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Jun 16, 2015
In the beginning. Once upon a time. It was a warm, Summer day. These three phrases have something in common: they all begin a story.

The beginning of the story is essential in many ways. What may be the most important is the way it hooks the reader. If a reader is not intrigued within the first few paragraphs, they feel inclined to satisfy their interests elsewhere. This is also why a synopsis serves well in portraying the story before the story has even begun. The key factor within all of this is interest. Interest in the story, its characters, and what a story has to read more
Apr 14, 2015
Metroid (Manga) add (All reviews)
The Metroid series made history when they decided to make their lone, warrior-esque main character a woman. Up to that point, no other game series had had a female protagonist as prominent as Samus Aran. Nintendo had created another legendary character to fight alongside Mario, Link, and various other characters in their video game hierarchy. With this new character came added pressure to give her a backstory worthy of her base appearance as a silent hunter. An attempt to make her more human, despite her robotic appearance. An official manga was created almost twenty years after her first appearance to reveal the tale of Samus read more
Dec 14, 2014
I remember a time in anime where death was anything but concrete, specifically in battle shounen. One could die, but just as easily be brought back to life through, say, magic or star-plated spheres. However, in recent memory, anime fans have shifted that notion in the opposite direction. They had hungered for a more serious, more damning approach to the shounen genre. One where the characters' status within the anime meant nothing for their security in battle. Most of all, when and if they were to fall, they would stay fallen. Luckily, anime fans got what they had hoped for... with Shingeki no Kyojin.

The anime read more
Nov 4, 2014
Something that I find fairly interesting about Sakura Trick is the title itself. What comes to mind when "Sakura Trick" is uttered? Sakura, which is a flower with a lovely shade of bright pink, and trick, a fake-out of sorts, which may contain mischievous undertones. What was the inspiration for the name of this title? Every time I see this title, I can't help but feel like I'm about to stumble upon a beautiful disaster, or a "sakura-colored trick," if you will. Of course, the term "trick" can also be defined in other ways, but for the purpose of stating an argument, the previously stated read more
Sep 26, 2014
Some critics argue that the most integral part of a story is the climax. It displays the turning point of a certain situation that had been building up from previous events (or episodes) in an attempt to evoke a certain emotion or reaction from the audience. Whether or not this is the most integral part of a story, most would agree that the climax, in most cases, overall helps the story in overall worth. One should also keep in mind that what causes the climax to become as integral as it could be is essential in understanding how a good story works. A story is read more
Jun 27, 2014
It's not uncommon for one to wish themselves out of a certain situation. Whether it be from an instinctual desire for a grander lifestyle or the pursuit of happiness, one's desires vary from person to person. This may also be what appeals to many who are fans of roleplaying or out of body experiences. The desire for what one cannot have has driven many to madness, and this topic has been used by many forms of entertainment over the years. What No Game No Life does with this topic is shows what can be accomplished when the main character takes what he has learned and read more
Jun 21, 2014
The driving spirit behind any production is the appeal it provides to others. What anime has done well over the past few years is provide a diverse selection of animated stories (although unbalanced) to those with a stubborn mindset. Every year, hundreds of anime titles spanning all sorts of genres are released to the public, providing entertainment for those who tip their fancy to mystery, action, sci-fi, mecha, slice of life, and especially ecchi-comedies. One of the aforementioned genres, slice of life, was nothing but a concept ten years ago. Now, it's become one of the mainstay forms of entertainment among anime titles. To those read more
May 15, 2014
As one grows accustomed to their surroundings, it is only natural for one to gradually accept their surroundings. Whether this be from a humanistic need to conform or an unconditional surrender to one's current knowledge, those with an isolated background are at a complete disadvantage when it comes to tasks outside of their range of comfort. This isolation takes place in Alyosha, a story of a girl of the same name raised to be the ultimate assassin, only knowing a world of battle and wits. When her country suddenly cuts all ties with her, she's left with only one mission, a mission she's doomed to read more
Mar 30, 2014
When everything is said and done, anime only has one purpose: to entertain. If it fails to do so, it is deemed exactly so, and those who strive to create such entertainment shy away from the subject as a result. On the contrary, if a single anime is deemed so entertaining by the masses that they are willing to rip each other to pieces in order to get a glimpse of what more could be done with the series, those who strive to create such entertainment might feel pressured into doing so out of obligation and greed, rather than for the intended purpose. While this read more
Feb 18, 2014
Some people say that the best way to solve a problem concerning internal conflict is to talk to someone about it. Whether this proves true or not is to be decided by those with said conflicts, but even so, who should one of these people talk to in order to ease their conscience? Friends, family, strangers, celebrities? These are all likely possibilities, but what is debatably the most regarded choice in the matter is the local psychiatrist. People believe that because psychiatrists have a degree in psychology or study in the field of human development and interactions that they'd make a suitable choice to fix read more