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Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo
Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo
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Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora
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Diamond no Ace: Act II
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Totsukuni no Shoujo
Totsukuni no Shoujo
May 19, 2019 12:53 AM
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Jun 25, 2017 4:03 AM
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Inu x Boku SS
Inu x Boku SS
Jun 16, 2017 1:56 AM
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StyleF1re Nov 5, 2019 3:10 AM
Wait a minute! Are you not keeping up with Aikatsu anymore?

But yeah. With Kagayaki no Jewel the quality and charm Aikatsu is generally known for went off a cliff. It was the first time possibly ever that I didn't look forward to watching new episodes. This ongoing Parade one might be bringing back the magic again, but I'm treading more carefully this time around.
StyleF1re Apr 4, 2019 5:26 AM
Twitter would be nice for fast and concise news updates, and also with what you mention about streamers and such. But yeah, I'm not sure how many people I know use it and I feel the other platforms are better for personal communication and file-sharing. As for my mention of Facebook previously, I'll probably increase my usage rate of it because of a local motorcycle group page I was recommended to by a passing customer (who rides motorcycles) at work. The group hosts group rides every first Sat of the month, apparently. And to make things more fun, it's headed by the person who towed my bike to the shop when I couldn't start it initially after acquiring it.

The heck? Never would've known since my creative thinking has taken so much of a nose-dive. I think I've fallen into that true hack-n-slash mindset where I don't even stop to think about things like elements or tactics. Don't worry about me though, since I've gotten bored enough (being sarcastic here) to pick up some Motion Controllers to play Beat Saber and am finding a slight resurgence playing the racing game I've been playing for years.

Damn. If I ever do find a special someone I wonder what kinds of personal fetishes I will subject them to. I still want to test the infamous toothbrush scene from Nisemonogatari, but for outfits or hairstyles I really have no idea! Judith and Estelle types of outfits might be overkill to have your gf or wife wear, but we'll see! haha
StyleF1re Mar 23, 2019 8:42 PM
Emojis look feasible with Twitter, but unfortunately I don't have an account there and probably never will have one. All of these social media platforms have too many potential abuses and are tied negatively to the current political climate especially. So all in all I prefer to lay low and refrain from using any of them aside from FB on occasion. But damn is FB bombarded with ads and challenging to follow people and posts!

Man! You really trying to tempt me to have a go at NG+, aren't you? I'll admit that I was thinking about it around the time you dropped your comment, but couldn't convince myself to follow through on it. I don't think I cared much for the desert arc from what I can recall, though the Belius fight was quite fun. That also reminds me of a bad taste it left on my first attempt though, since instead of saving prior to that whole sequence leading up to the fight I visited the inn instead (to recover health). There were no save points onward and I got run over by the two Belius monsters. My mistake was trying to down the lamps, not being aggressive in battle, and probably having the incorrect lineup and strategy for the party. I then had to reload from a save point in the cave you travel through after exiting the desert. I was so damn angry afterward that I needed a long nap to calm down and recollect myself. As for Cumore he's still one of the biggest bums I remember in the game, so thankfully he bit the dust later on.

You got a nurse fetish or something? It's okay. I still have my fetish for Estelle's seduction outfit... haha
Prankster_001 Mar 10, 2019 4:56 AM
hello :)
StyleF1re Mar 8, 2019 3:14 PM
I'm running into a bit of a roadblock for the time being with Instagram being mobile-oriented. It means I need to find some middle-man program like Dropbox to get shots from the camera/computer uploaded to my page. That along with the square format makes for a bit of a challenge to work around. But yes, hashtagging is important since it can expand your audience greatly or lead people to others' pages to view their works. Emojis I'll get around to someday, but for now I'm too prideful and old-school for that. I have some fun rules I employ like using an emoji maybe once in a blue moon. Another is not using the "lol" acronym outside of quoting or stating an example. If you ever get into a conversation and I respond with an "lol," THAT'S NOT ME! haha Anyway, there's also WhatsApp as well if you want a more private or personalized sharing experience. It's quite a chore to pick images to upload to sites and such.

Nope! They all better have Donald Trump on them instead because he's a true champion.
StyleF1re Mar 2, 2019 9:38 PM
Hmmm. All right. It's not likely I'll get around to Zestiria, but I'll keep your thoughts in mind every time I go to the store and see that game on the shelf. That being said, I think I'll save my patience for the next console-based Tales game.

Yeah, I bought my gear last April. Back in 2013 I remember watching the second season of Tamayura and thinking that if I ever were to get a camera it would be a Pentax. Nevertheless, fast forward to April 2018 and there I was contemplating a gray K-70 to look like the camera Kanae Mitani had, but the black was cleaner and more suitable for the black Takata camera strap I wanted. I know Takata is no good for airbags, but they are still renowned for their belt harnesses. Anyway, I was very lackadaisical with using my gear, at least until after I got the motorcycle. Once I Photoshop my next profile picture (which you will also see here), I will officially launch my Instagram featuring my favorite shots from last year and earlier this year. Time to read up on uploading and hashtags!
StyleF1re Feb 26, 2019 10:01 PM
Man! Don't entice me to play Zestiria! Is it really that bad of a game though? But man, I'm somewhat curious now because of your mentions of Edna and having heard a small bit about her in Berseria. I envy you having those two as figures, as well as the other nice ones you have. Nothing wrong with high standards for figures! Just means you be paying them high prices though... haha

And maybe you need more male characters to balance things out. I only have female ones myself because those are all figures my Japanese friend gave me. I've yet to buy anything for myself because I'm a bum.

I'm the opposite right now. My bank account is sad and I'm happy. Well, maybe not over Valentine's Day and such, but I've been getting back into the flow of photography and motorcycling slowly.

As soon as I read "mobile" I was like "Nope!" haha
StyleF1re Feb 21, 2019 2:42 AM
Do you have figures from other Tales games? Heck, how big is your figure collection anyway? Maybe one of these days I'll buy one of these expensive figures, but honestly I wouldn't know which one to buy. I say one because if I buy two or three the consequences down the road could be devastating. I'd be looking at more figures than I can count on two hands within a few years! But yes, I would like to see all of the main characters from not just Vesperia, but all the big Tales games represented properly. Patty deserves one as well since she's rather cool (outside of her occasional cheesy remarks).

Maybe some day! But for my well-being I'm probably better off saving my energy and enthusiasm for the next Tales game.
StyleF1re Feb 15, 2019 11:47 PM
Yup. Technically I should've achieved more in those 120 hours, but even then the investment was more than worthwhile. It did pain me to see how brutal the grade system is laid out in Vesperia, since it essentially ended any hopes I had of doing it all again through NG+. And yes, I'm also rather fond of the bottleneck drop rate and large emphasis on crafting weapons and other gear. It's what I'd coin as "forged and not found." Too bad Berseria was the opposite there, which led it to feel much more repetitive and grinding on one's time and resolve. If it wasn't for the narrative and characters I would've quit on Berseria myself, but unfortunately my one other friend who loved Vesperia couldn't say the same and gave me back the game without having completed it (getting to face Artorius and Innominat). I'll guess he maybe made it halfway to the final bosses showdown before tapping out in boredom and for other gaming priorities.

Damn! I wish I could've come around to use her, but I never could wrap my head around aerial combat and how technical a character she is compared to Yuri, Flynn, or even Raven. I'm actually jealous that you have an Estelle figure, since she's one of the characters I'd want a figure for with anything anime or gaming related. Never looked at her base outfit that way! Others I liked from the Tales series would be Eleanor (who doesn't seem to have a figure), Eizen, Magilou, or maybe Yuri. I'd say Rita too, but my perspective of her is a bit tainted from those Tidal Wave spam videos and she can be a nutcase sometimes... haha

Still, I can't imagine how many battles you would've had to participate in to hit that number. Plus, that would mean I needed to have spoiled some stuff or looked into a guide before getting deep into the game. It was fun playing this game blind for the most part, with my only spoils going toward searching which monsters or enemies drop what in order to synthesize the more obscure weapons, accessories, and whatnot.
StyleF1re Feb 12, 2019 11:06 AM
Vesperia really is a tough sell on a NG+ attempt, mainly because trophies can be limited to a one-time opportunity (boss objectives) or time-sensitive (attaining the female swimsuits). As much as I loved playing the game, I don't know if I have it in me to reasonably do it all over again. It would mean doing the Tidal Wave routine for hours, as well as having to make sure I have every good weapon skill learned for every character so they can learn new Artes and especially Altered Artes even faster. This one has so much management and investment involved in making the transition over to NG+ compared to Beseria. But at the end of the day, in my book Berseria wins out on the appeal and depth of the characters whereas Vesperia wins virtually in every other aspect. Feels so much more meaningful to fight different monsters and acquire different weapons (for their skills).

Schwann was just stupid for the one-hit Mystic Arte, whereas like you mentioned Alexei (and Flynn) both heal at inopportune times and in sequence. There's probably a super simple trick to stopping both from casting the heal move successfully, but I had to get lucky when I fought both. I only saw Duke's third form when watching YT videos of PS3 solo runs with Yuri going off.

My only incentives to play NG+ would be Fell Arms, getting the swimsuits, and shooting for level 200. Must be nice fighting with a maxed out character, from skills and artes to the pure stats. I guess making use of Super Chains and Ability Pluses would be another good incentive too, but all in all I'm fighting a lost cause here with time being an issue. Maybe I'm thinking along the lines of "less is more" in valuing the female swimsuits so highly, but it looks like you've got the "more is more" thing going for you. I'll concede that you may have the proper approach to outfits in this instance. Reminds me of our contrasting tastes with the Berseria outfits! My favorite Judith outfit is the Dragonic Lancer, probably because it's predominantly white and elegant with such gorgeous leggings. For Estelle, Enchanting Belle stole my heart late in the game although Dedicated Paramedic is probably a more steady pick as favorite.

Seriously? Man, I don't like the thought of using a move 3,500 times to tap into some enhanced or altered version! With the way I play, that's just not happening with any Arte not casted by Yuri! haha
StyleF1re Feb 10, 2019 4:35 AM
Well, I finally stopped the clock around the early 120-hour mark in drawing out the credits video. I bet Duke is a challenge on higher difficulties, but I can't believe how straightforward he is to defeat on hard with a full party. Almost burned through all my potions, but thankfully early into his second form I realized there were two Amulets sitting in my inventory that could help stop the bleeding with the status ailment barrage. If I had three or four and knew to equip it beforehand the Duke battles would've been a complete joke. Funny how the Schwann, Alexei, and late Flynn duel battles were much tougher and frustrating to deal with...

All that said, I later learned that I didn't even get to really "play" Vesperia. Never made use of Super Chain skills. Heck, I don't even think I saw SC 2 or 3 in my playthrough. Never played any female character. Never unlocked the swimsuits (Judith's especially is serious business!). That said, I do like Estelle's outfit from the three available to seduce the one guard. Cute AND sexy in one! Judith's is quite naughty, but not my style. Didn't unlock the final upgrade for the Sorcerer's Ring. The level-ups from the DLC are still in the inventory too. Thing is, I don't plan on getting to any of this unless I feel like Grade farming via that stupid, yet ingenious Tidal Wave technique.

Ouch! That must've felt like running into a tree with mastering the recipes unnecessarily. I think I have most of the available skills learned on all the characters, especially the ones used to learn Altered Artes and 4 and 5 for Super Chain. But yeah, I want to believe I finally have my life back after this past month and am done thinking about all that indefinitely. My party was almost always me as Yuri, with me favoring two of the female mages to go with one other "attacker" like Judith or Repede. I beat Duke with an unintended party that included Rita, Estelle, and Judith looking rather nice! haha

Yeah, I figured that's how it would be for those who had the opportunity in America, Europe, or wherever else to play the game back in 2008. Vesperia renewed my love, as in appreciation, for Mai Nakahara and even Kana Hanazawa indirectly since I remember hearing a lot from the two earlier this decade. Got me thinking of Rie Kugimiya as well. I kind of miss when all three were really in their primes with anime! As for English, I couldn't wrap my head around it having played too much and being too biased toward the Japanese side.

No problem! That sounds like a blast. I need to do more of this adventuring thing myself now that I'm supposedly free of the grasp Vesperia had on me this past month. If you got anything else to share there lmk. Otherwise, it's back to sim-racing, anime, and motorcycling for me!
StyleF1re Feb 2, 2019 1:43 AM
The sidetracking is getting out of hand for me. Hunting viciously for synthesis materials and getting things organized and done within the shops is really adding on the hours! Same goes for mobbing monsters for LP. Even with the free DLC allowing you to start with 900k gald, I ended up running below 100k before cleaning up my weapon and sub-weapon inventory thoroughly. But I feel I will soon be seeing the light at the end of this whole tunnel!
StyleF1re Jan 31, 2019 4:45 AM
I didn't even notice it either. Guess that's how locked-in I am with the game. Think my save file is beyond 80 hours now with all nine members between lvls 46 and 48. I hate how the game reintroduced Estelle back into my party about two levels below Yuri, while Flynn came back at the same time and was only one level below. Ended up grinding on weak monsters for a few hours afterward to get mainly their skill sets caught up, so outside of Estelle I pretty much have all the available skills learned on each character. Seems as if it will take me another 100 levels in order to amass SP to have every skill active on Yuri now... haha

Yeah, Rita is a go-to for boss runs and high-level opposition. Repede is a specialist for grinding, loot accessory, and the skills which identify monster information and HP. Judith I'll put in if I don't feel patient with the mages and their casting times for spells. Other than that, I just mix and match based on however I'm feeling.

I don't dare select that English option when the game starts! Had a taste of it when I was searching YT for some of the cutscenes, and it wasn't to my liking. That said, that's unfortunate they couldn't have the original man with that role especially.
StyleF1re Jan 28, 2019 4:18 AM
The boss in the icy area was pretty stupid too and left me swearing quite a bit at the TV. Hopefully people didn't hear me. On one of the runs I blew out all my potions and got the boss down to maybe 20k before one of my two remaining members died. At least the creature doesn't spam Mystic Artes like Schwann did! Can't believe the trick was simply to incorporate Rita in the party (swapped out Judith for her). And maybe the one accessory that makes mages cast faster helped too. I can't believe how much easier the fight became after that switch! Felt like such a numbskull afterward. All Rita's moves pinned down the boss hard and often, allowing for Raven to cast his healing artes and Karol and I (playing as Yuri) to attack more freely and aggressively. Plus I didn't have to use too many potions, though I often got caught in the middle of an arte when the creature did its freeze attack (usually an instant KO).

Yeah, and to add onto the sidestepping issue I usually have trouble with attacking in the right direction because of the camera angle and combat dynamics. Anyway, I guess I'll have to keep playing then to see what's up. I stopped again after the part where the party makes its way back to Halure to allow Karol to rest and recover.

It's usually an automatic 3-4 hours spent throughout a day if the Vesperia disc goes into the PS4. If you can play an RPG for "just an hour" then you are either disciplined or just straight-up lying to or not doing any favors for yourself.
StyleF1re Jan 26, 2019 8:57 AM
To add onto my previous comment it seems my button-mashing habits and lacking sense of direction/awareness are terrifyingly apparent with Estelle not available to the party. I got whipped by Schwann a few times, so I had to venture back out the underground temple and grind for synthesis materials to make miracle potions (the +60% HP and TP ones), as well as max out completely on life bottles and other purchasable goods. Had to readjust the party members' skill sets to be more defensive, as well as using defensive accessories. I probably wasn't guarding correctly or timely either, since I always seemed to get KO from Schwann's Mystic Arte attacks despite not being in the picture at all (and furthest away from him) when those were launched. This was all with that All-Divide active too. Reminds me the final Artorius showdown in Berseria in which that same potion was a must to have any chance against him - at least with a full AI party. Anyway, I "managed" the battle well enough to survive each MA wave with only one, sometimes two of my party members getting KO each time. Feels like I inflicted maybe 5-10% of the total damage needed to down Schwann myself and left my party to everything on the offensive. What a hypocrite I am with Yuri! haha

But continuing on with what you said, it was annoying that Karol would usually attack the same target I was locked on, leaving me completely vulnerable to the sides and back. With fighting guards especially that meant untimely deaths and a lot of frustration over my lacking abilities. So by her "kit" being well-designed are you referring to Judith's skills or her outfits? I did spoil for myself about a two-piece swimsuit for her being available in the old version, so that's something my perverted side is looking forward to as I progress through this modern reincarnation. Even though Estelle "has my heart" in this game, I chose Judith to seduce that dumb guard earlier in the game! It's pretty cool how the skits and stuff can vary depending on your choices and who you send out to do battle.

Games like Vesperia can really mess with my sleeping patterns and what I prioritize to do throughout a weeks (or even a month). Ideally I'd like to be playing my racing game or have a more balanced approach with the VR ones, but everything else just gets completely strapped to the backseat in favor of the pains and pleasures of a Tales (or similar) game.