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Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Jitsu wa Watashi wa
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Knight's & Magic
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To Heart 2 OVA
To Heart 2 OVA
Dec 10, 7:51 PM
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Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Nov 23, 9:40 PM
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Hatenkou Yuugi
Hatenkou Yuugi
Aug 23, 9:26 PM
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Rakko 11-gou
Rakko 11-gou
Jul 7, 6:01 AM
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StyleF1re 2 hours ago
Nice. I think the fall/winter semester is better for me personally because my room (with my PS4 and simulator) is without a ceiling fan or AC. Might need to get that addressed before the next summer heatwave.

Gasai is certainly memorable! But man, that show was a wreck at the end especially. Doesn't help that to a more trained, experienced, and relentless eye for anime Mirai Nikki looks lackluster to say the least. I suppose it had its moments though.

I made the correlation between Koko and that one female character because of both being older females sharing the same seiyuu and having a similar disposition. But yeah, Koko is on another level in terms of being explosive and nutty.

Don't feel too bad about it. I just looked back at Sola, which I watched back in 2011, and it took me awhile to figure out what was happening in that random episode I picked out. Same goes for a lot of series I look back at for nostalgia. And yes, the five year thing was a rule I created when I was watching a lot more anime. Maybe nowadays I could be open to rewatching, but at our ages you really have to be selective about what you spend your time on. I still have games to play, practice to put in on the simulator, and people/duties to attend to, so not sure I can commit to rewatches (of series in full). But hey, it would be nice to review my top favorites with all the new experiences and perspectives I've gained these past 5+ years.

Let's see. I might've overstated in saying "handful," but off the top of my head the Huracan Performante, 991 GT2, road-legal P1 GTR, and NextEV Nio all blitzed the 7min barrier. Heck, I think the latest Viper ACR would've hit it with additional funding and attempts, since it was all crowdfunded. Maybe the new Corvette ZR1 has a chance at breaking 7mins. Can't overlook Koenigsegg and the upcoming Valkyrie and Project One either! 720S too.

That's a bummer! The actual Nordschleife is quite a monster! Assetto Corsa is soon to get the Performante as well. Maybe I should make a video of me driving it around then, though you can expect me to be at least twenty seconds off the pace of the official 6:52 record.

I wonder how long it will take for self-driving cars to actually be viable. I haven't heard much about them lately other than the usual tests and such.
Kapodaco Dec 3, 5:04 PM
Azerola Dec 3, 5:04 AM
Ahh I see..I was looking for the artist's name a while already and noticed that I already follow them on piviv ^^;
I follow many artists :3 You can see them on my pixiv account I think. I love to collect artworks.. Sometimes they just mesmerize.. Do you follow some too?
StyleF1re Dec 3, 1:59 AM
It's okay. The holidays bring back bad memories or a time that burns you out personally? What about the summertime then?

Yup. I really don't like that about the newer shows. Heck, in a lot of the shows I watch even the adults and elders look a bit too young and simple in design. Koko is an icon and legend in my book, as I've yet to see any other character similar in nature or complexion to her. But maybe the main character of this relatively recent anime could fit the bill there. And yes, something did happen in S2 that made the ending feel rushed as you mentioned. All I can remember from then though was Koko and the young boy in the bath, and I think some roadside mines or bombs going off courtesy of that Wiley guy. Shoot! Can't believe it's been almost five years since Perfect Order ended. According to my five-year rule, that means I could rewatch it if I so do wish to. But when does time nowadays really allow for that? haha

This whole (unofficial) war at Nurburgring is rather fun to follow. I hope that someday someone can come close to what Stefan Bellof achieved over thirty years ago with an 80s-spec race car. Amazing though how fast cars have become in the past five years. Sub-seven minute was unfathomable in a production car (not named Radical), at least until the Porsche 918 came around. And now a handful of cars are able to do the feat with ease.

Yeah, but I like Porsche's Mission E exercise a lot more than anything Tesla's had to offer so far. Tesla's getting close though to having desirable aesthetics to compliment the sheer performance of their vehicles with the new Roadster unveiling. Also, the 911 is my favorite production car line too, keeping the same basic silhouette, flat-six engine formula, and racing pedigree for at least five decades.

My favorite F1 circuits could be Spa, Monaco, and the former Interlagos. Although not F1-related, if you really want a different type of "joke of a track" though, look no further than the Macau Grand Prix. It's dangerous enough to participate in a car, but on a bike? I'm astonished that race, along with the Isle of Man TT, still exist and even thrive in today's sheltered and possibly timid society regarding driver and vehicle safety standards. And one day Formula E will be great! Just not now with these pedestrian cars that need to be swapped out mid-race...
Kapodaco Dec 2, 5:02 PM
Is it ftkftw?
Kapodaco Dec 2, 5:50 AM
1. I didn't know that was your score since 2013. I don't just go looking through your scores out of boredom. And if it remained a 7 after four years, that's all the more intriguing.
2. It doesn't matter if I haven't seen it. I'm asking to see if it should be a part of my watching list. Because some things that don't look interesting to me initially could become more interesting if I hear enough good (or ironically bad) about it.

She was brought to me via carriage by another.
Azerola Dec 2, 2:55 AM
Yesuu.. They looks so beautiful :3
And you like Shingeki no Bahamut artworks? Based on your DP ^^;
Kapodaco Dec 1, 8:30 PM

Please share with me your thoughts!
StyleF1re Dec 1, 1:18 AM
Didn't even realize that many days went by between the comments. At least my least favorite month is done and over with while my favorite month is on-deck. And yes, I'm a magician and swordsman fan all the damn way! For swordsmen off the top of my head, other than the Samurai I also like the Noble Knights and the Mystic Swordsmen (LV4 and LV6).

Darn. Not sure I could make use of those lower-end printers, but someday!

Yeah. I hope one day though there's a resurgence in those older styles with more mature-looking characters with more facial and hair complexion. Some of the stuff I see nowadays in anime character design is just sad to look at, since I hate to see regression or cutting of corners here. Curious as to how this new Cardcaptor installment will fare too, since we're on the subject of old vs new.

Yup. Makes me wish the stars aligned a bit more. I really am sad we couldn't have 4k recording devices and such last century. I really want to see, in full color and sound, just how simply glorious life was back then! Can't even think of getting away nowadays with what racers did on the Wangan back in the 80s and 90s. I'd also like to see just how courageous and mad old racing drivers were with their full-on manual cars that relied so greatly on mechanical grip and lightness to be quick. We'll see what the future has in store for us, but I really hope there are a few decent things to take out of times moving on. Then again, we just have to look back at our discussion about cell phones and computers and be happy we have access to those today!

Maybe that was an inaccurate choice of words, but there's no way the Roadster is even in the same league as the Mercedes and especially the Aston. Fast in a straight line surely, but we'll leave it at that. Maybe Porsche will provide the blueprint for what an electric vehicle can do for an all-around package.

GRID was a pretty interesting arcade-racing series. Standout physics engine and all the great brands and makes. As for the bathroom comment, sheesh! I wouldn't want to be doing anything else in the bathroom except for what I need to be doing and quickly. Funny you mention RBR because that's one track I'm indifferent to altogether. It doesn't have the technicality or scenery to rival my favorites and has nothing on the old RBR which was a seriously brutal test of driving ability. Still, it's a pretty nice course to unwind a car and hear it's engine and parts sing on both acceleration and deceleration.

No comment on the Western Netflix stuff, other than maybe "Goodness gracious!"
Kapodaco Nov 28, 9:35 PM
buy it for me

Edit: dig the new picture
KuroMayKami Nov 25, 11:34 AM
I was tempted to get a Wacom tablet and learn to draw waifus but I got cheap and didn't buy it
Why... don't you practice a bit on paper first? That'd be interesting to see.

WTF, it checks one of those three boxes. And probably all three.
I can guess so. But it’s not quite about ticking the boxes. Another way to put it is… that I am at the moment more likely to watch impulsively anything that looks intriguing. Or that intrigues me in some strange, unnoticeable way.

Speaking of recommendations 18if is another one of those unknown/unexpected/strange ones. Not saying it's any good, but it's certainly something different from the usual anime.
But but it does not intrigue me. Though I do appreciate that last part of late.

husbandos then?
Nope. Never thought of them as such.

I consider how my life would’ve been different without anime.

It's the life change
Hmm, hmm. You’re a tough one.
Is the job the same?

....but more than every other week?
Certainly. Even here I’m replying more than “every other week” (aren’t I?).

IDK what you mean by that.
Each conversation has a format that fits it best, I believe. It’d be quickly found out in any case.

Is your skype name the same as here?
It ain’t. Have you used your Skype at all before?

He goes by a different name now if you want more. Have to check pixiv to remember what's the new name.
I’d like to see some.
Ah, I have so many pictures that I don’t know for how long I should keep each one. What to dooooo.

Agree, it's a condition that afflicts many artists. I mean just look at my current one lol

You did!?!?!??!?
I did!!!!!!

When did I saw that thing… April. (What, April? I saw that in my birthday week!?) Guess I’ll make the effort.
Oh, that’s when we mentioned Yui Horie’s popularity. I remembered that just recently.

Well, I found this much.
Watch season 2
That's what I watched all those 12 episodes for.”

and of course I'm a sucker for the royalty stuff,
Nice tidbit. Try Sakura Quest, perhaps?

I was gonna link you some articles about it but then realized you didn't watch it :/
But what series is iiiiiiit (Chinese produced one).

And Reborn was just way too long to watch for being stupid.
It’s when cases like these that I fear for the completionists’ good sense health.

No change in opinion since the last time I dropped it.
Ahhh, so you had dropped it…
I undropped a manga today. One that’s stupid. Just because I was in the mood for it :P.

Oh so you read the manga?
Shokugeki no Soma? I have for… 1345 days.

But I'm also going back through my list and rewatching a lot of these 1-episode drops (like Clockwork Planet)
I saw that splendorous 2/10. Did any of those get a raise in score?

Light like, not overweight?
Pls no. That’s not even a concept in anime art. Especially if they’re girls (but then boys aren’t the greater part of the concept in anime art.) “Light” referred to the colours and the atmosphere they give.

Why did you tell Kopo to copy your qt :/
Because I put it up and he said he could’ve used it for his profile. And I replied that he still could, and on top of that we’d find out afterwards if you knew.
Did you not, by chance, change your profile music for a day as well? (I, sadly, wasn’t the one who witnessed it.)

You watched Yozakura Quartet and didn't give it a bad rating?
I do not call 4.5 a good rating. (And the Yozakura Quartet I watched isn’t the one you completed.) And I really do not think it's good. A bunch of moments that I'm already forgetting spare it the plain 4 juuuust scarcely.

Lots of shorts for you to watch
Yeeee I’m somewhat done with shorts. But some of those I’ll try, since from the looks they might be nice. (There’s one I’ve already seen too!)

More of those dastardly catchy memes
I don’t get ‘em catchy.

Oh yeah I was totally wrong when I thought the anime bubble is gonna burst soon. All the studios booked full till 2020, brace yourself for even more cheap low quality anime.
Noooo. Those are kind of affecting my criticism. When I find a recent series that actually has a properly written story and looked-after pace I may already feel whoaaa over it. But welp, I'm mostly ignoring the airing anime except for the impulsive/unusual choices anyway~

You hyped Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun in some way, hadn’t you? Well, was it fun?
Kapodaco Nov 23, 10:43 AM
Happy Turkey Day, ya gobbler!
Kapodaco Nov 20, 5:33 AM
I got actual schoolwork, work for my video game reviewing job, the irl job I have, and others interests I would like to indulge (such as anime, video games, and film).

A co-worker recommended Doki Doki to you?! That's hysterical. Maybe it'll get to the heights of Katawa Shoujo in popularity. All I know is that I wrote the review over a month ago and it's still fetching me 98% of my views.

I just saw it the day she put it up and said to her "ah dang I would use that as a qt" and she was like "do it bitch" and I'm like "well damn gurl I sure will!"

One friend may see it soon. : ]
StyleF1re Nov 19, 10:11 PM
I make YGO puns now since I stopped making YGO plays. Sad! Plus I forgot to throw in Power Bond or Limiter Removal into that line... haha

Yeah, Breaker was something else when he first came out. Still one of the best-looking magicians in my book as well, though my favorite is still Dark Paladin. DMG still the loveliest of the ladies, followed by maybe Injection Fairy Lily. Don't quote or hold me to that though. I also like the High Priestess of Prophecy and Dark Magician. If only Spellcasters (excluding Spellbook/Prophecy) were competitive back in the day and used Reasoning like old-school Six Samurai and Infernoid! Too late for Dark Magician to be making noise (for me).

I really should buy some anime sometime, though I'd probably only buy the ones I rate 9 or better and have consistently remained there. Yup, you pretty much share the same opinion as I do on Aho Girl. That usually happens to me with comedies, but not with such a drastic drop off (another damn YGO pun). Houseki I just got tired of, since they are supposedly genderless, but have female voices, a female figure, female appeal, and excessive melodrama and emotions associated with (anime) females. The story, though with a few twists and turns, lost me too with the repetitive and predictable appearance of the enemy Lunarians. It's not even close to how the Gauna were made interesting in Sidonia no Kishi.

It's pretty sick how parts can be made quickly and efficiently with those 3D-printers. Must be fun printing body kits, turbos, and all kinds of stuff that can be used to embarrass the speed limit and make people menaces to society. Nah, that's just me thinking small. The tech has a lot of uses that I just can't come up with off the top of my head. Imagine if we get access to them like how we have access to regular inkjet printers and such!

I see. That's just me being stuck in the past and overvaluing the human touch a bit. Life goes on, but I'm going to miss how things are and once were!

Yeah, but now everything's about downsizing and electric motors. There are rumors of regular combustion engines being phased out altogether and that hurts my soul. I need some theater and emotion in my driving. Electric cars will give that with their straight-up velocity, but not in terms of sound. Nevertheless, I think autonomy will benefit disabled and busy folks though.

That think is just smoke and mirrors until it hits the road in production form. It would compete with the aforementioned two in a straight line maybe, but definitely not on a circuit or on twisty roads. But if we're talking straight line, good luck trying to tangle with Koenigsegg! They haven't even shown what their Regera can do yet, since the Agera RS is seizing all the attention for the time being.
Kapodaco Nov 18, 5:14 PM
Only one night, I'm not confident enough to pursue it any further. Plus I got a bunch of other shit to do. I have no time for it.

It's going fantastic. I'm writing, like, three or four reviews a month and that Doki Doki game is getting me a shit-ton of views. So while I'm not rolling in dough, it's at least tangible to me now. I'm super happy with it.

AHAHAHAHA SHE SUGGESTED IT fell right into our trap, tsoggy-kun!

Looks incredibly odd. I'll consider it!