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Yuru Yuri
Yuru Yuri
Yesterday, 9:14 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Maou-sama, "Petit" Retry!
Maou-sama, "Petit" Retry!
Jul 12, 6:36 PM
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Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen no Tempest
Jul 12, 12:21 AM
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Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
Jul 30, 2019 8:57 PM
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May 10, 2019 9:37 PM
On-Hold 1/? · Scored -
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
May 26, 2018 9:45 PM
On-Hold 1/? · Scored -



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KuroMayKami Jun 27, 7:56 AM
Internet is such a weird thing, I could totally be talking to a robot and it wouldn't be impossible.
A robot might attend replying sessions more regularly.

Still, I'm alive, for now. Hopefully I'll make it to 1000 days of anime before I'm dead.
*checks* You think that anime will be able to supply 755 days’ worth of content not repetitive enough to be endured?

But, in truth, you’re a speedy watcher. *gazes at Sunday*

(How’s Soukou no Strain not a Rozen Maiden spin-off?)

It is not an apology that I seek, but.... ah, well.
But… some consistency?

Perhaps you were too young to register its significance?
I was aware of its cultural impact, but as for significance on a personal level… That may be a reason why it didn’t resound with me. It didn’t help that the series is kind of “interrupted”, like other old yet popular ones. It’s certainly not like those others, though. Even the music alone would guarantee it.

Alas I have seen it not, but it is a spectacle as the hype around it implies.
Will you (see it)?

Could be a software issue. Try resetting it first and see if it's better.
And maybe the OS updates too… (I’ve noticed that it sometimes slows down considerably when a new one piles up.) And that’s why I’d long decided to reset it once I have the new one (which I will).

Sounds like an encoding issue. Some codecs work better than others.
Yup, I recall there was a codec which regularly did not work.

If only I can use my time better, my life would be so much better. Probably.
Oh, I used to get frustrated over that so very often. Now it’s more “what I can do, can do”… But of course that makes me put some things in waiting entirely so that there can be rotation (which isn’t good for said things). And then when a day doesn’t work, I exasperate over it regardless.
When a day in which everything is timed perfectly and without minimal waste happens, it’s really satisfying… but it also feels unsustainable for a daily basis.

Sentences are boxes of chocolates :)
Let’s hope you like chocolates then.

Indeed. For some reason I love the red; this isn't the first red elegant pic I like either.
Was thinking of that when I saw it.

Mushishi is pretty heavy on the subtle philosophy and bitter sweet stories. It does get a bit repetitive.
I’ve just found that micro-stories that develop within a single episode don’t fulfill me much, even if there’s an overarching development for the protagonist :/.

Didn't know you guys still talked. Skype?
Skype’s very glitchy (as I assume you found out too). Gmail.

You sure it's not 100%?
Yup. Current one has blue, but it’s closer to black-background than to a blue-base… though it’s also a bluish black. Nonetheless, it’s easy to tell because… do you know how many avatars they have been?

I should change out my avvy as well.

As the days turn to weeks, and 2 months into 6 seasons, I'll see you.... whenever? Lol
Ah, no. You can at least assume that my comebacks last for more than one response.

How did you get to 6 episodes of Shugo Chara? (I didn’t. Partly because I was going to, hypothetically, continue it later.)
KuroMayKami Jun 23, 3:44 AM
Hiii—unintendedly writing in time for the two-month anniversary…

I’m alive still. I’ve often hoped you are too, despite the lack of my inquiring about it during said time-span.

I’ll double quote, since few human memories would remember the exact context, I suppose… But, as with other instances of my criminal inconsistency, feel free to do as you will with it. That’s about as poor a means for apology as I can give (unless a more specific one were requested from you).

Evangelion 1.23: You Cannot Watch This
I know first-hand the impatience Evangelion fans feel towards such jokes from someone whom I’ve seen waiting for it since before 4.0 was first announced.
In the meantime, I’ve just felt more and more satisfied that I said “Nah, I’ll watch the previous films when they’re all released in a package” at that precise time.

I have to say that Evangelion has been kind of inconsequential to me. I barely register that I did see the TV series as anything of importance.

>The laptop is not
What's the problem? Too slow?

Yes. Depending on when it’s been turned on and what I’ve done with it, sometimes it’s really slow, sometimes normal. It’s… peculiar.

It also doesn't process some 1080p videos. It made Maquia quite a pain to watch, for instance.

>And yours, less feverish?

Thy cabin.

I think I can figure out most of it, but some are, um, perpetually mysterious.
Now I won’t be able to forget this and while I was writing what you can see all I was thinking about was “omg what if these sentences are all ‘perpetually mysterious’ and no sense can be made out of them!”

How long? I don't know, I change mine out whenever I feel like it. Like right now. (Also new song too!)
It turned out my picture stayed for long. And I’ve barely seen it, so it’ll stay longer still.

Your current picture is very elegant. I really like the soft, old-photograph-like grainy texture it has.

The music when I left was also Sayonara?

It's often times episodic, like Mushishi or Natsume, and tries to show some sad story of a recurring or one-off character.
No… So it’s like that [Tegamibachi]. In the MyAnimeList world, my primary criminal offence is the response non-rate, and the secondary may be not finding in me the slightest intention to get Mushishi out of on-hold.

New avy! Since the dawn of time!
That’s indeed for about as long as the previous one had been up. You can thank Kapodaco for the fact that it didn’t remain until the sunset of time as well, because for some reason he bothered to search for options that might persuade me for a renewal.

There’s a peculiar pattern too: without any exceptions, 50% of the avatars have been blue-based, and 50% had a black background.

Well. Have a good day-week (not just the weekday).
KuroMayKami Apr 23, 8:39 AM
Crunchyroll made a list, just gotta keep checking it
That list was a revelation of titles I figured were long since done (happily so), and yet are still hopping around.

Seeing the ultimate Evangelion there once again is enough to make one laugh though…

Was only expecting Railgun.

Huh, how do you know you won't like it without having watched it
There’s nothing to watch…
But if that 12-minute fragment was a trailer to anything, seeing it would be more than enough to know I wouldn’t like it.

And how did it go? Did you manage the solve the problems?
I did! The surface ones.
As for techy problems, the hard drive is fixed. The laptop is not, but I could find out how much good reformatting it would do… (obviously, I’m not referring to the charger there.)

And yours, less feverish?

Whaaaa you turned it down because you didn't like the color?
That was the unloved-at-first-sight catch, but it actually wasn’t much of an upgrade. It cost almost the same as the one bought years earlier, and some specs were actually worse. The same hard drive space, inferior graphics…

And physically, it was heavier and… not blue! But yes, the colour wasn’t the main factor.

Some times I feel like you are talking through Google Translate :D
God why :(
Google Translate could never produce my rambunctiously long sentences.

I know lines like “Mine feels like and has been even longer“ make no sense at all (they wouldn’t ever take place if not for the direct quote system), but I figured you could take it if I threw them in. Because we’re in trusty friendship here, riiiight?

For how long would you say current picture should stay there (mine)?

Ohh you’ll finish Tegamibachi. I watched two episodes ages ago. Tell me if it's got anything special (besides surviving dropping stage).
KuroMayKami Apr 21, 12:30 PM
Kinda. I do have a lot of backlogged shonen/sports anime
Um, I wouldn't want large doses of those precisely.

(But, checking the facts, not of any.)

I'd say that's a bad idea given all the delays, but that show is supposedly done with production already so you are safe.
Oh. You know, I... hadn't considered that at all. I just saw it for the first time among some updates, and because it did seem watchable (unlike the majority of what I check in the same way), I tested right away.
Now I'm recalling that the first time I started an airing anime, airing schedules were affected too (that one in particular included).

The downside is everything else is likely going to be delayed till God knows when.
Do you know if Fruits Basket (New New New season) will be affected? It wouldn't be much of an issue if it did even if I were to start it (I did take a whole year to finish the first that aired normally, after all) but... since you're my anime news source :).

What did you mean you refused it?
Refused to like/enjoy/watch it in any way similar to how I did the original.

All problems have solutions! Or maybe, problems are meant to be solved.
A very recommendable outlook. Which I've applied at last for the last two days! Made of today everything that yesterday wasn't.

Four and a half years. Yeah, felt like a long time.
Mine feels like and has been even longer. To be honest, I had the perfect chance to get a new one a year ago, it was literally being handed to me... But it just wasn't blue, you know (AKA I couldn't like any of the models that were offered more than my current one).

Charger for my PC died a while back too so had to buy a third-party one. Thankfully it was the charger and not something else. Hope it lasts another 5 years.
Considering that my charger feels sturdy now, as it's been the same one from the beginning. Maybe it's actually notorious that it didn't fail at all until now.
KuroMayKami Apr 16, 10:09 AM
Hentai Neko
I thought of that one, but it didn't seem old enough.

I've been picking up a lot of dropped shows and finishing them

Not that they are any better than the first (or second) time I tried to watch them,

but I'm kinda slowly running out of the kinds of shows I watch.
Medium switch?

In the meantime, I started a new airing series because I haven't finished those from three seasons ago, ha ha!

Looks can be deceiving?
That 5 maybe looks friendlier now that I gave Maquia a 4.

Which is...?
Rare of you to ask but: link. (I'm honestly not quite sure what that is. It doesn't match the length of the MAL entries related.)

Could just need a new charger.
That might fix that fine. But it certainly has more problems than one.

Though I myself upgraded late last year so I guess I'm not one to say
After a long time?
KuroMayKami Apr 11, 11:00 AM
At least not as long as seven years, which is how long it took me to finish a show just now.
You definitely win, if those are actual numbers (which show?). Once I took five years myself. And if I re-picked some "on-hold" ones, it'd be more...

But still a 5 :/
Oh, because it's got some bad taste at times. But it's a friendly 5.

Maybe it doesn't look friendly enough.

I don't know, drama seems popular again
That'd have tremendously little to do with the show's quality.

Actually there's a newer fragment for sampling somewhere, and I'd already refuse it. Melodrama, more if cheesy at times, can only be taken in certain forms.

Wayback machine?
Hmm. (Funny that on the internet that actually exists.)

Sounds like you need an upgrade.
I do. This week the charger stopped disconnecting itself and it's failing more very quickly Σ(°△°|||)︴

And dropped!! Was too cheesy for me. It's like Bruce Lee in Mad Max.
That sounded strange but I still checked to make sure... I've only see Fury Road. Wouldn't repeat.
KuroMayKami Apr 9, 9:26 AM
Sounds like a fun show
The nice old took-me-seven-months-to-finish show!

It’s got a good deal of stupid fun. And then it’s also got a lot of just wondrously stupid.

A 9 eh
During the first several episodes I thought the drama was too high for things there was no need to be so dramatic about. But it levelled it up (by raising the drama to the reactions).

It would’ve never worked as a modern series.

Your list looks cool but gotta fix those bad image links!
The thing is, I don’t have the images to re-upload them. I’ll look for them, and if I find them I’ll tell ya.

I could also check if some I made myself long ago would be fit for replacement…

Feels like I've seen it last year or maybe even earlier.
I read they took a long time with it, so it’s possible.

Yeah it was last year:
Well, you confirmed it yourself.

4K is the future but I have no 4K monitor so I'm not living in the future T_T
Lol, my computer doesn’t even process some 1080p well anymore and 720p is already being skipped, so I’d appreciate it if the 4K future held itself off a little longer.

Oh you watched an oldie too.
KuroMayKami Apr 7, 2:37 PM
Could be. They had issues with [img] recently.
And they made a new thread on a similar problem (to the effects the same) to keep busy!

Hmm.... people tend to want what they don't have,
There was an episode of Joshikousei no Mudazukai that went for it as simply, alas not on a topic of much use.

You mean archetypes?
You'd call that an archetype? I see it more like a condition. Like the discontent condition. I'd go for the different sorts within (superhero, average, etc.) for "archetypes" (but then maybe you were referring to those directly).

You are making good progress on Rose of Versailles.
It had what it takes.

Now I'll finish, little by little, those which don't but which are still hanging about my Watching list. Excluding CG R2, I won't complete that re-watch. Now whichever score I leave it with will have to be semi-fake.

I recall you were interested in 4K, what are your thoughts on this?
KuroMayKami Apr 2, 9:48 AM
Oh, no. I started two. I also finished one of them. But the points stands: very few.

Was gonna change it but [img] not working... again.
Indifferences has its advantages even if it takes long to get there (unfortunate, the disadvantage is that I don't care to fix my own list).

So maybe when an image didn't show it wasn't so much the site I had taken the link from but that [img] wasn't working?

Edit: Managed to get it, somehow. I guess MAL doesn't like jpg format?
The dress looks familiar. (And now we both have matching avatar and wall pictures!)

Try this one that I'm hyping.

I see they enjoyed shortening it in English.

Not sure what you asking here
It was rhetorical. I guess I was asking the industry.

It was a jab thrown at those juxtaposed roles so prominent in anime (the character who feels too plain and normal vs. the one who's different and dislikes it).
KuroMayKami Mar 24, 4:34 PM
But 100+ episode is still a chore to get through.
I'm definitely not arguing against that. You can see how many +100 episodes series I ever watched (or even started).

And song lyrics are still as incomprehensible as ever
Truly true. (Sometimes song lyrics translations, too.)

Well it was watched as 24 full size episodes (consisting of 5 short episodes each I guess) so it's more regular than short
Ah, a special compacted version? Convenient. Don't see the appeal of changing episode every five minutes, either.

Heh, right after I switched I found another one I want to use. Current one might not last long.
Will check in again around that later time then.

Edit: Why did the long, absurd titles not fall out of fashion. Also, no middle ground between the average character who wants to be super and the super character who wants to be average?
Kynov Mar 23, 7:21 PM
A little. Restaurants are take out/to-go only right now, so did that a few times.
Well, its good then. i thought all the store was closed.

yeah, i think u should stock some more food. I just heard the outbreak in US now have more than 20.000 cases. Its frightening how it can increase rapidly.

But stores/restaurants still normal operations?
Yes, it opens like usual though there is some change company that close early but overall there is nothing changes in here.

Yeah, and u know what the ticket to go to japan is only 20$ in your currency. Sometimes i thought man this is a chance to go to there but i know its not right to go travel on this condition.

No change here haha
yeah, go at your own pace. as long as u happy there is nothing to worry about.

but if u ever meet someone that makes u want to live with her/him, go for it. hehe
KuroMayKami Mar 22, 9:26 AM
....see you in two months years?
No, I won’t be so predictable.

Go home, you drunk
Maybe it could be validated more easily the other way around right now. You get drunk at home, then you go out.

I got used to one/two cour, don't think I can sit through 100+ episodes at once now.
You can make it one/two cour yourself, however. Such as “Ah, in twelve episodes I’ll take a nice break from the hard work of long but watchable anime and drop one or two for a rest.” (I haven’t tried this particular mode myself, but I do switch often… too often.)

Technically, kana isn't alphabet either :P

If you are learning the language, I assume you are also learning bits of the culture as a part of this learning.
Beyond personal interest, with Japanese I find it impossible to not learn some of both, they’re so closely knit together.

Like maybe level 1 or 2? I think I can read so-so but listening is hard.
Opposite case. I watched a Japanese film without subtitles and was comfortable with it (although that must be because the dialogues in question were simple). But if it’s a text with a few kanji often I can’t even guess.

Options for...?
Post HS ones.

I'd definitely back up the data after fixing it the first time and then get a new drive.
I have completed that much. This time I did have the useful option of having somewhere else to back it up to before the data was inaccessible.

Right now I'm trying to use cloud storage more.
That’d definitely be useful if I wanted to have all of my stuff readily available in any device, but I’m a bit of an offline user. Still, I see the advantages in that. Besides waiting and what-not, USB drives get faulty very easily. I’m wondering if one of the ports is damaged and accelerating that.

I embed links in all the images now.
Then I won’t have any excuse to ask you anymore :(.

In this case, it's
From all recent ones, the one you picked is easily the best.

It's not really 100+, it's equivalent to 24 regular episodes
Heh, guessed you’d say that. In my case short episode series are drop-prone so 100 is a long risk window.

And, it was a rewatch.
But that I didn’t know. What makes it so good?

We are "social distancing" at home indefinitely now, so cabin fever is getting to me.
Was this self-precautionary or officially implemented stay at home? I have a few weeks left of the latter.

Hope the next time you respond I'll still be alive.
I’m sure you already woke up and confirmed it.

Ooooh you picked up fruba again
I actually watched that one episode weeks ago so one could say I abandoned it once more since. But at least on paper the choice taken is mightaswellfinishitslowlysinceIgotthisfar = picked up.

Dark on red, and now dark on blue!
Kynov Mar 20, 12:05 AM
nice and u still keep the way u score the anime though.

Yeah we got told to work from home a week ago. Stores emptied out, restaurants/shops got shutdown, all that stuff.

Really? then how can u eat? did u already stock some food?

Really, no quarantine/social distancing?
Well the gov already appeal that we need social distancing and avoid the crowd moreover, they recommend to all the company to do the work from home things.

Nice, was wondering if you got married already. That's fast haha
yeah i am surprise too, life is really fast bro. hbu?

A little, I think it's closer to Saekano with the otaku angle though.
If u look at that angle, thats corrects but the comedy reminds me of gekkan shoujo for some reason. lol
Kynov Mar 19, 5:50 PM
i am surprise you still hanging around this websites.

woah, i bet the situation at there is pretty hectic, huh?
In here, there isnt much different. we still work like usual. I hope i can work from home though. its convenience for me.
Btw i heard there were some pretty crazy about toilet paper, why the people do care about toilet paper though? instead of masker and food?

well yeah, my life is good. already become a riajuu with marriage and stable job. haha

btw i am glad u finished wotakoi, that anime is the reason why i comeback. it reminds me of gekkan shoujo dont u think?
KuroMayKami Mar 19, 12:09 PM
Here’s the by-pattern-indecently-distanced response for which, given that, I don’t know what my approach ought to be… but I guess I’ll go with normal. And you pick whether to put up with it or not

Feels like recent seasons I find less and less shows I'd genuinely be excited about.
Seasons? There are seasons?

Hmm.... probably because I watch more modern shows nowadays. I tend to drop more shows the older they are. Especially since so much of old shows are mecha. When I went through a bunch of older shows on the streaming sites was when I dropped a dozen in a row.
It’s exactly the opposite for me right now. The older the material is, the better I cope with it… Right now it’s working even with cinema.

No I avoid the long shonen shows because I dread the off-chance that I might like it and have to watch 100 eps
From all possible reasons that’s the funniest to pick. (But I understand. For instance, it’s why I’ve been postponing to start Utena for years.)

If you did like it, wouldn’t the 100 episodes be worth the time more than that number in accumulated drops? Or is the value in the variety of series tested instead?

That's not an alphabet...
True, it’s not. I unduly put kanji together with katakana and hiragana when writing there.

Well, you didn't learn because you had to, but because you wanted to, no?
Yes, but even so. I really think that tagging someone as “japanophile” (or whichever country) calls for more than just learning the language. You don’t?

You are like my senpai then lol
Kohai is more responsible with replies than senpai is.

Haven't taken any tests (JLPT right)
Would you able to with what you’ve picked up?

Same sound, same meaning, but different complexity in the characters. IIRC it was purely a government move to simplify the writing system for education.
Only if further questions will be tolerated: How successful was the implementation of the simplified characters?

When did you graduate? Feels like you've been in high school forever :D
(I’m only too happy to forget the exact date myself.)

Strange as that is, my graduation was pretty vague so it actually held little importance for me.

What are your other options now?
Undertaking practical studies or validating what I already did but isn’t accounted for because of the way I studied them. Actually, it’d have to be both. In any case, right now that’s all frozen.

And yeah having options can actually be stressful. Went through that end of last year.
I’m very bad with both options and timing. For this in particular, first I lagged picking what, then I did but didn’t know where, and I once I liked a place, I couldn’t.

How did your option sort out?

Yup. Tried some simple fixes from online, didn't work, ended up replacing a part and now it works again. Hope it lasts another 4 years
Good for the resourcefulness. I’ll tackle a corrupt hard drive when I can, and see if I can fix it myself… It was also repaired for the same issue about a year ago, which is like… why. I treated it nicely.

Pretty good. I just cut my hair short all around, nothing fancy.
Ah, I had mine cut slightly last week (didn’t do it myself this time, precisely because it was only slightly).

Okay, now something you might, might actually be interested in: I love your current wall picture.

I almost wrote a comment with that only a few days ago but I didn’t know whether that was better or worse. It reminds me of the one that might’ve been my best profile picture, too.

May I know the artist?

¡Feliz Año Nuevo
Happy spring…

Edit: You managed a +100 shounen!!

P.S. Constant handwashing habit we had beforehand coming in handy?