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Paniponi Dash!
Paniponi Dash!
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Mahoutsukai Reimeiki
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Villains Are Destined to Die
Villains Are Destined to Die
Jan 1, 10:05 PM
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Sayonara Eri
Sayonara Eri
Jul 1, 2023 4:58 PM
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Majo Kaitou LIP☆S
Majo Kaitou LIP☆S
Aug 1, 2021 8:26 PM
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Kynov Yesterday, 7:35 PM
wow, i see you still online in MAL. anyway, i just randomly online and might to say hi to my old friend. hehe
KuroMayKami Dec 16, 2023 1:25 PM
Still alive, but I've had better days. Have been dealing with occasional crippling pain but I'm still here for some reason.
Nothing to do with what you got when the weather got cold, right? That was bad but this sounds worse.

How's life?
Very busy. Too much so, often. Enough for it to take a toll one way or another. But new good things do come up at their own pace.

So, existential question. Does the same that drew you to anime before draw you to it now?
KuroMayKami Nov 23, 2023 1:56 PM
Wow you watched Odd Taxi?
Yes I did!

And more relevantly, yes, I did reply absurdly, absurdly late again.

Anime and manga are extremely far from my life at present but I persuaded myself still keep track of a couple of loose chapters I read. How are you?

I keep being busy enough that keeping anime, manga and replying out becomes rather a necessity more than a preference, but I still get curious sometimes.
KuroMayKami Jul 25, 2022 3:40 PM
Yeah, I think that makes it... one completed anime in a year? Quite something (as in nothing). But I think I might be a bit more constant with manga at present.

Soda Pop was vastly unremarkable. What did you think of Puparia's try at artsy art?
KuroMayKami Jul 12, 2022 9:23 AM

It's bold of me to drop by again, but all the same. Hi.

P.S. Cute character design on your wall.
biggamehunter Oct 25, 2021 5:25 AM
Haha, yes i just read it. Thanks for the heads up bud :)
KuroMayKami Sep 6, 2021 5:29 AM
Hi (。•́︿•̀。)

I've had the reply written for quite a long time, but I don't have the internet to send it! I've been internet-less on the laptop for a bunch of weeks, but I'll send it when that's over.

I quite like the expression and shine of your current image, by the way.
KuroMayKami Jun 28, 2021 1:46 PM
And I'm continuing it at a wow-like slow pace.

I thought I'd try something preceded by its reputation.

And I thought of replying to you too! I had two of the busiest months in a long, long time, so it turned absolutely impossible during. Will do after a little break.

All alive and well in your area?
KuroMayKami Mar 30, 2021 11:28 AM
February went by blank! :| Buuut I’ll hold on to March even if it’s by a one-day strand.
I have (less than) a week to bring my hundred homely things back on track, half-way at least. (I allowed myself to binge a little Railgun before focusing—this first.)

You've read *checks* more than 3 books already?!?
Yes! 5 + manga currently. I would still have read more books than watched episodes if not for Railgun.
Although I didn’t even make any efforts before that series. The 4th episode of Last Exile was so boring I took weeks to finish it, unbelievable as that sounds. I wonder how I used to have the patience?

But, keeping up the relative counts, I’ve watched a string of Chinese films this year. Might keep it up until that surpasses the number of books.

In A3 it was Romeo and Julius, but still inspired by Romeo and Juliet
Heh, clearly so. And A3 was not inspired in DinA4 paper?

It's more a cute chasing your dream story
It did felt a bit fast in terms of development

You put it well then. Must truly be a chase.

Ah. We all want what we don't have.
I have even more instances of really not wanting what others have.

It usually isn't, but last month we got the most snow in like, three decades or something.
Ohh, must’ve been a sight. Was it a happy event for you?
Speaking of winter, I should change the Happy New Year wall picture already… And probably skip the one with ice and snow I had planned for the year’s second.

It's actually not quite that unique. Probably first of its kind to get an anime adaptation, but there are quite a few of these isekai villainess stories now. I know of at least two others just from the artists I follow.
I had to go back to January to find the title of this anime we were talking about! (“Isekai villainess” sounds like a fancy concept.)

>Instead I’d say I have an inner circle with no people to banish from it.
Circle of one?

Circle of only myself who thus can’t be banished? Close, but no. Let’s say circle with few enough/selective elements that I wouldn’t want to banish anyone. Getting an entry ticket into the circle is toooough though.

There's an Ikea where you live?!?!
There is! You stocked up chocolate, and I stocked up towels. I was tired of turquoise blue. (That particular hue anyway, since I also bought a mini cubical shelf in a darker shade that’ll look lovely as a book house.)

Oh found one. I didn't think she keeps these videos around after live streams but Wacom kept one. She teaches classes every year; as in, people actually pay to see her draw, so yeah, I don't think she keeps free videos around.
I had no idea about the exclusivity of it. Thanks for finding one!
Now, about the video itself… That’s a Wacom??? It’s HUGE! And somehow very entertaining to watch…
Lately I’ve been attempting to work on drawings with Illustrator and Photoshop (very bad at it. There are a million tools to pick from each time), but direct digital drawing looks much smoother.

Really, books? I know a couple of watch brands did that. I even wrote a blog on it a few years back. A lot of illustrators got free wrist watches in exchange for drawing promo illustrations. Basically a social media campaign.
Indeed, in the social media sphere there are lots of those. Maybe not so many products given for free for reviewing as those you mention and the books I’ve seen tagged “Received for free in exchange of an honest review” were. Did the wrist watches have anything special?
The differences about the books’ case is that it looked like anyone could do those reviews… Yet it seems unlikely.

I got some people edits approved randomly too. I don't think it was all of them but they approved most of my edits. One mod has been going through them I guess.
Still shocked my submission from three years ago was refused, now that I remember it. (Reason was valid, however. That one-shot I was adding separately must’ve showed up as part of a compilation muuuch later. But three years?? Worse than me with responses. Either way, I don’t care to add it to the list any more)

Nah, there's still Chinese New Year coming up :P
Lol, I had already commented on my super-delayed wall before. It’s delayed even for Chinese New Year now!

Ah this got long again. Sorry >.<
Don’t be! Despite how it surely looks like, length isn’t an issue. Plus, how absurd I’d feel if I had taken this long and it was a short comment on top of it :D.

Can I say that wall picture is a highly unrealistic drawing and we’re not in beach season yet >-<
KuroMayKami Jan 31, 2021 3:51 PM
Clothbound sounds fancy. But not leatherbound? Cloth doesn't sound that sturdy
Leatherbound sounds like very old editions. But well, that comes from me having several dusty leatherbound books nearby despite not having seen any such that were new.

A comedy fact is that this year I’ve read more books than watched anime episodes.

I'm not aware that it's anime-inspiring, but I've heard of the book before.
They pick it regularly for theatre performances (in anime). Glass no Kamen has a whole arc with it.

Still working on winter. I guess I liked Koisuru Asteroid.
Hmm. I’d take a peek at the asteroid/constellations part, but that habit of showering any topic with “cutie” pouts…

Oh God no. If anything Shangri-la reaffirms my belief that older isn't better.
I’ll take your word on that one. I’m not so keen on Last Exile either. (But, unlike with all the rest, I was at least keen enough to try.)

Yall have good winter weather? I don't really like winter here.
It’s non-winter. So, to your standards, yes, “good winter”. Ironically, when I said winter weather was good, I was referring to a few days during which winter was actually present.

I thought it was not so cold where you are… or maybe where you were. I do recall you saying the cold isn’t good on your toes or fingers… It isn’t on mine, either.

Content matches the looks. It's a isekai (reverse) harem romantic comedy.
Indeed a universe of its own, genre-wise. Inhabited by clones especially.

There's a site that synchronizes video streaming to multiple users. And then just group chat on top.
And did the talk made the episode better?

I wish I have an inner circle to banish people from :/
Instead I’d say I have an inner circle with no people to banish from it.

(stocked up the last time I went to Ikea)
I went yesterday!

They are pro tools. Worth the cost to pros. My favorite artist uses a big one (as seen from live drawing videos).
If you come across one and it’s not too much trouble to send the link, I’d like to see a Wacom user in action.

Recently seen another company doing promotions where they send tablets to illustrators and have them draw and spread the word about the product. Kinda like a watch promotion I saw few years back.
Ah, I’ve read that being done with books.

Maybe two?
Maybe until month two.

But not much tea either, just like a tiny bit. Mostly warm water in terms of content and taste.
True for some, but the variants are infinite… Like the teapots in my house, at present.

Another random fact: I received a message from MAL about a manga submission request from… three years ago, at least (denying it, too). Wish I had registered when I read the manga in question somewhere. I possibly did, as it was obvious to me then that I’d want to know later, but can’t know where.

And I guess I’ll have to change my wall tomorrow. Announcing “Happy New Year” up until the end of January might be tolerable, but from there onwards…

You do well in displaying snow while you can.
KuroMayKami Jan 25, 2021 11:18 AM
Ruh oh. What kind of books?
Classics I have been intrigued in for years in a boxed, clothbound edition. It pained me to see a few days ago that, after the prices rose the books themselves ran out. But that might not be final.

Does the anime-inspiring Wuthering Heights ring a bell to you?

Funny you should ask, because I'm about to find out :D
TELL ME. Did you find out?
I think I'm tired (very tired) of modern anime. I'm slightly attracted towards mid-old ones though. Such as that Shangri-la.

Finally got around to watching Winter 2020 shows after spending 3 months on Netflix backlog. Winter is pretty meh so far.
Winter weather isn't tho

I did watch Hamefura with a group before so I got a taste of something later in the year; I thought that was ok. IDK if that's shoujo but the MC's hit zone is pretty much everyone so it's got something for the yuri fans too.
The full title has little to do with it. Colourful looks. The content too?

>I did watch Hamefura with a group
How was this magical rendezvous conjured?

They did announce more projects with a PV in December, don't know if you saw it.
I saw nothing.

It's led to a trend where most shows get good and bad score reviews in the top 4 now (because of the two camps vote their top review). But the biggest negative is you will rarely find reviews newer than the day the airing ended in the top 4; early bird gets the worm, a lot of reviews are rushed out the door instead of being well written.
Indeed a pitiful side of the business.

I almost bought a deluxe edition of Hagio's Poe's Clan (pretty much just to buy something at the store, since I stepped inside for the first time in, eh, +1,5 years). But I didn't because of... vampires. Am I banished from your inner circle now?

Wait really? Wikipedia says it contains cocoa butter...
Wait really???

[Pssst: Cocoa butter is cream-coloured. It's possible.]

I just held a bar of white chocolate in my hand and I can confirm that "cocoa butter" is the second ingredient after the sugar overload. But I wouldn't have been surprised if it didn't fulfill even that bare minimum.

Well yeah, like the Wacom drawing tablets and tablet PCs with pen support
When I briefly investigated it I saw that the first of those costs more than a full tablet. Which made me question the point of it.

[I almost closed the tab in which I'm typing this, unsaved, right now. How many months would that have added?]

>Not a coffee drinker then?

Tea drinker? Or just orange juice drinker?

Cropped at my leisure, but it'll probably be like March or something before you respond lol
I love to contradict you whenever possible in this matter. It's not even February! (Nonetheless, I would've liked to contradict you sooner).

Edit: Ooooh you are using the pic in your profile! Now our profiles match (I have different pic from same artist)
And you have a new-and-new set!! I like the "new" part. But I prefer the wall picture.

Now we match in the white hair.
Pupslayer22 Jan 17, 2021 10:59 PM
This man dropped more manga then read
KuroMayKami Jan 4, 2021 1:53 PM

Incidentally Code Geass is also on there... but I got my ripped BDs anyway :)
You finally ripped them at some point. But watched them too?

Ah but unlike discs chocolate actually has an expiration date
I never heed it.

Right, Code Geass without Lelouch is not Code Geass
It’s, in your approximate vocabulary, “milking off what Lelouch made possible.”

The films are just the beginning of their 10-year plan for new Code Geass content (although how many years has it been since the reboot?), there'll be more to the story probably
Sounds like fiction, but probably isn’t.

You mean after the site sold themselves to corporate owners?
So that’s what they did?

Hmm.... not really much of an improvement, and the most annoying one is they removed unhelpful button on reviews.
It’d probably annoy me too if I still read reviews on this site.

Aww you missed my last one [picture]
A few last ones likely.

It's actually not a blur effect. Check the tweet for the full size (it's like 7MP). There is a grainy pattern applied all over it though, I'm beginning to think that's intentionally done for some reason. I'm guessing either 1) it helps with detail retention during jpeg compression or 2) to prevent unauthorized use. Reason why I think it's intentional is because I've seen it used by other illustrators occasionally (i.e., effect on some pictures but not others).
That’s intriguing. Would like to check it if you upload a wall with such characteristics again some time soon.

Red eyes standout no matter the hair color I think.
But they don’t stand out… good.

The ABCs?

Come to think of it isn't there a reply from months ago that you haven't replied to yet?

You figured out what the ABCs were!

It felt more platonic than romantic. You are still on season 1?!?!? Guess you aren't kidding when you say you are busy
True. The series is hardly truly romantic. Only for a two-episode backstory. (There was more than one kiss in the end, but none made meaningful.)
I took forever to finish season 1, but I also don’t think I’ll go on with the series. The two main characters made the rest rather a letdown.


>I'm literally thinning out from the regularly maintained activity and focus, though., back to inconsistently consistent?

It was actually consistently consistent at that time (although not in terms of responses). But right now it’s consistently inconsistent.


You can gasp now.

I might if I remembered what exactly had earned the privilege of that score.

Ah, Durarara! Yea I’ll gasp. But well, a good OP can do wonders. Vampire Knight’s EDs have pursued me to this day, though not enough to actually watch it.

Yeah what is white chocolate anyway.
What it is is unknown, but what it isn’t is chocolate.

Wonder if they have caffeine free dark chocolate.
Ehhh… Not sure they got that far in the sans-everything catalogue. Not a coffee drinker then?

Good question. The ending for one. Like whether or not she gets her head back.
I didn’t like her head the moment I saw it so that’s out of my interest. And the ED… which? Don’t recall them favourably. One sounded like K-pop.

What do you mean 2019 was SOOOOOOOOO last decade
Ahahaha. Feels more so now we’re in the 2021 ship.

The kicker is it's apparently all done on an iPad. Pro grade for sure.
Is there anything else one can draw with digitally other than an iPad? T^T

There’s my ramble through ABC. Crop at leisure.

And ~C~ was the tiny one, I suppose…?
KuroMayKami Jan 3, 2021 11:47 AM
Picture noted!

The same.
Alive and well but not receiving books for Christmas. I did order them... but they got lost. I might walk myself to a shop to see to new options and transport them personally.

I'm completely out of it, but I wondered recently. Were any good anime released during 2020?
KuroMayKami Jan 1, 2021 12:05 PM
Happy New Year!!!

(I know, that's no ABC, but I don't want this to get out of schedule too.)

Alive and maybe receiving some illustration books for Christmas, I hope?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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