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"Bungaku Shoujo" Movie
3 Movie -/1 31 minutes in I couldn't care about a single thing, and even if I had bothered to pay full attention I very much doubt that the movie's very insipid approach would have managed to make understand anything worth my interest. PG-13 1
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Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai
4 TV 3/13 I half praise its plan of specifically parodying every genre, but as an analysis of them it's not very useful, and as comedy... it's funny about once from every thirty tries. Cringe-worthy a higher # of them. I still like how energetic the characters are! R+ 6 HD 0.5 Gb
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Aho Girl
- TV 1/12 Under request, just checking how watching a deliberately stupid anime feels like. The intent in its making is definitely too much. PG-13 1
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4 TV 5/12 From the childish sounds to the odd faces, it’s all slow, and repetitive. The protagonist is more stuck and boring every time, and just like the hanging cat doesn’t change in its use one bit, after ep. 1 the story forgets there are things it should do PG-13 36
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- TV 3/12 I like the art and the scary OP, and it seemed interesting at first... but the truth is I'm not really interested in seeing just how everyone involved dies even before any character development takes place. R 2699
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
3 TV 5/22 I like Koro-sensei, even if he's not enough to make the comedy worth something. The rest, from characters to the extremely scarce backstories and poorly set facts that make up the premise, are either boring or stupid. Especially stupid. PG-13 2
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Aquarion Logos
3 TV 1/26 The villain seems awful, not only in the (generalised) visual aspect. Plenty of OP, a very unattractive twist to Deava and an absurd-looking premise. Especially, it lacks all characteristics I cared for in Aquarion. Nonetheless, I expected worse. PG-13 1
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Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou
4 TV 3/12 Art is very attractive but characters become extremely annoying, and despite the first spark of originality the story is typical. PG-13 1929
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai
4 TV 2/12 I admit there's a peculiarity to the way supernatural humans are dealt with, but I find it way too surrounded in typical comedy to care for it. There might be future good moments, but it'd take a lot to make the overall approach anything not boring. PG-13 2
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Diabolik Lovers
2 TV 3/12 Absolutely despicable characters and overall 'plot', I do not give it a 1/10 because I reserve that for something completely unwatchable and this series' stupidity is so extreme that it's entertaining. R
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Fate/stay night
- TV 7/24 Not much really happened in 7 episodes. I did not dislike it, but I didn't really hook me either and the Fate franchise is too big for that. I probably won't retake it now that there is a 2014 remake. R
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Full Metal Panic!
5 TV 9/24 I had expectations for this! Of some real silver amongst all that metal. But although there are parts of the two main characters I like (the rest, still typical) I was surprised with how standard the series is. From villain to "humour" to fighting... R 6
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Gatchaman Crowds Insight
4 TV 1/12 The new cast has a somewhat better balance, and with everything already introduced it might not be so dull, but I already know that wherever it's going, I won't get to likely and my interest will hardly rise. In reality, it still is dull. PG-13 1
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4 TV 2/12 There’s nothing funny or rare here for me. I only wanted to get an impression of one of the characters anyway. The best from these two episodes is the opening’s beginning and the arm wrestling in episode 2. PG-13 8
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Hacka Doll The Animation
2 TV 1/13 I never intended to watch this. I just wanted to see how those insubstantial shorts could grow into (an almost) full anime. It was unspeakably bad, enough to be called retarded. (Note: I think I watched episode 2 instead of the proper beginning.) PG-13 1
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Hanasakeru Seishounen
5 TV 6/39 The feeling remains that makes me want to make this drop only temporary. It's slow, and predictable, and incredibly ordinary in its animation (even if not the designs) but there are still things I want to find out. PG-13 5 HD 3.1 Gb
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5 TV 92/167 An adventure series that has very entertaining episodes... but little character development, becoming very repetitive at its half. However I don't completely discard watching Kanketsu-Hen. PG-13 110
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IS: Infinite Stratos 2
3 TV 2/12 Although I'm fond of the prequel the time for me to enjoy this kind of thing is past. Regardless of how much I like Charlotte I'm not going to watch Ichika repeating the same stupidities and increasing his harem even so. This attempt of plot seems worse. PG-13 1
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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
4 TV 3/12 Colours look very attractive but animation is exaggerated, plot is weak and characters are sluggish. And ecchi makes the story stupid. R+
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Kamisama Hajimemashita
5 TV 4/13 There are things in Kamisama Hajimemashita that make me want to continue watching, but there are arguably too many other series to go through two seasons of one that makes me want to skip half of its running time. Could be rescued in an unlikely case. PG-13 19 EHD 3.6 Gb
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4 TV 2/13 Something that I should've watched when it interested me at the time it aired, and only then. One-dimensional (or useless) characters with boring action, and I don't need to go further to know that all the mystery and sub-plots won't be fully developed. PG-13 1
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Kill Me Baby
5 TV 1/13 I'm flexible about unnecessarily and moodily trying out dumb sketch series made of short scenes loosely pasted together. Finishing them is an entirely different matter, however. The questionable "kill me" joke is not a good idea; the ED song is. PG-13 1
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Kimagure Orange☆Road
5 TV 6/48 This anime’s atmosphere could’ve led me to watch further, but there is also nothing that encourages me to do so. The poor characters and a pace that leaves room for a lot of repetition and dumb scenes don’t picture anything to look forward to ahead. PG-13 5 HD 5.7 Gb
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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
4 TV 2/14 I dislike both this type of drama and the animation. R+
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Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky
4 TV 1/12 1st LCd'O wasn't a masterpiece, but its music had an appealing touch. The female protagonist had some willpower and dialogues of her own, and the boys were likeable or at least attractive. Almost none of the designs were disagreeable. This reverses all. PG-13 1
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Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
4 TV 1/12 Tsundere girl who pretends not to be; Uninterested boy who who throws compliments she misinterprets; Weird senior of unknown utility. A well-known formula. Very recycled comedy style that couldn't offer more boring character interaction. PG-13 1
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Kyou kara Maou!
- TV 1/78 This anime had been in my thoughts for a long time, so I had to check it out to see what it really is about. Such a crazy plot. Maybe some day I will give it a deeper try... but for now, too long. PG-13 1925
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- TV 4/12 It was easy to choose once I knew that despite how preposterously hard the series tries to insert all sorts of twisted comedy (the incoherence of it is the most entertaining part), I didn't laugh once. Also, it really is sexual harassment this time. PG-13 7 HD 3.1 Gb
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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
4 TV 3/12 "It's not good for a wife too think too much". To hear that from a child is... Moving the unconstructive wife-training aside, I didn't think the characters' would be so stereotyped. They're all the series has, and they bore me. So much for the fun OP song PG-13 2 EHD 3.6 Gb
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Muteki Kanban Musume
4 TV 4/12 In this series I have noticed what the key to make a person look like a frog is. That aside it's mostly another one I missed my timing with. Because I recall that once I skimmed through it and it was fun. Now it's originally stupid, but dull. PG-13 6
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Netsuzou TRap
2 TV 1/12 What an awful bait. Not for the quality of it, but because of how obvious it is. As to its effectiveness, am I curious? Slightly. Is it worth following that curiosity? Nooooot at all. R+ 1
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4 TV 1/13 The manga is simple enough, but in anime form the story loses every charm. To a dull atmosphere is added a very slow pace, accentuated by the main difference with the manga: I can't speed the process up. Only the opening struck me positively. PG-13 1
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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
4 TV 2/12 I don't know why I'd watch this, and two episodes in I knew even less. It's odd how the intermediate images and the ending hold the little peculiar in the series, and the rest is pure forget material. PG-13 31
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Prince of Stride: Alternative
5 TV 6/12 Not a bad attempt at a romance-less reverse harem, but there are few reasons that invite me to see the show to its end. I enjoyed the competitions of stride (unusual sport it is!) but had no interest in the characters and all the rather bland in-between. PG-13 16 HD 1.3 Gb
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RDG: Red Data Girl
4 TV 2/12 An appealing premise that fades due to a bland main character and probably, lack of development. ★4.5★ PG-13
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4 TV 4/13 After going through the superficial character backgrounds and set-ups, and the unfunny comedy, maybe it is acceptable for a SoL and silly ghosts lover, but why should I not miss it? The beach episode makes it worse, as usual. PG-13 34
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3 TV 1/13 Before: I got tired of you, Key, a long time ago. But I'll give you another chance. After 50 minutes: It isn't a matter of personal dislike anymore. What a universally notorious fail. PG-13 2
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Sakamoto Desu ga?
3 TV 2/12 Who could've said that the series featuring such a cool character could be so irremediably uncool? Not only it's filled with lame characters; Sakamoto's feats are hardly that funny, sound & animation are bad, + in the same ep. a structure repeats twice!? PG-13 1 HD 0.8 Gb
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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
- TV 1/12 The first episode is more poorly structured and unbelievable than plainly bad, but I’ve heard far worse of the series later on, so I’ll simply listen. I haven’t the slightest interest in the characters anyway. R 1
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Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
4 TV 1/12 The story is still at this point!? Oh, no. This far is enough. Episode one was quite boring and unremarkably presented, as well, content being from little to nothing of substance. PG-13 1
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Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra
5 TV 12/27 Once used to the crudeness I had the mini-arcs to deal with: many are pointless and the trend is overall too obvious; the switching between stories superficial. It's watchable but, once I knew about the "witch" and Hamyuts Meseta, doubtfully worth it. R 64 EHD 6.6 Gb
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Toaru Majutsu no Index II
4 TV 5/24 Watching episode 1 was a bad idea. Skipping to episode 6 and 7 certainly not so much, but going back to 2 and 3 was enough proof. It's a 4 merely because I was not THAT tired of it yet. R 11 EHD 10.4 Gb
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Tokyo ESP
3 TV 1/12 Putting aside the disagreeable art and how impossible it is for all those characters to get decent development, I'm sure the plot will end up to be rather absurd or unclear at the very best. Even the action is illogical and the blood cheap. R 6
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
3 TV 2/12 Depressing characters and disagreeable plot that is likely to end the same way it started. PG-13
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4 TV 6/24 Exotic opening theme, but extremely dull development of the premise. The comedy is entirely unfunny, the characters forced, and their designs are too much like chew-gum and unrealistic. The real mysteries drown in episodic insipidity. PG-13 13
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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge♥
4 TV 3/25 If “gross” were the score's focus 3/10 would've fitted. I was seeking a parody anime, but this one talks, looks and develops too stupidly. Like a distasteful children’s cartoon with an adults' plot. And years of skin problems don't vanish in one ep. PG-13 2
TV: 45, OVA: 0, Movies: 1, Spcl.: 0, Eps: 228, Days: 3.76, Mean Score: 3.9, Score Dev.: -3.40