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Days: 189.6
Mean Score: 4.45
  • Total Entries2,157
  • Rewatched60
  • Episodes12,605
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Jormungand: Perfect Order
Jormungand: Perfect Order
Nov 12, 7:56 PM
Re-watching 8/12 · Scored 7
Miira no Kaikata
Miira no Kaikata
Nov 12, 4:53 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Hataraku Onii-san!
Hataraku Onii-san!
Nov 10, 3:06 PM
Dropped 4/12 · Scored 4
Manga Stats
Days: 7.8
Mean Score: 4.43
  • Total Entries319
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,404
  • Volumes17
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
May 26, 9:45 PM
On-Hold 1/? · Scored -
Houshin Engi
Houshin Engi
May 26, 9:35 PM
Dropped 1/206 · Scored -
Queen's Quality
Queen's Quality
Dec 22, 2017 8:47 PM
Dropped 1/? · Scored -



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KuroMayKami Nov 18, 1:58 PM
Image up just in time for the response, and not at all sooner.

But in this era, or does the probability lie in another one?

Technically, the first arc was about a festival too. Just not the one you are thinking of, probably.
Surely, as of that other arc also about a festival I remember absolutely nothing. As the closest, I could recreate (invent) an opening episode in which the male protagonist lazes about uninterested in a festival that surrounds him, and then the people who will make him get involved in the next one appear. But that is likely not it.

Every festival is the same, but every festival is also different.
In terms of quality, I meant. Your riddle-er.

Yeah, why do you still watch anime?
Because I still like it. Why do you?

What do you think of this one? I don't figure you'll like the blurry effect but it shares some of the themes that often appear in the pictures you pick.
God_Only_Knows Nov 10, 12:07 AM
ur review for bungou stray dogs dead apple is exactly what I thought about the movie and the series :D
KuroMayKami Nov 8, 10:55 AM
Extenuating circumstances.
That could mean lots of things but I'll guess no other anime to watch/the others to watch were too bad.

If I have to say, toughest part was the planning.
How long were you abroad?

Yes, I think something of it.
Ah, and can that thinking be revealed?

As it turns out, I just started that arc. Oh but you said arcs. So IDK which arc you are referring to.
I said arcs because the cultural festival part is often an arc in anime, and I was mentioning them generally. But from Hyouka I meant one. It was no different to other festival, then?

Didn't want to reply till I finally wrote that blog post I said I would two weeks ago
The article is concise and practical. Nice to read.

Plus I got a new pic up too.
I don't quite get the smaller head with the crown. A doll? A wig-holder?
By next time I'll have one up. Tired to put it up right now.

Are you like finally watching Hanasaku Iroha after you said you would like 3 years ago.
Incredible, is it not? That I've been wanting to watch it for so long. And that I'm at last watching it as well. I feel like there are so many series that will never get a chance now even though long ago I definitely wanted to see them.
KuroMayKami Oct 30, 2:57 PM
Oh, you un-dropped it!
KuroMayKami Oct 25, 1:47 PM
Forgot I had the comment (as I have no other reason to log in at the moment).

Okay, I'm going to respond very randomly. Because if I replied reasonably I wouldn't know what to write back to. (If anything reads oddly, I'm just rhyming. No second meanings intended.)

Don't know
Don't understand

There's a third option in multiple-answers, which is "doesn't reply". But one doesn't actually select that one, I suppose.

To #2, it referred to when you said "if I get a next time". Was this time (this trip) hard to get and does that make you doubt another one might happen?

Swapped mine for one from one of the artists I lined up for in C94.
Ah, yes, you actually took that queue... It's too much of a Lucky Star thing for me to imagine realistically.

Looks Chinese
Don't know if it is.

Yes, now that you think about it
Hmm. Do you think anything of it, though?

Oh, you put up an autumn one! Nice. I'd change seasons, but I haven't seen the one I currently have enough...

If you ever cared for cultural festival arcs, you missed out Hyouka's! (Which I don't actually, really remember. Thinking that it was good is what I remember. Like the making of historical records.)
Kapodaco Oct 24, 5:06 PM
Even better, I've never heard of it before, ever, in my life. Must be some under-the-radar type sorcery.
KuroMayKami Oct 13, 1:26 PM
And I’m back!~ Though far from in an “anime mood”.

Of course, you haven't seen it yet :P
I do not see that “yet”’s future.

It's a really touristy place. Hopefully next time (if I get a next time) I'll go somewhere less crowded with foreigners.
Where from did most foreigners seem to be? Was it hard to get the requirements for “this time”?

I’d like a next time too.

Hopefully I won't be so lazy that I forget to change mine before you log in again. I also need to change my avatar too, but another time.
You didn’t! A fine work of transparencies it is.
I didn’t change mine in all summer, and now I put up in autumn one that was also intended for summer!

Edit: "Mahoutsukai no Yome: The Curse of Great Expectations"
Oh, it fell a victim to that?

I could've watched that when I finished Akatsuki no Yona, now that I think about it.
Kapodaco Oct 11, 8:26 PM
Inside my mind, waiting to be placed on paper/digital art program. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill to bring her alive.

How'd that start up?

Third. Last time I rewatched it was 2014, so this was a long time coming. Still enjoyable, but unsure if it'll be a favorite by the end.
Kapodaco Oct 10, 3:45 PM
That is a grade-A fuckin' qt on your wall, mister.
KuroMayKami Sep 20, 1:29 PM
The first time I started reading the comment from the last line, so what “there” was ended up being a discovery.

I really wouldn’t have thought of that show from “Rin”. Show which, by the way, I can never get a grasp of (as in how it is good/bad potentially).

Kyoto sounds and looks like a great place to visit. Glad you could make such a trip. I’ll go away for a while myself (hence no logging in, probably).

“(plus many other shows I want sequels of before this show).”
I have remarkably few of those. Although not all of Yona is equally good, I ended up liking how the characters work as a group unusually well.

My timing to re-watch the first season was great. But in contrast I find many reasons for disappointment in R2. I haven’t seen a lot in these two weeks, but as it’s much changed I suppose some will remain throughout the whole sequel.

It’s really time I change that picture, but I’m not on MAL enough. Nice blues in yours (I didn't say that before, did I?).
AngelWin14 Sep 11, 5:33 PM
Your welcome! XD
KuroMayKami Sep 9, 3:22 PM
YES. That's very close to what I felt then. If you ever find such a better substitute, please tell.

In the end you did like Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome~ And I'm not unsurprised by your score of Akatsuki no Yona. I would care for a continuation in anime form as I currently would for few others.
KuroMayKami Sep 4, 1:33 PM
AND [see which else].

Best Summer Times award for both.
Kapodaco Jul 29, 6:28 AM
>Anime produced by a car company

) ' ' )b
PaladinAlchemist Jul 15, 5:42 PM