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Carole & Tuesday Airing
- TV 13/24 Appealing characters to follow and a story that is picking up very fast... Good treatment of music within the pace and plot. Fun and refreshing to watch! Update: Not uncommonly, the songs' quality and interest of the content are fluctuating heavily. PG-13 58
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Rewatching
- TV 6/25 From its very first minutes, the series is so different... The new display of characters doesn't seem nearly as solid, and the approach is poorer. R 9 HD 21.2 Gb
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Fruits Basket (2019) Airing
- TV 14/25 Ironic that it's precisely because I didn't really like any version that I've ended up trying them all. For now this one holds a much better pace, and despite some vexing moments (Kagura) the mood is right. Still, dumb parts make it fitting to watch it we PG-13 63
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