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Carole & Tuesday Airing
- TV 13/24 Appealing characters to follow and a story that is picking up very fast... Good treatment of music within the pace and plot. Fun and refreshing to watch! Update: Not uncommonly, the songs' quality and interest of the content are fluctuating heavily. PG-13 95
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Rewatching
- TV 7/25 From its very first minutes, the series is so different... The new display of characters doesn't seem nearly as solid, and the approach is poorer. R 9 HD 21.2 Gb
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Fruits Basket (2019) Airing
- TV 17/25 Ironic that it's precisely because I didn't really like any version that I've ended up trying them all. For now this one holds a much better pace, and despite some vexing moments (Kagura) the mood is right. Still, dumb parts make it fitting to watch it we PG-13 100
TV: 3, OVA: 0, Movies: 0, Spcl.: 0, Eps: 37, Days: 0.49, Mean Score: 0.0, Score Dev.: 0.00

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"Bungaku Shoujo" Memoire
4 OVA 3 Three different girls: one introduction time and each ep. more pointless than the previous. The story is generous with the use of clichés and backstory drama, and the real purpose of all of it becomes diffuse as the Book Girl merges into the background. PG-13 1
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3-gatsu no Lion meets Bump of Chicken
4 Music 1 The music isn't bad, but the clarity in the card-board designs is null... And despite the play with dark tones, the animation can barely keep my attention. ★4.5★ G 1
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6 TV 12 Entertainment without plot. If you're in a light mood it's at least enjoyable. Surprisingly, I did enjoy it. Too much CG noticeable in the backgrounds, nice OP. The teachers in here are fun to see. School + Slice of Life at its finest. PG-13 16 HD 2.9 Gb
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6 OVA 2 Two episodes very similar to the series, entertaining and relying on secondary characters. New OP&ED. PG-13 37 HD 0.3 Gb
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A-Channel: +A-Channel
5 Special 11 An acceptable bunch of Slice of Life problems, two minutes each and some adding details to moments from the series. PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Accel World
4 TV 24 The virtual world is decently appealing, but the initial plans of our both simultaneously impuissant and almighty characters are forgotten, and the scarce duels between kings gone to waste. Time is spent on pitiful villains and mindless dialogues. PG-13 9 HD 7.9 Gb
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Accel World EX
2 OVA 2 Why is it so very often that OVAs collect and maximize the mediocrity sadly present in its parent series? The 1st episode is once more action without reason nor background, and the 2nd is irritant and predictable beyond predictions. PG-13 1 HD 0.6 Gb
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Accel World: Acchel World.
3 Special 8 An odd mixture of extreme stupidity and twisted sense of humor, absurd enough to keep your attention. I admit some scenes were funny, but probably not the ones that were intended to be so. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Acchi Kocchi (TV)
7 TV 12 The animation accompanies perfectly the jokes in the series (loved the arrows and signs everywhere), I got to appreciate the characters and their ridiculous ideas and I really laughed at some scenes. The last episode was weaker in comparison. PG-13 5 HD 3.3 Gb
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Acchi Kocchi (TV): Place=Princess
7 Special 1 Great first half with fantasy dreams and (failed) ice skating. An effective combination of comedy and Slice of Life. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Aimai Elegy
5 Music 1 Fine music and visuals, however what the girl wants to transmit remains bleak... Maybe a re-watch would help to fully grip the depths of this drowning plot. PG-13 1
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6 TV 12 Perhaps Aiura is mostly average but its kind of comedic nonsense, which relies on the simple yet peculiar relationship between the three girls entirely, ends up being both amusing and subtly extravagant. And what more can I ask from an anime of this sort? G 2 EHD 1.5 Gb
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Akame ga Kill!
4 TV 24 The setting that aims for an epic of rebellion gives a generic shounen that plays maturity with a coating of extra blood. The action sequences that drag characters around develop the story as much as the pre-death flashbacks develop the fighters.★4.5★ R 29 HD 9.8 Gb
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Akame ga Kill!: AkaKill! Gekijou
3 ONA 24 Once more, specials reinforce any stupidity already unnecessary in the main series. The last two episodes (only ones that dispose of the cheap, distasteful humour) reach to the anime's you-must-cry scenes, passably. Leone:Not enough fanservice! Want some? PG-13 8
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Akatsuki no Yona
7 TV 24 On the brink between serious and silly, the latter seemed too much initially, but the characters unwrap into something more fulfilling surprisingly and effectively. Rather than being flawless, it's a story I'd just like to see more of in the right mood. PG-13 14 EHD 9.9 Gb
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Akatsuki no Yona OVA
7 OVA 3 Even placed in the usually pointless setting anime apparently just can't do without, the series' focus is on finding some character development. And that's ep. 1. The next are a round story which fulfills all there's been of a certain chara. More, please? PG-13 4 HD 0.9 Gb
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Aki no Kanade
4 Movie 1 The story of a girl who wants to be a drummer and becomes one doesn't sound very dull or devoid or potential, but in here it is. The plain and common appearance of the animation reflects the character. PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Akuma no Riddle
4 TV 12 The series has a good start with its attractive character design and catchy OP, but every hint of a story sinks in the messy action scenes that even if somewhat entertaining can't make up for the absurdity and the null development. R 96 EHD 3.2 Gb
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Akuma no Riddle: Shousha wa Dare? Nukiuchi Test
3 Special 1 "Let's attempt to kill her again, now in swimsuit!" Ships don't sink like that. At least the OVA has its own ending theme, even if bad. R 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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6 TV 12 Weak characterisation and a story that requires more depth, but the high quality animation and very enjoyable sound set the standards high for an action series, and the ambitious setting promises an even more enjoyable sequel. R 4 EHD 3.2 Gb
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Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season
5 TV 12 An easy watch. Empty, immortalised characters, more action than plot & an OST that now seems overly-exalted. What is there to see? I thought nothing, but I was wrong: It shows Martians are a lot more interesting. Sadly, they aren't the prime attention. R 8 HD 5.4 Gb
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Aldnoah.Zero Extra Archives
4 Special 1 Was this always such a bore? I know of the OST's appeal, but it's far from enough to make up for all that action and the emptiest characters. My greatest excitement for the sequel is to find out in which stupid manner they'll be revived. R 1
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All Alone With You
6 Music 1 Interesting video for the song All Alone With You by EGOIST. Well animated and nicely performed, but unable to get my whole attention. G 1
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Amaama to Inazuma
7 TV 12 Not another SoL of clichéd random moments. Amaama to Inazuma is very simple, but so focused on its two topics that the cooking is usefully practical and the father-and-daughter life sufficiently represented. They have little, but characters work. ★6.5� PG-13 5 EHD 4.1 Gb
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Amagami SS
5 TV 25 I liked the parallel arcs idea, the ED changing in every arc, still... I never thought this series would be a masterpiece, but I didn't think it would be BORING most of the time. The main character's lame and the animation looks poor sometimes. ★5.5★ PG-13 12 HD 2.2 Gb
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Amagami SS OVA
6 OVA 6 Extra scenes that add to the main season. Short and varied as they are, they don't become boring at any moment. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Amagami SS+ Plus
6 TV 13 For both seasons - Best Arc: Tsukasa Ayatsuji; Best Girl: Kaoru Tanamachi; Best Ending: Haruka Morishima. In this sequel animation looks improved and stories continue where they were left, providing better endings to some. More enjoyable. ★6.5★ PG-13 13 HD 1.2 Gb
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Amagami SS+ Plus Picture Drama
5 Special 2 Like most Picture Drama this is not an animation but a series of voiced stills, however it was less boring than others of the same type. A girl gives her Valentine's chocolate to the male protagonist every minute. PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Amagami SS+ Plus Specials
6 Special 6 Short scenes that complete moments from the main season, some extremely clichéd but others quite entertaining in comparison to the usual special. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Amagami SS: Tachibana Miya-hen - Imouto
5 Special 1 I don't like Miya's voice + I don't like Miya herself, therefore I thought I would really dislike the episode, but it's not that bad for all the other characters that appear (excluding the cat). PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Amagi Brilliant Park
6 TV 13 "Once upon a time in Maple Land's theme park of crazy magic and forgotten plots, stupid characters and typical main cursed by a cheap fairy 'tail', the narcissist joined the awkward mix and contributed to stuff fillers in..." Quite fun. Boring Isuzu. PG-13 5 EHD 5.1 Gb
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Amagi Brilliant Park: Nonbirishiteiru Hima ga Nai!
4 Special 1 Dubious comedy that mostly leads to more trouble that the unlikeable characters try so hard to make. The truly funny moments take long to surface, and they sink again under irrel—Hey, it seems the cicadas weren’t fully baseless after all. ★4.5★ PG-13 1
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Amagi Brilliant Park: Wakuwaku Mini Theater - Rakugaki Backstage
4 Special 7 All of the specials are more or less equally stupid, but reaching different levels of indecency. And the real purpose of the cicada skins was never revealed! It'll be unbearable to not know how the rest of the loopy misunderstanding develops! PG-13 1
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Angel Beats!
6 TV 13 Very good music and animation, great concerts. I wish they had gone deeper into characters and that the series possibilities were explored more extensively, because it had lots of potential. Still, worth watching and thinking about. ★6.5★ PG-13 6 HD 5.4 Gb
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Angel Beats! Specials
5 Special 2 Stairway to Heaven managed to grasp my interest enough to make me want to know who reached the maximum tension meter (interest that mostly lead to dissatisfaction), but Hell’s Kitchen is overly bizarre in the very dumb way. I never liked the band. PG-13 1650 HD 0.1 Gb
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Angel Beats!: Another Epilogue
4 Special 1 An alternative ending that to me seemed more confusing than explanatory. Instead of such ambiguety I prefer to stick to the series' last minute. ★4.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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5 Special 15 Interesting idea and the most diverse styles, unfortunately the special as its whole fails to shine because the average shorts outnumber the memorable. My favourites are Neko no Shuukai and "yurururu" ~Nichijou Hen~. PG-13 1
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Anime Tenchou
5 OVA 1 I watched it exclusively because some characters appear in Lucky Star. It's a... curious special. G 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Anne Happy♪
1 TV 12 What a childish, disgustingly moe, dumbly flabbergasting, preposterously shiny, stupidly unfunny, absurdly unrelatable, terrifyingly dull, irritatingly colourful, hypocritical, unrealistic, repetitive, utterly nonsensical piece of anime. PG-13 249
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
7 TV 11 Good OP&ED, detailed animation. This anime portrays friendship through time and emotional hardship in a different way. PG-13 5 HD 3.7 Gb
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. Movie
6 Movie 1 Good balance between recap and new, considerning that I wanted to refresh my opinion of the TV s. The evolution of their relationship since childhood and their reaction to the past are worthy. But it's a sentimental story that doesn't conquer my heart. PG-13 5 EHD 2.9 Gb
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Ano Natsu de Matteru
8 TV 12 I enjoyed it much more than expected. Similar animation to AnoHana. The Sci-Fi element progresses slowly but positively, most characters had surprises to tell and the ending is nicely combined (not unfinished nor obvious). PG-13 4 HD 4.4 Gb
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Ano Natsu de Matteru: Bokutachi wa Koukou Saigo no Natsu wo Sugoshinagara, Ano Natsu de Matteiru.
4 Special 1 Long titles don't equal long content to work on. Or maybe this time it does, if you know its translation. Trust the title: The OVA presents a time in between events, showing nothing memorable and predicting less, dwelling on fanservice and... lemonade? PG-13 1 EHD 0.5 Gb
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Jump Festa 2013 Special
2 Special 1 I had lower expectations for the OVA than for the TV series but the quality of every element (not only animation and VAs) is beyond disappointing. The comedy is wearisome; the alien teacher is the best of course, but in a poorly presented setting. PG-13 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Ao Haru Ride
5 TV 12 By episode 4 the female protagonist is no longer the direct and lively character I initially liked and both her and the plot become unoriginal and fruitless. The rest of the characters are either neglected or unlikeable, and designs are inconsistent. PG-13 3 EHD 3.5 Gb
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Ao Haru Ride OVA
4 OVA 2 Ep.13 shows some decisiveness, but in the most clichéd setting possible, with worn-out ways. It's concluded as an obvious bait to the "nothing happened but the manga must be the it" diversion. Unwritten did not show anything I didn't know before (or care PG-13 2 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Aoi Hana
7 TV 11 It presents its topics subtly from an outsider’s perspective, offering the different kinds of distance relationships can present. Fumi has no drive of herself, and the last eps. dwell on ordinariness with excess, but it’s a flower of a delicate scent. PG-13 5 EHD 3.8 Gb
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Aquarion Evol
7 TV 26 Loved how they linked this season to the previous. Lacks depth, falls more into average, but it has better animation, a rather good soundtrack and an interesting and enjoyable story if you've watched Sousei no Aquarion. PG-13 91 HD 11.6 Gb
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Aquarion Movie: Ippatsu Gyakuten-hen
5 Movie 1 The new content isn't as much as it initially seemed to have, and it's closer to how I had imagined it to be. Not remembering the initial part was a nice surprise, but afterwards it's just the OVA again (and lacklustre in its last part). ★5.5★ PG-13 2 EHD 6.2 Gb
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Arata naru Sekai: World's/Start/Load/End
4 OVA 1 Way too confusing and unexplained. Time travels, the world destroyed, only four girls left and not a clue. Could've been very interesting. The cover is different enough to the OVA itself to make you wonder who the characters in it are. PG-13 1 EHD 0.1 Gb
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Arcana Famiglia
4 TV 12 Not exactly boring, the perfect word to define the series is 'disappointing'. It had good art, an interesting premise and fine characters. But it transformed into some Slice of Life personified by mafia. Unsatisfying considering the pretentious beginning. PG-13 5 HD 2.4 Gb
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Arcana Famiglia: Capriccio - stile Arcana Famiglia
6 OVA 1 The best thing about this OVA is that it doesn't promise you more than you will have. It's just another filler episode made for entertainment, and you know it. Plus it's good at it, thanks to some of the male's charms. PG-13 2 HD 0.5 Gb
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Arete Hime
7 Movie 1 A slow yet mostly wonderful world, as grounded as it is magical. As the experience of unsaying what's said, when Arete Hime seems to betray itself it uncovers the opposite situation later on. It's only a shame that some characters dragged it along the way G 6 EHD 1.4 Gb
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Aria The Animation
6 TV 13 It begins expectedly and excessiely slowly but, although that pace doesn't really change, around the 4th ep. the intended charm takes effect. There's a pleasant atmosphere to various scenes, and the training girls' views on life are occasionally peculiar. G 4 HD 6.7 Gb
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Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi
5 Movie 1 Easily an example of the popularised Sci-Fi approach: Little explanation and plenty of action. It almost looks like this belongs to a different industry! The method overwhelms the appearance or idea that could excuse the result. Poor cohesion and charas. R 1 HD 0.5 Gb
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Asatte no Houkou.
5 TV 12 Among SoL and fantasy-sprinkled series, this is different. It has an intriguing, truthful touch to its plot and characters. As do some designs, especially Shouko's. But it's slow paced. So very slow. It resolves; but at the cost of some bore. ★5.5★ PG-13 13
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Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai
6 Movie 1 Confused opinions about this. Both unpleasant, weird, sad, frustrating and... happy? I ended up liking this film, mostly for some of its development and the decisive ending. R+ 1 EHD 1.2 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
8 TV 13 Yes, I do like the animation including those dotted backgrounds. One of the silliest anime but I enjoyed it terribly. It has every strange thing, a good ending (surprinsingly) and actually they are not such idiots. I was even fond of the OST. PG-13 4 HD 3.3 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
8 TV 13 Against usual nosebleeds weren't so annoying. Even more weird than the previous season, slightly less enjoyable because of the decrease of different stuff per episode and the more regular ending. But being able to watch more BakaTest was great. PG-13 5 HD 3.3 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!: Mahou Hideyoshi Hideyoshi
4 Special 1 Animated like the Spinout! special and featuring only three of the protagonists, strangely characterized. The kind of fantasy that would pop up by looking at Hideyoshi's transformation costume. PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Specials
7 Special 6 Mission Impossible Baka! + Mortal cooking! (don't follow the recipe, Mizuki is seriously wrong about its healthy properties). Anime specials should be like this more often. PG-13 1 HD 0.6 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri
8 OVA 2 Fun over the top, great OP&ED animation. Cross-dressing, tournaments and firing some cannons in a School Festival isn't common, but precisely for that it certainly is amusing to see (just don't expect anything serious). PG-13 1 HD 0.7 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri - Sentaku ni Yotte Tenkai ga Kawaru "LIPS Eizou"
5 ONA 1 It's incredible how silly a DS game can be... PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Mondai - Christmas ni Tsuite Kotae Nasai
5 ONA 1 Well, we didn't know the FFF Inquision's opinion of Christmas, but apart from that it was quite repetitive. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou
6 Special 6 Chibi Mission Impossible Baka! + Other nonsense. Once again BakaTest's specials suceed with comedy in a way few others do. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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7 TV 15 With Shaft's style put to very good use on this occasion, Bakemonogatari has a lot of unique and intriguing features and a set of evolving characters. Its major discounts are the questionable Nadeko arc and its ineffectivity on the emotional side. R 11 EHD 6.1 Gb
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8 TV 25 Skeptic about the girls' roles but the realism in the rest is great. Doesn't let any of the appeal of the secrets and practice of manga publishing and story growth go to waste. Sharp designs & plot, and a pace such as to allow a 5-days re-watch. ★8.5★ PG-13 66 EHD 10.0 Gb
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Bakuman. 2nd Season
7 TV 25 Different in tone and approach towards drama and characters (beneficial for the girls; not so for the rest). Main trait, although quite a frustrating one: S.2 gives some teachings on how editors &/or want for popularity can homogenise/impoverish the works PG-13 6 EHD 2.2 Gb
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Bakuman. 3rd Season
7 TV 25 Saved from a petty arc with very unpleasant characters by the first and especially the last episodes, which respectively advance challenges forward and seek to end the story in the best way possible. And odd characters retrieve their charm, faded in S2. PG-13 5 EHD 2.2 Gb
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5 TV 13 Astonishing silliness. But I'm not horrified. Somehow. Its peculiarity is so large that I notice its pointless funny aspects over the general stupidity. It has an honest nature. G 71
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Bannou Yasai Ninninman
3 Movie 1 Honestly boring story, displeasingly animated. Sound wasn't noteworthy either and I had the impression of being watching an unoriginal and repetitive American-style cartoon instead of an Anime Mirai production. PG 1
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Beautiful World
6 Music 1 Few music videos contain scenery animated with so much detail. Especially if the shots are used as the means for a plot about the lifestyle of the population. The image matches the song rhythmically and softly. ★6.5★ G 1
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Big Order
4 OVA 1 I understand the OVA isn’t meant to explain much plot, but it would’ve been more convincing if at least the protagonist finished any of his relevant lines. And ending one minute earlier, the incognita would’ve seemed wrapped, instead of cut. R+ 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Black★Rock Shooter
6 Music 1 The music video that originated the Black★Rock Shooter OVA and the TV series afterwards. Very nice instrumentals by ryo, lyrics by supercell and dark animation with an original but yet unpolished BRS. PG-13 1
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Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
7 OVA 1 Very attractive animation and an interesting parallel world, which however could have been developed much more extensively (especially the relation between both worlds). Visually it contrasts nicely shape and colour. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Black★Rock Shooter (TV)
6 TV 8 Charas. are initially dramatized and emotionally manipulated. Once the parallel world takes more protagonism, the locations and the duality got my interest. I preferred the OVA's design, and the story needed further development. Good ED and noticeable OST PG-13 3 HD 3.2 Gb
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4 Movie 1 Unusual animation and nice designs that resemble a moving watercolour painting, but the odd dialogues do not reach and sound is completely unnoticeable. 5 minutes that slip away from memory extremely fast. G 1 EHD 0.1 Gb
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Buddy Go!
3 Special 3 A triple PV that is presumptious for categorising itself as a TV series. I guess it assures the manga more sales. I definitely won't be a buyer. Even the glitter from these shorts takes a while to take off. Edit: It was later changed to Special. PG 1
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Buddy Go! 2
3 Special 4 As ridiculous and PV-like as the previous group of specials. Of course, I just watched to take it out of my Recommendations list. PG 1
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Bungou Stray Dogs
4 TV 12 There’s no development to be had of anything introduced in the adequate first episode: instead there's a long variety of violence made senseless by immortality, off-place, exaggerated humour, and an utterly ridiculous (and unbelievable) want for suicide R 9 HD 3.8 Gb
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Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
5 TV 12 The tone is finally right, the morals a bit less cliché, the intelligence actually there... at first, until it returns for more of the same. Less nonsense but still overpowered characters—their potential wasted—& overly incredible twists. ★5.5★ R 10 HD 3.0 Gb
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4 Movie 1 A story of animals made to behave like humans, in all its variant imitating the classic way. Overly so, and it is as predictable as it is boring. The scenery in the cover looks pleasant, but the film itself is very far from offering anything new. G 1 HD 0.4 Gb
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By Your Side
3 Music 1 The strong point of this short video would be the animation, quite detailed and precise despite not being produced with the common anime style. However not that nor the music, the scenario or the teddy characters interest me at all, quite the opposite. PG 1
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
6 Movie 3 The general animation is beautiful, a delight for sight. But the same way character designs are much simpler than the landscapes, the separate stories didn't get to me, and certainly skipping time between them didn't help. OST has some memorable tracks. PG-13 1 EHD 1.1 Gb
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Casshern Sins
8 TV 24 After 12 long, slow episodes of unreasonable motivations and repetitive fighting inertia, the connections begin to make sense up to the brilliantly traced finale. Great sound effects & art, and a unique case of the symbolism hinted actually satisfying me. R 10 EHD 8.4 Gb
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Cello Hiki no Gauche (1982)
6 Movie 1 An simplier and oder Ghibli film, which is noticeable especially in the animation, but that still has the special fantasy touch. About a cellist who practices his music listened to by animals, it contains a fetching classical piece. G
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7 Movie 1 Bizarre, disjointed, sticky and grey. But boring? Certainly not. The story couldn’t be more incomplete, but as a fragment it displays a strange setting that combines the ordinary and the alien naturally, making every bit of it intriguing. Lively ED. PG-13 1 EHD 0.2 Gb
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4 TV 13 The laughable yet unfunny comedy is only second to the very much failed tearful drama. Uneventful development lead by Key stereotypes is replaced with some truly poor last episodes, and even worse characters. PG-13 49 HD 4.5 Gb
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Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi
4 Special 1 The special itself isn't astoundingly bad, not more than any of the dumb individual esper-picking espisodes from the main series. But it brings me memories of the characters' pathetism and the awful plot, and for that I'd want to give it a 3... PG-13 1
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Children Record
4 Music 2 Maybe I could get to like these songs in some way, if the lyrics never came in. And when it comes to the animation, it's hard to pay stable attention. PG 1
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Chou Akuukan Bouheki Cheese Napolitan
3 ONA 1 This is... what? A reminder of how no matter the setting, the effects, the purpose and the reason behind the never-explained-deceitful title moe girls are always present? Generic music. Also, generic girls. PG-13 1
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Chrno Crusade
4 TV 24 I long waited for the dramatic parts the story was building towards, but when they arrived my interest had fled. Of all episodes, only 23-24 truly appealed to me and before that the good ideas dimmed under loud mediocrity and plain bore... ★4.5★ R 13 HD 6.4 Gb
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Chrno Crusade: Az demo Wakaru Chrno Crusade Kouza
3 Special 11 How it tried to give minimal historical background at first made me temporarily forget its religious nonsense, the way it's presented by... Azmaria! I was soon reminded. Duller impossible. PG-13 5
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
6 TV 12 Slowly, the bizarre and distracting syndromes leave way for their purpose. And I liked that. I liked the convoluted way of reaching the usual conclusion, and how reality is turned into lyrical fantasy in between. But it has little grasp, and less impact. PG-13 7 EHD 3.9 Gb
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Lite
5 ONA 6 Dark Flame Master is by far the funniest and best played chunibyo case. The shopping was moderately fun too, as well as the strategic fight with water balloons. Yet I'm left partially indifferent to these, and completely to the rest. ★5.5★ PG-13 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Depth of Field - Ai to Nikushimi Gekijou
4 Special 7 Enough nonsense harboured under the wide umbrella that has been made of chunibyo. We already know KyoAni can animate all sorts of elaborate greatness. This one is repetitive and dull. PG-13 1 EHD 0.6 Gb
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Kirameki no... Slapstick Noel
5 Special 1 Nice fantasy visuals but unfunny comedy and typical almost-there romantic moments. What I didn't care for from Chuunibyou. As in the series, to characters and flashy action I react with indifference. PG-13 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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7 TV 23 "Very good... but is that it?" The feeling remained even if I really enjoyed it once passed the beginning. Animation is incredibly fluid, the voice cast is remarkable, and it has extremely emotional scenes (great ep. 22). But still, not what I expected. PG-13 12 HD 8.0 Gb
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Clannad Movie
5 Movie 1 A far too condensed development, but with the removal of lots of dead-end arcs as an upside. The designs are a hitch; the visual concepts not as much. Still, saving the great improvement of Nagisa's monologue, there is little appeal to the story. ★5.5 PG-13 2 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Clannad: After Story
8 TV 24 It started similar to the first season, but arcs like Misae's were special. And then it became what was promised. The last episodes were grand, with awesome character development, scenery and expression. Ep. 24's only mission is to clarify the ending. PG-13 10 HD 9.5 Gb
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Clannad: After Story - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Kyou-hen
7 Special 1 An alternate setting starred by Kyou, a character that I didn't initially appreciate but whose actions and development in this OVA and After Story originated a positive opinion of her in me. ★7.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.7 Gb
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Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen
8 Special 1 I always liked Tomoyo, her personality and relation with Tomoya, so I enjoyed very much this parallel version and I considered the fortunate special spisode as a beautiful story. Like in After Story characters move even more naturally than in season one. PG-13 1 HD 0.6 Gb
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4 Music 1 4 volumes in 7 minutes was probably never supposed to make a lot of sense. But I think they could have tried. For the rest, it's as slow as the song that plays as background. PG-13 1
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Cobalt World
4 Music 1 Despite the nice-looking drawing style, it was terribly hard to focus on watching this and care for what was happening in the video, if anything at all was. G 1
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
9 TV 25 Exciting, intriguing and occasionally distressful series with politics, action, conflicted characters, fascinating strategies and one of the best male leads in anime. Art clearly by CLAMP and stylishly and fittingly so. Accompanied by two special EDs. R 23 HD 13.6 Gb
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Coffee Tadaiku
5 Movie 1 The effects of coffee maximized to even higher fantasy levels. Interesting scenario switch and infinite cup but this is a fine example of not understandable simplicity. G 1
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Computer Kakumei: Saikyou x Saisoku no Zunou Tanjou
5 Special 1 It raises a few future prospects in a normal girl's life by imagining technology-related possibilities, but not in a particularly interesting manner. PG-13 1
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3 Music 1 Uninspiring video and a setting that doesn't even clarify whether emerging cities from objects falling down is positive for the world or not. I wasn't expecting any such thoroughness but neither video nor music were interesting. PG-13 1
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Cross Road
6 Special 1 A Makoto Shinkai's one-shot that has the appearance and length of a trailer, but despite being so short it's still enjoyable and beautifully animated. G 1
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Da Yu Hai Tang (Movie)
4 Movie 1 It sets off well representing atmospheric Chinese myths, but when the characters take the screen it quickly turns sloppy. At first it was only a lack of style to the general storytelling but it lastly turns into reasonless disaster and nice-looking drama. PG-13 4 HD 4.3 Gb
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
8 TV 12 It's not to say that every joke is funny (the girls' rarely are) but their irreverent observation of clichés makes me find bizarre use in even the unsuccessful ones. It's in short a prime of the humour only anime can make. And yes. I laughed. PG-13 4 EHD 3.0 Gb
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Specials
6 Special 6 In these shorts the jokes are mostly based on "Aren't girls cute when...?" but it is nonetheless nice to have a little more content of the series. If anything, the boys' quite peculiar sense of consideration towards others isn't so bright or amusing here. PG-13 1 EHD 0.1 Gb
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Dantalian no Shoka
6 TV 12 Set in the early XX century and relationed with Illusory Books the series had great potential, but even entertaining as it was this was wasted and one story per episode made the excitement discontinued. Very good animation, awful ep. 9 and unlikeable ED. R 5 HD 4.1 Gb
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Dantalian no Shoka: Ibarahime
5 OVA 1 An extra story about the pursuit of Illusory Books. Strange and too characterized yet underdeveloped it's certainly not one of the best. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Dareka no Manazashi
6 Movie 1 Well animated as it's usual in Shinkai's works, a short and likeable story about change and a girl with her family relations maintained by her cat. Or that is the impression I had. G 1 EHD 0.2 Gb
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5 Music 1 Beautiful melody, especially during the first minutes of the song, but repetitive video which is very boring to watch since it barely contains any story. G 1
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5 Music 1 Animation and background style very similar to the anime's, and fitting music for it, but it lacks any impact necessary to make me watch or hear it again. ★5.5★ G 1
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Dear Brave
5 Music 1 Maybe if I could understand the song's lyrics I would've wanted to pay more attention to the few images that form the video, but even so the whole of it would've slipped out of my mind very soon. As it will. G 1
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Death Billiards
7 Movie 1 Very interesting film that displays human choice, psychology and reaction based on assumptions, uncertainty and how the results usually bias our decisions. Many secrets, effective mystery and good development considering its one-episode length. R 1 EHD 0.6 Gb
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3 Music 1 A music video rigidly animated featuring Miku Hatsune and, for once, also other Vocaloid characters. Overall it's very annoying. G 1
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Dog Days
6 TV 13 A series which is not necessarily good but that is extremely entertaining and funny. Colourful animation, variety of characters, really hilarious combat regulation and a more complete story that one would have expected. PG-13 6 EHD 5.1 Gb
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Dog Days'
4 TV 13 I was looking forward to a funny second season, and though it had entertaining episodes it was a disappointment. The idea of two more heroes was good, but the story was ruined by many fillers and a much higher level of fanservice than in the prequel. PG-13 7 EHD 9.2 Gb
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Dog Days' Specials
3 Special 13 They make extended episode previews now for BD extra content? Fortunately they aren't too extended. As plot they basically get naked more than I remembered. PG-13 5 EHD 0.3 Gb
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Doukyuusei (Movie)
6 Movie 1 It's the first shounen-ai I watch but I see nothing out of place and only a natural relationship as it evolves with the doubts and insecurities of its protagonists. And that's a good thing. Like the art the storytelling is light, but not meaningless. PG-13 1 HD 0.6 Gb
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Dragon Crisis!
4 TV 12 Quite entertaining anime that however has a weak story: I didn't like any of the main characters and the series doesn't offer any explanations or motives behind the supernatural or magical events that appear. Catchy OP song but very poor art. PG-13 5 HD 1.1 Gb
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E no Umakatta Tomodachi
5 Music 1 Surprisingly, a Miku music video that isn't annoying. The music is more pleasant than usual and the animation, although simple and childish, has a certain charm. Way more than the usual robotic dancing sequences anyhow. G 1
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ef: A Tale of Melodies.
7 TV 12 The great art lifts to sublime; the plot offers neater dialogues and a more consistent structure, until 7 eps. and a half pass. After that the pace drags, and my interest goes down. By the end story & characters have lost the magic Memories had. ★7.5★ PG-13 8 HD 1.7 Gb
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ef: A Tale of Melodies. - Prologue
6 Special 1 The good quality of music and sound remains, with the difference that unlike Memories' prologue this one is truly more like a trailer than anything to grasp new information from. ★6.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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ef: A Tale of Memories.
8 TV 12 Once favourite, foolish dialogues and the loss of the spark it had before have deprived it from that position upon a re-watch, but the show still stands out for its original composition despite tropes, with insight and beautiful use of art & OST ★8.5★ PG-13 5 HD 1.1 Gb
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ef: A Tale of Memories. - Prologue
7 Special 1 The reversal of a scene? A collage of feelings? Regardless of what this is, the reason I watched it was the play with sounds and visuals that, taken as tools, allowed some of the strongest scenes in the main series. PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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ef: A Tale of Memories. - Recollections
4 Special 1 Long and boring recap: the scenes are presented in a way that takes the magic away from them, and the new footage is all insipid and absurd. Unnecessary. PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi
3 TV 12 Despite a likeable first episode the series falls into average and fails even at entertainment. Characters never develop or go beyond clichéd dialogues, action scenes are thrown in without particular necessity and the story is too random and bland. PG-13 112 EHD 3.0 Gb
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Eve no Jikan (Movie)
7 Movie 1 The characteristic colour palette creates an equally "realistic" setting in a future that doesn't seem very different. The sociological approach results most interesting, even if the ending becomes a disappointing reason to reproach it not going beyond. PG-13 19 HD 9.6 Gb
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5 OVA 1 From afar and with a bunch of tangled action scenes worthy of a movie trailer (maybe excusable due to its PV structure) to judge from, stylish shounen is the impression I get. Taken as an introduction to interest me in the franchise, it doesn't work. PG-13 1
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Flip Flappers
7 TV 13 Flip Flappers dazzles with enough variety to imitate both Mad Max: Fury Road and Sousei no Aquarion. Much like Kiznaiver's, the story's coherence resents the final flood of content that swaps creativity for chaos, but that didn't really make it spark less PG-13 5 EHD 6.2 Gb
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6 TV 11 Fractale is a chaos of ambitious ideas and scenes imbued with more colourful appeal and variety than real congruity, but as a watching experience I was expecting awful and instead encountered that the line is not smooth, but drawn to the very end. PG-13 6
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6 TV 12 Despite the overly-scattered development, character interaction is likeable and often creates a funny mood. With the fluid water animation and the swimming competition, it aims to entertain above the average. The OP&ED are fittingly refreshing. ★6.5★ PG-13 7 HD 5.9 Gb
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Free!: Eternal Summer
5 TV 13 I liked S1 because it had one topic to focus on, and even if it contained drama, it didn’t try to make it teary. It had silly episodes, but these didn’t drown the overall content. Not anymore. Charas. lost their touch and the anime turned into a bore. PG-13 18 HD 2.6 Gb
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Free!: Eternal Summer - Kindan no All Hard!
5 Special 1 Excluding the initial maid-nonsense min., this special was more enjoyable than great part of the second season itself. It must be my love for parody. And usage of OST that enhances it. Free! succeeds better with that than tearful character moments. ★5.5 PG-13 2 HD 0.5 Gb
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Free!: FrFr - Short Movie
5 Special 7 A bunch of short scenes directly taken from the irrelevant moments of the anime that aim to extend the trivial and that can be inserted in most TV episodes. Special #6 sticks out, that’s for sure. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Fruits Basket
5 TV 26 It looks cheesy and unfulfilling, and it is. Despite the difficulties (and considering the character designs a minor one) it had from where to expand into decent storytelling but it shows only occasionally, unlike the blatant fillers and lack of progress. PG-13 8 HD 1.7 Gb
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
5 TV 12 I don't like Fumoffu less than the original; on the contrary, it is its enhancement and off to a good start... but the middle stories know not what's funny and what regrettable. My fondness for the mains' interaction can't thrive in demeaning situations. PG-13 10 HD 2.0 Gb
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Fumiko no Kokuhaku
2 ONA 1 A somewhat Disney-like cartoon, pure nonsense and repetitiveness. Two minutes full of lame scenarios and nothing else. PG-13 1
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Fune wo Amu
6 TV 11 It was the series' complete dedication to dictionaries, and its serious exposition of how to make one, what invited me to watch more of it; eventually, it was also the reason why everything else ends up not taken or left mid-way: neglected, plain. ★5.5� PG-13 47 HD 2.1 Gb
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Fuse: Teppou Musume no Torimonochou
6 Movie 1 My opinion of Fuse can be a mountain: dull and uninterested initially, risinig to a peak thanks to the developments in between, and disappointed at how the slope rolls near the end. The fantasy went out of hand, and such a lazy ending to top it all... R 2 HD 2.2 Gb
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Fushigi Yuugi
9 TV 52 With a bit of everything and characters that (despite their occasional foolishness) I grew to love, it's as memorable as the summer when I watched it. The ED represents the unique sound of the music from when it was released. The perfect adventure series. PG-13 9 HD 4.6 Gb
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Fushigi Yuugi OVA
5 OVA 3 So unnecessary and poorly explained that the best in these OVAs were the short comedy omake at the end. Bittersweet to watch, after liking the main series' ending, and a way to know there will be no more of that. PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Fushigi Yuugi Special: Nakago Shikkari Shinasai!
3 Special 2 Comedy was sometimes off-place in Fushigi Yuugi, but whereas I didn't always mind there, I do here. Firstly because I don't care for the specials overall, and secondly because Nakago acting as a useless errand-boy isn't funny. PG 1
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Fushigi Yuugi: Dai Ni Bu
6 OVA 6 Once again what is meant to explain the extension of an already perfectly wrapped up story doesn’t earn much credit from me, and less enjoyment, considering how little fond I was of the occurrence of creating a Tamahome alter ego. OST was fine. PG-13 3 HD 0.7 Gb
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Fushigi Yuugi: Eikouden
4 OVA 4 Third time’s the charm: It seems not. From ideas to the fake gods' animation, everything is stupid. Not forgetting the obnoxious character that is introduced, and how this conclusion of the new arcs only leaves a good story in a state of incoherence. PG-13 2 HD 0.4 Gb
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Gake no Ue no Ponyo
8 Movie 1 Ponyo, Ponyo~ The sound of the name is as crystalline as how the animated water looks in the flm. It took me a bit to fully appreciate your subtler, quieter, at first childish wonders... but you do have them. G 1
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Gatchaman Crowds
3 TV 12 Take most features, excluding the worthy OP, and add either "annoying" or "boring". The concept of GALAX gave a new insight to society but the development is uninteresting; aliens come without origin nor purpose and G-Crew heroes are such with no history. PG-13 7 EHD 3.6 Gb
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Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Inbound
3 ONA 1 It doesn't matter its length, the episode's content or the adventure in hand. It seems I simply can't care for this. PG-13 1
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Gatchaman Crowds: Embrace
6 Special 1 13th episode takes the relevant content from 12th and extends it successfully closing some loose ends from the TV series and showing hero-villain interaction I would like to see developed. Or maybe again I'm just completely subjective towards this anime. PG-13 1 EHD 0.5 Gb
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Gedo Senki
5 Movie 1 A rare case that leaves me thinking of it strangely, its content uneven and its goal unclear. The story doesn't seem to be adapted coherently, making a marsh of what was a very interesting premise. In need of a re-watch. PG-13
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
8 TV 12 An only-comedy plot, however great at it. The fantastic designs, their facial expressions and the sound effects combine perfectly to create an extremely amusing comedy that doesn't fail to parody most clichés from both Nozaki's manga and their reality. PG-13 5 HD 3.9 Gb
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Specials
6 Special 6 Not often I find specials that stick together to a single story coherently and that aren’t a total filler. Because beach episode is often a filler but these shorts do that setting as well as the main show could’ve. The last 3 are the best. ★6.5★ PG-13 1
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7 Special 2 If you ever want to see the absurdity of a curry-related comedy skyrocketed... this is where. PG 1 EHD 0.0 Gb
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Giovanni no Shima
7 Movie 1 It didn't look like much, but it turned out to be a story of unexpected drama tints. Despite its fantasy trains, it focuses more on the forgotten hardships of humble people in the war’s background than on an illusion imagined to escape realism. ★6.5� PG-13 3 EHD 2.9 Gb
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Girls & Panzer
7 TV 12 Slightly CG animation, some annoying characters and what seemed to be a ridiculous plot with pointless episodes at first... however the tank fights and strategy were extremely fun, all accompanied with bright OST. Loved the national caricatures. ★7.5★ PG-13 7 HD 1.1 Gb
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Girls & Panzer Heartful Tank Disc Picture Drama
5 Special 4 Still images with constant idle talking. Quite boring but since I watched the Picture Drama without subtitles and I didn't understand much I give it the score of fairness. PG-13 1 HD 0.4 Gb
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Girls & Panzer Movie
6 Movie 1 The first part feels the most infinite, with a turn of events that undoes much of the series. Afterwards it engages into a large-scaled battle that, despite extreme length and momentary silliness, is entertaining to watch led by a likable and varied cast. PG-13 4
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Girls & Panzer Movie Specials
5 Special 3 All sorts of preparations for a decently likeable guest that lead to a predictable outcome. However, not in the blandest way it could've picked. I found myself following Alice's responses with a certain curiosity. PG-13 1
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Girls & Panzer Specials
7 Special 6 Six stories you can insert in the TV series itself or take as stand-alone extras and provide light-hearted and varied fun moments featuring the different characters throughout most of the episodes. Better than the average of short specials. More snow. PG-13 3 HD 0.7 Gb
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Girls & Panzer: Fushou Akiyama Yukari no Sensha Kouza
4 Special 6 These specials contain lots of information standing from the viewpoint of someone interested in tanks, but that are quite long (10-20 minutes) and very boring to watch. I conclude I really am not interested in tanks. PG-13 1023 HD 0.3 Gb
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Girls & Panzer: Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!
6 OVA 1 The battle against Anzio that was suppressed from the series! The OVA focuses more on pasta than on the Italian commander I wanted to see, but nonetheless it presents the due fun tank fighting and the cheery militar tunes. PG-13 1 HD 0.5 Gb
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Girls & Panzer: Shoukai Shimasu!
5 Special 2 Two specials also known as episodes 5.5 and 10.5, they simply recap what happened in the series so far adding some extra data that isn't particularly useful and certainly not entertaining. It's not that bad to re-watch the tank battles though. PG-13 3 HD 0.3 Gb
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Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai
4 Movie 1 Plot makes poor sense and for part of the movie's length it stitches events together only to get the girls appear in a variety of situations. By the end it takes its confusing story more seriously while adding complications, but it's still boring. PG-13 2 HD 0.9 Gb
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Glass no Kamen
8 TV 23 If I didn't find convincing acting in modern anime, in the past I have. I welcome the classic style, and everything the performances may lack visually is overflowed by the voice acting. Maya isn't the only element that fulfills taking her role seriously. PG-13 8 EHD 1.7 Gb
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Glass no Kamen (2005)
5 TV 51 It has the story, but not the energy. Despite the extra detail, characters appear flatter and more constricted in their roles. Scenes within plays excluded, the moments of climax shine less—but the worst is their end at a devoid conclusion. ★5.5★ G 59
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Glass no Kamen: Sen no Kamen wo Motsu Shoujo
7 OVA 3 The scenes are interestingly displaced, but I miss the older Maya in voice and acting. Later the pace does pick up again, and I'm still not too tired to find more versions to this story. Each adaptation takes the tale to a new time; which fits it best? PG-13 3
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2 TV 13 Annoying and useless cast, dislikeable character design and sound, and of course, pathetic story. So much nonsense and weird scenery. What do the chickens have to do with anything? But hey, such stunning absurdity was entertaining. PG-13 55 EHD 5.2 Gb
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Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai!
7 OVA 6 Resourceful and witty (in the means through which it plays dumb) "drama" whose meta satire towards storytelling could invest anyone's interest... except because it is so heavily reliant on a comedy whose humour I get but doesn't click all the same. R 7 EHD 1.2 Gb
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9 TV 24 Maybe I wouldn't see it the same way now. But the both eerie and technical, somewhat bloody mystery that this series shows in its a foggy Victorian setting was once irresistible. And even if the quality of the story faded, Resuscitated Hope's never will. R 25 HD 9.7 Gb
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Gosick Recap
3 Special 1 Also known as episode 10.5, the first half compounds random (?) scenes from the TV series and the 2nd features playing between the VAs. A rather bland combination that diminishes the appeal of the anime and not the opposite. R 1
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Grisaia no Kajitsu
1 TV 13 This anime has everything! Heartbreaking comedy and hilarious drama! It must definitely be one of the highlights of the year. Come and see, audience, and stand in awe and wonder. From zombies to maids. Expect anything! R+ 7
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Hachimitsu to Clover
7 TV 24 The humour is more of a constant extra than it is funny, however the art university setting along with the thoughtful inner dialogues create a unique atmosphere that makes it relaxing to watch. The ED's carefree yet reflective mood mirror the plot's. PG-13 11 EHD 4.0 Gb
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Hachimitsu to Clover II
6 TV 12 At the end easy inconclusiveness or slow pace are no longer excusable. As the most meaningful moments rely on temporary charas. and the main’s relationships end lazily, the last scene honours the title but as Takemoto says, was there a point? ★6.5★ PG-13 5 EHD 2.4 Gb
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Hachimitsu to Clover Specials
5 Special 2 These episodes lack most of what makes Honey & Clover interesting, and it has loads of what is already a surplus in the main series. Special F shows a bizarre undertaking worth following, but I'd get rid of the whole 2nd any time. Dumb, and insistently. PG-13 1 EHD 0.3 Gb
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Hacka Doll
5 Special 2 Vivid colours fitting for a virtual world and overall video that even if it doesn't give a clue of what the app is actually is, catches enough attention... for those that are interested. PG-13 7
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
5 TV 12 The pastel scenery doesn’t compensate crying and slow dialogues that are supposed to make me care for the characters. Too much shouting and little thinking make fighting improvements unrealistic; wistful snowy moments are dimmed by fanservice. ★5.5★ PG-13 33
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: Furoagari no Kabe ni Kaketa Seishun - One More Centimeter
2 Special 1 From all episodes to extend, they had to pick the most stupid of them all. How dumb thoughts are shamelessly presented with sacred seriousness reminds me of how the TV series likes to do the same. PG-13 1 EHD 0.2 Gb
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Hakushaku to Yousei
5 TV 12 Pretty concept, good looking characters (although animation is very weak) and a decent start for the two protagonists, but bland development and conclusion. An entertaining watch that, since very little happens, can be forgotten as soon as it's gone. PG-13 5 HD 0.8 Gb
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Hakushaku to Yousei Specials
4 Special 6 Oh, you, the poems and words that speak serenely of heartbreak and squawking in the wind... What is it you wish to tell me? PG-13 211 HD 0.1 Gb
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5 Movie 1 Shiny surface and broken engine. Pretty art and decent concept but the plot is not only slow, it is uncomplete. Based on empty characters, the feelings and development are full of holes. The plot twist manages to surprise, but it does not solve. PG-13 1 EHD 1.1 Gb
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Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken
8 Movie 1 Movement (despite the elegant backgrounds) is awkward, but the characters' uniqueness makes up for it and the story even more so. The unusual treatment of ordinary yet surrealist events builds up in charm as the intrigue goes on and turns. PG-13 1 EHD 1.8 Gb
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Hana yori Dango
7 TV 51 In favour it has defined characterisation and some very exciting episodes; against (old animation overcome) there are also boring parts and stupid decision-making. Either way, for its length the premise's development was unusually solid. PG-13 13 HD 4.5 Gb
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Hana yori Dango (Movie)
4 Movie 1 The drastic change of setting could be deemed as a curiosity worth observing, but that does not apply to the disperse story and the fanservice boost. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Hanasaku Iroha
8 TV 26 Great balance between the attention to the work and the ensuing character development, all prompted by the very energetic, chaotic, determined and wonderful actions of Ohana Matsumae. The setting and story build gradually into a soothing charm. PG-13 23 EHD 12.0 Gb
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Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home
7 Movie 1 Even during the older story that is certainly the film's spice and main appeal, Home Sweet Home doesn't quite reach the emotional significance the series sometimes had. Nonetheless, it has more quality and value than many a side story film. PG-13 6 EHD 0.8 Gb
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
3 TV 6 Forced drama based on affections that start out of nowhere between the underdeveloped and mostly annoying characters. Excluding the decent ED, nonexistent OST and poor animation. Total indifference towards the "touching" story on my part. PG-13 1 EHD 1.0 Gb
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2 TV 12 "It's a harmless show meant to be enjoyed, not be taken seriously! Maybe it tries, be nice with it!" WELL, NO. You're not excused. PG-13 3 HD 0.7 Gb
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Happiness!: Watarase Jun no Kareinaru Ichinichi
1 OVA 1 If the terrible characters, the floppy (and extremely unattractive) animation, the weird mix of daily school, carnivorous plants with magical explosions... if that weren't enough, there's this shameful new idea to watch. And one not so apt to joke about. PG-13 1 HD 0.6 Gb
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5 Movie 1 Curious fantasy behind the song and the dream, but how are the inner worlds of the characters developed in such short time beyond the stereotype? The interest in the mystery is shadowed by its lack of depth. Dull animation, rewarding credits song. ★5.5� PG-13 2 EHD 1.0 Gb
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5 Movie 1 Interesting concepts, philosophically, but dull pace worsened by constrained animation. Questions of relevance to current times are turned boring by plain presentation and characters plus unlikeable aesthetics. Besides the city, obvious CGI ruins it. R+ 2 HD 2.4 Gb
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Hataraku Maou-sama!
4 TV 13 The “domestic” humour remains amusing, however the stupidity grows as characters are randomly thrown in and out. It’s obvious that the emperor won’t conquer the world… because his life doesn’t go anywhere. Neither does the series. PG-13 8 HD 5.2 Gb
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Hatsukoi Limited.
7 TV 12 After a beginning that drove me away, this is not quite just another ecchi. There's something to the individual stories told in turns, and a rare level of accomplishment for a series of the sort. Similarly to the sharp, unusual art... it charmed. PG-13 6 HD 3.4 Gb
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Hatsukoi Limited.: Gentei Shoujo
5 Special 6 The most absurd moments and clichéd ecchi scenarios, but still awkwardly entertaining and with a strangely relevant conclusion. ★5.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Hayate no Gotoku!
4 TV 52 Absurd right from the start but no longer funny from almost there. Ep. 10 is the 1st stupid ep. of many: Boring until the slight improvement of S4, but the lack of development spoils the comedy. ED3 is the best theme. The character is Maria the... steady? PG-13 38 HD 2.8 Gb
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Heart Realize
5 Music 1 I like the song more than Nirvana's, but the animation is even more uninteresting. I think I prefer this ED song in any case. I’m not that fond of either… G 1
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Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko
5 Movie 1 I saw it a long time ago. But at the time, I couldn't get to like the strangely (physically) human tanukis mixed with the demons and phantoms set in a reality very dull in contrast. Most Ghibli works charm, this one stuns. PG
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Hibike! Euphonium
8 TV 13 Finally a series worthy of exemplifying music. Instead of another excuse for club entertainment it becomes the conduct for the passions and decisions of the characters, who make few irrelevant interventions. Glorious animation, beautiful instruments. PG-13 5 EHD 4.7 Gb
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Hibike! Euphonium: Kakedasu Monaka
5 Special 1 Without becoming repeatitive, without making up impossible plotlines, and without being stupid, it gently tells the little endeavors that others were overcoming backstage. But, well, this kind of episode wasn't the one I originally cared for. ★5.5★ PG-13 1 EHD 0.5 Gb
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Hibike! Euphonium: Suisougaku-bu no Nichijou
5 Special 7 The usual goofy short scenes, with two small differences: 1) They happen to answer some irrelevant questions I thought of during the series and 2) if you try, the last episode gives you enough to learn about something with a certain realism. PG-13 1 EHD 0.2 Gb
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Higashi no Eden
6 TV 11 With a Western atmosphere, film references and numerous other rarities, it was enjoyable. But the catch grew strong and its final deliver consists of very disperse charac. development, social theme ambiguity and dubious explanations for mass-scaled plans. R 1 EHD 3.2 Gb
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Higashi no Eden Movie I: The King of Eden
3 Movie 1 The music's blatant turn for the worse is a minor reason among those why this sequel is so poor. Coming up with whatever to justify anything makes a story incredibly boring. The previous character development is lost and the new one is mostly pointless. PG-13 4 HD 1.9 Gb
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Higashi no Eden Movie II: Paradise Lost
5 Movie 1 I didn't dislike the TV series despite its flaws (which would earn it 5/10 at the most) and II has some of that, but besides a better pace it doesn't salvage much else. Doubts continue to pile up and the ending is, for the 3rd time, far from satisfactory. PG-13 2 HD 2.1 Gb
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Higashi no Eden: Air Communication
4 Movie 1 As a recap it's in fact truly not so bad. The series is summarised completely but without major weariness & the new voiceover is acceptable. However it's now when I see the old content as little more than chaotic & this gets the low score instead. ★4.5� PG-13 1 HD 2.5 Gb
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High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days
4 Movie 1 In one word: boring. In more words: there are decent events in the second half, but the majority of the movie is dedicated to the ordinary scenes and camaraderie that already emptied the 2nd season. Nothing fundamental to the plot. ★4.5★ PG-13 6 HD 0.6 Gb
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Hinata no Aoshigure
5 Movie 1 Likeable art for a work of this sort, but with a not-so-likeable protagonist. It would've been decent, but the final flying among trains and birds finally made me loose interest. Its format is what makes it the most appealing, the cover the eye-catch. PG 1
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Hirune Hime: Shiranai Watashi no Monogatari
3 Movie 1 Is this a technologically advanced cards ad? Tokyo 2020 propaganda? Advertisement for iPads!? Whatever its commercial purpose may be, it doesn't have even half the amount of use, meaning, sense nor anything besides many kinds of "What for?" ★3.5★ PG-13 2 HD 0.7 Gb
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Hisone to Maso-tan
8 TV 12 4th ep. onwards, Hisomaso tore down every one of my misgivings about it. Once focused on character development it turns delightful, fully applying its abundant freshness. I absolutely love the voice acting, ED, personalities and the "Masotaaan!". ★8.5� PG-13 11 EHD 4.1 Gb
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5 Special 1 A longer, more detailed form of manga advertising. Being more "short and sweet" than poorly made it isn't unpleasant to watch, but it shows a portion of beginning too small to attain any substance. ★5.5★ PG-13 1 EHD 0.2 Gb
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Hiyokoi (2012)
3 ONA 3 A complete mockery. Three specials that don't contribute to the previous OVA in any way and only recap what has already been told (with worse animation) and advertise the manga with a few stills and very little else. G 1
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6 Music 1 Rather plain visually despite the attempts at making an interesting contrast between the selves, but there's in the voice a modulation adjusted to the story being told that does catch my attention. PG-13 1
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Honobono Log
5 TV 10 During the first four episodes I found its simplicity too stupid to reach a positive outcome, but how the later episodes focus on a very personal personal trait has a charm. I especially liked the girl of world-less reactions. G 23
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Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
6 Movie 1 It has all the settings and legends necessary for me to highlight it, yet its development is intriguing but hardly satisfying. Like a potpourri that takes from many better sources, it has the means but the results are often forced or disappointing. PG-13 5 EHD 1.0 Gb
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Hotaru no Haka
7 Movie 1 A weight on one's heart. Pungently effective at uncovering the rays of home with tenacity, to bury them back in the dust. PG-13
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Hotarubi no Mori e
9 Movie 1 It isn't often that a story short in both duration and reach within the setting becomes so fulfilling. Hotarubi no Mori e develops a relationship quietly but steadily, and it brings the calm of a bright forest. G 1 EHD 0.4 Gb
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Hourou Musuko
8 TV 11 A truly unique series in every sense. Filled with subtleties, it dives into topics anime rarely touch realistically and despite its soft and young appearance, it develops into a mature story about growing up. PG-13 2 EHD 3.9 Gb
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Hourou Musuko Specials
8 Special 2 An extension of episode 10 of the TV series into episodes 10 and 11, making the total 12. No unnecessary scenes, every minute only highlights the characters uniqueness even more. Beautiful OP and ED from the series. PG-13 1 EHD 1.5 Gb
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Houseki no Kuni
8 TV 12 Though irregularly, potential is not wasted and the series proceeds with variety and ambition. The scattered legends need putting together, but are otherwise satisfactory. It's probably the first time I find CG animation to be a benefit to the story. PG-13 52 HD 4.9 Gb
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Houseki no Kuni PV
6 ONA 1 It's a good representative of the series that came later on, it is interestingly animated, it makes good use of music and increased the interest I had from art and synopsis. Isn't that perfectly enough? PG-13 1
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Howl no Ugoku Shiro
10 Movie 1 My favorite animation film of all times. Beautiful story and animation, endearing setting and characters. Many memorable scenes and infinite re-watch value. G
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9 TV 22 Houtarou's refreshing personality and philosophy are inspiring. All characters play their part, and the mystery is combined splendidly with their daily lives. The best cultural festival I've seen in anime, and high quality animation. PG-13 7 HD 6.1 Gb
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Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa
6 OVA 1 The mandatory aquatic episode handled with more skill than usual, despite focusing on a rather irrelevant mystery and with a lack of Houtarou's charisma. Won't his sister's face ever appear? ★6.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Iblard Jikan
6 OVA 1 A moving canvas. Each shot is extremely detailed with a unique style, accompanied by subtle movement that keeps the eyes' attention. While there's no noticeable story, the brief scenes are an extra delight. Any more of this world would be welcome. G 12 EHD 1.3 Gb
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Ichigo 100%
3 TV 12 The set example for any harem that prioritises fitting in panty shots in any absurd way possible, with a story led by a useless male having a sort of relationship with many girls and none of them ever accounting to anything. The germ and origin. PG-13 4 HD 0.9 Gb
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Ichigo 100% OVA
2 OVA 4 And this is where “more of the same” is modified with an extra topping of gross. At those early times, the unfortunate of having watched Ichigo 100% still hadn’t sunk in. With this, it did. PG-13 2 HD 0.4 Gb
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Ichigo 100% Special 2
4 Special 1 I had completely forgotten about this one. But once remembered, it focuses on the character of Yui with better results than the whole main series. Perhaps the least preposterous of the specials. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Ichigo 100%: Koi ga Hajimaru?! Satsuei Gasshuku - Yureru Kokoro ga Higashi e Nishi e
3 Special 1 It caught my attention how the character designs were slightly different. I can’t say anything else did. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Ijime: Ikenie no Kyoushitsu
3 OVA 1 Taking varied stories about bullying, this one certainly isn't among the best ones. Considering its 12 minutes characters could be expected to be plain but the art is dreadful and voice acting poor. PG-13 1 EHD 0.1 Gb
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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Picture Drama
6 Special 6 A bit less insubstantial than the Yune & Alice specials: It has more of a story but still told with slow speed and far from all the shorts are entertaining. G 341 HD 0.3 Gb
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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation
7 TV 12 It's another series with a premise that never reaches the height of its potential, but it was more than good enough to see. The cultural appeal is overrun by cutesy, but it maintained the interest of the historical setting and a peculiar autumn feel. G 6 HD 3.3 Gb
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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation: Ongakkai "Récital"
6 Special 1 A one-episode story that isn’t any worse to those in the TV series’ main twelve since, despite not offering essential development, this special maintains the same atmosphere and provides a particularly beautiful song. G 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: Yune & Alice
5 Special 7 Alice and Yune, simply drawn, show still images or moments taken from the TV series. The special amounts to little more than a part recap/part informative recollection. G 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
5 TV 10 The rare peculiarity of a different Jap. accent is noteworthy, as are some speeches of Inari's that provide enjoyable scenes and sweet moments. But there are also foolish choices and a variety of plot holes, with an especially convenient and dull last ep. PG-13 5 EHD 3.7 Gb
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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.: Inari, Konkon, Semishigure.
4 OVA 1 11th episode that is only brave enough to go back to in-between events previous to the 10th. It shows rather well how pointlessly annoying children can be… but also why it’s easy to overlook their behaviour, I guess. Uka’s brother is a nuisance. PG-13 2 EHD 0.3 Gb
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4 Movie 1 Car conversations and philosophical quotes get the exclusive in this search for a culprit in which the origin's incognita is turned pointless. The memory of the Major is constantly brought up but she & the 1st film’s care for meaning are gone. ★4.5★ R 5 EHD 11.5 Gb
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Inu x Boku SS
6 TV 12 It is a trap of pretty designs, weird personalities and unrealistic behaviour: as such it develops for a while as carelessly as it’s predicted to, but at the end it gets serious enough to surprise. PG-13 5 HD 1.4 Gb
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Inu x Boku SS Special
7 Special 1 Inu x Boku. A never-stale, rapid succession of Inu x Boku's characteristic humour, a peculiarity that (in some cases) is what made it fun. Besides the many things that happen, it doesn’t ignore the TV series’ conclusion point but continues from it. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
5 TV 12 If taken lightly, random anime with average plot but some funny moments and particularly enjoyable characters, considering how they fulfill the stereotypes of their corresponding animals. Pretty design and expressive voice acting, new cats & dogs story. PG-13 1
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Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san: Nekoyama-san to Onsen Ryokou
3 Special 1 Of course, like in none of the TV episodes was included a trip to the hot springs, that had to happen in the special. Lame, exaggerated and forced comedy. Was the animation always that deformed and shabby? PG-13 1
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InuYasha Movie 1: Toki wo Koeru Omoi
5 Movie 1 I watched this movie at a time so long ago that I still didn’t know what “anime” was. For that I was fascinated by the blatantly different visual style, but I can still recall that the story was subpar. PG-13 1
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IS: Infinite Stratos
5 TV 12 A series I enjoyed a lot in my early days of anime. I found the girls and their nationalities amusing and their contrast a good device. However that doesn't change that Ichika is a perfect candidate for useless harem lead and the plot is very limited. PG-13 11 HD 2.1 Gb
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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 - Hitonatsu no Omoide
3 OVA 1 Ep. 1 from S2 is included whole, curious how regularly I end up watching eps. of series I've dropped twice. Anything I could say about the OVA (except the reason why I watched it), would be predictable. So would be mentioning the lead's blatant stupidity. R+ 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 - World Purge-hen
4 OVA 1 During this OVA the girls' fantasies around Ichika (who evolves from useless to jerk) go further than in all S1, and possibly S2. Of course, it is all virtual. I don't know why they still try to merge in any plot. And Charlotte, you disappoint me. R+ 1 HD 1.1 Gb
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IS: Infinite Stratos Encore - Koi ni Kogareru Rokujuusou
5 OVA 1 The girls' alliances at Ichika's house were most entertaining. The festival turns out uninteresting, with bolder fanservice and enough attention given to Houki to tell that she'd be Ichika's hypothetical and predictable choice. Notice the conditional. R+ 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Isshuukan Friends.
5 TV 12 Pretty art and beautiful OP and ED themes (the opening is animated particularly well) plus a good initial premise, but actual development of both story and characters is weak, the slow-paced plot becomes average and drama is undue and little relatable. PG-13 111 HD 3.7 Gb
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Isshuukan Friends. Specials
4 Special 12 Now that, from watching this, the TV series appears in my memory as insubstantial in its dull musings and slow in taking any kind of action as these specials, I wonder how I went through all of it... PG-13 1
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Isshuukan Friends.: Tomodachi to no Omoide
4 Special 1 The same I wrote for the (recap) specials applies to this extra (recap) episode. With an increase of the drowsiness effects thanks to Saki’s voice. PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Itazura na Kiss
5 TV 25 Excellent choice if you want a story about what happens after the initial immature dating, and undeniably enjoyable to watch despite the incredibly oldish animation. But the two protagonists and the morals are ignominious; the ending is aggravating. PG-13 10 HD 1.9 Gb
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Joukamachi no Dandelion
5 TV 12 This is a curious case. Conventional and unimpressive in many ways, but heartwarming in the end. The family setting as the basis for all relationships brings forward some refreshing moments, even if simple. Nice mini-story format. ★5.5★ PG-13 83 HD 1.3 Gb
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Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
8 Movie 1 Its apparent simplicity is the front cover of a deeper story that delves into its characters meaningfully, going through its variety accompanied by a soundtrack both piercing and gentle. This beautiful tale is not just that: it transcends. G 2
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
8 TV 26 Common approaches and a lingering, unnecessary discord between the protagonists make it not flawless, but now it shows how hard it is to find a series of the genre at this level. High chemistry and enjoyment factor. PG-13 7 HD 10.4 Gb
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Goshujinsama to Asonjao♥
5 Special 1 Numerous retakes of the lines spoken by the characters in actual scenes from the series... once modified. And other examples of absurd humour. ★5.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Omake dayo!
7 Special 1 Not long and focused on less relevant parts, but after having no more episodes left to watch this special was a nice final bit of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! to see before the series became the past. PG-13 1 HD 0.3 Gb
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Kaleido Star
8 TV 51 There are boring parts and some characters behave inconsistently, but Sora's personality and her acrobatics were great to watch. The whole is topped with a wonderful ending. ★8.5★ PG-13 12 HD 5.2 Gb
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Kaleido Star: Aratanaru Tsubasa - Extra Stage
6 OVA 1 It wasn't as dumb a special as many are, but it seemed incomplete and as a result not very relevant. PG 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Kaleido Star: Good da yo! Goood!!
5 OVA 1 Some funny bits, but mostly boring and very poorly animated. Clearly unnecessary. Still, amusing credits. G 1 HD 0.1 Gb
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Kaleido Star: Legend of Phoenix - Layla Hamilton Monogatari
8 OVA 1 A deserving, detailed story dedicated to an important character. It successfully reviews Layla's inner development during her journey, reviewing her past and future before the good conclusion. PG 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
8 TV 12 God of Conquest Mode... Activated! This series contains some blatantly hilarious scenes, and despite being lighthearted it's not (little clichés aside) typical—in fact, despite its aura of normality, some parts stand out as original. PG-13 2 HD 2.6 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
8 TV 12 This series holds the privilege of being watched in one day, therefore the fact that it was fun is certain. PG-13 1 HD 2.2 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: 4-nin to Idol
6 OVA 1 The wannabe idols take the stage, so that's not as fun. Nonetheless a decent extra episode. PG-13 1 HD 0.2 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Flag 0
6 OVA 1 A brief introduction that combines the style of a PV and a “0” episode, taking the liberty of creating differences with the TV series also showing bits never seen, effectively previewing the craziness to come. PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Natsu-iro Surprise
5 Music 1 Idol-ish to the core. Not a compliment. PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Nonstop!! Hunters
6 Music 1 It’s simply a noisy song matched with animated bits that define the two “hunter girls”, in a tune fitting for the series’ mood. But it’s good at that. ★6.5★ PG-13 1 HD 0.0 Gb
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Tenri-hen
7 OVA 2 A special edition, thorough OVA dedicated to a girl that so far had mostly appeared in sample art. Still funny, mostly thanks to the protagonist. PG-13 1 HD 0.5 Gb
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Kamichama Karin
5 TV 26 What seems an extremely dull premise becomes an oddly serious story with very enjoyable middle episodes and unthinkable plot twists, but the final events were an excessive jumble. Nice ED songs but some of the VAs were unbearable. PG-13 10 HD 1.4 Gb
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5 ONA 1 This short can't, most certainly, be blamed for lack of content. And the content it does have can't be marked as forgettable, either. But coherent? Likeable beyond premise appeal? Those may be another matter. PG-13 1
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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
6 OVA 1 Short film subtitled as Their Standing Points which is Makoto Shinkai's second work and tells the story of a cat (voiced by himself) and his owner, as in the posterior Someone's Gaze. It gives a good message, which however lacks impact. G 1
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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
6 TV 4 This is a new version or continuation of an existing title that I do find useful. The soft-coloured scenarios go with the quiet thoughts of the cat, perfectly describing his tranquil life and his struggles to help in the best way... ★6.5★ G 2 EHD 0.2 Gb
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Kanon (2006)
7 TV 24 Beautiful, quiet snow... animated with staggeringly high quality. Kanon contains some great scenes within anime, but it also suffers the Key arc syndrome: its divisions temporarily vanish the rest of the characters. It was, nonetheless, a pleasure. ★7.5 PG-13 8 HD 8.5 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei
5 Movie 1 You are only a part of a whole, I know. But despite the good atmosphere that matches the sharp, cold visuals, the introductory bits given aren't enough to keep this individual plot afloat. However I remain interested, if not more. R 2 EHD 0.7 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen)
7 Movie 1 Aided by sublime foggy scenarios, unfolding Shiki (who her VA skillfully doubles) and focusing less on the slippery supernatural grants the plot a purpose. The last minutes touch the poetic, closing with a willowy song that samples Kalafina’s eeriness. R 1 EHD 0.7 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu
5 Movie 1 Again, long isolated case that reveals few facts of use to the whole. Better execution than #1, but this time’s displeasing topic loses its double side to attacker/victim. Hopefully, the chronological dismounting will move on to a stage more promising. R+ 1 EHD 0.7 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 4: Garan no Dou
6 Movie 1 Little by little, the story progresses at collecting and putting together the fundamental pieces that form the characters’ selves. Even if it disperses itself with abstractionisms, it is worth noting the pace it achieves in such a reduced setting. R 1 EHD 0.7 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen
8 Movie 1 At last, narrative is on par with the artistic. Even if the villain’s motivations force solutions more complicated than necessary, the intriguingly intricate story creates links with other films and within itself, giving sense to what seemed pointless. R 3 EHD 1.4 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 6: Boukyaku Rokuon
6 Movie 1 I like the song less, but the OST is one of the most noticeable, with strong points and wise sound manipulation. The story is more common (siblings aside) & its conclusion unconvincing, but the astounding use of light and colour flashes all throughout. R 1 HD 0.5 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Kou)
7 Movie 1 Content is too unpleasant for my tastes, but the overall is wrapped by a thoughtful story and the always astounding visual narrative. Less distant character development would’ve beneffited the series, but it proves to be an intriguing journey. ★7.5★ R 1 EHD 1.5 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai 8: Shuushou
5 Special 1 The very core of Shiki’s character is passed on to the next owner like dice in a game. Animation is average for the first time, and there is heavy focus on those frequent dialogues of interesting but unclarifying lines, and with need for a leap of faith PG-13 1 EHD 1.0 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai Remix: Gate of Seventh Heaven
6 Movie 1 Like a neon collage, with little new content this movie conforms a remix that doesn't result dull, but pleasant with its sound composition (and useful for those troubled by the chronological disorder). R 5 EHD 1.1 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai: Manner Movies
3 Movie 7 The music saves these shorts that are otherwise, despite their original but unlikeable production methods, not too successful in its humorous attempts and overly random with its Type/Moon parade. G 1
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Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin
6 Movie 1 The unusual character variety somewhat leads to a lack of closing, but as another adventure this is one of the most dynamic. The dialogues and perspectives offer an entertaining film, with my interest in the narrative aided by time jumping. R 2 EHD 0.9 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Extra Chorus
6 Special 1 KnK doesn’t waste time with its extras. Almost a simpler mini movie, it reveals the whereabouts of characters whose episodes are past, and by merging the plots it develops side stories not devoid of interest. The daily simplicity is slow, but kind. R 1 EHD 0.3 Gb
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Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Manner Movie
3 Movie 1 This isn't the Shiki I know! In more than one way, behaviour the main. I'm sure, or I hope, that making the short was more enriching than watching it. ★3.5★ G 1
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
5 TV 26 And this is one of those cases when I look back on the conspicuous and honest initial episodes, and I wonder... why? Why the waste? Maybe I could forgive those cardboard fillers in the middle, but not the blatant inconclusive copy-paste that is the end. PG-13 21 HD 1.8 Gb
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Karigurashi no Arrietty
8 Movie 1 It belongs to a different phase of Ghibli's works, but it is no less worthy. A dreamland of a midget setting and a soundtrack from a different line, strongly vibrant but tranquil, deliver another fantasy of a very special nature. G 1
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Karneval (PV)
3 OVA 1 This is very similar to a fan made AMV, with the visuals not matching the music. A summary of the first episodes? Why? Certainly not very inviting to watch the TV series itself. PG-13 1
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Kawaki wo Ameku
7 Music 1 Referring to the music, sometimes loud and repetitive instrumentals overrun in parts the much more notorious appeal and strengths of the singing voice. As for visual accompaniment of the music, the results are quite excellent. Great use of shapes. PG-13 1
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
9 Movie 1 Disquieting, unmistakable and resolute, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a wonderful story of the seek for a strength in a dying world, led by one of the best female characters and accompanied by unforgettable music tracks. PG-13 EHD 0.0 Gb
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Kaze no Toori Michi
5 Music 1 The scenery you could see in a Ghibli movie, a song that isn't displeasing but doesn't make the difference and a story that even in sketches, has already been seen. Not memorable, neither as good nor as bad. G 1
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Kaze Tachinu
7 Movie 1 Different to other Ghibli films, it focuses more on fantasy from real life's viewpoint. The story I found stiff initially proved to be authentic instead after a re-watch. OST has good themes, but too similar to others by the studio. PG-13 1
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Kekkai Sensen
6 TV 12 Bizarre setting melds with artistic extravagancies, enveloped by a shiny jazz OST. I loved that. All it needed to be a step above, but a linking plot. If it had tried just a bit harder to make sense out of itself, I would’ve forgiven its flaws ★5.5★ R 88
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Kekkai Sensen: Ousama no Restaurant no Ousama
7 OVA 1 This is, again, the bizarre, absolutely extravagant and nonsensical humour, combined with the most incoherent sequences of action and violence. The same mixture that was widely sprinkled in the series and often hindered it. But here... it works. ★6.5★ R 1
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Kekkai Sensen: Soresaemo Saitei de Saikou na Hibi
5 Special 1 Although it starts with what could be a different viewpoint, and with the lack of explanation usual in this series, it only returns to that presentation at the end and becomes a standard recap in between. R 1
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Kill la Kill
9 TV 24 Clichés and absurdities skillfully put together to create something new, a splendid parody with lots of charming characters and impressive plot twists. Memorable use of music contributes to take the humour and drama to a different, engaging level. PG-13 10 EHD 7.7 Gb
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Kill la Kill Specials
6 Special 2 Weaker plot to back up the events, but the OVA follows the series' habit of clearing any minimal loose ends that I personally appreciate, and either way it's still Kill la Kill, with the 2nd OP in all its glory and a very fine conclusion to offer. R 1 EHD 1.1 Gb
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Kimi ni Todoke
9 TV