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Days: 121.5
Mean Score: 5.38
  • Total Entries606
  • Rewatched61
  • Episodes7,463
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Mar 24, 3:04 PM
Completed 28/28 · Scored 8
Mind Game
Mind Game
Dec 19, 2023 6:21 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Dec 17, 2023 10:16 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
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Days: 57.0
Mean Score: 4.90
  • Total Entries230
  • Reread3
  • Chapters8,614
  • Volumes623
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Hanninmae no Koibito
Hanninmae no Koibito
Jul 1, 2023 10:28 AM
Dropped 3/? · Scored -
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Apr 20, 2023 3:55 PM
Dropped 400/? · Scored -
Sensei wa Koi wo Oshierarenai
Sensei wa Koi wo Oshierarenai
Jun 13, 2022 7:27 AM
Dropped 8/47 · Scored -

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Gotanon Dec 10, 2021 3:48 PM
Alright, get well soon! Hopefully corona-chan isn't being too tsun tsun with you.
Gotanon Dec 9, 2021 8:35 AM
just dropping by to say hi
Gotanon Aug 20, 2021 9:34 PM
Happy birthday kapo!
Cat_of_Anodyne Nov 10, 2020 12:09 PM
Hello! Your comment on my profile had stood as the only one until today and as I have been updating my profile and attempting reviews again, seeing it still makes me laugh. For some bizarre reason the review you were commenting on has been culled from my profile, but I can still remember my analogy for the romance between Kirito and Asuna thanks to you... Your blog appears very competent, but it's a shame you haven't submitted a review here since 2015. We need more needle-esque reviews in the HUGE pile of lifeless, repetitive hay that is the level of criticism on myanimelist :)
tsog Sep 23, 2020 9:42 PM
Is that a sign of your age or upbringing?
Well, High Score Girl makes me feel young :D

Hmm... I'm probably older than people think but younger than they guess

The latter

Ya rly
Maybe to you only. She's consistently inconsistent (reliably unreliable?)
tsog Sep 13, 2020 10:12 PM
I just want to play the same 10 games from my childhood all day but I gotta give new shit a chance (I say as I play through Pokémon Silver for the umpteenth time).
Just finished a half-translated indie VN, sucks the rest isn't available.

I can understand (imagine?) the feeling, too bad I didn't have many video games in my childhood. Maybe that's why I couldn't get into High Score Girl.

You really do seem to watch (or try) pretty much anything. Is it ever worth it?
A lot of things aren't worth it in life, but at least anime is free

Occasionally I find something interesting, but only occasionally. Netflix for whatever reason though, really loves CGI, sci-fi, and boxing.

She's pretty reliable on a schedule
O rly
tsog Sep 2, 2020 9:45 PM
You don't have their numbers or anything?
We aren't close enough to hang out outside of work. Certainly not close enough for people to want to leave their quarantine bubble and meet up during these times.

I feel this hardcore.
I just want to play my Steam backlog all day but I gotta do work or get laid off

Literally just added 20+ titles to my "Anime Due for a Rewatch" list, lmao. I am digging my own grave.
Same. I finally got into someone else's shared Netflix account and there's like 60+ shows to watch. I'll be a year+ behind simulcast again.

...and I still haven't got around to rewatch Code Geass like I wanted to since years ago.
tsog Aug 28, 2020 10:08 PM
Not sure what you mean by this. Outside the film? Well, it was horribly panned by critics and audiences, and bombed at the box office. Not exactly something that people would be proud to be a part of, probably.
Yeah that. Kinda surprised this many stars signed up for it in the first place.

It has made working retail a lot more irritating.

Retail sure got more dangerous with combative customers.

What about you?
WFH since March. Probably won't see my coworkers again till next year, if ever, given that some companies are already allowing for indefinite WFH.

It's more flexible but not as productive. Miss the office environment (and the free snacks). Easier to slack off due to being at home all day.

On the whole watching a lot more anime than before. Maybe I'll finally conquer my backlog and catch up to the current season.... yeah, wishful thinking.
tsog Aug 25, 2020 9:59 PM

I haven't seen either, but I read that Taylor Swift is in it as a CGI cat? And that none of the stars talk about the show.

How's the pandemic treating ya?
tsog Aug 22, 2020 9:39 PM
Did the bad shit help? Was it the live-action equivalent of Mars of Destruction?
tsog Aug 21, 2020 9:55 PM
Hahaha-happy birthday

(Yeah I know I'm late)
Gotanon May 5, 2020 11:03 PM
"I guess the video didn't work, lol. I've got a good streak going where I don't eat like garbage and I get up off the computer and pace around for, like, 40-60 minutes a couple times a day. A little bit of fasting here and there doesn't hurt, either. What exactly would you constitute as "being productive"? I'd consider watching and writing about anime constructive, but not many others would."

I have the opposite problem, I should be eating a lot more. Also exercise with more regularity... that's definitely one of the many things I should really already be doing.

I haven't put any real thought on what I would consider "being productive" now that you mention it. ...Eh, I guess for a long while I was operating more or less under the mindset that if you're not earning money in whatever you're putting your heart and soul into then you're wasting your time (yet I never bothered charging people money for my art ...especially considering when the kind of money that low effort stuff gets nowadays). At some point I realized that was quite the wrong mindset to have, at least when it comes to writing. I figured that simply acquiring critical thinking skills from reading (or listening to podcasts and whathaveyou) isn't enough, you have to actually jot your thoughts down onto paper for your consciousness to really expand, so to speak. Well, I do say that but I haven't exactly been doing much of that either lol.

So yeah, I agree that writing about anime is a constructive use of one's time; to whatever degree that might be.

" Assuming you're not lying/fucking with me, I don't see much issue with doing that. Just don't expect to reel in the most puritan people, lol."

Well, I was only half-joking really. I remember reading a long while back about sitting all day long-term being fairly detrimental to one's health, perhaps even comparable to smoking or something. As for being a "Mod", I've been given some moderation powers but not full access. For what I can do, there were never any official requirements made of me, other than to know what I am doing. I can just clean up the site at my own pace, even go months at a time without doing anything if I'd care. As for coming across people who are "not exactly puritan"? haha, well, let's just say that pretty much regardless of what you're into there's always certain folk around who will make you realize that you're actually a good upstanding Christian.

" I disagree. There was a period maybe a year ago when I was writing content once every two days. Now the pace is more like every 4-5 days. March is an exception, as I put a stipulation on myself to watch a film every day and write a review on it for the blog. Outside that, I really don't write as much as I used to. Well, my game job also has me write, so maybe that compensates? "

I was half-expecting a response like this, haha. It really shows how long I haven't been around here...

As for the whole demon slayer bit: They're most certainly one-dimensional, but I remember some spider demons later on received some backstory for how they ended up that way. There was also that stoic yandere (or whatever archetype one would call her, i can't recall) slayer with dead eyes who also didn't remain as that static character. I don't know if I'll actually end up making a review for it, It's already been a few months and I don't think I even finished it either.

I have, however, actually been trying to write a review for Zombieland Saga since I finished it last week. I wrote like 500 words or something and then stopped, the words are just not coming to me. (; ´Д`)

" P.S. How much are you drawing nowadays? "

Not much. Not much of anything at least compared to 2015/16. I almost completely dropped off in 2018 and have since then in these last 2 years only drawn what would amount to only a month's worth of work in 2015. I sorta started picking up the pace up back again just like 10 days ago or so. If I keep it up, I think I'll actually be finishing pieces more regularly rather than just making sketches that are discarded or just never see the light of day. Regardless, it's still been 5 years and I feel I should have made a helleva lot more progress by now.

My latest finished piece (just a quickie) is what I'm currently using as a profile pic. It's the medium-functioning autist from zombieland saga, btw.
Gotanon Apr 26, 2020 10:41 PM
" That seems to be a common theme for most, lol. I definitely try to get some artistic stuff in, but it's easy to kick back and relax while being home all day. "

Yeah, I figured that, what I mean is I've even been doing it rather consciously (?). I mean, I still haven't gotten off my ass even after a while back having watched a Jordan Peterson video on this very topic of wasting time and it being the most valuable resource and what have you. Hopefully I'll get rid of the rest of these bad habits and get all of my shit together some time in the near future.

"Since we last spoke, I've become an editor/HR manager for an online gaming publication called KeenGamer, which is where I put a lot of my work into (outside irl work). It's required a lot from me and keeps my life a little busier, which is nice (not nice for my weight, though; lots of sitting, lmao)."

Ah, I can relate, I'm getting ass cancer from all the sitting I have to do all day moderating a hentai site.

Where were we? ...Oh yeah, Demon Slayer.

I took a second dig through your blog earlier (now past march) and finally stumbled across your blog post on it buried in there. You've been writing quite a lot in recent time.

Getting on with it, you summed up my thoughts on it for the early episodes, especially the part where 2 years of scared-forehead boy's development is skipped. Except, though I obviously value the "show, don't tell" approach, the abundant exposition typical of shounen like this doesn't faze me anywhere near as much as it does with you, it seems. So anyway, since I'm so detached from the anime community, I barely heard it being mentioned until it almost finished airing and came in just having the expectation of it being nothing more than the standard shonen fare. And, though the narrative is still rather lackluster overall, I was actually caught off-guard multiple times. I was pleasantly surprised when the demons didn't just remain as little more than saturday morning cartoon villains. Although, even though the author did come up with some down-to-earth backstories for them, maybe the already consistent and largely sympathetic light that is casted upon them throughout the show makes it rather unnecessary/redundant.

Yet, all at the same time, the few positives the show has were simultaneously being offsetted by bowl-cut boy... he is not quite there at the point of aggravation i guess, but annoying enough that dropping the show outright was something that crossed my mind on several occasions. The author tried way too hard to subvert expectations with his character and the result was quite heavy-handed and well, obnoxious like I said earlier. Along with this orange pikachu were a few stupid moments that together made me question whether Demon Slayer was written by two different people or if the author just had a brain tumor while writing this shit. One was this scene with mute-waifu-bait girl and some other demon girl were kicking a supposedly deadly ball back and forth like they were playing soccer or something. It was asinine enough to remind me of Attack on Titan, and you know how it takes itself way too seriously when the enemies in the story are giant zombie-like-stupid people that do their best moe blob impression. And obviously, the other things adding to this frustration are like the usual power ranger acrobatic feats coupled with the impossible durability that laughs at human vulnerability, continuing to stand and resolving the conflict through sheer will power. You know, all the usual gripes with shonen that I think we both share.

That last rambling aside, Demon Slayer admittedly reached a point where I don't think I'm going to be saying that it's ultimately nothing but mindless entertainment... At least for now since it seems like the story is actually going to go somewhere.

Also, holy moly, it almost feels like I'm writing a review of the show already.
Gotanon Apr 23, 2020 4:19 PM
They've been treating me quite well only, for the longest time now I've had all the time in the world to do whatever it is that I want but I still end up wasting most of it. Other than not taking advantage of my n337 status as much as I should have, I got rid of my depression back in 2016 and have since been pretty happy actually.

So, what about you, how have you been doing?

Gotanon Apr 22, 2020 10:13 PM
just dropping by to say hi.

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