you consider closer to said image?
I assume you mean the yuri theme and not the art style. Sakura Trick, Strawberry Panic, Maria-sama, in that order.

Any quality from Zetsuen no Tempest?
It looks ok. Top tier VAs.

Phew that was a lot of re-typing.
tsog Jul 4, 2020 10:06 PM
A robot might attend replying sessions more regularly.
Robots pretty smart nowadays. Maybe we are all robots inside.

You think that anime will be able to supply 755 days’ worth of content not repetitive enough to be endured?
Oh def. I'm sure there's over 1000 days of anime in existence already. Most of it old and forgotten, of course.

(How’s Soukou no Strain not a Rozen Maiden spin-off?)
{It's not?)

I should pick up Rozen Maiden again. Not that I look forward to it much except for the goth loli them.

But… some consistency?

It didn’t help that the series is kind of “interrupted”, like other old yet popular ones.
Half-finished? Cliff-hanger?

Will you (see it)?
Some day in the distant future.

When a day in which everything is timed perfectly and without minimal waste happens, it’s really satisfying… but it also feels unsustainable for a daily basis.
Yeah I get those days too. But much less frequent.

Let’s hope you like chocolates then.
Only if they are slightly dark. Like ~60%.

Damn. I'm mostly on Discord and Signal nowadays.

do you know how many avatars they have been?

How did you get to 6 episodes of Shugo Chara? (I didn’t. Partly because I was going to, hypothetically, continue it later.)
TBH I don't know. It's like, not bad per se, but totally a kids show. Best watched as background noise I feel.

Well finally got around to update song. Maybe you'll like it too?